Rescue steps forward to help seriously injured pug

A two-year-old injured pug viciously attacked by other dogs was surrendered on Friday to the Downey Animal Care Center by his owners.  The shelter transferred the seriously injured dog to a private veterinarian where drains were placed in his head to drain the abscesses.

“…swollen dorsal head, possible rupture, abscess, laceration, ventral neck swelling, punctures and serious discharge,” has been included in the dog’s medical update.

On Friday, his family left him at the shelter, and his condition and photos were released by the shelter as they appealed for an approved rescue to help. Animal advocates have been actively sharing this little dog’s plight. On Monday, to the rescue came Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., and even though they have been inundated with medical cases for the last few days and the urgent need for more foster homes,

“… how can we just look away and pretend we did not see this sweet and innocent little fella who is in very critical condition?,” asked rescue founder Toby Wisneski on their Facebook page.  “I saw this post this morning, picked up the phone and yes, this little man will be boarding the LNPB Freedom Ride and will be rushed immediately to the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for immediate medical care and evaluation.”

The dog’s care is expected to be extremely costly, but it is hoped donations will come in to offset some of the medical charges. To donate, please click here.

Updates to follow; this is a developing story and a heartwarming rescue intended to save another innocent life. Please note, there has been no information available at this time as to the attack or the owners concerning this dog.

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Emma tried to hide in the corner of Texas shelter: This puppy got lucky

Emma Tee tried to hide in the corner of a Texas shelter; this was to be her last stop in the medical ward before a cart arrived to move the neglected nine-month-old puppy to the back room for euthanasia.  On Friday, her story had been destined to begin and end as follows:

“Emma Tee sits in a Texas kill shelter, in horrendous medical condition.
She’s on the cold and dirty, germ infested floor which is so sad
She is at the end of the road here.
Hairless, her limbs are swollen from infection, deep sores and gashes all over her body
We don’t know who did this to her, who allowed this to happen to her
She lies curled up tight, in a little ball hoping she can hide away in the shelter walls
Sadly, it’s just the opposite, there’s no hiding as she’s in the sick ward , where those dogs are first to be Euthanized.”

Emma Tee is one of the lucky ones. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help this puppy, and at that moment the puppy’s life changed. She is currently safe and recovering at the organization’s San Antonio veterinary partner. Her skin is badly infected, her legs and feet are so swollen, she can barely walk, and the open sores all over her body are just a small indication of the misery and neglect this young puppy has suffered in her short life.

Emma Tee is expected to make a complete recovery.

To help with Emma Tee’s recovery and the beginning of her new life, donations can be made by clicking here.

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Dog left chained to tree in rising tide water rescued by deputy

When a dog was left chained to a tree in Skidmore, Texas in rising tide water, a deputy from the Bee County Sheriff’s Department rushed out to rescue the pooch. According to the sheriff’s department’s Facebook page, the pit bull mix was almost submerged by the water and was rescued just in time.

“If you have outside pets, please remember they too can fall victims to drowning in heavy rains. A Deputy was called to a location in Skidmore where a pit bull mix was chained to a tree and almost submerged by water.

The Deputy was able to approach and unleash the dog and take him to safety. No contact has been made with the owner at this time. The State of Texas has Animal Cruelty Laws in place and if you fail to abide by them, you can face prosecution.”

The officers shared the photos of the dog’s plight on their Facebook page as a reminder to pet owners their pets could drown outdoors if the proper precautions aren’t taken when it rains.

The owner of the chained dog had not been contacted at the time of the pooch’s rescue, but come on – how irresponsible was that owner?

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The latest on Florence

Looters hit store in storm damaged area

Pastor Drake and church members carry soaked, abandoned pets to safety

When Pastor Matthew Drake and two church members were out in a boat on Friday afternoon trying to rescue people from flood conditions produced by Hurricane Florence, the men couldn’t turn their backs on the four-legged friends who needed help just as much.

In a now viral video, posted originally by CBS News on Twitter, the compassionate and compelling photo of Pastor Drake carrying a scared and soaked kitten to safety through the flooded road in Jacksonville, North Carolina reminded all of us how there are still so many heroes out there.

The Pastor found two cats and two dogs in dire need of help, and along with Leroy McGee and another church member rescued  the two dogs. They had been barking and were panicky after they had been abandoned on the porch of an empty house. The men gained the confidence and trust of the frightened dogs and carried them into their boat and brought them to safety.

After they brought the dogs to dry land, the men returned to the flood waters to rescue another cat that had been walking along a window edge. When the cat jumped into the water, the men went around back – each then returning with a cat in their arms.

The world is a better place with heroes like these men.

Everyday, leading up to the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the media has been putting out timely information, helpful hints and warnings not to abandon pets. How tragic that some people lack all responsibility to care for those who depend on humans to care for their welfare and safety.

(Photos via freezeshots from Twitter video by CBS Adriana Diaz)

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Something awful was tied around Teddy’s muzzle for a long time

Something awful had been tied around Teddy’s muzzle for an extended period of time. The deep, sharp wounds cut clear down to his bones; the infection was deep and the young dog’s pain had to have been intolerable.

(Graphic photo below may not be suitable for all viewers)

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) introduced Teddy Jr. to their followers on social media. In mid-August, the dog had been found as a stray with a serious injury to his muzzle. Teddy Jr. had been taken to a nearby county shelter. When notified, officers from the PSPCA picked him up and immediately transported him to the shelter’s hospital for emergency treatment and assessment.

“When he arrived, we were all shocked by what we saw – Teddy Jr. had a wound all the way around his muzzle with bone exposure. We knew he was in pain, and that time was of the essence, so our surgeon cleaned the deeply infected wound and closed it, and thus began a waiting game to see how Teddy would recover,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

In just two weeks, Teddy Jr. has made an amazing recovery. He loves his surgeon, Dr. Nau and everyone he is introduced to – as long as it is slow. Who can blame him? Because of his terrible experience, Teddy Jr. can be fearful of people at first, but “when he loves you, he LOVES you.”

Teddy Jr. is a story of hope and healing.  If only all dogs involved in cruelty situations could have equally happy endings. We must not give up – there are angels out there helping all the time.

Teddy did have a microchip and charges are pending further investigation.

To help with Teddy Jr’s care and other needy pets, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of something awful around Teddy’s muzzle via PSPCA)

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Bay Shore man charged with starving dachshund ‘Miss Pretty’

A Bay Shore, New York man has been charged with animal cruelty for starving his seven-year-old dachshund “Miss Pretty.” Detectives with the Suffolk County SPCA and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department arrested Craig Tenzer on Friday and led him away in handcuffs.

According to a press release from the Suffolk County SPCA,  Tenzer, 50, was charged with severe neglect. Miss Pretty was found to be severely emaciated and living in a condemned house. The dog was seized and transported to an emergency animal hospital for medical treatment. Her condition has not yet been updated.

Chief Gross stated that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Suffolk County. Tenzer is scheduled to appear in court on November 17, 2018. The case is being turned over to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

If you witness animal cruelty, say something! Contact the Suffolk County SPCA at 631.382.7722.

Get well soon Miss Pretty. You deserve better.

To help with Miss Pretty, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos supplied courtesy of Suffolk County SPCA)

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Another dog rescued after nearly being starved to death:


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Funds needed to keep dog ‘Captain’ from being euthanized

Captain, an almost two-year-old male terrier/Dogo Argentino mix has not done very well being the captain of his own destiny.  He was born 12/23/16 to a mother who was a stray and has just lost the only foster home he has known for 1.5 years.  The next stop for Captain is the county shelter where he will most likely be euthanized due to his age and breed.

A Good Samaritan, upon hearing of Captain’s plight, offered to pay for ten days of boarding to keep him out of the shelter. That money has quickly run out.  The Good Samaritan wants to help Captain get into a new adoptive home but will need time to find the right person(s) who will be a good fit for his personality.

Captain is described as small, weighing 54 pounds, but he is all muscle.  He is looking for a forever home after spending 18 months with a foster.  He was lucky enough to live in a country setting and thrived in that kind of environment. He loves kids and shared his recent foster home with two young boys ages 8 and 11. He did well with them because they were young enough to run around and play with him, but also old enough to understand that a dog is not a toy. He would also take treats gently from them.  Captain would not do well with children younger than 7.

Unfortunately, Captain gets very attached and possessive of his loved ones and gets jealous when his humans share their love with other canines in the home.  Because of this, he will do better in a home where he is the only dog. Captain is a dog who needs lots of daily exercise as well as mental stimulation to keep him entertained and happy. He is definitely not a couch potato and loves nothing better than a long walk or the opportunity to run free in a safely enclosed area.

When he doesn’t get enough exercise, or he is eft alone for long periods of time, Captain will become depressed, bored, frustrated and/or destructive. His humans must be willing to spend a lot of time playing with him and letting him burn off energy. Captain however, will not do well in a dog park setting or any type of playgroup.

He has his favorite frisbee and does well entertaining himself with his IQ treat ball toy. He is also very inquisitive about his environment. He is neutered, crate trained and potty trained.

Another one of Captain’s favorite things is riding in a car. He would make a wonderful travel companion for someone as he is quite well mannered. Because the need to find Captain the right home based on his personality traits, it may take longer than expected. Right now, his only option is to stay in boarding, however it is quite costly, and he must have his own food supplied due to his special diet. He cannot eat food with chicken, poultry, corn or beets or he will break out in hives.

Captain is barely two years old. He wants to live and will be most grateful to anyone who helps give him that chance.  He doesn’t want to end up as another statistic; a dog killed because no one wanted him. If boarding funds run out and no one steps forward to take him in, his only option is the shelter and euthanasia.

All funds will be used to buy him more time in boarding until a home can be found. Any leftover funds will be used towards his care and training in a new home.

To help keep Captain safe, please donate to his fundraiser

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Owner would have dumped bonded seniors in shelter parking lot

A bonded pair of senior dogs would have been dumped in the shelter parking lot, had Riverside Animal Shelter not been able to take the dogs. According to a volunteer, the heartbreaking story for these two frightened dogs began on August 28.

“The bonded pair was surrendered yesterday while I was at the shelter. Staff let me know that the owner is moving out of state and had tried to rehome them for quite some time with no luck. If the shelter wouldn’t have taken them, the owner said he would have dumped them in the parking lot. Shelter staff told me they are extremely bonded. If you are wanting to rescue, they come as a pair.”

TILLER #A1354780  PetHarbor listing.
I am a neutered male, black and tan German Shepherd Dog and Rottweiler.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.








Check out the video:

EMBER #A1354781  PetHarbor listing
I am a spayed female, black and tan German Shepherd Dog and Rottweiler.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.









Video #2. Check out how sweet these two dogs are to the staff.

For more information about these animals, call the Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter California at (951) 358-7387. Ask for information about animal ID number A1354780 and A1354781.

Share their plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow their Facebook page here.

(Photos and videos of dogs that would have been left in the parking lot courtesy of Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs)

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Poor Gus: Rescued stray with shoelace embedded in his neck

An emergency plea went out in Houston earlier in the week when an animal advocate spotted a dog in  dire need of help; his head swollen to at least twice its normal size and wandering the neighborhood scavenging for food and relief from his pain.


On her social media page, Laura Jean cried out for help:

“SOS!!! Dead dog walking he wouldn’t come to me and I was only pushing him into traffic. Thanks to all the cars who didn’t stop who could’ve helped me get him to safety. He was last seen going into an apartment complex and I gave my info to some residents. One said he is usually around but in the back. I was unable to find him. If anyone can dedicate some time to look for him, please let me know

This dog will need foster, rescue and lots of pledges if he is found again. Southeast Houston – 77048.”


And within moments rescuers volunteered. No one knew how long the dog, now dubbed Gus, had been wandering in the area; no one knew if he even had a family somewhere looking for him, but less than one day later, as compassionate rescuers searched the area, Gus was spotted in the back of a nearby apartment complex. A trap was set up and then Gus was saved.

Houston K-911 Rescue rushed Gus to the Vergi 24/7 Veterinary Hospital where staff stated it was one of the worst cases of neglect and cruelty they have ever seen. On Wednesday night, Gus was able to sleep with little or no pain. He has been placed on intravenous for hydration with heavy pain medications and a rigorous course of antibiotics.

“After Gus is stabilized, he will be sedated and the wound will be cleaned and examined for the extent of the damage. They tell us this will likely happen early morning. The vet has serious concerns about trachea damage and other tissues or organs. Blood work has been ordered and we are hoping for good results.”

Gus’  rescue story is just beginning; we hope it ends happily. This dog has a long road to recovery. To help with his medical care, donations can be called into the hospital at 713.932.9589 or donate at

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Abandoned by their owners: Tragedy of the Iowa ‘forest dogs’

When two hikers called Amy Heinz, the founder of AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, and told her they found dozens of abandoned dogs in a south-central Iowa forest, Heinz and other volunteers of the rescue organization went out in search of the “forest dogs” to rescue them. The rescue efforts to save the dogs started just over a week ago.

According to the Facebook page of the AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, and the Des Moines Register, last weekend seven of nearly 20 dogs were able to be captured using McDonald’s mcmuffins as bait. The group, however had not given up, and updates have been optimistic:

“Forest dogs update: We failed to catch any dogs today but we did find one little tiny kitten out in the woods alone. We couldn’t find any other kittens and we searched for any possible puppies. No sign of either. I counted at least four females and three males left in the area. They have figured out the traps and will not go in far enough for the traps to trigger. One actually went in the trap did not work so we went old school and put a stick with a rope attached but they wouldn’t go in far enough. The good news is the female in heat is out of heat and the boys are leaving her alone. The bad news is she is probably pregnant. We will have to change up our strategy tomorrow. Stay tuned for more.”

People living in the area adjacent to the forest refer to the abandoned dogs as “throwouts.” Some of the dogs rescued had fresh wounds from being attacked by other dogs. One female dog in heat had been constantly attacked from the males. All of the rescued dogs were covered in fleas and are being treated for Lyme disease. All suffer varying degrees of neglect.

Jess Flatt, a forester for the state, said she has never received complaints about dogs being dumped in the forest, but added that adjoining the 15,000 acres of Iowa forest the state manages, it is surrounded by thousands of acres owned by private people and dogs have often been seen roaming there.

The remaining five smartest dogs continue to elude the rescuers, but it’s not over yet. On Wednesday, tactics to outsmart the clever canine denizens of the forest are being formulated.

“AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport  We did not realize that six of the dogs actually had a home there with a person that lives out there. Then we caught 10, another person caught one and there are five left. That makes 22.”

Advocates have expressed their gratitude to Amy and all of the volunteers. Everyone is sure once the dogs are rescued, cared for and loved, they will find forever homes. thus losing the “forest dogs” moniker.

Video #1:

Video #2 (When someone cares)

AHeinz57 is taking donations to help with the medical care of the rescued dogs.

People can donate on their Facebook page, website or send a check to P.O. Box 188. De Soto, IA 50069.

Angels live among us. (Photos and videos Facebook via Heinz57 Pet Rescue)

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