Skier who loves his dog ‘more than everything’ convinced his pup survived avalanche and refuses to give up

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In Gunnison County, Colorado, a man from Carbondale, along with two of his friends and his dog were caught in a deadly avalanche just two weeks ago. The dog is still missing, and his owner believes his lost dog survived.

Jacob Dalbey

Jacob Dalbey had been skiing with his friends and Dalbey’s dogs when they were caught in an unexpected avalanche southwest of Marble. According to the GoFundMe account set up to hire a professional tracker for the dog named Ullr, it is believed that Ullr followed one of the men’s tracks down and out of the drainage area based on tracks found in the area. However, there have not been enough sightings and tracks found to help Ullr get home. Jake has hired a professional tracker to come in and help find Ullr.

He spent more time in the backcountry in the summertime probably than any other dog in the world, ever, and loves sking with me. Loves it more than anything. He’s just an incredible, incredible creature.

Jacob Dalbey

When the avalanche occurred, Dalbey rolled and fell more than 2,500 feet and was entirely covered in snow except for his arm. It took three hours to dig himself out even with a broken hand and frostbite. One of his friends, Joel Shute, died in the avalanche. The search and rescue crew did notice dog tracks headed away from the avalanche area.

Jacob is not giving up his search as he is convinced Ullr, a border collie and Rotty mix is still alive.

Dalbey was also badly injured in the avalanche and has undergone surgeries and continues to heal from frostbite which keeps him from searching for his dog.

As per the latest update, a professional tracker has been hired and is expected to begin his search for Ullr soon. Meanwhile, Jacob thinks his dog may have been picked up by someone, and is asking everyone to check out the photos of his beloved dog, and please contact authorities if spotted. Ullr is microchipped which hopefully will make his reunion quicker.

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