Ten-month-old Lab abandoned at shelter who doesn’t understand what she did wrong

On February 22, 2021, a ten-month-old Labrador retriever blend was surrendered to Harris County Pets in Houston. Poor Azula is so frightened and so confused, she timidly approaches the barred shelter cage and looks around … Read More

Puppy found with bear trap on her paw in Red Sands area of El Paso

An adorable puppy had to suffer excruciating pain from her paw caught in a bear trap  until she was found by a kind couple on Monday morning in the Red Sands area of El Paso, … Read More

Oklahoma puppy born with 6 legs and 2 tails considered a miracle

In an Oklahoma veterinary hospital, the first puppy with six legs and two tails was born alive late last week. The puppy, named Skipper is a four-day-old Border collie and Australian shepherd mix.

According to … Read More

Ohio man arrested for nearly beating 4-month-old puppy to death for urinating on bed

A Youngstown, Ohio man was arrested on Monday after authorities discovered a four-month-old puppy lying in a bathtub in its own feces, trembling and unable to stand. Dante Mason faces charges of animal cruelty and … Read More

Emergency help for one-month-old injured Husky puppy at Riverside shelter

In Riverside, California, a four-week-old injured Alaskan Husky puppy was surrendered to the Riverside County Animal Control on February 17. This 2.40-pound puppy needs immediate rescue from the shelter.

Dubbed Cosmo, the staff at the … Read More

Update on Kringle: Puppy that has been ‘to hell and back’

A tiny puppy, only six weeks old when rescued from Mexico, has been “to hell and back,” however his recovery continues to amaze even the most stalwart supporters and veterinarians. And now at 12-weeks-old, Kringle … Read More

Family ordered 13-week-old German shepherd puppy to be euth’ed after accident

About 20 miles west of downtown Houston, a 13-week-old German shepherd was rescued on Friday after his family requested that the veterinarian hospital euthanize their puppy after he suffered a broken leg.

Sauver Des Chiens Read More

Five-week-old puppy found wrapped in towel and thrown into dumpster

A five-week-old puppy was found earlier this week by two Good Samaritans who heard his lonely whimpers while walking late at night. He had been wrapped in a towel before having been thrown away like … Read More

Another heartless jerk pulls to side of freeway to abandon small puppy

In the city limits of Perris, another heartless jerk driving a silver Tacoma pickup truck, pulled over to the side of the I215 freeway on Tuesday morning and pushed a cardboard box out onto the … Read More

Chow chow puppy purchased online rushed to vet hospital for emergency surgery

In Basildon, United Kingdom, the new owners of an adorable ten-week-old Chow Chow puppy they purchased online had to be taken to Dogs Trust just a few hours later for emergency lifesaving surgery.

On December … Read More