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Viral Tik Tok video questions if neighbor ate a woman’s cat now missing

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It has been an outpouring of emotion since the woman who owned a cat now missing claims that her neighbor ate her pet cat.

Yes, no kidding, according to Tik Toker Jessica, known on the account as @jesslynn8880, explains using an overlay caption in the video with nearly two million views, 256,000 likes and nearly 5,300 comments, shows the neighbor’s encounter with the woman’s cat. The video was captured on a doorbell security camera, and the cat’s owner claims she didn’t see the strange and disturbing situation occurring until the next day.

Watch the video as another person is standing in the background, while the alleged neighbor is seen crouching down and petting Jessica’s cat. She appeared to be saying something about “taking the kitty inside for safety,” but then her words really seem to take a turn for the weird.

“Otherwise I’ll steal your kitty because it’s a delectable morsel. It’s just a joke. I’d never take a pet from someone else. But what if I were to smuggle one in? I’m starting with this one.

Do you want to stay with me forever? … so precious and soft…”

The neighbor on the video speaking to the cat owner and the kitty

The screen then displayed a new overlay for a caption saying the next day her cat disappeared.

So let’s address the most obvious. Slaughtering dogs and cats in the United States for human consumption was made illegal in 2018 after the passage of the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018. Anyone violating the law is subject to a $5,000 fine.

The comments have sparked a lot of discussion including a entire conversation about leaving cats outside unaccompanied. Some commenters were scared of might have happened to Jessica’s cat, and still others suspect the cat had been stolen and definitely not eaten.

We have not had any updates. We will let you know as soon as we hear something from the Tik Toker.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    With a neighbor like this, no need for enemies……

    I would take the video to animal control and request that they investigate what happened…..

    Our cats have been indoor cats because of my fear of predators. (Human AND animal, avian, reptilian)…… perhaps we cat lovers should try to keep our precious little treasures as house cats (according to a number of studies, “non roaming” cats live longer). Less risks of predators, hit by car, injured in territory fights, FIV, feline leukemia…….


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