Big hearted homeless man rescued injured dog from being abused by kids

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In Wichita, Kansas, a dedicated volunteer from the animal welfare organization Beauties and Beasts, stopped to help a homeless man and an injured dog with a makeshift cast on its leg.

The man with the leashed dog had been speaking with an animal control officer; the man had been asking for help with his dog’s injury. The officer told the man in order to get the dog medical attention at the local shelter, he would have to surrender the dog. The man was very upset at the prospect of giving up his dog.

At that point the volunteer could have just driven away, but he did not:

I introduced myself and explained that I was concerned the homemade cast on his leg could be doing more damage to the injury and he needed vet care.


The man explained he was homeless and had no transportation and the kind volunteer offered to take them to the Urgent Pet Care and offered to pay for the exam so at least a diagnosis could be made concerning the dog’s injured leg. It was easy to see how concerned the man was about his dog and how he didn’t want to surrender the dog to the shelter.

As we drove, he told me that he’d taken the pup from some kids that were abusing him and had tried to take care of the injured leg himself.


When the veterinarian removed the homemade cast, it was confirmed the pup’s leg was broken along with exposed bone and necrotic tissue. The only options were to either amputate the pup’s leg or humane euthanasia.

And it was then the man broke down in tears.

After explaining to him that we could possibly get funding by donations through the rescue to amputate his leg, he [the man] agreed to let me take the dog to VESH. It’s 10 pm on Wednesday night and i’m sitting in the waiting room at the emergency vet with a pup I met 4 hours ago. A pup whose life may very well have ended in a few days due to the infection.


Beauties and Beasts have been raising money for this dog. The rescue has depleted their medical funds, but they’re hoping the kindness of rescuers will help this dog to survive.

Welcome to better days; meet Southpaw.

Updates to follow.

To donate to Southpaw, please click here.

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Mola Mola fish.
Puppy sees herself in the mirror 😉

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