Six-week-old puppy tossed out of car window

A six-week-old puppy was witnessed being tossed out of a car window in Georgia on Friday. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stopped and scooped the tiny puppy up from the road before she was hit by … Read More

Bulldog served his family for 13 years and this is how they surrendered him to Texas shelter

Rocko arrived at a Texas shelter in a laundry basket on Friday. For nearly his entire 13-years of life, Rocko loyally served his family with love and trust, but because of his age and the … Read More

Victim of horrific abuse suffering with his leg bone exposed rescued

A homeless victim of horrific abuse who suffered day after day with his front leg so severely injured that he was left with just the bone exposed and no skin or flesh has been rescued … Read More

Dog starved to near death: Harvey’s collar fit him 30 pounds ago

Harvey was saved from certain death when Texas authorities removed him from the home where his owners left him tied outside to starve. Although his owners had the basic responsibility to feed and care for … Read More

Crippled dog barely able to stay alive on harsh streets of Texas has been rescued

In Donna, Texas, a photo of a crippled dog fighting to stay alive on the harsh streets didn’t go unnoticed by volunteers at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday. Animal advocates on social media had … Read More

Mother dog and her 5 newborn puppies dumped in deserted field to die slow deaths

Another heartless owner in Texas decided having their dog spayed would be too expensive and time consuming; having to take her to a veterinarian, and instead couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of their inaction. … Read More

Day in the life of homeless puppy in horrid medical condition found living under car

In the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, another homeless puppy was rescued early Tuesday morning. Fortunately, this little guy was spotted by a Good Samaritan, and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help again.… Read More

Evil man brutally attacked dog with machete intending to kill her

Near San Antonio, Texas, an evil man attacked a neighborhood dog with a machete on Sunday morning. Animal Control officers were told by neighbors the man meant to kill the dog.

According to Rescue Dogs Read More

Homeless dog who wandered streets for months gave up all hope

In a rural Texas community, another homeless dog wandered the streets for months. Life is beyond cruel for the unwanted and lost dogs, and this pup’s physical condition continued to spiral out of control until … Read More

Two-pound puppy left in a box for days suffering from urine scalded paws

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, another almost daily emergency involves a severely neglected two-pound puppy left in a cardboard box for days who urinated on herself causing her paws to be so severely … Read More