Dallas puppy failed by his owners only knew life tethered outdoors

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Rookie is a nine-month-old puppy in Dallas and was failed by his owners. All he knew was life outside attached to a tether.  The law limits tethering a pet and the city offered the family solutions, however Rookie’s owners didn’t heed the warnings; that is after numerous citations the puppy was surrendered to the shelter.

The easy-going puppy has been at the shelter for two weeks and quickly became a staff member favorite. Rookie was neutered in preparation for adoption, but three days later he was not able to breath. The shelter rushed him to an emergency veterinarian hospital when he was diagnosed with double pneumonia.

“…the estimate was going to be high and they [shelter personnel] called Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform to help. This was his only option or he would likely have been euthanized.”

And now just five days later after the rescue organization stepped into help, Rookie remains on oxygen and the cost of his care has been increasing.

“Sadly, this bill keeps climbing and he is slowly being weaned out of oxygen and hoping to move to foster which we still do NOT have – you can sign up here if you can help. Fostering saves lives; save a life and sign up NOW!”

Currently his bill is close to $9,500; the rescue has raised near $2,000.  They need to raise another $7,000, otherwise they will not be able to continue taking cases that they are not able to raise the funds.  They had no idea going into this it would be this much. Please HELP RICKIE the ROOKIE!
PAYPAL/ZELLE [email protected]
last four digits 8768
Mailing address
Dallas DogRRR
1314 W McDermott
Suite 106-741
Allen,TX 75013

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