Loyal dog dies next to his owner’s grave after resting there for a decade

Capitan, the loyal dog who would lie beside his owner’s grave for the last decade, died at the spot where his human was buried. The 15-year-old German shepherd lived at the side of his owner’s … Read More

German shepherd tied up in Brooklyn tried to chew off his foot to escape

In Brooklyn, New York, a German shepherd was discovered tied up outside of the Brooklyn facility of the New York City Animal Care Centers.

According to Pix11News, Animal Care officials at the shelter  think … Read More

Police asking for public’s help with German shepherd starvation case

In Dodge City, Kansas, the police department is asking for the public’s help with finding the person responsible for animal neglect and cruelty starvation case of a German shepherd found on Tuesday. The  emaciated dog … Read More

Discarded like trash: Weary and scared Misty needs a hero

In Tracy, California, Misty was discarded by her family as if she were just another weekly trash pickup. For most of her three years, Misty was tied by a leash outdoors; her ear tips had … Read More

German shepherd starved to the brink of death and abandoned on road

Earlier this week, someone discovered a starved German shepherd who was abandoned on a road in central Arkansas. The good Samaritan who made the disturbing discovery initially feared that the motionless dog had been hit … Read More

Surrendered when he needed family the most and the devastating end for Max

Recently, a beautiful German shepherd named Max was given up by his family…his people cited “allergies” as the reason that they could no longer care for their companion. Tragically, more was behind the surrender.

Max … Read More

Dog’s cries of sadness longing for help out of overcrowded Miami shelter

The cries of sadness as Duke longs for help out of the overcrowded Miami-Dade Animal Services are heartbreaking. How can anyone explain to a friendly, two-year-old German shepherd mix that no one wants him nor … Read More

German shepherd hit by car on busy Texas expressway: Rescuers fighting to save his life

In South Texas, a German shepherd and his canine pal had been running loose along a busy expressway when both dogs wandered too far out into the highway. The German shepherd, Kal, suffered severe injuries; … Read More

Dog thrown out of car near expressway tried to jump back on vehicle but instead owner sped off

On Sunday evening, a woman driving a silver SUV stopped along the service road at 97th Avenue of the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, New York and pushed a frightened German shepherd out of her … Read More

German shepherd in life-or-death situation brought to vet clinic by police officer

A young German shepherd dubbed “Army” is lucky to be alive. Recently, the handsome, one-year-old dog was found with grievous injuries by a police officer in Santa Ana, California.

The compassionate officer took the injured … Read More