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Three-year-old German shepherd on euth’ list because he was reported to have killed chickens

A three-year-old handsome German shepherd has been placed on the euthanasia list and can be killed as early as Wednesday afternoon. Rescue efforts are listed an an emergency, and a commitment for Micah is needed … Read More

Terrified shepherd pepper sprayed by maintenance workers after abandoned in apartment

A young German shepherd had been abandoned by his owners in an apartment in Wichita, Kansas. No one knows how long he had been left alone. The  terrified pup had been discovered by maintenance workers … Read More

Beautiful German shepherd slated to be euthanized after she stopped eating

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a six-year-old German shepherd is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday unless someone can save her. Bailie was found as a stray on May 3, and one … Read More

Scared young shepherd at California shelter given 72-hours to find a new home

Meet Gabriel; yes he looks very scared in his kennel and needs help now.  Downey Animal Care Center has given 72-hour notice for this two-year-old pup or he will be placed on the list for … Read More

Senior shepherd dumped at shelter for having accidents in the house during thunderstorms

Meet the beautiful Sasha; this gorgeous German shepherd is 11-years-old and will make the perfect addition to a lucky family. Her owners surrendered her to the Harris County Resource Center today for what volunteers call
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Stressed puppy unable to adapt to shelter life with no one to help him slated to die today

At the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan, a 12-month-old puppy is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday. Sadly, Rudy, a beautiful German shepherd is not doing well adjusting to shelter life, and … Read More

German shepherd who served as police K9 for six years about to be dumped at shelter

In a heartbreaking situation, an eight-year-old German shepherd named Sampson was about to be surrendered to an animal shelter in the south. And it’s not as if all loyal dogs dumped at shelters aren’t back … Read More

Owner surrendered shepherd to Dallas shelter because this neglect was allowed to happen

At Dallas Animal Services, a German shepherd named Sam was surrendered by his owner to receive medical care. Animal advocates agree there was no excuse for Sam’s terrible neglect; this dog’s condition didn’t get like … Read More

‘Katie’ the shepherd loves his kitty ‘Sammy’ and these two in desperate need of home

In Queens, New York a bonded pair are in immediate need of a new home. What makes them a bit more unusual? Katie is a five-year-old German shepherd and Sammy is a 16-year-old Siamese, and … Read More

German shepherd puppy slated to die at Los Angeles shelter

Smokey is only nine-months-old and has been “Red Listed” which means he is in danger of being euthanized within 48 hours at the discretion of the East Valley Animal Shelter. In order to save this … Read More