Couple’s 8-month-old puppy died while left in care of Rover dog sitter

In Los Feliz, California, a couple is devastated after their puppy died while left in the care of a Rover dog sitter. The company is investigating the tragic situation and has removed the sitter from … Read More

Tiny puppies surrendered to shelter in a plastic bag

Barely able to open their eyes on a high temperature and humidity day, three-week-old puppies were surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter wrapped in a plastic garbage bag and placed in a cardboard box.… Read More

French bulldog puppy on international flight left with no water died

A French bulldog puppy named Roger died on an international flight from Amsterdam to Boston after allegedly left without water for 18 hours. The owners of the dog were denied bringing their pet into the … Read More

World in a shelter is a scary place for 6-month-old Lab Zahara

The world in an animal shelter is a scary place for a six-month-old puppy. Zahara was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter last week because her owner became ill.

A volunteer tells her story.… Read More

Coachella woman who tossed 7 puppies into trash sentenced to jail

In Coachella, California, a woman caught on video dumping a bag of puppies into a dumpster was sentenced to jail on Wednesday. Deborah Culwell, 54, will spend one year in prison – 90 of which … Read More

3-month-old puppy brutally attacked rescued just in time

A three-month-old puppy arrived at a rural Texas animal shelter. He had been brutally attacked and left with large, open wounds filled with maggots. The gashes around and above his eye were deep as are … Read More

Special delivery: Rescued pooch gives birth to 20 puppies

It was a special delivery, and don’t let anyone tell you that Tyler, Texas doesn’t do stuff bigger than anyone else. A rescue Labrador retriever mix gave birth to 20 puppies late last week and … Read More

7-month-old Boxer puppy left locked in crate in dumpster to die

At the Lone Star Boxer Rescue located in the Houston area of Texas, a plea went out to the organization asking for help with a 7-month-old Boxer puppy that had been left to die locked … Read More

Man accused of throwing 4-month-old puppy for peeing on its bed

In Bloomington, Indiana, the owner of a four-month-old puppy was arrested on Friday for allegedly throwing the puppy against a wall for peeing on its bed. Hayden Miller, 21, faces animal cruelty charges.

According to … Read More

Abandoned puppy already understand loneliness

A litter of abandoned puppies need to find loving homes; already one of them seems to understands the loneliness of an animal shelter. At the Polk Animal Shelter in Cedartown, Georgia, a tiny puppy seems … Read More