German shepherd spent his entire 8 years locked in a shed

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Nine-week-old German shepherd puppy up for adoption in Palm Beach County

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Betrayed German shepherd by owner ‘who didn’t have time for her’

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Scared German shepherd is only 6-months-old and at Detroit shelter

Shiloh needs help. The six-month-old German shepherd puppy has been at the Detroit Animal Control since September 16. No one has adopted him.

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No one wants to adopt 3-year-old ‘Spike’ so shelter will euth’ him

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Abandoned German shepherd dog died from apparent pill overdose

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German shepherd died after owner dragged dog behind golf cart

In Fort Walton Beach, Florida a man ignored motorists on Saturday beeping their horns  after they saw him dragging his dog by a chain tied to the back of his golf cart. Dean Woodyatt, 79, … Read More

Shepherd is perfect but no one has come to adopt him

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Hearts cry passing shepherd’s kennel at shelter as he breaks down

At the Riverside Shelter in California, volunteers hearts break as they pass a 10-year-old German shepherd’s kennel cage. Tragically, he no longer resembles the happy and healthy dog he had been in March when he … Read More

Lost and scared in the Redlands: Stray shepherd waited for help

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