Dog dropped off as children cried but parent lied and said he was a stray

The children called him Loco; the dog had barely been fed and was very dirty when he arrived at the California shelter. As the children cried, their parents told the staff at the Carson Animal … Read More

Desperate for help, emaciated dog at shelter still losing weight

No one knows what happened to Orby. The seven-year-old male continues to lose weight since he entered the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Orby appears to have lived alone for a great deal of … Read More

Help: Bonded dogs together for 10 years, neglected and thrown away

Max and Bingo have been bonded for ten years; lived in the same home although by the looks of the two Shih Tzus have both been neglected for a long period of time.  On Monday, … Read More

‘Lucky’ the dog? Family dumped him at shelter when he hurt his leg

A broken-hearted dog named ‘Lucky’ still watches through his kennel bars for his family to return. Just one month ago, Lucky was surrendered to the Carson Care Center in California after he injured his leg.… Read More

Desperate for help: 12-year-old tiny dog needs out of shelter

At 12-years-old, a tiny dog needs out of the Carson Animal Care Center. On October 12, the frightened Shih Tzu arrived at the shelter and brought to the medical section.

Check out his video:… Read More

Handsome older German shepherd needs help out of shelter now

September, aka Sammy, has been at Carson Animal Care Center since September 13. He came in as a stray, but he is a gregarious tan and black German shepherd who loves to socialize and run … Read More

‘Libby’ medical plea from shelter for help of old spine fracture

Libby (aka Izzy) is a 10-year-old female tan Chihuahua with the saddest look on her face. She arrived at Carson Animal Care with what appears to be an old spine fracture at L4-L5, C3 and … Read More

‘Too old Casu’ dumped at shelter while owners looked for new dog

A 15-year-old terrier named Casu arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Thursday. His family told the shelter staff the dog was “too old.” Explain all that to a confused, blind dog whose heart … Read More

Bonded brothers Harvey and Homer cried in shelter until reunited

A 10-year-old male named Harvey and his eight-year-old brother Homer are bonded brothers and probably are lost away from their home. The pair are very cute, but seem to be very sad and confused. Both … Read More

‘Landon’ surrendered because he was too old and had fleas

An approximately 12-year-old Pomeranian, named Landon has not been having a sweet retirement. Sadly, his owners surrendered him to the Carson Animal Care Center for being “too old.” In addition, Landon was covered in fleas … Read More