Naked woman sets kitchen on fire, tries to stab fireman after trying to cook a cat

A naked woman in Tucson, Arizona has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson of an occupied structure and animal cruelty and abuse. Ebony Hurndon, 41, tried to cook her cat when she set the kitchen on fire and then attempted to stab a fireman.

According to the, on Friday, October 6, the Tucson Fire Department had been called to a fire at an apartment in the 4300 block of East 29th Street. When firemen entered the apartment, Hurndon came out brandishing a knife and allegedly tried to stab the captain in the chest. The captain’s thick fire coat was able to thwart the sharp blade without injuring the officer. The Tucson Police Department arrived in a few minutes while Hurndon continued to threaten everyone around her.

The police used an electronic stun gun to stop the woman. The fire which started from the stove was extinguished. Sadly, the cat did not survive.

(Photo of naked woman who tried to cook a cat via Tucson Police Department)

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Authorities search for disgusting jerk who posted video of him peeing on stray kitten

If you think you have heard every disgusting, sicko act of outrageous stupidity and animal cruelty, this just beats them all!  A jerk from Seoul, Korea is currently under investigation by the Yeongdeungpo Police Station for urinating on a stray kitten and then beating the defenseless little one with a stick.

According to an online post, some gross male actually uploaded a video of himself abusing the stray kitten by urinating on it. After the despicable act of pure cruelty, the man stomps on the weak kitten with his feet. The shocking video was reported to the animal rights organization CARE, who quickly offered a reward of $2,616 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person abusing the kitten as seen in the video. Within an hour, the identity of a suspect had been spread throughout the Internet world of social media.

Executive director of CARE, Im Young Ki tried to explain the heartbreaking situation:

“Stray cats are abused often because they don’t have owners. It’s devastating. In order to prevent such animal cruelty, proper education, as well as more strict laws are required.”

A 28-year-old man with the surname of Lee is currently under investigation, however he has not been arrested.

Allkpop, a popular news site, has had many concerned readers asking about the kitten. Netizen Marie Music posted the kitten’s update:

“…The cat is a lot better now, but he had a surgery for a long time and his life was critical but he made it… he lost his one eye and his jaw was totally crushed. Also he had many other major injuries but he made it at least. Now he is  very much better. The police couldn’t find this monster. That man who the police investigated wasn’t the one … he is still outside free. Now that cat is looking for his new home … his previous family abandoned him cause of moving. What the hell? A rescuer payed a lot for the cat’s surgery and care, but she cannot keep him. ” (translated)

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Sneaky horse gets stuck in window – watch the video of the rescue effort here

Family’s rescued dog ballooned to dangerous weight – now she is getting life saving help.

Man threatens to shoot his cat but message intended to garner support for aid

It’s complicated, but posting a video holding a frightened cat by the scruff of the neck with a man holding a gun to its head and threatening on social media to shoot the pet, isn’t the right way to garner support for the suffering hurricane victims in the British Virgin Islands.

The video was posted online by Leo Ferraro, 50, a self professed animal lover from the Swiss canton of Aargau, wanting John Cleese, the Monty Python star to retweet his message. Ferraro grabs one of his cats and points a gun to its head, while addressing celebrities threatening to shoot the cat if they didn’t share his message.

“…if I don’t get RT (retweet) for my friends in #bvistrong (British Virgin Islands)by today noon – this creature will be a dead cat.”

Ferraro is an online producer for Swiss daily “Tages-Anzeiger” and breeds cats in his spare time. He was hoping to garner the help of prominent people to increase his social media reach for help. Ferraro spends a lot of time in the Caribbean and has been heartbroken since viewing all of the destruction and the suffering of the residents.

He does state he is very aware of the outrage his video has caused in Switzerland, but calls it a “cry for attention.” It is not known at this time if authorities are investigating this as a possible animal cruelty case, but the online community has no patience for such madness as this.

“A ban on keeping animals and taking away your gun is the least you deserve, you scumbag,” one person posted under the disturbing video.

Ferraro later tried to reassure everyone that his cat was fine and posted a photo of the cat sleeping on the couch.


(Photos via Twitter and Daily Mail)

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Cat stolen from shelter found tortured with every bone broken in nearby dumpster

When shelter employees arrived at Whisker City Animal Rescue on Tuesday morning in Shoreline, Washington, they found a cat had been stolen after its outdoor enclosure had been tampered with and broken into. April Brown, the founding director of Whisker City Cat Rescue, said the lock had been removed and Quixote, a pure Savannah had been stolen.  The cage had been securely screwed down and padlocked. The cat, a cross between a domestic and a wild African serval breed had been at the shelter for several months; no one had ever had any trouble with Quixote in the past.

At first April posted a message to the Facebook group to keep an eye out for the cat – possibly thinking someone may have stolen the cat because he was valuable, but when an employee noticed blood on the cat’s blanket they called police. When Brown first checked the dumpster outside, she didn’t see anything, but a short time later a coworker came running into the shelter screaming she had found Quixote’s lifeless body hidden under the garbage.

“Every bone looks like it’s broken in its body. Its eyes had been taken out. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. Its head is practically flat; it had been crushed,” Brown stated as reported by KomoNews.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the disturbing report stated:


“Stomped, beat, flung, crushed and banged a cat against the wall until it died. Quixote was brutally tortured for more than 15 minutes and then thrown into a dumpster. Killer wore a yellow disposable rain poncho with the words “Homeless needs homes but not in my neighborhood – Richmond Beach. Murder committed on September 19, 2017 at Whisker City Cat Rescue at 3AM. Please contact Sargeant Gabriel Morris at Shoreline Police. 206.510. 7657.”

A neighbor has come forward and said she heard loud noises at about 3:00 a.m. She thought it had been branches falling on her roof and stated the noise had gone on for nearly 15 minutes.

All of the cats in their outdoor enclosures have since been moved indoors at the Whisker City Cat Rescue; extra security cameras are scheduled to be installed. Anyone with information is asked to call the police. Help bring  justice to an innocent victim of some depraved monster.

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(Photos via screenshots Facebook)

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What to expect today from the animals during solar eclipse 2017

Everyone have their special glasses for today’s solar eclipse? If not, there are easy viewing “do it yourself” devices to keep your retinas safe, so make sure to check it off before this afternoon. Now as to ensure the safety of your dogs, cats, bunnies and other loved companion pets, are there special precautions we need to do?

The National Pet Owners Survey estimates 68 percent of households in the United States own a pet. As the moon moves across the sun later this afternoon, a partial eclipse will be visible in the lower 48 states; a total eclipse will cover a 70-mile wide radius visible from Oregon to South Carolina. So how will Austen or Gotham – two loyal family pooches living in Florida and San Francisco react to the phenomena? Pet behaviorists say our pets will detect the subtle temperature changes as well as the light differences, but it’s dubious if they will stare into the sun since their natural reflexes direct them to look away. And as happens most times – it will be our reactions to the eclipse which will startle them.

According to Forbes, some dogs might be frightened, but not many. Pets are more apt to be scared of thunderstorms, and since the eclipse is not accompanied by any noise, as long as their owners stay calm and not ditch down screaming “it’s the end of the earth,” dogs and cats should be fine.

Cows and horses are also expected to be fine and will continue to do what they did before the eclipse. In 2001, red-fronted lemurs froze in place for nearly three hours. These animals generally forage for nuts and berries at night. Orb weaver spiders generally build their webs at night and take them down at dawn. They were observed weaving their webs during a previous eclipse. Bats, who do most of their flying during the night, have been observed as being much more active during eclipses. Chimps however had been observed in 1984 actually watching the event, but returned to their normal activities when the eclipse passed.

For the most part, it’s humans who have the most striking reactions to the eclipse. Tell us how and what you did?

Keep your retinas safe! Don’t be stupid and stare into the eclipse – the sun is right behind it.

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Snapchat video shows kids using Taser on kitten

In Nassau County, Florida, a video posted to Snapchat showing kids using a Taser on a kitten and sent in to the media is now being investigated as an animal cruelty case. On Thursday, the video was sent to Nassau County Animal Services and has authorities searching for the two children involved in the inhumane act.

According to WftvNews, the video shows the two children using the Taser on the kitten and laughing as the cat is zapped. Officials believe the video was recorded in the Timber Creek Plantation neighborhood in Yulee. Concerned citizens have been coming forward and allegedly have identified the kids shown in the video.

County Commissioner Justin Taylor, along with other community members are shocked to see any innocent pet being treated so cruelly.

“To see an animal who is harmless and has not done anything to be treated that way , it’s cruel,” stated Mr. Taylor.

“Who was standing  there videoing this? That’s the other question,” asked local resident Michele Higham.  “Who would allow children to do this and think it’s funny? The damage is done, not only physically, but mentally to that cat.”

Why do these children have a Taser? Where are their parents?

(Photo and video via CbsNews from Snapchat)

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Video: Warning … may not be suitable for all audiences

For the first time in 3.5 years, shelter has to make ‘list’ of dogs to put down

For the first time in over three years, an animal shelter in Arkansas has had to create a “list” of unwanted pets to be put down. The sad situation is the result of a huge influx of animals being taken in and not enough animals being adopted.

In a Facebook post made this week, the situation facing the Jacksonville AR Animal Shelter is explained:

It’s been 3.5 years since we had to euthanize for space
But with the high intake of dogs and cats, we are having to make ‘the list’ today😒
All areas are full and there is no space for any new dogs that will come in today
Last week we took in 25 dogs and only 4 were claimed by their owners
It seems no matter how hard we try to adopt out animals….you can’t fight the high amount of animals that come in on a daily basis!
Please share!

Jacksonville Friends of the Animals is trying to help prevent dogs and cats from losing their lives. On Tuesday morning, the group wrote:

We are full again 😔. The only way we can do free adoptions is when we have enough donations. The city does NOT pay!! We pay for all the vet care for the dogs and cats in our shelter including heart worm treatment at almost $400 per dog. PLEASE HELP. Please share, adopt, or donate!! You can click on the donate button near the cover photo or go to Thank you!

The precious souls who are being held at this shelter have done nothing wrong – they were born and now they are unwanted. Please share this information and help find these homeless pets find a safe haven.
Website for Jacksonville Friends of the Animals here.
The Jacksonville Friends of the Animals, Inc, is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that raises money to help the animals at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter. We pay for medical treatment not included in the city budget such as heartworm treatment, injuries and amputations (car accidents, etc.), illness such as parvovirus, skin conditions (mange and allergies), and cases of extreme abuse and neglect. We also help with the cost of spay/neuter, and for vaccinations. Our goal is to give every animal in our shelter a chance of a long, happy, and healthy life. Our mission is to make our shelter a true no-kill shelter (no euthanizing an animal for space while keeping our doors open for those who need us.) With your help, we can do it!
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Tattoo artist under fire after inking pattern onto leg of tiny kitten

A tattoo artist is currently under fire from animal advocates throughout the world after inking a pattern onto the leg of a tiny kitten and posting the video to social media. The man has since apologized, and the four-month-old kitten has been sent to an animal rescue organization.

According to People’s Daily Online, the man who goes by the nickname of “Qiangzi,” has owned and operated a tattoo shop in Jining, China’s Shandong Province for the last seven years.  The video had photos of the tattoo including the Chinese character “endurance” tattooed to its right foreleg. Qiangzi stated he gave the kitten anesthesia after he shaved off the fur on her leg, and that he had used a semi-permanent ink on an eyebrow brush that was plant based and would not harm the kitten.

In the report from the Daily Mail, Qiangzi stated the tattoss will fade out as the kitten’s skin changes over time. He also alleged to using precise doses of anesthesia as per a veterinarian’s standard and was very careful as an overdose could have killed the animal.

After posting the video on Weibo (equivalent to Facebook in the US), the comments criticized the artist repeatedly asking if the kitten gave him permission to pen her with a tattoo? Qiangzi has since deleted his account and apologized, however screenshots of the tattoos on the kitten have continued to circulate throughout social media – few trying to protect the artist’s feelings and decisions.

The kitten is now in the care of the Zhangying Stray Animal Rescue and is receiving care until she is adopted. Her wounds are fading as her fur grows back. She is a lucky little kitten with everyone  knowing her life will be better from now on.

(Photos of tattoo artist inking kitten via Zhangying Stray Animal Rescue via Daily Mail)


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Animal cruelty ‘monster’ who tortured pets sentenced to 16 years in jail

In a despicable chain of heartless animal cruelty acts, a San Jose, California man who pleaded guilty to torturing and killing 18 cats, was sentenced on Friday to 16 years in the county jail.  Robert R. Farmer, 25, the son of a retired San Jose police captain, lured the cats to him from a quiet residential neighborhood. Investigators said Farmer stole the cats from Cambrian Park over a two month period in the fall of 2015. Surveillance video captured Farmer in one act as he chased and picked up Go-Go, a 17-year-old cat, he stole from his owner’s front yard. The video lead police to him. He was finally arrested after police found him asleep in a car where the lifeless body of an orange tabby cat was found. Police also found several cat collars in Farmer’s possession.

According to the Mercury News, the name of every cat killed by Farmer was read aloud by the judge, to remind Farmer of the terrible crimes he committed against innocent animals and pets that had been loved by their families.

“Robert Farmer is a monster who has no mercy and who victimized the most innocent member of our family,” stated Miriam Petrova in court on Friday. “Please send a strong and clear message that this community will not tolerate any animal abuse.”

It was Miriam’s cat “Gogo” who had been one of Farmer’s victims. A necropsy of the cats determined many had died as a result of blunt force trauma while many of the cats had been sexually abused, however there was insufficient evidence that Farmer had sexually abused the animal. He will not have to register as a sex offender.

Farmer’s defense attorney told the court his client had been on a methamphetamine “frenzy” as well as having written a letter stating he would never do anything as heinous as these crimes again. The judge rejected the claims and sentenced Farmer to the maximum punishment. Farmer will not be allowed within 100 yards of the Cambrian Park neighborhood where he stole and killed the pets when released from jail, will not be permitted to own or care for any pets for ten years and must undergo psychiatric treatment.

Rest in peace all of the pets brutally murdered.

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(Photo of Farmer sentenced to 16 years in jail via NBC Bay News)

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Staten Island man tortures neighbor’s cat and posted gruesome video on social media

A Staten Island man videoed himself torturing his neighbor’s cat in his Arthur Avenue apartment, and then posted the gruesome video on Facebook. Tyrike Richardson, 21, is shown on the June 29 recording dropping a chair on a cat and waving a knife in front of the cat’s face while the defenseless animal swipes at the weapon in order to save its own life. Richardson is then seen jamming a long stick into the motionless cat’s belly and face.

According to SI Live, Richardson was arrested on Thursday and charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal and torturing and not feeding an animal. The cat, a two-year-old male named Chester who belongs to Richardson’s neighbor suffered multiple injuries including blunt force trauma, rib fractures, live and kidney injuries and injuries to his lungs.

Chester is currently in the care of the ASPCA.

Richardson’s criminal record dates back to when he was 14-years-old.

(Photos of Staten Island man arrested for torturing cat screenshots via SILive)

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WARNING: Extremely graphic video of an innocent cat being abused: