Faithful pup guarded his best friend for hours after it had been hit by a car

A stray dog and his best friend were separated forever on Monday night after one of the dogs had been struck by a car on a busy highway in the southern Guizhou Province in China. … Read More

Woman punched coyote in the face protecting friend’s dog

In Reading, Massachusetts, a woman visiting from the United Kingdom punched a coyote in the face on Monday as the wild animal pounced upon a friend’s tiny dog. Jessica Jones, 21, suffered minor injuries after … Read More

Escaped yak won’t come back

In Livingston, Virginia, a yak that had been on his way to a butcher shop, escaped into the mountains and has successfully avoided his captors despite the temptation of treats offered to him. On Tuesday,  … Read More

Bomb sniffing dogs sent to Jordan by State Department dying from neglect

The State Department is to blame for failing to protect bomb sniffing dogs sent to Jordan and receive little to no care; some of the dogs have from neglect. Even worse, the department has continued … Read More

Maltese with burns on her back and set on fire found wandering the streets

A tiny Maltese was found late last week wandering the streets of North Hollywood. Someone had poured a flammable liquid over her back and set her on fire. It is not known how she escaped … Read More

Frantic mother dog clawed through rubble to rescue her newborn puppies

In a poignant video released this week and shared by Animal Aid Unlimited, a frantic mother dog could be seen clawing her way underneath a house’s foundation digging deeper into the rubble.

“This frantic

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Florida cop’s surprise when woodpecker needs helping hand

On Saturday morning, a Fort Walton Beach police officer had an encounter of a different kind. Sometimes even the smallest residents need help from our brave men.

“So I’m driving down the road windows down

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Bear bites hunter’s companion in self defense after shot by woman

A bear tried to defend himself after a woman shot him with a rifle late last week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The gun shot only wounded the animal, and as is alleged “hunting manners”, the … Read More

Neighbor accused of choking family’s pit bull claiming self defense

In what most likely would have been little more than a minor scuffle between dogs back in July, a two-year-old loved pit bull was choked to death with the alleged responsible neighbor yelling the dog … Read More

High school football players videoed beating a duck to death

Members of a high school football team from Kennett High School were caught on video enticing a duck from the water and then beating it with a broomstick before strangling the defenseless animal to death.… Read More