9 dogs living in awful conditions about to be carted off to kill shelter rescued in nick of time

On Monday evening, nine small dogs hit the “lucky” jackpot. In South Texas, the dogs lived tethered to chains, under cars, under the house and in the dirt. When their owner called Animal Control, the … Read More

Four-month-old puppy suffered hernia in diaphragm after being kicked

In a disturbing animal cruelty and neglect case from Union, South Carolina, a four-month-old puppy suffered a diaphragmatic hernia after his owners are alleged to have kicked him in the chest. For three days, the … Read More

Ten neglected puppies abandoned on side of road in 100+ heat

Ten neglected puppies were discovered on Thursday in Alabama on the side of a road where temperatures exceeded 100+ degrees. They were all very sick and needed immediate rescue and veterinary care.

It is not … Read More

Neglected victim of hoarding case had been left in a crate to suffer

Tabitha is a victim; she was rescued from a hoarding case in Louisiana this week by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Her photo has made everyone sad, angry, depressed and at times hopeless. Who would … Read More

Dog with Bette Davis eyes barely surviving after heartbreaking abuse

In Pickens County, South Carolina, 11 dogs were discovered at a home on Thursday; tragically nine of the dogs had already died. It was just emaciated Bette Davis and another dog Lentil  barely alive.

The … Read More

‘Jimmy’ waited for days at Texas shelter until a miracle saved him

Not many people would ever want to adopt Jimmy from a Texas high kill animal shelter. Days came and went, and Jimmy just waited; his lack of a coat, his itchiness and his extremely neglected … Read More

Someone likely poisoned this dog stuck in fence screaming for help

In Starr County, Texas, another dog is suffering in pain and fear because of an irresponsible owner who no longer cared about the pup’s life. Tragically, the abandonment and the cruelty towards dogs is an … Read More

Update on Milly run over by a car and dragged

Milly was brought into a Texas shelter one week ago.  She had been found  in the Rio Grande Valley after having been run over by a car, dragged and left at the entrance of a … Read More

Run over by a car and dragged Milly’s life hanging by a thread

Milly was brought into a Texas shelter on Tuesday afternoon. She had been found  in the Rio Grande Valley after having been run over by a car and dragged.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to … Read More

Update on ‘Charlie’ the cat shot with arrow: Not out of the woods yet

In Kershaw County, South Carolina, Charlie the cat was shot through the chest in an egregious act of animal cruelty on Wednesday. Animal Control found the stray cat and immediately contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYCRead More