Desperate for help: 12-year-old tiny dog needs out of shelter

At 12-years-old, a tiny dog needs out of the Carson Animal Care Center. On October 12, the frightened Shih Tzu arrived at the shelter and brought to the medical section.

Check out his video:

Dayton woman crawls back into burning home to rescue her dog

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Dog trapped on roof of abandoned Pillsbury factory

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So cruel: 7 newborn puppies and their mom thrown on side of road

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‘I’m sorry I got sick’ Dog’s heartfelt apology after owners surrendered him

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Dogs pumped up on performance-boosting drugs rescued

In Uniondale, Long Island, authorities rescued 28 dogs on Thursday night from a suspected dog fighting ring. A number of the dogs had been pumped up with performance-boosting drugs.

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Scared dog dumped in middle of road had to be pried out of cage

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Designer Tory Burch offers $10K reward for her puppy’s safe return

In New York City, designer Tory Burch has offered a $10,000 reward for information and the safe return of her  missing seven-month-old puppy named “Chicken.”

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Neighbor let his dog purposely attack mother dog and her tiny puppies

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Heartless owner surrendered 18-year-old Yorkie to animal shelter

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