Stray puppy found lying on road found by street feeder

In a heartbreaking situation, a four-month-old puppy was found lying in the middle of a rural area Texas road on Tuesday evening. Cars drove by – nobody stopped, and an innocent puppy unable to move … Read More

Puppy lost for a month in Maroon Bells wilderness rescued

In a reminder to never give up when searching for a lost pet, a “miracle dog” – a 10-month-old puppy mind you, survived four weeks in the Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado.

According … Read More

Six-week-old puppy tossed out of car window

A six-week-old puppy was witnessed being tossed out of a car window in Georgia on Friday. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stopped and scooped the tiny puppy up from the road before she was hit by … Read More

Just a scared little puppy no one wanted and left to wander the streets on her own

Animal Control officers at the Nassau County Animal Shelter found Diamond, a scared little puppy no one wanted and found wandering the streets over the weekend.

Diamond is five-months-old and weighs 25 pounds; no one … Read More

Doberman puppy has only known pain and suffering until help arrived

For the last four months, everyone passing a young, partly feral puppy has turned their head or walked away. This is typical of the life of stray dogs in Cleveland, Texas.

“There is no animal

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Dallas puppy failed by his owners only knew life tethered outdoors

Rookie is a nine-month-old puppy in Dallas and was failed by his owners. All he knew was life outside attached to a tether.  The law limits tethering a pet and the city offered the family … Read More

Mother dog and her 5 newborn puppies dumped in deserted field to die slow deaths

Another heartless owner in Texas decided having their dog spayed would be too expensive and time consuming; having to take her to a veterinarian, and instead couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of their inaction. … Read More

Dog cried near beach for attention hoping someone would help her with her newborn puppies

In a beach area near Los Angeles, a dog waiting near a bush cried for help trying to get the attention of beachgoers. Sadly, no one came to her aid, and everyone just ignored her … Read More

Four-month-old puppy hit by car ‘head on’ has ongoing efforts for surgical care

Summer is a four-month-old puppy who was hit by a car “head on.” She sustained serious injuries and has been hospitalized for the last week and has since undergone surgery to repair her fractured pelvis.… Read More

20 defenseless puppies dumped along side of road in Tyler Texas

On Friday night, 20 defenseless puppies were dumped along the side of a road in Tyler, Texas. It was  Nicholas Pet Haven that came to their rescue. A plea for help went out.

“Last night
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