Selfish owner left his dog to starve in crate in dark basement

On Friday, the Suffolk County SPCA detectives charged a Central Islip man with animal cruelty. Dashawn Belcher, 25, is accused of leaving his dog in a crate in a dark basement with food, water or … Read More

Heartbreaking fear: Pup sits alone at city shelter shaking with fright

At the Wichita Animal Shelter in Kansas, a young dog only identified as “DMO5” waits in his kennel shivering in fright. The rescue organization, Beauties and Beasts, Inc. has been working with animal advocates, … Read More

Round Rock man dragged dog and ran over him with pickup truck

In Round Rock, Texas, the owner of a dog allegedly dragged his dog for nearly a mile and ran over him with his truck. Zager Yuseth Zelaya-Rubio has been accused of “knowingly and recklessly” torturing … Read More

Security guard repeatedly shot family dog in his own yard

In Riverview, Florida a security guard shot a family’s seven-year-old rescue dog on Saturday in his own yard, claiming the dog charged towards him as he had been ticketing the owner’s car for parking on … Read More

Blind dog abandoned by owner still waits after 10 years in same spot

A blind dog abandoned by her owner has never given up hope; her loyalty has endured for ten years as she waits in the same spot for her owner to return. How does one explain … Read More

40 dogs lived in filthy home rescued in Fresno area

In Fresno, California, an investigation into gangs turned into the rescue of 40 dogs that lived in a filthy home in the Mayfair District.

According to the Central California SPCA, deputies and officers had … Read More

German shepherd dragged alongside a truck and then left on side of road

In the Mead Valley of California, authorities are searching for the owner of a German shepherd after the dog was dragged alongside of a truck and left on the side of a road.

According to … Read More

3-month-old puppy brutally attacked rescued just in time

A three-month-old puppy arrived at a rural Texas animal shelter. He had been brutally attacked and left with large, open wounds filled with maggots. The gashes around and above his eye were deep as are … Read More

Public’s help needed: Dog in cage dumped on side of road

At the Franklin County Animal Control in Benton, Illinois, a beautiful pit bull was dumped on the side of a road inside of a wire cage. The public’s help is needed identifying the dog and … Read More

Man breaks car window to rescue dog struggling to breathe in hot car

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man broke through a car window to rescue a dog struggling to breathe by sticking his muzzle out of the two-inch crack.

According to WmurNews9, Gerasimos Klonis had been … Read More