Ten-month-old Lab abandoned at shelter who doesn’t understand what she did wrong

On February 22, 2021, a ten-month-old Labrador retriever blend was surrendered to Harris County Pets in Houston. Poor Azula is so frightened and so confused, she timidly approaches the barred shelter cage and looks around … Read More

German shepherd puppy slated to die at Los Angeles shelter

Smokey is only nine-months-old and has been “Red Listed” which means he is in danger of being euthanized within 48 hours at the discretion of the East Valley Animal Shelter. In order to save this … Read More

Ohio man arrested for nearly beating 4-month-old puppy to death for urinating on bed

A Youngstown, Ohio man was arrested on Monday after authorities discovered a four-month-old puppy lying in a bathtub in its own feces, trembling and unable to stand. Dante Mason faces charges of animal cruelty and … Read More

Cold, dark Kentucky hellhole abandoned with freezing puppies under a bed crying for help

In a cold, dark shuttered home in Kentucky, the Guardians of Rescue and the Mason County Sheriff’s Department rescued nearly 20 dogs who had been abandoned and left with no food or water. The house … Read More

Florida men arrested after performing C-section on French bulldog who died

On a  45-second  TikTok video, two men and a woman from Clermont, Florida could be seen holding a French bulldog on her back lying on a stainless steel table with large bottles of liquid, plastic … Read More

Emergency help for one-month-old injured Husky puppy at Riverside shelter

In Riverside, California, a four-week-old injured Alaskan Husky puppy was surrendered to the Riverside County Animal Control on February 17. This 2.40-pound puppy needs immediate rescue from the shelter.

Dubbed Cosmo, the staff at the … Read More

Police in Texas investigating six puppies found frozen to death

In Tyler, Texas the Longview Police and animal services are investigating the deaths of six puppies found frozen in a wire crate at a home on Oakdale Avenue on Friday morning.

According to the press Read More

Heroic rescue of six week-old puppy burned and maimed in Mexico

A six-week-old puppy suffered unimaginable pain and suffering and was left abandoned on the streets of Mexico. An unknown person or persons burned the small puppy and cut his ears almost completely off with scissors.… Read More

Entire litter of seriously ill puppies found in duffel bag along railroad tracks

A litter of seven seriously ill puppies had been stuffed into a duffel bag and abandoned along the railroad tracks in Wilmer, Texas on Saturday night. Temperatures outside were in the low 40s. A kind … Read More

Puppy paralyzed after hit by car and left to die, only one rescue reached out to shelter to help

A Wayne, New Jersey animal rescue were the only ones to reach out to a rural shelter where a six-month-old puppy had been the victim of a hit and run and left along the road … Read More