Scrappy: Bait dog ripped apart and dumped to die

In Savannah, Georgia, the tragic story of a tortured dog continues to touch the hearts of animal advocates everywhere. Scrappy, as he has been dubbed, was covered in both old and new bite wounds. When discovered, he had been abandoned and left to die – had help not come in the nick of time, the dog surely would have welcomed death.Scrappy IPR

When Imagine Pet Rescue founder, Cindy McManus received the plaintive call for help last Friday, she was shocked at the dog’s condition. Scrappy had been the victim of dog fighting. The young dog didn’t want to fight, so his cruel owners used him as a “bait dog,” and Scrappy wasn’t ever allowed or able to fight back. Ripped apart, tortured, starved, infected with heart worms, and then he was abandoned.

“I sit here tonight and ask myself over and over ….. HOW is dog fighting EVER OK??? What part of us as human beings find this a ‘SPORT’ or ‘ENTERTAINMENT’?????? …. DON’T WORRY Scrappy… you will NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT AGAIN….. or be subject to the ‘human failures….’ YOU ARE SAFE now and we will HEAL your wounds…,” Cindy posted on the organization’s Facebook page asking for help to save Scrappy.Scrappy IPR3

And in a personal message to the sweet canine victim, and statements aimed directly at the cruel people who inflicted this egregious cruelty, Cindy added:

“I have so little words to cobble together to even express what you have been through sweet boy… used as a BAIT DOG…your injuries made me sob… you sweet boy did NOT deserve this… all because you refused to fight… you suffered the ultimate consequences… your ear almost ripped off… your entire head mangled all because someone chose to “profit” from your existence… I hope they suffer far worse than you have… but Yes Scrappy… you are safe now… and loved and WE will HEAL you

Scrappy is currently at the group’s emergency veterinary partner, Savannah Animal Care. His recovery needs will be extensive, and it is estimated he will need numerous sutures to close the wounds on his face and body. Despite the pain and torture Scrappy has endured,  he showers his rescuers with love and kisses. Scrappy has forgiven and holds no grudges.

To help, donations can be made by clicking here or via Paypal

Wishing you a speedy recovery. (Photos of Scrappy courtesy of Imagine Pet Rescue)

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Horrifically wounded dog left tied to air-conditioner

A grievously wounded dog, who may have been the victim of dog-fighting, was left tied to an air-conditioner outside of an animal shelter in Jackson, Mississippi. On Tuesday, the no-kill agency, Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF), informed Facebook followers about the terrible discovery.

So this just happened. Stevana and I were in the back trying to figure out pen repair and someone came and tied one dog to our air conditioner unit and the other dog they put in an outside puppy playhouse we have. The first dog needed immediate and acute medical care.

Shelter staff has stated that the dog, who they are calling “Charlie Brown,” was fought and abused. Charlie Brown was rushed to the Animal Medical Clinic in Jackson. Donations are needed to help the shelter provide the necessary veterinary care that this wounded dog desperately needs.

Horribly wounded dog

Donations can be phoned directly to the animal clinic at 601-354-3622, or via PayPal on the shelter’s Facebook page (look for the blue “Donate” button on the Facebook page).

Note: According to the shelter, the other dog was not as seriously wounded and is being kept in isolation at the facility.


Suspected bait dog rescued by good Samaritan

Recently, an injured dog, believed to have been a so-called “bait dog” used to train fighting dogs, was rescued by a good Samaritan who took the time to stop when she saw him along a busy road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to Haven of Hope Rescue, the dog, dubbed “Herman,” was taken to a veterinary hospital where staff determined that he was likely a dog-fighting victim.

The non-profit organization explained the clinic’s determination, “Herman was examined by our vet friends at Britton Road Vet Clinic, and the Dr. called me a few hours ago to let me know that indications are he was used as a bait dog as his injuries are consistent with dog bites, and he was heavily marked with purple ink. We never knew that bait dogs were marked with ink.”


Thanks to the good Samaritan, Allyson Jackson, Herman is getting the care that he desperately needs. The rescue agency recounted Jackson’s good deed:

She found him injured, cowering against a fence near a busy road, and wondered how many people saw him there and kept on driving. She didn’t keep on driving. She stopped, picked him up and took him home last evening. When we saw her message asking for our help, and we saw his condition and that look in his eyes, there was no way we could say no, this baby needed help.

Aside from numerous injuries, Herman is suffering from malnutrition – thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery. Follow Herman’s rescue agency on Facebook at this link.

(Photos via Haven of Hope)

Rottweiler dragged across parking lot at shelter left to die

Less than one week ago, a heartless man drove his pickup truck onto the parking lot at the Bullock County Humane Society, dragged a grievously injured Rottweiler out of the bed of the truck, removed her collar and dumped her. It was in the wee hours of the night that Hope was left to die a slow, torturous death. Fortunately help arrived in the nick of time.troy-animal-rescue-project

A surveillance video at the Alabama shelter caught the tragic scene, and the man responsible for abandoning the dog has been questioned by the Union Springs Police Department. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

So what happened? By the time Hope was found early the next morning, she was already septic from open bite wounds  which had been left untreated for at least a week. One of her legs had a severe infection and was swollen to twice its normal size. Either she had been used as a “bait dog” to teach other dogs to fight, or she had been a dog being trained to fight. Nevertheless, Hope didn’t work out for the dog fighters – lucky for her. When rescued, she couldn’t stand or even lift her head. Immediately transferred to the to Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital in Montgomery, veterinarians didn’t even think she would survive.

Troy Animal Rescue Project stepped forward that day and offered to help. On the organization’s Facebook page, Hope’s prognosis was posted:

“First starting, Hope is a fighter. Our vet said she follows them around with her eyes and that she wants to live. We are giving her every possible chance to beat this infection. Earlier today, she received a plasma transfusion. This is meant to boost her ability to fight the infection. Although her white blood cell count only came up marginally, her albumin levels came up considerably. Blood work was also run and thankfully, there are no signs of organ failure from the sepsis. She had X-rays run of her head, neck, heart, lungs, and legs. Nothing is broken thankfully. Her left front leg is the one with the major infection. Once she is stabilized, that leg will have to be amputated- as the infection has literally rotted to her bone. Hope also did something amazing – she ate and drank tonight! If she keeps eating and drinking on her own, it will help a lot.”

troy-animal-rescue-project-2Hope continues to make slow progress. The pain is subsiding; she is being treated with laser therapy, and despite the cruelty and pain inflicted upon her, all she wants to be is loved and lavish affection on everyone she meets.

As to the person seen on the video dropping Hope off, he told the Union Springs Police Department he found the dog and dropped her at the shelter to get her help. He stated he took her collar because he wanted to use it, but then threw it away. While Hope may never get any justice, it seems she may be on her way to a new life. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. If you witness animal cruelty, speak up – call the police.

Get well soon Hope. To help Troy Animal Rescue Project with Hope, please click here. (Photos of Rottweiler via Troy Animal Rescue Project)

Check out the surveillance video.


Young dog rescued without a tooth in his mouth

In Kershaw County, South Carolina, shelter workers made a disturbing discovery while rescuing a dog suspected of having been involved in an illegal, organized dog fight. After a call from a local resident reporting a badly injured, stray dog needing help, Animal Control arrived at the location and couldn’t find the dog until they set food out and patiently waited. And then Chase appeared – a five-year-old innocent victim of an egregious “sport” left to starve without a tooth in his mouth and languish in pain when he was no longer useful. chase-the-bait-dog-2

“Poor guy has his ear almost ripped off, had a huge swollen abscess on his neck  and the question of the hour is ‘where are his teeth'” asked Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who have taken charge of Chase’s recovery and rehabilitation. “How in the heck could he even defend himself? Who would do this? He’s all gums and no teeth! Disgusting!”chase-the-bait-dog

Not long after Chase was rescued, Animal Control was called out again in connection with suspicious dog fighting activity. And this time another dog was discovered with serious injuries. That dog has been reported to be under the care of another rescue organization.

“You rescue one 911 and there’s another right after! We must rely on you, our amazing supporters for financial help or we are finished! The same shelter got another dog just hours ago from the same location! Clearly something VERY bad is going on there and needs to be shut down,” explained Jackie.

Chase has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian in South Carolina where he is currently being treated. To donate to Chase’s rescue expenses, please click here. PayPal: or mail:RDR NYC PO Box 101 NY, NY 10028.

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(Photos of without a tooth from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)



Dog tossed from moving car when he refused to fight

A one-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux may have been done a favor on Friday when a heartless culprit tossed him from a moving car in a rural part of Kershaw County, South Carolina. According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who stepped forward and rescued the dog from the local shelter, it is believed he may have been involved in a dog fighting operation, and was tossed from the car because he refused to fight. The gaping injury on his front leg is consistent with having occurred during a dog fight.

Now dubbed Pierre, the dog who was covered in ticks, has been described as extremely sweet and mellow – obviously no candidate for a dog fighting ring. Rushed to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital in South Carolina, Pierre is now being treated for his injuries.pierre-rescue-dogs-rock-2

“Whoever tossed him out of that car has no idea the favor they did him,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. “He was saved from a horrible life; (dog fighting) of that we have no doubt. Please keep Pierre in your thoughts, and pray for his recovery both physically and mentally.”

Pierre is another emergency case the New York City based rescue has undertaken. Their goal is to focus on the rescue of these urgent animals and immediately provide them emergency or specialized medical care. In many cases, these rescuers reach beyond vet care and get these animals rehabilitated as needed using trainers and behaviorists to help overcome issues related to past trauma.

To help Pierre, donations can be made by clicking here. PayPal:

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(Photos of dog tossed from moving car courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


Kittens legs bound with rubber bands: Used as ‘bait’ for dog fighting

The sight of two tiny kittens with their legs bound by rubber bands brought everyone at the Pet Food Express store in Benicia, California to tears. They were defenseless little ones used as “bait” for dog fighting. According to AbcNews, the babies’ legs were tied so as not to injure the dogs as they practiced fighting. The kittens had no way to protect themselves; they couldn’t run, they couldn’t fight back, and they couldn’t bite. will-and-grace-kittens-2

The six-week-old kittens dubbed Will and Grace were barely alive when they were dropped off by an unknown woman. Tragically, Grace had to be humanely euthanized after suffering from severe gangrene. Pet owners are being warned not to give up their pets to unknown people – Will and Grace are the tragic victims of unforgivable abuse and torture.will-and-grace-kittens-3
The Solano County Animal Control Division is currently investigating the case and are looking for the woman who dropped off the kittens. “I’ve been in it for years and have never have seen anything like this,” stated Ruby Waderich with the rescue group Solano County Friends of Animals. Authorities want to uncover any illegal dog fighting rings in the area. Anyone with information about this case or any case of animal cruelty is asked to call Solano County Animal Control at 707-784-4735.
Will is currently being fostered, but has a long road to recovery. A GoFundMe page to help with Will’s veterinary expenses can be found here.will-and-grace-kittens-4
Get well soon Will. No one will ever hurt you again.

Man accused of punching pit bull, forcing dog to fight

A man in York, Pennsylvania, is accused of repeatedly punching a pit bull, and forcing the dog to fight at a park. According to Monday’s WGAL News, the man accused of the crime has been identified as 39-year-old Aaron Rankin.

On the night of October 14, local police officers were called to investigate a possible dog fighting situation at  Foundry Park. Responding officers found Rankin with two pit bulls – a witness in the area told the officers that before their arrival, dogs were heard fighting and Rankin could be heard saying, “Let them go, let them fight.”

One of the witnesses claims to have seen Rankin repeatedly punching one of the dogs – the alleged beating lasted for several minutes. One of the two dogs in Rankin’s possession had injuries to the face and ear – both dogs were confiscated and the injured dog was taken for veterinary care.

Rankin is facing multiple charges for the alleged crime, including animal fighting, and cruelty to animals.

Dog-fighting is an ongoing problem in many areas of the nation. If you see something suspicious, please report the activity to the local authorities.

‘Bait dogs’ seized from deplorable dog fight training Florida home

In Brooksville, Florida dozens of “bait dogs” used for training fighting dogs were found living in “deplorable” conditions at an alleged dog fighting facility, reports WishTvNews.

According to a press release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday, an investigation over the weekend began when a severely injured dog was discovered in a cage with no food or water. When deputies  arrived, an animal enforcement officer discovered a brown male pit bull in a cage under the house.  The dog was was severely injured and emaciated and believed to have been a bait dog.

When removed from the cage, the dog smelled of decaying flesh. He had injuries to his face and right eye  and an open gash on his front leg which had become infected. A veterinarian’s examination confirmed the dog had been used as a bait dog during dog fights. Also on the property, deputies removed 19 adult dogs and two puppies. The dogs had been caged, heavily chained and starving. One dog weighing 27 pounds had been wearing a chain weighing nearly seven pounds. Another dog weighing 28 pounds had been carrying around a 15-pound chain.

Additionally, officers found apparatus indicative of a dog fighting facility which included pull ropes, injectable antibiotics, break sticks, etc. All equipment and drugs have been seized.

Two men James Harris, 62, and Darrell Smith, 53 have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. The case remains under investigation.


Public’s help needed: Rescuers heartbroken as deformed bait dog dies

The Pinal County Animal Care and Control in Maricopa, Arizona is asking for the public’s help to bring justice to a three-year-old gentle and gravely injured Mastiff/pit bull found on the side of the road at the intersection of Wildwood and Ralston Roads. elliot-the-bait-dog-2

According to the shelter, the dog, dubbed Elliot, was found on September 23 and had been covered with open wounds as well as old scars from head to toe. In addition, his front legs were deformed and he was so weak from having been starved, the dog could barely stand without someone holding him up. Animal Cruelty officers suspected Elliot had been used as a bait dog and need the help of the public to identify his owner and conduct an investigation into what happened with this dog.elliot-the-bait-dog-3

The Queen Creek Independent reports the staff at animal control cared for Elliot for five days until he was turned over to a rescue group.

“His diagnosis was worse than we could imagine,” stated Animal Care and Control Director Audra Michael. “He had tick fever, Valley Fever, was in kidney failure, both front legs had been broken and never fixed so they healed wrong. To top if off, his tongue was mutilated which is why he could not eat or drink anything.”elliot-the-bait-dog-tongue

On September 29, Elliot died as a result of his injuries. He had been transferred to Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue, who tried everything medically possible to help the gentle giant pull through. On the organization’s Facebook page, tears streamed down everyone’s face as the latest post brought the tragic news.

“…We wanted to do anything and everything we could for him and asked if the vet thought there was anything we could do to up his chances of pulling through. After discussing options, we brought him back home as the vet recommended that he be comfortable and less stressed. He was cuddled up in a heated bed, and we still believed we could possibly pull him through. He’d been wagging his tail earlier at the sound of our voices and was standing up and trying to follow Roge around. As we were sitting talking about the next steps for him, and how we would help him, his head in Roge’s lap, Elliot just took one big last breath and was gone. It was peaceful but unexpected, it was on his terms.”elliot-the-bait-dog-cover

Although most of Elliot’s life was one of torture and misery, at least for the last five days of his life, this poor dog was shown love, care and was never left alone for a moment. Rest in peace Elliot; we are sorry you never had the opportunity to heal and experience what you rightfully deserved: being a cherished dog.

Authorities are hoping the public can supply information leading to the identity of Elliot’s owner. Information can be called into Animal Care at  888.431.1311 or 520.509.3555.

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(Photos via Facebook Lifeline Oro Valley Rescue)