Ten-week-old puppy tangled in wire trap for days cried for help until someone found her

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In Liberty, Texas, a 10-week-old puppy had been trapped for days underneath an old trailer entangled in a wire trap. The people who found her on Sunday had been hearing a dog cry in the woods near where they lived, but had not been able to locate where the pitiful cries for help had been coming from until they knew they had to further investigate.

Finally able to pinpoint the noise, the Good Samaritans found the puppy stuck underneath an old, abandoned trailer; the injury to the puppy’s leg life threatening. Tons of maggots crawled in and out of the wound; the bone exposed and an infection had been raging.

The puppy, now named Harley was rushed to Vergi 24/7 and immediately administered pain medication and life-saving treatment. ThisIsHouston stepped forward to help.

On Monday, Harley’s prognosis included the following:

“She’s about 10-12 weeks old, and will have her leg amputated this evening. She’s anemic so she will have a blood transfusion before surgery. Her PCV (packed cell volume) is at 21%, which is quite low. She’ll have surgery tonight sometime after 6-7pm.
An amputation is the best possible solution considering all the infection and muscle/bone exposure at this time. Battling such a gnarly infection at a young age is not something we want to put this little girl through. The vet believes amputating will remove all the infection, and doesn’t believe it’s spread to her hips yet. So that’s good news!
Harley will remain on IV fluids and good pain meds as well. She is in great hands! Her high estimate at this time is $5,672.64. Anything for her care helps.”
To donate to Harley,
Call Vergi at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston
Pet Rescue Report writers truly wish we had the answers to why people are so careless with their pets. How does anyone allow a terrible situation like this to occur?

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