15-year-old, sight impaired dog in need of home after death of owner

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An elderly, sight-impaired dog finds herself in need of a new home after the death of her owner. The 15-year-old dog, Lacey, is at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter in New Jersey. The animal welfare agency writes:

Lacey is 15 yrs old and lived with one owner her entire life. Sadly, her owner recently passed away and no one could take her in. She’s beyond terrified and defensive. Her owner took very good care of her and we were able to obtain her medical history. Besides possible slight vision loss, it looks like this golden girl is in pretty good shape for her age with no signs of major issues. What we know: She is used to living with one person and has not lived with other dogs or cats. She will most likely do best in a calmer household with very little traffic.

The shelter wants to place Lacey with a rescue agency. On June 23, the shelter stated:

Lacey has been improving and beginning to accept us more. She’s enjoying walks and treats, but still skeptical of her new surroundings. We are still hopeful that a rescue group will offer to take her in and find her the best permanent home. Please continue sharing her post to help her find a Rescue group!

Contact information

If you can help, please call Jaclyn at #973-748-0194 during daily business hours 9:00 am-5:00 pm or email us at [email protected].

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