12-year-old senior pup’s days are numbered at high kill shelter

Bo is a 12-year-old senior in great health, yet no one has come forward to adopt him at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. Is it because he is older? Do brindle colored dogs … Read More

House of horrors: 40 small dogs rescued from filth and vermin

In South Texas, the living conditions of more than 40 small dogs became a matter of life or death. They lived in a house of horrors – a living hell. On Monday, Rescue Dogs Rock Read More

Father’s recount of 2 dogs biting off child’s arm contradicts wife’s story

In a heart wrenching story of two beloved dogs who accidentally bit off a child’s arm in Layton, Utah, newly released documents by the Davis County Animal Control reveal a different account of the wife’s … Read More

Desperate owner searches for her dog attacked by bear

In Carter County, Tennessee, a desperate owner continues to search for her dog attacked by a bear at Dennis Cove on Tuesday. The black hound dog named Bueford is believed to have survived.

According to … Read More

Violet: Victim of extreme neglect and abuse can’t catch a break

Meet Violet; just two-years-old and an innocent victim of neglect and abuse just can’t catch a break. Two weeks ago, the malnourished dog was brought into Lancaster Animal Care and Control in California. I Stand Read More

Urgent rescue needed for beautiful Rottweiler at high intake shelter

An urgent rescue is needed for Scooby. The beautiful Rottweiler arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Pet Adoption and Protection Center just days ago. At that time, he appeared happy and bright although his eyes were … Read More

Mastiff breeder wanted unhealthy pup to be euthanized

When the breeder of a Mastiff wanted an unhealthy puppy to be euthanized because she wasn’t adoptable, a Good Samaritan stepped up and offered to help. The puppy, now named Pixie, (aka Hazel) made her … Read More

Lost dog boards train heading to Dublin: Who is he?

On Wednesday morning, a lost dog boarded a train heading to Dublin. When the Irish Rail tweeted his photo and asked who he was, the adorable terrier’s plight went viral.


9 newborn puppies and their mother abandoned in San Antonio bushes

An abandoned mother dog just gave birth to nine puppies in the bushes in San Antonio, Texas. The puppies, all cuddled together in an effort to stay warm through the cold and rainy temperatures, cried … Read More

Bursting at the seams: Villalobos finds terrified dog tied to post

Villalobos Rescue Center, in New Orleans is “bursting at the seams.” On a sad Sunday morning, a terrified brown and white dog huddled at the side of the building. She had been tied to a … Read More