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Pennsylvania SPCA asking public to help find 2 men encouraging dogs to brutally attack neighbor’s cat

In Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania SPCA is asking the public to help find two men caught on video encouraging two dogs to brutally attack a neighbor’s cat. The horribly disturbing incident occurred on Tuesday morning on … Read More

Cat with broken legs and eye injury abandoned at rest stop off highway in Connecticut on road to recovery

A cruel, unknown person abandoned a black and white cat with two broken legs and an eye injury at a rest stop off I-95 in Connecticut. The cat was found inside of a pet carrier … Read More

Viral Tik Tok video questions if neighbor ate a woman’s cat now missing

It has been an outpouring of emotion since the woman who owned a cat now missing claims that her neighbor ate her pet cat.

Yes, no kidding, according to Tik Toker Jessica, known on the … Read More

Woman ‘breastfed’ her cat onboard Delta flight leaving onlookers stunned

In a bizarre message from Delta Airlines on Flight DL1360 to Atlanta, seemingly from the crew, suggested a woman had been breastfeeding her cat in the cabin and refused to stop what she was doing.… Read More

Contra Costa Animal Services respond to 75 dogs and 25 cats hoarding situation

As if shelters aren’t crowded enough, on Saturday, Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez, California, officers responded to hoarding activity in the Town of Danville identifying approximately 75 dogs and 25 cats on the property.… Read More

Best friends guinea pig and cat at North Carolina shelter adopted together

Meet Angel the cat and Halo the guinea pig who are best friends. These two adorable and bonded pals waited patiently for a home together. The two had been living at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Read More

Man abandoned cat in carrier – she sat for over 12 hrs alone

An animal shelter in Johnson County, Indiana, is hoping that a member of the public will recognize the man who abandoned a crated cat outside of their facility in the middle of the night. On … Read More

Owner of kitten covered in mites and maggots wanted her put to sleep but sanctuary wouldn’t hear of it

In Rimersburg, Pennsylvania, the owner of a six-week-old kitten arrived at a nearby veterinarian’s office early this week; the kitten had been covered in mites and maggots crawling through a deep gash in his tiny … Read More

Pets trapped in rubble of Surfside building collapse still missing

In Surfside, Florida, pet owners who survived the Champlain Towers South Condo collapse are desperate to find their animal pets still missing in the rubble. Coco, the cat who belongs to an 89-year-old resident and … Read More

Adorable cat made his debut at Colorado Rockies baseball game

In Denver, Colorado, an adorable fuzzy, gray cat made his debut on Friday night at the Colorado Rockies baseball game during the bottom of the eighth inning.

According to the team’s social media page, fans … Read More