Dog that fell off boat able to swim for two days to reach shoreline

What a surprise this week when a missing dog named Jolie, appeared on a beach in Aguilas near the southeast city of Murcia in Spain and was brought to the local police station by Good … Read More

Tiny Yorkie escapes talons of eagle swooping down for his prey

In British Columbia, a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Coco, fought valiantly to escape from a bald eagle swooping down in the backyard of her home. The doorbell camera caught the terrifying moment the eight-month-old puppy … Read More

Couple rescue ‘forbidden kitty’ that turned out to be a bobcat

A New Hampshire couple rescued an unusual tiny orphaned visitor that turned out to be a bobcat kitten. Oops! Photos shared on Reddit by user u/Doustin garnered viral status quickly with nearly 2,000 comments.


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Cocker spaniel tries to play ball with a statue and our hearts are smiling

A black cocker spaniel wanted to play, and with his tail wagging a mile a minute and a ball in his mouth, he repeatedly dropped the ball at the feet of the human, but there … Read More

Owner of Lab heartbroken after alligator exploded out of water and snatched dog

A Florida man is heartbroken after his 40-pound black Labrador retriever had been wading in some shallow water near J.R. Alford Greenway Trail off of Buck Lake Road in Tallahassee for a game of fetch … Read More

Baby emu that lived in a tote bag rescued and now gets around with custom wheels

Have you ever seen an emu in a custom designed wheelchair? Thanks to the pet mobility company Walkin’ Pets, a two-month-old emu rescued from a farm in Wisconsin where he lived in a tote bag, … Read More

Cute or cruel? TikToker under fire for applying makeup to pet monkey’s face

A video of the owner applying face makeup to the face of her pet monkey has garnered considerable criticism as many social media viewers allege animal cruelty. The user @miapikaso was shown applying numerous makeup … Read More

Stray dog wanders into small Colombia hospital because he had stomach pains

In the small Colombia city of Rionegro, a lost pooch had been seen wandering and scavenging for food near the police station on Tuesday. Business owners in the area concerned about the dog’s welfare, fed … Read More

Arizona woman holds onto tree with her dog in canal for 18 hours until rescued

In Wellton, Arizona, a woman clung to a tree for 18 hours in a canal holding her dog after jumping in to rescue her pup who had been off leash and accidentally slipped into the … Read More

Heartwarming: Security guard carries stray pooch very gently out of shopping center

In a shopping center in Viña del Mar, Chile, just a few days ago, the sweetest security guard showed compassion and kindness when dealing with a street dog who had wandered inside.

Acting professionally, but … Read More