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Two-year-old stray adopted by person who knew dog was fearful and may bite, but then returned him to shelter again

In April 2022, a two-year-old furry pooch was found as a stray and entered the Carson Animal Care Center in California.

#A5473930 My name is PEPPY and I’m an approximately 2 year old male I

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Terrified puppy picked up by animal control and no one knows where she belongs

A 10-month-old terrified puppy curls up in the corner of her shelter cage at the Carson Animal Care Center in California, and no one has yet arrived to claim her and reassure her that having … Read More

Sammy’s plight is heartbreaking and this handsome guy with the big head needs rescue help

Sammy is just over a year old, and this “handsome guy with the big head” had been involved in an incident and has been labeled “rescue only.” On February 14, Valentine’s Day, Sammy arrived at … Read More

Help needed: Traumatized dachshund surrendered to crowded California shelter spends most of his time hiding under his bed

At the Carson Animal Care Center, Fitz spends most of his time hiding under his bed, and when anyone tries to visit him, he becomes very agitated and fearful. This little guy needs help now, … Read More

Sweet English bulldog watching for her family at crowded shelter as people walk by

What could be harder for a dog watching and waiting for her family to come? What could be sadder than to watch their faces show the disappointment as each time the door opens it’s not … Read More

Two-month-old German shepherd stray comes into shelter with awful skin condition

On September 6, 2021 a two-month-old puppy, barely recognizable as a German shepherd, arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California. The shelter has him placed in the medical section for a treatable … Read More

Senior scared Rottie ‘looks absolutely lost’ and is breaking everyone’s heart at California shelter

In Gardena, California, a senior Rottweiler is scared, and according to volunteers at the Carson Animal Care Center “looks absolutely lost” and needs help finding her people.

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Blue-eyed shepherd is perfect and needs help out of overcrowded California shelter now

A beautiful three-year-old shepherd with piercing blue eyes needs a home. Transferred from the Palmdale shelter on September 1, 2021, Alize is 45 pounds of sweetness and beauty. Alize is available for adoption at the … Read More

Life has not been easy for ‘Tank’ and now he’s at a high kill shelter

At the Carson Animal Care in California, Tank waits for someone to be his friend. The 10-year-old Cane Corso has not had an easy life, and somehow fate pushed him to the shelter. Can we … Read More

Senior Dachshund trembles in his kennel cage at California shelter

A senior Dachshund wants to go home, but he doesn’t understand why his family hasn’t arrived to free him out of his kennel cage at the Carson Animal Care Center. Sadly, this ten-year-old arrived at … Read More