Loyal dog abandoned by humans watched over his deceased pal

In San Bernardino, California, a loyal dog watched over his deceased friend. Abandoned along the side of the road and left to fend for themselves, it has become an all too common sight to find … Read More

Smart pup ‘hits the brakes’ the moment he realizes he is returned to shelter

A very active and intelligent dog was returned to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter on Tuesday, and the moment he realized his new owner had pulled into the gates, Rocket “hit the brakes.”

Just … Read More

Half starved to death and terrified, share this little dog’s plight

At the City of San Bernardino Animal Control, volunteers work together to help the endless parade of unwanted and stray dogs pouring into the shelter. Heartbreaking, innocent victims – this little pup half-starved and terrified … Read More

Depressed shelter dog knows no one is looking for him

At the San Bernardino City Animal Control, a depressed shelter dog knows no one is looking for him. Visitors pass by; no one looks at him nor does he even bother to lift his head … Read More

Terrified siblings in isolation section have little chance for adoption

Terrified siblings kept in the isolation section of San Bernardino City Animal Control have little chance of finding homes. Picked up as strays on October 12, the two young sisters huddle together for comfort; they

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Meet ‘Manny’: Life in danger at crowded California shelter

Meet Manny; his life is in danger at the City of San Bernardino County Animal Control because he’s the dog with the longest stay at the shelter. Manny has been available for adoption since August … Read More

Heartbroken German shepherd returned to shelter just days later

A heartbroken German shepherd was returned to a California high-kill animal shelter on Tuesday; just days after he was adopted.

As explained by the San Bernardino City Shelter, the 11-month-old dog, named Milo,

“… was

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San Bernardino City Animal Shelter under scrutiny for animal neglect

There has been much dispute recently over the cause of death of a Chihuahua named Lacy at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. According to multiple Facebook postings by angry animal activists, the little dog froze … Read More

Shepherd, Zsa Zsa returned to shelter after 2-year-old teased dog with toy

In San Bernardino, California, a friendly German shepherd named ZsaZsa was returned on Thursday evening to the San Bernardino Animal Control. Sadly ZsaZsa had just been adopted one week earlier.

So what happened? ZsaZsa fell … Read More

Abandoned Eleanor Rigby sent to overcrowded shelter

Eleanor Rigby was dragged across the parking lot into the San Bernardino City Shelter on Tuesday morning. Animal advocate and volunteer, Andrea Neyses had been running into the shelter to take photos of the dogs … Read More