James: Dog with head crushed on one side rescued from south Texas shelter

James is the heartbreaking case of a dog who has suffered far too much during his very short life, but animal cruelty has no limits. Sadly few of the criminals are ever punished and even fewer are ever arrested. And so this defenseless pint sized pup was rescued from a high kill south Texas shelter by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who received a call from shelter volunteers who had been present when James had been brought in with a swollen eye and his head crushed in on one side.

No one knows what happened to this dog, but he was quickly whisked off to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital where he was given emergency medical treatment to stabilize his condition. James has since been transferred to New York City where he remains in the hospital under constant care. Diagnostic testing has revealed blunt force trauma to his head causing the skull fracture that literally collapsed part of his head as well as inflicting trauma to his eye. Sadly, his eye had to be removed.

In addition, James will need surgery on his hind leg as he limps when he walks; all of this abuse and poor James is only two years old and weighs ten pounds.

“The suffering he has endured is unimaginable,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the organization’s Facebook page Thursday morning. “We need your help to give James everything he needs and deserves to bring him one day to a place of health and well-being. Right now he will remain at our New York veterinary hospital indefinitely.

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Check out this little one’s video. It’s enough to break your heart:


Owner bred Golden retriever and then decided he didn’t want the trouble

Charlotte, a Golden retriever mix, was an owner surrender at a high kill animal shelter in rural Texas on Saturday. Her story has been told much too often – just a different day, a different shelter and a different dog. Her owner had intentionally bred her, but as the time became closer for Charlotte to give birth to a litter of ten new lives, her owner decided Charlotte and her puppies were too much trouble; hence they were sent to the nearest shelter.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified about Charlotte, the organization stepped forward; Charlotte and her puppies would soon be safe.  And just one day after her rescue, Charlotte caught a ride to New York City where a foster family will care for her until she gives birth. Her endearing video demonstrates just how content and sweet her disposition is despite the recent confusion in her life.

On Monday, however an animal cruelty report stuck its ugly head out while the dog was being examined at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital:

 “Charlotte was shot multiple times while she was pregnant,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on their Facebook page to update followers. “Charlotte was at the vet today, and her sonogram clearly shows bullet fragments in her belly. We do not know at this time if the babies have been affected; the sonogram showed ten heartbeats.”

No one can even guess the reason why anyone would have shot this beautiful, friendly and extremely gentle dog. As of Monday’s report, Charlotte’s puppies are due in less than a week. Follow the story of Charlotte and her soon to be born puppies on Facebook. Updates will follow.

(Photos and video of Golden retriever courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Charlotte’s video:

Tortured and shot, poor dog ‘Buddy’ lived outside of a store while strangers ignored his pain

In South Texas, an abandoned, tortured and shot dog lived outside of a store. No one knows how long “Buddy” had been sleeping next to the wall, however no one ever stopped to help him despite every inch of the puppy’s body had been covered in mange and scabies. Then there were the bird shots Buddy survived -along with  pellet gun assaults and even a .22 rifle. Who can figure out why Buddy became the enemy; just a kind dog who would quietly approach strangers and with his soft brown eyes, timidly look up as if begging for a kind word and a scrap of food. Buddy, however did have one friend – the small white dog who stayed by his side providing some comfort to the endless days and nights of loneliness and pain.

And finally there came help. On Sunday, a social media plea circulated when Lizbeth Pereyra-Bollinger from McAllen, Texas posted the dog’s near hopeless situation on her Facebook page and asked for help. The plight of the two tortured dogs quickly garnered support and as plans were being formulated to raise funds for the dogs’ medical care, Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC agreed to help.

“There is not an inch of his body that is not infected. His only friend has been right by his side. This boy is being rushed to the emergency room right now. He’s in grave condition. We have to try and save his life; he deserves every chance we can give him …,” stated Stacey.

Late Sunday, the dog’s update – although still extremely serious expressed some hope:

“Update on Buddy, he is heartworm negative, has scabies, and mange (obviously) but he has also been shot several times, with a pellet gun, bird shot from a shot gun, and probably a .22,” wrote Lizbeth on her Facebook page. “The vet said he is not sure how he has made it this far. But we want to thank everyone for their donations, and prayers, especially a wonderful God sent individual from Montana, Ms. Janice, who donated a large sum to Buddy’s treatment! Buddy will need lots of prayers and lots of love. We also couldn’t leave his friend behind. And she is also getting treatment as well. Thank y’all once again, hopefully Buddy will pull through and he can be happy. Buddy has been accepted to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. If you like to donate to his recovery please donate to or donateRescue Dogs Rock NYC.”

How desperately tragic it was for so many people just to walk by this dog and never stop to help. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Report animal neglect and cruelty. Don’t allow abandoning Buddy or any pet outside of a store as acceptable. 

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Check out the video of Buddy and his friend on the way to the emergency vet:


Pitiful puppy who appears to be ‘made out of stone’ comforted by his brother

The pitiful puppy peeked out beneath his blanket; his big brown eyes begging for help. He had been brought into the South Carolina shelter as a “stray” yet he could not stand or walk. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified and immediately went into action. Arrangements were made to send the defenseless puppy, dubbed Jeremy to the organization’s emergency veterinarian hospital. His condition appeared so grave, no one even knew if Jeremy was a boy or a girl.

“Our hearts are breaking for Jeremy,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  “He looks like he is made of stone with those sad eyes peering out begging for help. They got a central line in, and he’s getting albumen (protein) and blood transfusions along with dextrose. His body temp is low again. He did not deserve this.”

And so Jeremy’s ultimate fight for his life began. On arrival, his red blood cell count was extremely low and his body temperature of 94 barely registered. Even with blood transfusions, his blood count has not remained constant. His skin is so damaged from the mange and dehydration, it had been nearly impossible to insert a catheter, and the decision was made to rush Jeremy to a specialty hospital where a central line had to be inserted; the only hope the puppy had to survive in order for medical professionals to administer transfusions, fluids and medication.

“Jeremy survived the night which is a win,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook page early Wednesday afternoon to update supporters and advocates.  “He’s now had two blood transfusions and an albumin transfusion. His glucose is still up and down so he remains on a feeding tube. You can see he’s up a little bit. We learned late yesterday that he has a brother at the same shelter; also with mange but in much better shape. Joshua is on the way to the same vet, and we hope and pray seeing his brother will give Jeremy the perk up he desperately needs!”

Late in the afternoon, Joshua arrived at the veterinarian’s office, and he quickly padded right in to see his brother as if to comfort him. The touching reunion brought tears to the eyes of the staff as Joshua softly nuzzled his sick brother as if reminding him to keep on fighting for his life.

“…even though Jeremy remains pretty out of it, we hope he found comfort in knowing he is not alone. He remains on IV, heat and a feeding tube. Please pray for this precious abused puppy to have the strength to pull though. We promise him a wonderful life if he can just hang in there,” Jackie wrote.

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(Photos and video of pitiful puppy Jeremy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Jeremy’s short video:

Dog thrown out of car near expressway tried to jump back on vehicle but instead owner sped off

On Sunday evening, a woman driving a silver SUV stopped along the service road at 97th Avenue of the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, New York and pushed a frightened German shepherd out of her vehicle. The panicky dog, knowing something was terribly amiss, jumped up on the car trying to get back in, but instead, the woman sped off leaving the dog alone just feet away from the busy highway.

A young woman and her boyfriend witnessed the heartbreaking situation and turned their vehicle around to help; who could just leave a defenseless dog in such a precarious position? The couple stated the dog was so scared, they stayed with her for two hours until police finally arrived. The story, however didn’t end there for the dog the couple dubbed “Honey.” With the arrival of the police, the noise of the squad car and the flashing lights, Honey panicked again; she ran into traffic and was struck by a vehicle. The collision degloved her paw, fractured her right front leg and shattered her hip. And now, along with the dog’s emotional suffering came critical physical injuries.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC learned of Honey’s desperate story on Monday when staff from the New York City Animal Care Centers notified the rescue organization asking if they could help. Honey needed emergency medical assistance, and she needed to be rescued immediately. Simultaneously Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of the organization, received a private message from the witnesses who found Honey; begging for help to save the dog’s life. The couple had already bonded while waiting the two hours until authorities arrived.

“When no other rescues stepped up for Honey right before 6:00 p.m., we committed to her to save her life, despite knowing that she requires expensive orthopedic surgery and that we likely won’t be able to raise the money for,” stated Jackie. “But we took Honey because she did not deserve to die, and because it was the RIGHT thing to do! Why should this poor innocent dog suffer one more minute let alone pay with her life?”

Honey has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian and is currently receiving life saving emergency treatment. She is indeed lucky to be alive. To help, PayPal: or website: or mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYCPO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

Someone knows who dumped this dog. The silver SUV had Ontario license plates. Help Honey get justice, and turn the woman in for illegally abandoning her dog.

(Photos of dog thrown out of car near expressway, courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC )

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Maybe he wasn’t pretty? Dog struck by a car left on side of road alone for hours

Saturday had been a long day for an abandoned dog in North Houston; it was a miracle he survived. There it was – a dog struck by a car, and instead of stopping, the driver sped away; leaving the dog for dead. Covered in cuts and wounds, dragging his leg while helplessly crying for someone to rescue him from the excruciating pain, he made it to the side of the busy roadway, curled up into a tight ball, and for hours he tried to sleep away the agony. No one stopped, people walked around him, yet no one came to help.

“It was two hours and no one helped him,”  stated animal advocate Leslie Ysuhuaylas until a Good Samaritan  arrived at the scene where the dog dubbed Pinto had been found. “He is not an adorable breed, but he still deserves help. He could be half dead and people would still not care because he’s a pit bull. He’s in horrific pain and deserves help.”

When Leslie notified Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacy Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, immediately stepped up to help. Pinto was transported to an emergency veterinary hospital in Spring, Texas Saturday night. Radiographs taken at the hospital showed the dog sustained a shattered pelvis and left broken leg. An orthopedic surgeon will review his diagnostics and formulate a plan for surgery. For the last 12 hours, Pinto has been receiving intravenous medication and fluids for hydration. He has cuts and abrasions, including a cut on his lip which is dangerously infected. Tragically some of the injuries Pinto suffers from are old and most likely from his past of living on the streets and having been abused.


Follow Pinto’s story on Facebook. Ironically, despite the animal abuse and cruelty Pinto must have suffered in his past, all he wanted to do was kiss, hug and be cuddled by the humans who offered their help. 

Updates will follow, but for now his recovery is estimated to cost thousands of dollars. Please help Pinto get well. Donate here: Http:// or Paypal:

(Photos and video of dog struck by a car courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Video of Pinto after dog struck by a car:





Treated like trash: Scrappy infested with fleas, ticks and mange

What would have been the chances of anyone walking by Scrappy’s kennel in a San Antonio animal shelter and offering to adopt him? The three-year-old tiny terrier had been abandoned, and when Animal Control picked him up, perhaps it was to be the best day of Scrappy’s life. Animal advocates called upon Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for emergency help, and Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization quickly agreed. On Friday, Jackie posted the heartbreaking information on the rescue’s Facebook page concerning the dog’s condition as reported by the shelter staff:

“Heart worm positive, demodex mange (not contagious) lots of fleas and ticks. Scrappy is very nervous about his situation. Although he does not feel well, he is not aggressive and very tolerant when being handled. Even with his condition not being so awesome, it really seems like there is a sweet dog in there.”

And so Scrappy was soon on his way to the organization’s partner veterinarian for an initial examination and some soothing medication to begin the long rehabilitation process; so many physical issues for a three-year-old dog. What makes it all so very tragic is that with proper care, Scrappy would never have had to endure any of the obvious suffering he must now overcome. No one can be sure of Scrappy’s breed at this time, but several advocates have speculated this little guy could be a Chinese Crested. What do you think?

We do know however, that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will make sure Scrappy will be beautiful once again.

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Mother bear killed by DEET because she had been frightened by a dog. Read the tragic story.

Xavier: 4-year-old German shepherd forgotten outside and thrown away as trash

Xavier has been suffering for an extended period of time. The four-year-old German shepherd, his regal breed barely recognizable because of prolonged neglect and the loss of his once glorious coat, was never given a name. How he wound up at a county animal shelter in south Texas is not known, but it was to become the luckiest day of Xavier’s life.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called on Tuesday morning and asked if they would help; it was a matter of life or death. The dog’s condition was heartbreaking; his gentle personality and his pleading eyes begged for one more chance. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization needed to tell the dog’s story:

” I think if Xavier could speak, he would tell us he has been suffering for so long and was at the end of the road,” Stacey began. “I need medical attention if I’m going to survive another day. I hope you think I’m worth being saved. I never had a name until today, because I was thought of as garbage and left outside to rot; instead of being treated like a living, breathing being.”

Described as very friendly and a dog who obviously holds no grudges, Xavier has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital for life saving treatment.

“Today the angels swooped in and said they would try to save me, and they gave me the name of Xavier.”

Hundreds of comments on the Facebook page for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared their disgust and disbelief that any dog could be so ignored and neglected. How does any human wake up in the morning, look outside at a young dog like Xavier and make believe nothing is wrong? How does any human not feed their dog?  How is it that neighbors, family or anyone just passing by didn’t notice the condition and call for help? Sadly these unanswered questions nearly cost Xavier his life. It is hoped he will survive; his condition is critical.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. 

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(Photos of Xavier courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Xavier’s immediate care includes treatment for his skin, eyes, ears and even his feet. Everything hurts this poor dog. Follow his plight on the organization’s Facebook. To help, donations can be made toHttp:// or through  Paypal:




Check out the story of little heartbroken little Miss Poppy when she is reunited with her favorite human after months.



UPDATE: Dog left unable to stand or walk – not all stories have a happy ending

Quinn had been unable to stand or walk when someone abandoned him late last week on the side of a road in rural Anson County, North Carolina. He was at the mercy of people either walking or driving by, but no one stopped to help. When Animal Control arrived, they contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who quickly came to Quinn’s assistance.

“Our medical team determined he was not only dragged by a car but also full of buckshot! He was swollen, infected, crawling with maggots and unable to stand or walk.,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on Facebook. “He was a mess! He laid on the side of the road at the mercy of humans. Would he be helped or not? Finally Animal Services arrived.”

Rushed to the organization’s partner  veterinarians, poor Quinn had a huge open wound under one arm; it was badly infected and crawling with maggots. How Quinn even ended up where he was discovered is unknown – considering he couldn’t move. His front leg had been completely mutilated; there was doubt his life could be saved, and even less hope for his leg.

On Monday at noon, the call that no one ever wants to receive came in to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Quinn died after a seizure which had lasted 15 minutes. His medical team had been in shock; his prognosis had become optimistic as the dog walked around the clinic and eagerly ate his breakfast. He seemed to be on his way to recovery, but then came the unexpected. And although veterinarians tried to revive him after the seizure, there was no more hope.

“The doctor did an immediate necropsy to try and make sense of Quinn’s sudden passing; he found worms and maggots that had invaded the dog’s brain,” Jackie stated on the group’s Facebook page  explaining the shock of the dog’s sudden passing. “We are so sorry sweet boy that we were too late to save you. You deserved so much better.”

Rest in peace Quinn and know that many people already loved you from the moment your photo became public.

“We are gutted, but will continue to fight for the abused and neglected dogs out there in your name. It is the best way we know how to honor you,” Jackie concluded. “Always in our hearts and you are free of your pain now.”

(Photos of Quinn unable to stand or walk when rescued courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


Read Quinn’s story here.

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Emergency rescue as workers save 9 pups and their mom from flooding drainpipe

For three days, volunteers had been desperately working to save a family of ten puppies and their mother who had taken up temporary refuge in an old drainpipe in a rural area of Dallas, Texas. As described by rescue volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Leslie Ysuhuaylas stated the mother dog had been living in the abandoned area since November; there she delivered two litters; only one puppy from a previous litter seemed to have survived.

What the mother dog had not anticipated this time, however were the pouring rain storms predicted for the area which would soon flood – including the drain where she thought her six-week-old puppies had been safe from predators and other dangers. The puppies were discovered accidentally while on a rescue mission for a different dog, and as the volunteers entered the drainage area they heard the puppies crying:

“We went in and mom started growling when we approached,” Leslie stated. “We weren’t equipped to be in there; there was limited lighting and we had no idea what type or size of dog we were dealing with or the number of  puppies hiding there. So we went out back out to plan getting them out before it started to rain.”

While rescuers set humane traps to capture the family and waited patiently to bring the little ones to safety, the downpours began. They went back into the drain, but the darkness and the flooding made any attempts to find the puppies nearly impossible.

“We thought the puppies had died,” Leslie told the Pet Rescue Report, “but 15 minutes later one came out with his head just above the water, ten minutes later another came out, and in another 15 minutes came JJ out; his head had been underwater and his body barely afloat. We started doing CPR and took him to the fire station for oxygen, but it was too late.”

The group were immediately able to catch the mother dog, and she eagerly jumped into the car. When rescuers returned that evening, four more puppies were spotted, but the frightened little ones scattered into the nearby woods – not before two more were safely captured. The next morning another one was trapped, and the last remaining sibling ran out of the tunnel trying to rescue his trapped brother.

“He (the last puppy) stayed in the tunnel all day, and we had no idea where as there are several branches in the tunnel where he could hide.”

And then the rains began to fall again – this time harder and the water from the tunnel quickly moving anything in its path to the nearby creek. And on Monday morning, when almost all hope had been lost for the rescue of the last puppy, he somehow had found safety in one of the bigger tunnels. You can watch his rescue in the attached video.

“They are all heading to the vet today as a family, while we attempt to trap the only surviving puppy from mom’s previous litter who has been living in the woods with his family. There have been limited sightings of him as we focused on his younger siblings. This entire family has lived a very difficult life, and have only survived so long because the babies have a very strong and caring mother that has ensured their safety and protected them through the difficult weather and predators. She has raised strong-willed puppies and survivors!”

All of the puppies and their mother have been transferred to the partner veterinarian for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. A three-week temporary foster home  as well as  donations are needed. If you are in the Dallas area and can help, please contact Leslie. Please donate for the surviving family members via PayPal at or

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(Photos and video of drainpipe puppies courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Check out the drainpipe area where volunteers dared to enter in order to save the lives of these desperate puppies: