Neighbor rescues puppy left to die in Utica dumpster

In Utica, New York, a five-month-old puppy was stuffed in two plastic bags and thrown into a dumpster and left to die last Saturday. Had it not been for a man and his daughter, who heard the cries of the puppy from their apartment, the tiny Dachshund might not be alive today. The family immediately called 911 to report the puppy’s loud whines, but when no one arrived to help, the man and his daughter went outside to investigate for themselves. As reported by WktvNews, the two found the puppy wrapped in a quilt inside of two sealed trash bags shivering.

According to Christopher Thornton, who found the puppy now dubbed Oscar, the black and brown pooch’s tongue was already purple, and he was nearly lifeless when he first found him.

“When I opened the bag and saw him he was barely moving. He was yelping at a lower tone than what we heard earlier,” Christopher stated.

On the same day Oscar was rescued, Animal Cruelty Officer Bill Pulaski stated a call came in from a woman very early in the morning, who wanted someone to come to her home to pick up a puppy she stated she could no longer care for – just hours later Christopher Thornton found Oscar. A man and a woman have since been arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for abandoning the puppy. During the interview, however the couple stated that the dog was already dead when they put him in the dumpster.

Oscar was named after Oscar the Grouch character from Sesame Street who lived out of a trash can. The puppy is currently in the custody of the SPCA in Central New York. Oscar is now very happy and healthy, and it might be that Christopher Thornton may want to adopt Oscar!

(Photo of Oscar the puppy found in Utica dumpster screenshot via TwcNews.)

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Update on puppy who was left in a Texas mailbox

A happy update has been released about the puppy who was left inside of a mailbox over the weekend in Buna, Texas. According to Click 2 Houston News, the tiny puppy has already found a new home with a family who met, and fell in love with him, at church on Sunday.

The puppy, who was abandoned by a man driving what appeared to be a dark gray Ford F250 truck, has been adopted by the McKinzy family…and the formerly homeless puppy has been named “Rari.” Surveillance video showed that Rari was left inside of a mailbox outside of the Buna Animal Hospital on Saturday – it is believed that the puppy remained inside of the small box until Sunday, when the McKinzy family discovered him.Screenshot (1159)

Rari is safe and sound and now has a bright future, but the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the man who put the pup’s life in jeopardy. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Matt Ortego told Click 2 Houston, “That animal doesn’t have a choice. You know, they rely on you to feed them, to water them, you know, to take care of them.”

Former article about this situation here.

(Photos screenshots via Click 2 Houston News)

In Detroit, someone abandoned three sick puppies in a blue tote alongside a highway – read more here.


Eight critically ill puppies abandoned at busy car shop

In the Dallas area of Texas, a heartless owner placed eight critically ill puppies in a cardboard box, drove them to a busy automotive repair shop, placed them in a corner and drove away. There they were – on Valentine’s Day, left crying and whimpering, cold, hungry and thirsty and in terrible pain.puppies left in box 2

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, immediately arranged for volunteers to transfer the puppies to their Dallas veterinary partner where the eight-week-old puppies are now under professional care. Their prognosis is still unclear.

“They have never had one day of peace, not one day of love, not one day of kindness, never to be touched gently, no food or water; abused and neglected for 8 weeks since the day they were born …,” Stacey explained to animal advocates on the organization’s Facebook page shortly after the details for transferring the dogs for emergency care had been finalized. “They are in very critical medical condition at this time.”Puppies left in box 3 cover

When discovered, the puppies were covered in fleas, and their skin was raw from scratching; their eyes half closed from raging ocular infections. And while the puppies clung to each other for any degree of comfort and warmth, their frightening cries and whimpers of pain have been enough to make even the most stoic shed tears.

To help these puppies, donations can be made to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC by clicking here or via  PayPal at left in box 4

Foster families are desperately needed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Interested in helping? Please click here.

Photos and video of the critically ill puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.

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Video can be viewed here:


Injured dogs just meet and find solace in each other at vet office

Two injured dogs became immediate friends and found comfort in each other at a veterinarian’s office in New York City at their very first meeting. Rescuers had never seen two dogs who had endured such neglect and agony respond to one another with such apparent love and comfort.

“They ran into each other at the vet and they would not leave one another’s side. The purity and innocence that live in these two is commendable. They made it…and now they have each other. Little Valentine’s body is still sore and raw but he is coming along; the pain medication is working and he is in way better spirits,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs posted on their Facebook page Wednesday morning updating advocates about the condition of two dogs dubbed Valentine and Moose.  Valentine and Moose

It started with the rescue of  five-year-old Moose late last week who was saved from a high-kill rural shelter that does not allow photos or videos enabling advocates to help these dogs find homes. With Moose’s tragic plight, volunteers were notified that his kennel mate attacked him while eating. Moose did not bite back or even growl; he sat there and took it. As he was being led through the shelter, a pregnant dog lunged and growled at him, and he only offered her his belly.

“He may look rough but he is as gentle and kind as they get, therapy dog type. Clearly a loser once cropped his ears so badly and as a result he has a raging skin ear infection, imagine someone taking scissors to your velvety floppy ears. He has really bad sores, an infection on his bum, he is covered in fleas, has an eye and skin infection.”Valentine and Moose 2

Once he arrived at the vet, he was diagnosed with a severe skin condition, an out of control ear infection and  polyps all over his body, especially on his back end. His toe nails are infected, and he was covered in flea residue. Most disturbing was that most of his teeth were totally rotted out which is uncommon for his young age; he will require surgery for this.  Described as a “low rider pit,” Moose who has a solid disposition despite all he has endured. He is described as an “absolute joy and honor to be around, truly an easy going guy.” Moose will be moving to a foster home for care and will be back and forth at the vet for treatment. Please note three more dogs were rescued that day from that same shelter.

And then came the  rescue of a 10-week-old puppy on Monday. When the organization posted his heartbreaking photo, it appeared as if the defenseless little pup’s face had been shredding away. He had been found wandering the streets in horrific condition, and for days he sat at a high-kill shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. The rescue organization immediately put out a plea for help:Valentine the puppy

“It sounds like he has some kind of respiratory condition (unfortunately most dogs in the shelter end up with these respiratory infections). He has something that looks like a burn on his face, but may be some kind of severe mange or severe skin infection. His stomach is also raw and has the same bloodied scabs all over it. It looks like the skin was peeled away from his belly. He cries out in pain when anyone tries to touch him. We won’t know exactly what is going on until we are able get him to a vet. We cannot imagine the pain and discomfort he must be in. Please help us pull Sweet Valentine. We would like to save Valentine today and offer his the medical support he needs to get through this.”

And now the two injured dogs have met and their compassion to each other gives all of us a moment to pause and reflect how absolutely perfect is the description that dogs are our best friends – and not only to humans, but to each other in the most crucial times of their lives. If you would like to donate to Moose and Valentine, please click here. If you would like to get them a little gift for their temporary stay in foster care, you may do so at…

(Photos of injured dogs find comfort in each other courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC.)

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Miami Beach man who beat beagle puppy to death sentenced to probation

A Miami Beach, Florida man accused of dragging a beagle puppy to her death across a parking lot and beating her with a leash while slamming her to the hard road will not be doing any jail time. Last week, Mathew Milewski accepted a plea deal calling for one year of probation and a fine.

According to the Miami Herald, the plea deal was offered by Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Yvonne Colodny and not by prosecutors. Under the terms of the deal, Milewski, 29, will not have a felony conviction on his record and will be required to pay $1,000 as a donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The case had been mired in legal ramifications after it was ruled that law enforcement officers violated Milewski’s rights in seizing the dead puppy’s remains from an animal clinic without a search warrant. The ruling suppressed key evidence in the case which included the results of the necropsy on the puppy’s death and testimony from the veterinarian who examined the dead puppy.

The case was then appealed, and in 2016, the court agreed with the prosecutors that Milewski “abandoned his expectation of privacy in the puppy’s remains” when he left the dead dog at the clinic, however jurors were not made aware of the puppy’s medical records.

Molly was a four-month-old beagle who died in November 2011, one day after Milewski purchased the seven-pound puppy from a breeder. When he brought the severely injured dog to a Miami Beach veterinary clinic the next day, he told the staff the dog had bitten him as he tried to clean her paw and then he dropped her in the shower. According to eyewitnesses, earlier that day, Milewski had dragged the puppy spread-eagle across the parking lot of his condo building until she bled, and beat and slammed her with the leash against the pavement. A valet attendant told police her heard a “loud scream from a dog” and saw Milewski violently beating the defenseless pup. Milewski was charged with animal cruelty

“Dogs don’t become extremely obedient with rainbows and sugarplums,” Milewski told police after he explained he had trained another beagle named Macy in a “very aggressive” manner.

Milewski denied that he was beating the dog and stated he was following directions from a shock collar he had purchased for his puppy to train her. Experts agreed Molly likely died of from brain injury due to head trauma. The puppy had bruising on her mouth and nostrils indicating she also could have been smothered. The other dog Macy was also initially seized by Animal Control, but returned to her owner, who had been Milewski’s significant partner. The two reportedly split up.

Rest in peace Molly. We are sorry that you never had a chance at life.

(Photo of beagle puppy and Milewski via screenshot of The Monsters Among Us)

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Video update: 3-day-old puppy scalped from ear to ear

In an extremely disturbing case of animal cruelty, a three-day-old puppy scalped from ear to ear, was dropped off at an animal rescue in Pittsburg, California. The puppy, dubbed Hoka by the Umbrella of Hope, was brought into the organization’s veterinary clinic on Wednesday after someone “saw him walking down the street.” Of course, that was a lie since a three-day old puppy, barely weighing one pound would be incapable of walking down on a busy street; much less a puppy that had just been scalped.newborn puppy scalped

The puppy has no ears, and because of his age his ear canals are still closed; they are covered with skin. His pinna (ear flaps) were torn away during the event that injured him.  According to the organization’s Facebook page, the puppy will need surgery in the future to be able to hear.

“Our vet was able to sedate him and close his wounds. He has antibiotics and pain meds. And a 24 hour round-the-clock RVT nurse (thanks Beth!) for the next few weeks at the very least. He is suckling on a bottle and is being kept warm and comfortable. He is being given immune support, and we just have to hope he is strong enough to ward off shock,” the puppy’s update stated.newborn puppy scalped 1

No one knows what or who caused Hoka’s injuries. Contra Costa Animal Services are asking for the public’s help with any legitimate leads and have agreed to investigate. Anyone with information about Hoka, his litter mates or parents are asked to email A $500 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this puppy’s abuse.newborn puppy scalped 2

At this time, the rescue needs help with the mounting veterinarian costs. If he survives, he will need surgery on his ear canals so that he can hear, and he will be transferred to a teaching hospital specializing in that kind of surgery. Since yesterday, his medical bill has topped $1,000 in 24/7 care which is anticipated for the next few weeks and several thousand more in medical care if he survives.

Donations towards his extensive medical care can be made online at  An Amazon Wish List for his specific needs can be viewed here:

Photos of puppy scalped courtesy of Umbrella of Hope.

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Check out his update on video:

Panda birth

Mama panda in labor for three days, but look at the precious bundle. Adorable story… read it here.


Ten-week-old puppy found with metal rod in his skull

A ten-week-old puppy is doing remarkably well, despite being found with a metal rod through his skull. On February 3, University Veterinary Specialists detailed how the injured puppy was found:

The UVS Express Pet Transport was dispatched to Bentleyville, PA to assist with a 10-week-old puppy that presented with blunt force trauma to his head as well as both eyes. The proper authorities have been contacted, and an investigation is underway.


Despite the apparent gravity of the situation, the puppy is doing well after undergoing surgery over the weekend to remove the metal rod. UVS posted a video of the recuperating puppy, and a few words about the successful procedure:

We are so happy to share this update!
A successful surgery was performed last night, and the puppy is doing well. He has vision in one eye, and will need further monitoring to determine if vision in his other eye can be saved. Watch the video and look at him go!

Financial assistance for the case is being provided by The UVS Cares Foundation. Donations can be made to The UVS Cares Foundation by check or credit card by calling: (724) 717-CARE (2273).

(Photos via UVS Facebook page)

Update: 5-month-old Opie succumbs from abuse and neglect

In Fulton County, Georgia, the photo of Opie,  a neglected puppy, so emaciated and too weak to stand, had been emailed on Tuesday morning to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Jackie was overwhelmed with sadness, but also with an intense anger as she relayed the heartbreaking story to Pet Rescue Report. Opie cover photo

Opie was a five-month-old puppy who never did anything to anyone, other than to have been born, yet someone hated him so much, they neglected him to near death. Weighing only ten pounds and with a body temperature not even registering on a thermometer, had it not been for the kind staff at the Fulton County Animal Shelter reaching out to Jackie and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC,  no one would have ever known the sweet little dog ever lived. And for the past four days, everyone at the animal hospital tried their best; from the veterinarians to the staff who 24/7 did everything they could to save his life. Tragically Opie remained in critical condition, despite intravenous medication, nutrition and plasma transfusions.

“We really thought he would turn a corner and get a little stronger every day, but unfortunately he pretty much remained in this weakened state,” stated Jackie. “Every possible test was conducted by our medical team to decipher if there were any underlying issues causing Opie’s weakness other than being emaciated. Each test performed was inconclusive for any abnormalities.”Opie 3

Early Saturday afternoon, Opie quietly passed away. It is suspected the puppy had just been so neglected before he was rescued and the damage had been too extensive for his tiny body to overcome.

“If only we found him sooner; we would have done anything for him, – anything to keep him alive,” Jackie posted on Facebook as she sadly updated the rescue’s supporters.  “We are saddened, we are defeated and we are angry. Opie’s life mattered, and he will never be forgotten.”

Rest in peace Opie. We are saddened that humans let you down. You were just a puppy with an entire life meant for you to enjoy.

Read more about the updated condition of the puppy Benjie attacked by three large dogs here.

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Update: 6-week-old puppy attacked by large dogs still critical

A six-week-old puppy attacked by three large dogs continues to fight for his life. According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the critically injured tiny terrier remains at an Atlanta, Georgia specialty veterinarian  hospital. His latest scans and radiographs show multiple breaks on both sides of his jaw, upper jaw and through his nasal cavity. A surgeon at the hospital was quite surprised Benjie even survived; stating the broken nasal cavity goes right to his brain.Benjie 3

It was decided on Thursday, that surgery at this point, may do more harm than good. Because of his age, his bones are very soft and thin. He will be closely monitored and kept on pain medication, but is reported to be eating and drinking. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization, states Benjie’s progress will be evaluated one day at a time as to his surgical needs.

“For now we are happy Benjie does not have to be put under again as he already was for the CT scan,” stated Jackie on her daily update of the tiny three pound puppy. “The medical team says he has fits of crying, and then he sleeps. They are, however happy that Benjie is alive and able to eat without a feeding tube.”

On Tuesday, the previous owners had taken Benjie to a veterinarian after he had been brutally attacked by three other dogs, but decided she didn’t want him anymore and left.

“Benjie was tossed like a stuffed toy! How could this have happened to Benjie, just an innocent baby? Because his owner failed him and failed to keep Benjie safe. Unnecessary suffering for a little 3 lb. baby because of negligence. The only positive here, is that the owner had enough sense to bring Benjie to a vet, hoping they could help somehow. She didn’t want him anymore though and just dropped him off. That’s when we were called,” explained Jackie.

Benjie’s plight continues to garner social media attention, bringing out the necessity of reporting any cases of suspected animal cruelty. Be the voices for those who cannot speak. And even though it’s hard to look at their pictures, without us fighting for them every day, their suffering will only continue. To continue helping Benjie, please click here to donate, or PayPal Donations and checks can be sent to RDR NYC, PO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

Photos of puppy attacked courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Read another article involving a neglected dog left with his owners.

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Authorities need public’s help finding man who broke puppy’s leg ‘disciplining’ him

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Tavares, Florida is asking for the public’s help finding the owner of a puppy who broke a puppy’s leg allegedly telling his neighbors he was “disciplining” the pooch. On the Facebook page of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, authorities announced they have issued an animal cruelty complaint for David Pollard.David Pollard

On January 27, Pollard, 25, was witnessed attempting to “discipline” the puppy for running into the neighbor’s yard at which time the frightened dog hid under a vehicle. Pollard, then using the wooden handle of a rake, poked the puppy violently to get him out of his hiding spot. When the puppy finally came out from underneath the truck, neighbors saw the puppy limping and holding up his left hind leg.David Pollard 3

Authorities were notified and a Lake County deputy and Animal Control officer responded to 35826 Lakewood Drive in Leesburg.  The puppy was seized and brought to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic  where veterinarians discovered he suffered from a fractured left rear leg. A warrant has been issued for Pollard charging him with felony animal cruelty. Anyone with information about Pollard’s location is asked to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 352.343.2101.

(Photos of public’s help need for man who broke puppy’s leg courtesy of Lake County Sheriff’s Office.)

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