‘Our baby girl got her wings’ after man set cat on fire

In a heartbreaking announcement on the Facebook page of the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in Montgomery County, Indiana, on Sunday evening came the sad news of Phoenix, the rescued cat on fire last week:

Animal Welfare League Of Montgomery County Indiana  It is with a heavy heart and alot of tears I tell you our baby girl got her wings . Fly high Phoenix.”noah-riley

The cat dubbed Phoenix was discovered last week in Crawsfordsville cow-tied with a rope, drenched in gasoline, set on fire and with a firecracker lying on top of her which had not ignited. The sweet female cat had been showing signs of recovering, but her condition quickly took a turn for the worse; even as early as Sunday morning, the updates  still looked optimistic. By the evening however, another post indicated Phoenix had been experiencing breathing problems, and veterinarians feared she had a build up of fluid in her lungs indicating a secondary infection. Less than an hour later, Phoenix died.

The cat on fire was rescued on Wednesday after a retired fireman saw a flame shoot out near the community airport. Phoenix was found in critical condition lying in a mud puddle which authorities stated initially saved her life keeping her skin and fur from burning. The next day the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrested Noah Riley, 19, after he stated he had been following the media posts about the cat and wanted to “get the issue resolved.”

Riley faces two counts of animal cruelty. Read the previous story here.

Rest in peace Phoenix. We will all help you find justice.

Photo of cat on fire Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County.

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Pure magic when homeless kitty meets his soul mate with rare disorder

For nearly two years, Lou, a homeless kitty, waited patiently at the Lorca Animal Rescue group in Lorca, Spain, hoping for a second chance. Everyone seemed to love Lou when they met him; the cat loved to cuddle and surely he was handsome enough to attract would be adopters. Sadly, no one seemed to want Lou.Lou the cat meets girl 3

Recently, however all of that changed, and it makes us wonder if “fate” intervened and inexplicably knew Lou’s future happiness was soon to be realized and in so happening would change the life of a youngster. According to the organization’s Facebook page, Isa arrived at the rescue searching for a pet for her 14-year-old daughter, Laura, who suffers from a rare hereditary disorder restricting her neurological and physical development. Isa wanted her daughter to have a therapy companion – someone to love and shower her child with attention. Yes, you already guessed – Lou, the homeless kitty, was the one!

From the moment Lou met Laura, he was smitten. He hugged the child with his paws, rubbed into her arms in only a way a cat can, and snuggled into the softness of  Laura’s neck. In the next moment, Laura smiled and giggled with delight.

 “We didn’t understand why Lou couldn’t find a family, being such a docile and affectionate cat,” Lorca Animal Rescue  wrote on their Facebook page. “Now we understand everything. He was waiting for little Laura; that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa. … as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I ask you to all who follow us aquell@s to share these beautiful images and we can break false myths.
As an adult animal is not adopted or that can’t be affectionate or that children and animals cannot live together, between all we are sure that we will gradually change some minds.” (translation edited to be easier to read)Lou the cat

Many years of love and happiness Lou and Laura. We are excited you have found each other with the help of Isa. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of homeless kitty courtesy of Lorca Animal Rescue)

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Check out the video of Lou and Laura:

Heartless thug caught on video kicking a cat 6 feet through the air

A heartless thug was caught on video kicking a cat, minding her own business, six feet through the air  in front of a home at Guinness Trust flats, on Sidney Street, Derby. The two men then casually strolled away as if they had just kicked a coffee cup away as trash. The nasty man, wearing a fluorescent orange jacket, was seen on the family’s closed circuit television camera walking up to their family pet before kicking her in the face. The incident occurred on the afternoon of January 12.Millie the cat cover

According to the MetroUK, the force of the kick sent the cat named Millie flying into a backward flip into the air and hurled six feet landing on a grassy area. Millie suffered a broken jaw after the unprovoked attack. The cat’s owner called the RSPCA after Millie returned home with her serious injuries.

RSPCA Inspector Sarah Burrows viewed the video and released the following statement:Millie the cat cover 2

“The video clearly shows two men walking towards Millie and then one man kicking a cat very hard, resulting in her being thrown a few feet across the ground, before walking away. It is an unprovoked attack which has sadly left Millie with a suspected broken jaw. Inflicting such a horrific attack on a defenseless cat is sickening, and it’s important we track down the people responsible.”

Authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying the culprits responsible for the heinous act.

“We are appealing for information and are keen to hear from anyone who recognizes the person responsible for this. Anyone with information should contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018. If prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, a person could face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to £20,000.”Millie the cat

(Photos of thugs kicking a cat courtesy of RSPCA screenshots)





Check out the video here:


‘Midwife’ kitty massages pregnant goat before delivery

In West Virginia, cats seem to be in the “know.” A fluffy, orange bundle of masculine feline cuteness named Pretty Boy has been described as the “new age goat midwife/masseur” on the Facebook page Pretty Boy and Copper where the goat and cat live

“Who says kitties can’t be multifaceted?”, read the first post as Pretty Boy was seen kneading the swollen pregnant belly of her friend Copper in fancy cat style – as only cats seem to be able to do. “Copper the goat is due to deliver babies any time now. Pretty Boy thinks he’s a midwife and is massaging Copper through her contractions trying to help Copper have her babies. Lol. Pretty Boy has been sleeping with, sitting on and massaging Copper since Copper was confined to a stall to prepare for her deliveries.”

Checking out the organization’s Facebook page, Pretty Boy seemed quite happy by all of the extra attention. And when the three babies were born – (one girl and two boys) one week later on January 10, the delivery required some human intervention, but everyone has been reported as doing fine. The curious little ones are being closely supervised since goats can be “unpredictable” when Copper sometimes goes into her protective “mom” mode. Pretty Boy’s safety is always one of friendly concern. cat-helps-pregnant-goat-3

However Pretty Boy wants to call this experience, he’s definitely one “cool cat.”

(Photos and video of midwife kitty from Operation Fancy Free)







Check out the video – guaranteed to make you smile:


Outrage over teen’s photo showing dead dog posed next to rifle

In Sheridan, Arkansas, animal advocates continue to express their outrage after a photo and video were posted onto social media showing a teen kneeling in the bed of a pickup truck with a rifle and a dead dog strangled by the neck.  The photo originally posted on SnapChat was later posted to Facebook with the following caption:

“You’ve been a very bad dog.”

And if that photo of a  dead, small white fluffy dog wasn’t upsetting enough, there was more. Another short video showed a different teen throwing a cat by the tail into a fan about seven feet away. In the video, the screaming and terrified cat runs away after landing on the unforgiving concrete floor. No one knows if the cat died or if he needed veterinary attention.  According to KhTv11, Grant County Sheriff Ray Vance states an investigation is going on, but was unable to comment on the situation at this time. Investigators say they will turn the evidence over to the prosecutor’s office, who will make the final determination. Both suspects are listed as minors.

The post showing the cat being tortured made its way to the desk of Shelter Cat Rescue founder, Carolyn Criner Shuff. A report has been filed with authorities. Facebook posts claim the photo of the dead dog had been taken during the summer and not posted to social media sites until November, and that the dog was already dead. Nevertheless, the two incidents remain under investigation. Follow up on this developing story will continue as information is made available.
(Photo of outrage over teens’ photo via Facebook and KhTv11 edit)
Following is the video as the teen tortures the cat. Be warned that this video is very disturbing:

Sheriff rescues cat pinned at top of closed garage door

In Donaldsonville, Louisiana, a sheriff’s deputy rescued a cat pinned with the top half of his body in a closed garage door. The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office posted the photo of the cat named Bella to their Facebook page drawing gasps from readers and concerned

Be not afraid however, because retired Deputy Mike Scott immediately responded to the situation.

“A cat had been stuck between a garage door of a residence and the wall. Never in all my years (34) was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival,” Deputy Scott posted on Facebook.

Fortunately Deputy Scott has a lot of help from neighbors and friends.

“The neighbors were very helpful as we cautiously removed the upper frame molding that allowed some space for us to remove the cat. With a joint effort with neighbors we were able to remove the cat alive.”

Not long after the amazing rescue, Bella’s owner returned home. He had been buying lumber to repair damage from the recent floods and suspected the cat had been asleep on the garage floor when he left. Miraculously Bella escaped unscathed. How many lives do you think Bella gave up for that situation?

Deputy Mike Scott worked 34 years for the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office and retired as a captain over uniform patrol in 2011. After two years of retirement he returned as a part time officer.

“It’s a privilege to be on the streets with these much younger criminal justice professionals,” said Deputy Scott. “I like to be able to assist with taking calls like such so that the younger deputies can stay available for criminal complaints and investigations.”

We’re always glad to honor a few good men Deputy Scott. Thank you for your service.

Photos of cat pinned in garage dog courtesy of Facebook page Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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City councilman voted out, but library cat he tried to oust stays

In White Settlement, Texas, the library cat gets to stay and stretch his paws whenever he wants at the White Settlement Public Library where he has lived for more than six years. And as if “karma” can really deliver a kitty punch, who is to say when City Councilman Elzie Clements wanted the friendly, gray and white kitty named Browser gone, the politician was defeated from office in a landslide victory in November.library-cat

According to CbsNews, back in June, the council voted 2-1 to give Browser 30 days to vacate; Clements had been outspoken as to the cat getting evicted. Brought in as a rescue kitten to live in the library and squash the rodent problem, Browser was the perfect fit. Although the library had previously been using an exterminator, personnel didn’t want the poisons on the books nor did they want young children who  put their fingers in the eyes and their mouths, to handle the books if they contained any poison residue.

And all was well for years, until an angry city employee went on a hate campaign against Browser when her puppy was not allowed to accompany her to work inside of city hall. That’s when the fur began to fly. Mayor Ron White defended Browser, accusing city council members of hating cats. The mayor was so adamant about Browser remaining in his home, he threatened to take the issue to voters if the council didn’t reconsider. Browser even signed up for his own Facebook page asking the world to help him keep his home.

When social media picked up the plight of the adorable kitty, needless to say at an emergency meeting where Browser was the only item on the agenda, council members voted unanimously to reverse their earlier decision. Repercussions could be heard from Maine to Missouri and even overseas as far away as Germany and Malaysia.

Elzie Clements, Browser’s biggest foe, stated he had a few complaints about Browser from people who were surprised a cat was living at the library. Browser’s job title now reads “Library Cat for Life.” Mayor Ron White is satisfied with his furry employee, and says he has received messages about the cat from around the world with many people offering to adopt him. It would seem however that Browser is happy with his job.

Ah, the world of politics…

(Photos of library cat courtesy of White Settlement Public Library)

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Elderly owner died leaving neglected cat with dreadlocks

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a cat was brought to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center on Thursday after her owner recently passed away. The cat suffered from severe matting; the staff described the years of neglect to the cat’s coat as “dreadlocks.” It took hours for the medical team to shave pounds of fur intertwined over the cat’s body. Imagine how much better she must have felt after having been clipped and bathed? On the Facebook page of the organization, advocates encourage relatives and friends of the elderly to check on them often, but also encourages everyone to check on their pets in order to prevent similar neglect situations such as this cat

It is worth repeating, however that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention credits pets with helping to decrease blood pressure, keeps seniors from feeling isolated and lonely while helping to increase opportunities to socialize and exercise. The need for companionship can increase with age, and what better audience to listen than a loyal pal – whether it be a dog or a cat?

What must be remembered however is that pet ownership does come at a cost. Pets need regular medical care, food and regular exercise. When an elderly owner finds it difficult to walk their dog or care for their cat, perhaps help from a pet sitter on a regular basis could have beneficial effects.  The pet owner, as well as the pet, have someone checking on them to make sure both are doing well. The last thing anyone wants to do is to take away someone’s beloved pet; animals enrich our lives at any age.  And if it comes time to remove the pet from the home, what could be more reassuring to an elderly owner incapable of caring for their pet any longer is knowing their beloved companion has been placed in a loving home and will get the best of care and lots of love?cat-with-dreadlocks-3

As for this cat, she will be heading to a distant relative of the previous owner and will be given another chance at a healthy and a happy life.

(Photos of cat with dreadlocks courtesy of Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center)

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Police investigating viral video of caged cat doused with boiling liquid

In Moss Point, Mississippi, the Moss Point police are investigating an alleged animal cruelty case involving a caged cat in a video where it appears a woman pours hot liquid on the animal. The caged cat doused with an unidentified boiling liquid can be seen writhing in agony.

According to the Sun Herald, the video has garnered more than 22,000 views and has been shared over 500 times after it was posted on Snapchat Saturday afternoon and then placed on Facebook. People throughout the country have expressed their outrage. In the video, the cat is trapped in a small cage in what appears to be a carport. A man and a woman are seen in the video as the woman empties a pot of scalding water on the cat several times.

The sight of the cat reacting to the unbearable pain is heartbreaking and beyond words. On Tuesday, police officers were able to find the cat and “persons of interest.” The cat was found near an intersection in the area, and although she was not crying, her injuries appeared severe.  Officials do not know if the cat is someone’s pet or if she is feral. She is reported to be barely clinging to life. One report on Facebook states the cat died on Tuesday night, however another witness contends the cat involved in the egregious cruelty has been hiding under the house and has not been captured.

In a Facebook conversation with the woman believed to have made the original Snapchat video, readers tried to find out what happened to even prompt such a heinous deed. The woman replied, “the cat is alive n ok. I let the damn cat go..”

(Photo and video of caged cat doused via Jourden Tigpen Facebook)

Caution: The video is very disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.





Tortured dog and cat living in filth saved by NY rescue org

In another unplanned emergency for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a tortured dog and cat living in unfathomable filth and neglect were saved from their inhumane suffering on Tuesday afternoon in an abandoned apartment in New York City. Reggie, a friendly dog and Sylvester the cat had been isolated from the world and forced to live in their own feces and urine while they slowly starved to death.jackie-o-tuesday-2

According to neighbors, Reggie’s owner would frequently hit the dog so brutally, they could hear him cry out in pain, but that was before he abandoned them without notice nor with any food or water. And then came the good news. On Monday evening, the person who abused Reggie and Sylvester was arrested. The two had a chance – Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to their aid when neighbors in the building were finally able to reach out for help.

Reggie is extremely weak and emaciated; his ravaged body is not much more than a skeleton covered with a light black and white coat. He can barely walk and the cuts, gashes and scrapes all over his body most likely were a result of the multiple beatings he endured which had been regularly inflicted by his owner. Sylvester seems to have fared better, but his physical and emotional condition has yet to be evaluated.

The pair are now at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s partner veterinarian in New York City and are getting the best of care.

“All we ask is that you help by donating to their medical care,” stated the organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein to the group’s Facebook page. “The financial drain on the rescue is staggering, with the amount of critically injured dogs we have taken in these last weeks. We find that holiday time is the absolute worst time for the homeless dogs across the country. If there were ever a time to foster a homeless dog now is the time.”jackie-o-tuesday-3

Donations to help Reggie and Sylvester can be made by clicking here or donating directly through PayPal:

To foster one of these deserving pets, please click here for additional information and application.

(Photos courtesy of tortured dog and cat by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.)