Sweet English bulldog watching for her family at crowded shelter as people walk by

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Two-month-old German shepherd stray comes into shelter with awful skin condition

On September 6, 2021 a two-month-old puppy, barely recognizable as a German shepherd, arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California. The shelter has him placed in the medical section for a treatable … Read More

Senior scared Rottie ‘looks absolutely lost’ and is breaking everyone’s heart at California shelter

In Gardena, California, a senior Rottweiler is scared, and according to volunteers at the Carson Animal Care Center “looks absolutely lost” and needs help finding her people.

Perhaps we, as a community of rescuers and … Read More

Blue-eyed shepherd is perfect and needs help out of overcrowded California shelter now

A beautiful three-year-old shepherd with piercing blue eyes needs a home. Transferred from the Palmdale shelter on September 1, 2021, Alize is 45 pounds of sweetness and beauty. Alize is available for adoption at the … Read More

Life has not been easy for ‘Tank’ and now he’s at a high kill shelter

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Senior Dachshund trembles in his kennel cage at California shelter

A senior Dachshund wants to go home, but he doesn’t understand why his family hasn’t arrived to free him out of his kennel cage at the Carson Animal Care Center. Sadly, this ten-year-old arrived at … Read More

Sad, three-year-old shelter terrier arrived with injured eye and needs help

At the Carson Animal Care Shelter in California, a three-year-old terrier blend arrived at the shelter on May 17, 2021 filled with foxtails and an injured right eye. He will be available for adoption on … Read More

Gorgeous white pup arrived at shelter as a stray and is so frightened he just shakes

What a handsome dog, yet his family has not arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center to find him. Since May 13, 2021, this two-year-old terrier has been watching for someone familiar. His video reveals … Read More

One-year-old Boxer dumped at shelter because she misbehaved

Puppies do not magically learn not to chew shoes, rugs or attractive nuisances around the home when not closely supervised, and it’s very sad the owners of a one-year-old Boxer didn’t have the time nor … Read More

Heartbreaking: 14-year-old Chow in greatest time of need surrendered to shelter

The Downey Animal Shelter in California has issued a plea for help with a 14-year-old Chow Chow in desperate need of rescue. On April 5, his family surrendered him after his owner died. The family … Read More