Miracle needed: Four dogs past deadline in Kansas as their lives soon to end

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At the Wichita Animal Shelter, four dogs need a miracle – maybe the day is right, but their stories have been repeatedly posted over and over again, begging for the lives of these dogs with little to no response.

It is today, on Easter Sunday, that volunteers from Beauties and Beasts, Inc. have taken time away from families and friends asking for help – one more time:

It can feel hopeless putting out so many unanswered pleas, but we continue to push for them day after day, hour after hous, because we know we are the only chance they have.


All four dogs included in this article are past their deadlines and may not make it through another day. Kennel space is limited, and daily intakes are at an all time high. And now consider, today is a holiday and the shelter is closed, but it is now more likely that more unwanted pets and strays will be arriving in the morning.

Tragically, it is a very high chance these four will be the first ones euthanized on Monday morning, and the rescue organization is asking that people apply to foster or adopt today.

Can you help?

Animal ID# 154245 (K#NM02)

Euth reason: behavior- staff unable to fit dog with collar. Medical – kennel cough. Male – 46.6 pounds. Rescue pull only.

Animal ID#154288 (K#EF01)

Euth reason; medical – ear infection, skin allergies. Behavior – kennel reactive, possible resource guarding. Male 70 pounds. Rescue pull only.

Animal ID#154027 (K#MB08)

Euth reason – behavior, female 42 pounds, Dog’s name is Shiva. Shiva is PDD in the city of Wichita and MUST be placed outside of Wichita city limits.

Animal# 154022 (Kennel# MB01)

Euth reason- behavior, male weighs 46 pounds, owner surrender. Romulan is PDD in Wichita and must be placed outside of city limits.

Please note – Romulan (MB01) and his sister Shiva (BF07) have found themselves homeless and in danger of euthanasia after their owner signed them over to the shelter following an altercation with another dog in the home. Very little information is known as to what caused the incident but we know there was a scuffle between these two dogs and another dog and when the owner tried to break it up Romulan redirected and bit the owner resulting in a minor injury. Due to the incident with the other dog and Romulan’s new bite history both dogs have been deemed Potentially Dangerous Dogs (PDD) in the city of Wichita and cannot be released within city limits.



None of these dogs are at Beauties and Beasts, Inc. Volunteers from this rescue organization visit area shelters to advocate and network for these at risk animals hoping to save their lives. Also, it is important to note that the rescue has no knowledge if the pets are dog, cat or child friendly.

Click here to find more information on each one of these precious lives. Scroll down until you see their individual photos and click on the photo.

The dogs are currently at the Wichita Animal Shelter, located at 3303 N. Hillside, in Wichita, KS. More information to rescue the dogs – please click here.

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