Heartbreaking plea to help German shepherd ‘Raquel’ with arthritis

In an urgent message on social media, a plea to help  Raquel, an eight-year-old  German shepherd find her way into the arms of an approved rescue organization in Miami, Florida, is quickly garnering attention from animal advocates. According to notes posted by Facebook advocacy group, Urgent Dogs of Miami,  Raquel has severe arthritis, yet despite the pain veterinarians state she must be feeling, anyone who has met her sings her praises as to her sweet disposition with no signs of aggression.jani-bradford

Carried in on a sling, after having been found as a stray, Raquel is reported to have been adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center years ago. And now, at a time where she needs her family the most, the heartbreaking situation begs for a call to action:jani-bradford-3

 “This precious senior girl named RAQUEL, A1069118 arrived at the shelter yesterday and had to be carried in a blanket hammock because she is unable to walk due to arthritis. We don’t have any information on where or how this baby was found, but judging from her low ID number, she was adopted from the shelter as a pup and now finds herself back here again. There is nothing more heart- wrenching than a senior who ends up at a kill shelter when he or she needs their family the most. This poor girl should be curled up in a comfy bed being loved by her family, not fighting for her life in a crowded shelter.”

Follow Raquel’s Pet Harbor listing here. (A1069118) I am a spayed female black brindle German Shepherd Dog. The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old and I weigh 54 pounds. I was found as a stray and I may be available for adoption on 01/07/2017. A Facebook page to follow this dog’s plight can be found by clicking here. Initial veterinary reports indicate Raquel’s heart, eyes, ears and general health are within normal range. If her owner does not show up, she will need immediate rescue.

Share Raquel’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of Raquel by Urgent Dogs of Miami and Jani Bradford)

Check out her intake video.

Worried and confused: Help Calvin find his new life

Handsome seven-year-old German shepherd Calvin appears to be very worried and confused. Just days ago, he had been home with everything familiar – his bed, his toys and his family. And then it happened. Calvin jumped into the car and thought he was going for an afternoon ride. Sadly, the ride was only to be one way. Calvin was surrendered on December 17 to the Downey Animal Care Center in California.calvin-the-gs2

Animal advocate and shelter volunteer Desi Lara met Calvin on Sunday and had hoped to take him out into the play area for some sunshine and fun. Unfortunately the rain canceled their plans, but Desi provides us with more information as to this sweet dog’s soul:

“His large snout, his questioning eyebrows with these big brown eyes and a white frosty muzzle, just killed me, he ‘gots’ such a great face. He was sweet and easy in the kennel, hoping for a sunny day to take him out. His parents relinquished him and so now he needs new forever parents, who will give him a life time of love. Please post, tag and share him.”

Share Calvin’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. This gorgeous senior deserves better, and surely there is someone to foster him until his “forever” family is found.  Follow his Facebook here. For more information, contact the Downey Animal Shelter located at 11258 Garfield Avenue, Downey, California 90242. Phone: (562) 940-6898.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. Here’s hoping to start this dog’s year with a loving home. Please help.

Photos by Desi Lara.

Video of German shepherd being abused unsubstantiated

At the Bay Parc Plaza on North Bayshore Drive in Miami, a concerned citizen has expressed her concern about the safety and welfare of a German shepherd who allegedly has been kept outdoors on the balcony day and night regardless of the weather.  Reports have been made to the Miami Police Department as well Miami-Dade Animal Services after a witness claimed to have seen the dog being abused as his owner punched and struck him several times on the balcony of the 16th floor apartment.

On Wednesday evening, a video recorded one week ago was posted to social media showing a woman cleaning the patio after the dog most likely urinated or defecated.  The woman appears to be striking the dog or lowering his face into the spot where he urinated; a slight yelp can be heard.

After hundreds of phone calls to Animal Services and to Chief Assistant Kathleen Hoague, at the Miami-Dade State Attorney General’s Office, the following response arrived via email on Friday from media relations representative Terry Chavez, stating there was insufficient evidence to charge the German shepherd’s owner with animal cruelty:

“In consultation with Miami-Dade Animal Services asking for our legal opinion on this case, we advised Animal Services that there was no medical evidence that an animal cruelty crime had been committed. We had two of our finest prosecutors review the video, which is the only evidentiary item submitted, which depicted the following: a view from an opposing building’s window of the balconies of the neighboring apartments. On one of the balconies, there appears a woman and a dog. The woman appears to be cleaning up a mess left by the dog with a paper towel. At one point it appears that the woman makes contact with the dog, but it is impossible to tell the degree of force utilized. The woman at one time also seems to have the dog lie down on its belly and again makes contact with the dog, but it is impossible to tell the degree of force utilized. The videographer remarks that the woman is having the dog eat the feces, but that is impossible to determine definitively in the video.”

The email continues with an explanation of the applicable statute relating to animal cruelty; misdemeanor, F.S. §828.12(1) and continues to provide further information stating Animal Control personally visited the owner and observed the dog’s physical and emotional condition:

“The video does not provide sufficient evidence to prove the elements of the statute beyond and to exclusion of every reasonable doubt. Without audible yelps, visual depiction of the degree of force utilized to make contact with the dog or other indisputable indication, pain and suffering, from the video submitted, it is impossible to prove beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. Further undermining any criminal action is the fact that Animal Control visited the dog and the owner and examined the dog in question. The dog was not underweight or otherwise appear to be neglected. The dog had no injuries and responded appropriately, did not cower and was familiar with the occupants of the house. The dog was in good shape and there was no evidence of injury or neglect such that the dog suffered injury or death.”

Although the Attorney General’s Office agrees the behavior exhibited by the dog owner may not be advisable and is in no way condoned, there is insufficient evidence as per the law for an animal cruelty charge. The video can be viewed below. What do you think? Photos and video of German shepherd being abused  via Lenka Herejkova.

The video can be viewed here:


Dumped shepherd and puppy tried to come home: Owner locked the door instead

A purebred German shepherd and her bonded four-month-old puppy pal were no longer wanted. One day their owner opened up the door in their Dallas, Texas home and shooed them both away. Artessa and Allie really didn’t want to leave, and so they came home. And then their owner locked the door; the dumped shepherd and his little pal were yesterday’s trash.artessa-and-allie

The two roamed the lonely streets alone, but Artessa was always there to keep puppy Allie safe, and for weeks the two struggled to find food and stay warm. When a Good Samaritan came along, she was able to find the two a home. All was thought to be going along quite well for Artessa and Allie, but again they were failed when their newest owner booted the previously dumped shepherd and her pal out the door. Once again the two had to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, the Good Samaritan who rescued the two originally, had been alerted to their heartbreaking situation and contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. If ever two dogs needed a change of direction  aimed towards some good fortune, it was to be now.

“We were called and asked if we could rescue them and ensure that we change their lives finally for the better … giving them the stability and security they need. They are already on transport to NY as we post this and arrive tomorrow. Right now we believe they are bonded,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co founder of the rescue organization.

Artessa is a one- year-old purebred German Shepherd. She is dog, cat and child friendly. Allie is a four-month-old hound dog mix. Both are healthy and available for adoption as soon as possible. Anyone interested is asked to apply here.

Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Zuzu, shepherd rejected by owner at shelter has been rescued

A German shepherd mix, who escaped from her backyard and was brought to the Downey Animal Care Shelter in California will have a wonderful new life; the  shelter named her Zuzu after the little girl in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”zuzu-the-dog-3

When brought into the shelter, the staff believed Zuzu was a stray – that is until the two-year-old rushed to the fence of the shelter’s play yard when she spotted her “family.” At that moment the people began to talk to her and petted the top of the pup’s head through the fence.zuzu-the-dog
“With her fast wagging tail seeing her owners, Zuzu lit up like a Christmas tree. She looked like the happiest dog. Yea, she’s going home! But no! Talking to her owners, they told me they were not here to reclaim her; they were getting another dog,” posted volunteer Desi Lara on Facebook as she videoed the heart wrenching scene.
The family no longer wanted Zuzu – she was just too sad.
“Zuzu’s father, another German shepherd had just passed away and Zuzu was crying and heartbroken. She escaped her family’s yard and hopped the wall and got into her neighbor’s yard. The unhappy neighbor called Animal Control, and her owners were going to let her stay there. Their reason? Because she was crying and sad since her father passed away. She was not a happy dog anymore.”
When animal advocate. Sal Valdepena reached out to the Pet Rescue Report to help Zuzu find a new home, it didn’t take long before her story went viral.  And although there has been much criticism against the shelter, it is important to remember the dog came in as a stray.  It has not been verified if the family adopted another dog. Because of  sharing  Zuzu’s plight, she will be leaving Friday to an approved California rescue, Pet Adoption Fund, where she will receive all the love and attention she may have missed.
Previous video and story here.
(Photos of Zuzu via Facebook)
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‘Not a happy dog’ crying for her dead companion dumped by heartless owners

At the Downey Animal Care Center in California, a young female German shepherd, referred to as “not a happy dog,” has a tragic tale to share. Brought in to the shelter over the weekend as a stray, she apparently escaped from her family’s yard after jumping the fence. Zuzu’s heart fractured into a million pieces on Sunday as her family decided not to reclaim her. A volunteer tells her story:

“With her fast wagging tail seeing her owners, Zuzu lit up like a Christmas tree. She looked like the happiest dog. Yea, she’s going home! But no! Talking to her owners, they told me they were not here to reclaim her; they were getting another dog.”

The volunteer’s mouth dropped open as the dog’s previous owners continued:

“Zuzu’s father, another German shepherd had just passed away and Zuzu was crying and heartbroken. She escaped her family’s yard and hopped the wall and got into her neighbor’s yard. The unhappy neighbor called Animal Control, and her owners were going to let her stay there. Their reason? Because she was crying and sad since her father passed away. She was not a happy dog anymore.”

And so another dog is in desperate need of a new family. This time it is hoped the friendly two-year-old will find a home where she is loved. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. She is described as friendly with other dogs and children. A Facebook page for Zuzu can be followed here or here. For more information, contact the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Downey Shelter at 562.940.6890. Reference #A5014556.

Check out Zuzu’s short video as her previous owners pet her for a moment and walk away to adopt another dog. Her broken heart is forever captured in the moment they begin to walk away.

(Photo for not a happy dog LA Animal Care and Control. Video for not a happy dog Desi Lara)




German shepherd found dead after being stolen from farm

A German shepherd was found dead after someone took her from a breeder’s farm in Saco, Maine. The dog, named “Uhdelle,” was stolen from Timber Ridge Farm on Monday morning. Uhdelle’s owner, Doreen Metcalf, told the Press Herald that she has “no idea” why someone would have taken the five-year-old dog and driven away.

What is known of Uhdelle’s last day was recounted on the Facebook page for Timber Ridge Farm:

We can’t articulate how devastated we are at Timber Ridge (Saco, Maine). We thank everyone for their help and understanding as we piece together Uhdelle’s tragic last day. She was taken from home between 9 and 9:15 Monday am. The person, discovering the GPS collar, removed it, tried to destroy it, and, we suspect, threw it in the Saco river as that is what the map indicates.

Whoever had the German shepherd proceeded to travel to Gray and then Uhdelle was dumped on Egypt Road. According to the animal control officer in Gray, the terrified dog ran for four hours before being struck and killed by a car.

German shepherd stolen from farm

Uhdelle’s owner is desperate to find the person responsible for the untimely death of a dog who she described as “one of our sweetest and friendliest girls, who only wanted us to throw her ball and give her hugs.”

Metcalf stated, “ We are begging anyone who might have seen a black German shepherd traveling in a vehicle from Buxton (Saco) to Gray or who lives in the Egypt Road (or surrounding) area to call the Buxton police (207-929-5151).”

(Photos via Timber Ridge Farm Facebook page)

‘Miserable’ young shepherd is running out of time

Update: According to United Hope for Animals, Sandy has been rescued!

A young German shepherd at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California is miserable. The dog arrived to the open-intake facility in late October after being hit by a car.

According to staff and volunteers, the dog, dubbed “Sandy,” is miserable. On November 5, the following information was written about this depressed, homeless dog:

Sandy is—for lack of a better word—depressed. He came into the shelter after being hit by a car, and his shelter medical history says he had a superficial skin abrasion and was limping on his left rear leg. An x-ray showed a luxation of his left hip joint; he was given meds for the pain and to prevent infection. The shelter also says Sandy has a 2 of 6 heart murmur, which our information says is usually not a concern in a dog this young and is not likely to require medication. But our boy appears to be miserable, and he’s not allowed to be taken out of his kennel because of his limp.

According to Dogs In Danger, Sandy is not only miserable and depressed, but also, out of time – the site indicates that Sandy must exit the facility by November 16, or he will be put down. Please help Sandy beat the odds by taking a moment to network his information.

Dogs in Danger link here.

Shelter Information:

Los Angeles County – Baldwin Park
4275 North Elton Street
Baldwin Park , CA
Shelter dog ID: A5007175


Phone: 626-962-3577
Name: Kristin volunteer

Facebook post here.



Emaciated shepherd dumped because family said he was ‘too old’

A five-year-old emaciated shepherd was surrendered to an open admissions shelter in Polk County, Georgia on Monday. His owners told the staff their dog was too old and no longer useful. How Max ended up undernourished, anemic, heartworm positive and terrified is not known, but the German shepherd’s future looked bleak until Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help.  When Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization, was notified by local advocates, she immediately agreed.max-the-german-shepherd-rdr3

“Max is only 5 years old for starters, and no living being deserves to be treated this way as a disposable object,” stated Jackie. “We were not going to let Max sit in the shelter for one more minute so we pulled him to safety.”max-the-german-shepherd-rdr2

Max is currently being treated at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital and has been reported to be slowly improving. What makes his situation even more tragic is the staff describing how very terrified Max is – leading everyone to believe this sweet dog suffered a lifetime of mistreatment and abuse.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has been inundated with medical cases; they have taken in an enormous amount of abuse and neglect cases and would appreciate the help to continue with these emergency situations. Donations to Max can be made by clicking here. Paypal:

(Photos and video of emaciated shepherd by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


Check out Max’s short video:

‘Short’ German shepherd, family drove away, leaving him behind

Interested in a German shepherd, but lack the room for a large breed dog? Huck, a “short” German shepherd mix (likely with a Basset Hound) is in need of a home after his family drove him to a busy California animal control agency and left him behind.

On November 6, just one day after Huck lost his home, the Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, wrote:

HUCK is short and adorable, he has calm, quiet, gentle energy and he is super sweet and friendly even after his family just drove away and left him. He needs a new home where he will be loved forever. Please SHARE for his life, he is VERY special and a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save him. Thanks!

You can help Huck find a new family by taking a moment to network his adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
    Ask for information about animal ID number A5009452
  • HUCK – ID#A5009452
  • Facebook thread here
  • All inquiries about this dog, including those about temperament and availability, must be made directly to the animal services facility