Pregnant pit bull left abandoned in hospital parking lot

Just before the 2016 Thanksgiving holidays,  a small black and white pregnant pit bull was abandoned in a hospital parking lot in Stockton, California. The poor dog was emaciated, and full of worms and fleas. The dog was picked up and placed in a boarding facility where she sat for three weeks, not knowing what her fate would be. Due to no interest from Northern California rescue organizations, the dog was going to be sent to a nearby animal shelter which may have resulted in her being put down due to the high intake of pit bulls.  A Good Samaritan, however intervened, and the dog was sent to Portland, Oregon into the care of Animal Coalition Unlimited.  There the dog was given the name “Pee Dee” in memory of Petey the pit bull who lit up the screen alongside of those famous “Little Rascals.”

When Pee Dee was taken to the Lake Grove Vet Clinic for her intake evaluation, it was discovered that she was five weeks pregnant.  Unfortunately, this put Animal Coalition Unlimited into an unexpected situation. They were prepared to take in and care for one dog, not multiple puppies. However, they refused to abort the unborn puppies for their own convenience. The first goal was to get Pee Dee healthy enough to give birth.  She had been totally neglected and emaciated, weighing in at a mere 36 pounds.   The veterinarian at Lake Grove Vet was extremely helpful and supportive in getting her the necessary nutrients to get her to a healthy weight to deliver her puppies.  An ultrasound detected seven puppies but on December 22, 2016 Pee Dee delivered 10 very healthy puppies.

Animal Coalition Unlimited, founded by and run by volunteers in 2014, takes a very unique approach to animal rescue and adoptions. For one, they do not charge any adoption fees.  However, they have certain stipulations for potential adopters under their Foster to Adopt Program. This method confirms the potential adopter can take care of the dogs and meet all of their future medical needs. Basically, the new owner gets to foster their pet for a period of time before officially adopting them. This ensures it is a good fit for both the person and the pet. This is in the best interest of the dog, because it gives the dog a better chance of being adopted by a good family without putting too much pressure on the adopters from the get go. They thoroughly interview and screen all applicants and follow this up with a home visit. With this program, Animal Coalition Unlimited can monitor the ongoing progress of the dogs, for approximately a six-month trial period. Their success rate with this program is very high.

Pee Dee’s puppies are the first in puppy adoptions for Animal Coalition Unlimited.  They will start accepting applications after the puppies have had their first series of puppy vaccines at eight-weeks old.   Although Animal Coalition Unlimited does not take any adoption fees for the puppies, the adopter will be required to deposit the spay/neuter surgery cost at the Lake Grove Vet Clinic prior to taking the puppies home when they reach 12 weeks old.

The rescue is seeking sponsorships from pet food manufacturers, vet clinics, and individual sponsors.  Pee Dee’s story recently caught the attention of a leading pet food company in Canada; PetCurean  has taken on Pee Dee and her puppies as their featured pets. The puppies have been getting the best nutrition possible to ensure they are healthy, playful and ready to become someone’s pet companion.

If you would like to give one of these puppies a new home or you would like more information on becoming a sponsor, please send requests to:

(Photo for article about pregnant pit bull courtesy of Animal Coalition Unlimited.)

If you cannot adopt but want to help this mama dog with her puppies, you can visit their wish list at:

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Update: 5-month-old Opie succumbs from abuse and neglect

In Fulton County, Georgia, the photo of Opie,  a neglected puppy, so emaciated and too weak to stand, had been emailed on Tuesday morning to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Jackie was overwhelmed with sadness, but also with an intense anger as she relayed the heartbreaking story to Pet Rescue Report. Opie cover photo

Opie was a five-month-old puppy who never did anything to anyone, other than to have been born, yet someone hated him so much, they neglected him to near death. Weighing only ten pounds and with a body temperature not even registering on a thermometer, had it not been for the kind staff at the Fulton County Animal Shelter reaching out to Jackie and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC,  no one would have ever known the sweet little dog ever lived. And for the past four days, everyone at the animal hospital tried their best; from the veterinarians to the staff who 24/7 did everything they could to save his life. Tragically Opie remained in critical condition, despite intravenous medication, nutrition and plasma transfusions.

“We really thought he would turn a corner and get a little stronger every day, but unfortunately he pretty much remained in this weakened state,” stated Jackie. “Every possible test was conducted by our medical team to decipher if there were any underlying issues causing Opie’s weakness other than being emaciated. Each test performed was inconclusive for any abnormalities.”Opie 3

Early Saturday afternoon, Opie quietly passed away. It is suspected the puppy had just been so neglected before he was rescued and the damage had been too extensive for his tiny body to overcome.

“If only we found him sooner; we would have done anything for him, – anything to keep him alive,” Jackie posted on Facebook as she sadly updated the rescue’s supporters.  “We are saddened, we are defeated and we are angry. Opie’s life mattered, and he will never be forgotten.”

Rest in peace Opie. We are saddened that humans let you down. You were just a puppy with an entire life meant for you to enjoy.

Read more about the updated condition of the puppy Benjie attacked by three large dogs here.

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Update: 6-week-old puppy attacked by large dogs still critical

A six-week-old puppy attacked by three large dogs continues to fight for his life. According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the critically injured tiny terrier remains at an Atlanta, Georgia specialty veterinarian  hospital. His latest scans and radiographs show multiple breaks on both sides of his jaw, upper jaw and through his nasal cavity. A surgeon at the hospital was quite surprised Benjie even survived; stating the broken nasal cavity goes right to his brain.Benjie 3

It was decided on Thursday, that surgery at this point, may do more harm than good. Because of his age, his bones are very soft and thin. He will be closely monitored and kept on pain medication, but is reported to be eating and drinking. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization, states Benjie’s progress will be evaluated one day at a time as to his surgical needs.

“For now we are happy Benjie does not have to be put under again as he already was for the CT scan,” stated Jackie on her daily update of the tiny three pound puppy. “The medical team says he has fits of crying, and then he sleeps. They are, however happy that Benjie is alive and able to eat without a feeding tube.”

On Tuesday, the previous owners had taken Benjie to a veterinarian after he had been brutally attacked by three other dogs, but decided she didn’t want him anymore and left.

“Benjie was tossed like a stuffed toy! How could this have happened to Benjie, just an innocent baby? Because his owner failed him and failed to keep Benjie safe. Unnecessary suffering for a little 3 lb. baby because of negligence. The only positive here, is that the owner had enough sense to bring Benjie to a vet, hoping they could help somehow. She didn’t want him anymore though and just dropped him off. That’s when we were called,” explained Jackie.

Benjie’s plight continues to garner social media attention, bringing out the necessity of reporting any cases of suspected animal cruelty. Be the voices for those who cannot speak. And even though it’s hard to look at their pictures, without us fighting for them every day, their suffering will only continue. To continue helping Benjie, please click here to donate, or PayPal Donations and checks can be sent to RDR NYC, PO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

Photos of puppy attacked courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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Authorities need public’s help finding man who broke puppy’s leg ‘disciplining’ him

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Tavares, Florida is asking for the public’s help finding the owner of a puppy who broke a puppy’s leg allegedly telling his neighbors he was “disciplining” the pooch. On the Facebook page of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, authorities announced they have issued an animal cruelty complaint for David Pollard.David Pollard

On January 27, Pollard, 25, was witnessed attempting to “discipline” the puppy for running into the neighbor’s yard at which time the frightened dog hid under a vehicle. Pollard, then using the wooden handle of a rake, poked the puppy violently to get him out of his hiding spot. When the puppy finally came out from underneath the truck, neighbors saw the puppy limping and holding up his left hind leg.David Pollard 3

Authorities were notified and a Lake County deputy and Animal Control officer responded to 35826 Lakewood Drive in Leesburg.  The puppy was seized and brought to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic  where veterinarians discovered he suffered from a fractured left rear leg. A warrant has been issued for Pollard charging him with felony animal cruelty. Anyone with information about Pollard’s location is asked to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 352.343.2101.

(Photos of public’s help need for man who broke puppy’s leg courtesy of Lake County Sheriff’s Office.)

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Attacked by large dogs, 6-week-old puppy fighting for his life

A six-week-old puppy is left fighting for his life after having been attacked by three large dogs. According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the critically injured tiny terrier, had been taken to an Atlanta, Georgia veterinarian by the owner on Monday, but she decided she didn’t want him anymore and left. That’s when Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue, was called by the veterinarian asking if she could help.Benjie 2

“Benjie was tossed like a stuffed toy! How could this have happened to Benjie, just an innocent baby? Because his owner failed him and failed to keep Benjie safe. Unnecessary suffering for a little 3 lb. baby because of negligence. The only positive here, is that the owner had enough sense to bring Benjie to a vet, hoping they could help somehow. She didn’t want him anymore though and just dropped him off. That’s when we were called,” explained Jackie.

Since initially being evaluated at the primary veterinarian’s office on Monday, the puppy is much worse than originally diagnosed. On Tuesday, he was transferred to a 24/7 emergency veterinarian hospital where he continues fighting for his life. Jackie’s latest update on Facebook includes the following information:

“We just got off the phone with them, and the news is not good. Poor Benjie not only has a broken jaw which we knew from the first vet, but it’s much worse than we thought or hoped. His mandible (jaw) is broken on both sides; not only that, his upper piece of jaw is fractured as is his nasal cavity so he has 4 fractures in his poor little face. We are sick for him. This 6-week-old, 8-pound puppy is suffering. How was this allowed to happen? Certainly this puppy did nothing to deserve this.”

Benjie will remain on intravenous fluids, antibiotics and the strong pain medication until he is stabilized. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, and he will have  a CT scan at the same time, since he will already be sedated. He did have extensive x-rays taken today upon arrival. The estimate for just his surgery will exceed $4,500, and there will be additional charges for medications, scans, intravenous, etc.

To help Benjie win his fight against cruelty and neglect, please donate here or Paypal is Checks and donations can be sent to RDR NYC, PO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

(Photos and video of  attacked six-week-old puppy fighting for his life courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.)


Benjie’s latest video:


Nearly four dozen puppies perished in blaze at breeding facility

A staggering number of puppies, nearly four dozen, perished in a devastating blaze at a dog breeding facility in Alaska this week. According to Tuesday’s KTUU News, a total of 46 Labrador retriever puppies died at the kennel, which is located outside of Wasilla, early Monday morning.

As soon as he was aware of the fire, Ron Bernier, owner of the Labrador retriever breeding operation, rushed to the kennel where the puppies, from five separate litters, were being held. Tragically, heavy smoke and flames prevented him from entering the burning building and all of the puppies who were trapped inside died. Bernier suffered burns and smoke inhalation from his efforts to save the young lives who were trapped in the burning building. According to ADN News, the adult dogs (approximately 40) were all spared.

46 puppies died in fire at breeding facility

According to the website for the business, the Bernier family has been breeding and training Labrador retrievers since 1989. The cause of the deadly blaze is still under investigation.

(Photos via Pixabay free images)


Scared pug puppy stuck in water pipe for 6 hours

An adorable but scared pug puppy was thankfully rescued this week after he fell into a pipe that was undergoing construction in Guaira, Brazil. The one-month-old pooch named Donatello (remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) needed the help of the Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards in a two-hour rescue ordeal to rescue the puppy stuck in the pipe.pug stuck in pipe 3

According to the Express,  the precious little guy is owned by veterinarian Kawahisa Yoshioka, who tried for four hours to coax the pup out of the pipe. And then he disappeared. Yoshioka was afraid:

“The pup was whining a lot as it was so frightened in the beginning. I thought I could get him out myself my pushing my hand down the tube and pulling him ou,t but we couldn’t persuade him to move,” the pup’s owner told news Caters.

And that’s when Yoshioka called for help:

“We weren’t even sure exactly where he was inside; called some friends to help me, but we couldn’t grab him. I was terrified that he was going to die and was almost crying with panic when he stopped making any noise.”

The rescue personnel quickly dug a hole in the woman’s garden and another one in the hallway of her house trying desperately to find the little one. It wasn’t until they used a cell phone to take a photo into the pipe that Donatello was located. The little guy had been washed down further and ended up in the area located outside of the garden. That’s when the men dug up  the dirt covering the pipe and then inserted a garden hose from behind to gently push him out. The rescue was a success!

Although dirty and a little weary, it didn’t take long for Donatello to be reunited with his five other litter mates and start the day off playing.

Many thanks to the heroes who speak for those who have no voice.

(Photos and video of pug puppy stuck in water pipe via screenshot and Caters clips)

Check out the little guy’s rescue:



Couple fatally shoot older dogs and try to bury the five puppies alive

In Goldsboro, North Carolina animal cruelty officers from  Wayne County Animal Control rescued five puppies after their owners tried to bury them alive.  After the couple shot the older dogs, they dug a grave, and place the tiny ones in the grave to bury the five puppies alive.

“They had already been placed on top of the deceased, and was fixing to be covered,” stated animal control officer James Smith to News10. “I took the two adult animals out of the hole, the dirt, bagged them, and then I took custody of the puppies.”

A neighbor had called deputies after seeing headlights behind an abandoned farmhouse. Deputies found a gun in the farmhouse believed to have killed the bigger parent dogs. Authorities arrested Marquise Christopher Johnson and Emily Ann Gray. Each have been charged with five counts of animal cruelty. Additional charges could be levied, depending on the results of the necropsies of the two dead dogs. Johnson faces an additional firearms charge.

The puppies are currently in the care of Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center. There are three males and two females. Fortunately, the three-week-old puppies were able to be placed with a surrogate mother who had been nursing them.  Volunteers are able to nurse the pups with baby bottle if needed. The shelter is hoping a rescue organization can pitch in to help; the puppies won’t be ready for adoption until mid-February.

(Photos of couple trying to bury the five puppies alive screenshots via News10.)


Watchman of apartment complex intentionally set sleeping puppies on fire

In New Delhi, India another egregious case of animal cruelty occurred on Monday when the watchman of an apartment complex in Bowenpally, Hyderabad, intentionally set a pair of sleeping puppies, barely two-and-a-half-months old, on fire burning nearby bushes. The superintendent, identified as Ramakrishna, went to set brush on fire knowing that the mother and the two puppies had been resting in that spot.

According to India Samvad, the disturbing act of cruelty happened at the Satya Sai Enclave. An eyewitness  described the upsetting scene:

“One of the puppies was burnt to death on the spot while the other sustained 40 percent burns. The mother managed to escape, but the watchman knew that the puppies and their mother were sleeping under the bushes in an open plot when he went to light the bushes.”

The surviving puppy was immediately transferred to a local emergency veterinarian hospital, however he died two days later as a result of his injuries. In a complaint to the the animal welfare organization, Ramakrishna has been charged with animal cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 and provisions of the Indian Penal Code. Unfortunately the punishment in India for animal cruelty is barely more than a slap on the wrist and a ridiculously low fine.

When will India wake up and protect the animals? As has been proven, animal torture and cruelty is often just a preamble to cruelty to humans.

Rest in peace little ones. Photo used are not the sleeping puppies involved in this terrible tragedy. (Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay.)

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Puppy swallows 8-inch knife

A 12-week-old puppy is alive today, despite swallowing an eight-inch long knife. The amazing, albeit bizarre, situation was recounted in a press release from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).

According to the agency, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named “Macie,” somehow ingested a kitchen knife without her owner’s knowledge. Owner Irene Paisley, of Glasgow, was alerted to a problem with Macie began strange noises. Paisley described the situation:

“Macie was making a squeaking sound – I thought she’d swallowed part of a toy. Then she was sick, but there was no sign of a toy and she started choking.”

Paisley was rightfully concerned and rushed her ailing pup to PDSA’s emergency out-of-hours provider Vets Now for care. The frightening situation was made clear after x-rays were taken of Macie’s abdomen. PDSA described what was found:

The knife handle had passed through Macie’s stomach and into her intestines, while the tip of the knife was still in her gullet.

xray of knife in Macie body

Macie beat the odds – following emergency surgery to remove the kitchen knife, the puppy was showing signs of her pre-injury self. PDSA Vet, Emily Ronald, said:

“I’ve never seen an x-ray like Macie’s. She was extremely lucky to survive. Her saving grace was that she swallowed the handle-end first – the blade-end would undoubtedly have pierced her organs, likely causing fatal injuries. The morning after surgery, she was bouncing all over the place as if nothing had happened. Macie has been back for frequent check-ups over the past two weeks and we’re pleased she’s recovering and healing well.”

Expressing her gratitude to PDSA, Irene said:

“Although she’s only young, Macie is already a big part of the family. She brings us so much joy and happiness, and means the world to the children. Without PDSA, she wouldn’t have received her life-saving treatment and wouldn’t be here today.”

Vet Emily added:

“Macie is just one of the lucky pets to benefit from PDSA’s emergency service which has received generous funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Thanks to their support we’re able to provide thousands of life-saving treatments across the UK.”

(Photos PDSA and screen shot via 5News)