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How we laughed when TikTok video captured man showing his dog how to get out of the car

A recent TikTok video captured a man showing his puppy how to get out of the car, and the internet exploded in laughter. What could be more endearing than watching the face of this adorable … Read More

Tough looking fire captain breaks down near tears when gifted tiny puppy

It seems we all know a tough looking fireman – especially a captain, who has for years been a rock of bravery and heroics helping to save property and lives alike. When local fire captain … Read More

Viral video of an unnamed dog pressing his nose against the doorbell has social media baffled but smiling

A viral video posted to Tik Tok of an unnamed dog ringing a homeowner’s doorbell in the middle of the night has social media scratching their chins and smiling at the same time. Now why … Read More

Kindhearted man adopts neighbor’s dog after animal control picked him up and the story went viral on Tik Tok

In a heartwarming Tik Tok video, that no doubt went viral because of a man’s kindness towards a dog in need; more than eight million views couldn’t resist those teary lonely eyes of a pooch … Read More

Snow covered Samoyed dog refusing to come inside during blizzard goes viral on social media

A snow covered Samoyed pooch decided being outside during a blizzard and ignoring his owner’s plea to come indoors was a lot more fun. Enzo is the adorable pooch, whose breed derived from Siberia – … Read More

Viral Tik Tok video questions if neighbor ate a woman’s cat now missing

It has been an outpouring of emotion since the woman who owned a cat now missing claims that her neighbor ate her pet cat.

Yes, no kidding, according to Tik Toker Jessica, known on the … Read More

Nanny 130-pound Cane Corso fosters his beloved half-pound kitten

We know how the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us with the most unusual friendships and how their relationships have the perfect ways to make us smile, well meet Norm, a 130-pound Cane Corso … Read More

‘Cutest thing ever’ of Tik Tok video showing tiny duckling tucked in and asleep in bed

We NEVER get enough of adorable animals, and one Tik Tok video of a tiny duckling fast asleep in bed has earned the title of the “cutest thing ever.”

And so this most adorable video … Read More

Veterinarians warn Tik Tok users against dangerous trend feeding dogs hot sauce

Another dangerous trend emerging lately on Tik Tok has veterinarians warning dog owners against the dangerous trend of feeding chicken covered in hot sauce to their dogs. Multiple users have posted videos of themselves covering … Read More