‘Mama the Cat’ has been official kitty and mouse controller at Home Depot for years

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Seven years ago, a stray cat wandered into the Home Depot store in Chandler, Arizona. The store had been having problems with mice, and it seemed as if “Mama the Cat” had come to the store for a very important reason; so much so the mouse infestation was under control within two weeks, and the cat never left.

Fast forward ahead, Channel 12News , Michael Borgogena said the manager of the store had never been a fan of cats, but this one was an exception since she was able to get the rodent problem solved – and quickly. And since then, the cat has become very popular and very well liked by both employees and customers. The friendly feline knows exactly how to purr, rub and show affection to her human fans, yet knows her job as head rodent eliminator also.

And of course, as Mama the Cat popularity increased, and children loved to accompany their parents to the store to pet her or have their photo taken with her, this adorable feline got her own Instagram account.

So next time you’re in the area of 650 North 54th Street, stop by and meet this awesome kitty.

We love stories that include stray pets finding perfect jobs and homes. Please feel free to contact me and tell me your story of rescuing a pet. We are the voices for those who cannot speak.

(Photos via Instagram)

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  1. My fave type of story😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    I enjoy happy stories as there is way too much sadness in animal rescue…….

    I want to save all of them and the euthanized precious treasures who deserved wonderful homes and weren’t saved haunt me…….


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