Raging lunatic beat 4-month-old puppy into coma with a hockey stick

A raging lunatic in Riverview, Missouri is accused of dropping a 4-month-old puppy to the ground from above his head and then beating the defenseless little one with a hockey stick.  Cartez J. Spriggs has … Read More

Puppies whimpered in pain after left tied to fence with wire

In a heartless act of cruelty on Wednesday, two puppies whimpered in pain outside of a rescue organization in Jackson, Mississippi, after they were tied to a fence with sharp wire and then abandoned.

According … Read More

Seriously injured 3-month-old puppy dumped on side of road

Who can imagine a three-month-old puppy dumped on the side of a road in South Carolina with serious injuries? According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the organization that has stepped up to help, the pup … Read More

Family surrendered their ‘mangy puppy’ when baby was born

A Houston family surrendered their five-month-old “mangy puppy” to the Harris County Animal Shelter this week when their human baby was born. They didn’t want the “mangy puppy” to get too close to their infant.… Read More

Only 5-months-old: No puppy should look like this

At the Harris County Animal Shelter, a five-month-old puppy still wags her tail, although no puppy should look like this. Her skin is raw with sores; Ava has a severe case of demodex mange. Who … Read More

Woman accused of clamping puppy’s mouth shut with hair tie

In Murray, Utah, a woman was arrested this week for animal cruelty after she being accused of clamping a puppy’s mouth shut with a hair tie. Alexis Callen, 19, faces charges for the torture of … Read More

German shepherd puppy ‘near death’ left starving in motel room

A nine-month-old German shepherd puppy was discovered in a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina motel room “near death” earlier this week.

According to WbtwNews, on Monday, Myrtle Beach Police Department officers executed a search warrant … Read More

Momma dog’s nightmare: Dumped at shelter with her 8 puppies

In Los Angeles, a momma dog’s nightmare became a reality. Athena was dumped at the South LA Shelter with her 8 puppies on Saturday. Her entire human family, mom, dad and the children, watched their … Read More

Waste management heroes rescue puppy from dumpster

In Bradenton, Florida, two waste management workers are heroes to a six-month-old puppy rescued from a dumpster Monday afternoon. Some unscrupulous creep abandoned the puppy in a crate inside of a dumpster at the Speedway … Read More

Alberta woman tried to mail puppy and kitten at post office

In Alberta, Canada, a woman tried to mail small puppies and a kitten at the post office in Milo. Jill Marshall, 53, was charged under the Animal Protection Act, according to a news release from … Read More