Someone traumatized this poor dog: Now he needs our help

At the Wichita Animal Shelter, a traumatized dog needs the help of volunteers and animal advocates. Brought in as a stray early last week, his time is running out. Sadly, he is so stressed he … Read More

Heartbreaking: Month old puppy’s ear cut off with scissors

In an egregious act of animal cruelty, a one-month-old puppy had to suffer through a cruel person cutting off his right ear with a scissors in Wichita, Kansas. The puppy, now dubbed Brooks, was immediately … Read More

Dog abandoned on side of road with mouth and eyes super-glued shut

In Wichita, Kansas, a disturbing act of deliberate animal cruelty has launched a search for the individual responsible for having super-glued the mouth and eyes shut of a young dog.

According to Beauties and Beasts, Read More