Stray puppy in Sri Lanka would wag her tail every time someone would pass by to get their attention

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A stray puppy that scavenged for tiny scraps of food in an open air market in Sri Lanka had been hoping for a kind human to scoop her up in his arms and take her home, but attracting someone’s attention wasn’t an easy task. When a group of rescuers had been in the city on a research trip and passed through the city of Nuwela Eliya, somehow the clever little pooch must have devised a plan.

According to the rescue group, Elephant Nature Park, based in Thailand, as they traveled through the area they couldn’t help but notice the happy puppy. The moment any of the group looked at her, the puppy would instantly wag her tail.

“In the market thorough fare, where thousands of people pass, we saw a little puppy wagging her tail at passersby, inviting people to take note of her. One by one people rushed unaware of the puppy’s plight. Our team stopped to pat her for awhile, but we also were in a rush to go. She began to follow us, and quite far until we lifted her up and returned her to where we first met her. She followed us again and again until her determination won our hearts.”

Elephant Nature Park video

And so the group knew by now that the puppy needed a home and asked people in the market if they would adopt her. Once they saw the pup was a female, they declined (too many puppies in the future). When the group finally asked their driver, Thushara if he would take her, he agreed.

So that night in the hotel, they named the puppy LekLek – she slept soundly that night in the luggage, and from there it’s all history.

Fast forward ahead three years, and now LekLek, Thushara and family are all together. She’s all grown up, and when her original rescuers returned for a visit, the reunion made everyone’s heart smile.

Be kind. Some stories never get old, and sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of the wonderful people in the world mst definitely angels living among us.

Check out the video:

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