Starving cougar found her way to animal rescue looking ‘for a place to die’

In Quilcene, Washington, a starving cougar found her way to an animal rescue and cuddled into an empty pen. An animal caretaker at the Central Valley Animal Rescue found the emaciated young female in one … Read More

Family returns 4-month-old puppy after DNA test showed him to be 25% pit bull

A four-month-old puppy who did nothing wrong and instead was a perfect little pooch, has been returned to the rescue organization on Thursday because his DNA testing revealed he was 25% American Staffordshire terrier.


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Senior pregnant dog dropped off at shelter lost the 21 puppies she carried

A senior pregnant Labrador retriever who arrived unresponsive in the back of a pickup truck on Saturday to the Boone Area Humane Society in Iowa is slowly making progress towards her recovery. Tragically, all 21 … Read More

Senior Pomeranian left in shelter parking lot tied in grocery bag

At the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, California, staff members were shocked on Wednesday to discover a ten-pound Pomeranian abandoned in the shelter parking lot. The 15-year-old pup had been left alone and tied … Read More

Tiny senior surrendered to shelter dressed in her rain coat

A tiny senior dog was surrendered to an animal shelter in Oklahoma wearing her rain coat. Because of her age and condition, Dorothy was immediately placed in the back room to be euthanized, but when … Read More

Robbing raccoons broke into a bank and created a bit of havoc

Two masked bandits, of the furry persuasion, broke into a California bank on Wednesday and created a bit of havoc,  but more so a ton of smiles and laughter. A customer had been withdrawing money … Read More

Puppy born with green fur in strange occurrence

An Italian farmer was surprised this week when one of his eight dogs gave birth to a green-coated puppy. Cristian Mallocci, who runs the farm on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, has taken this odd … Read More

14 horses dead after tractor-trailer overturns on interstate

14 horses are dead following a devastating accident on Interstate 44 in Franklin County, Missouri. On Sunday night, a tractor trailer hauling 29 horses overturned in the median off of Washington Exit.

On Monday, MERS-Large … Read More

Emergency inspector rescued family of beluga whales as calf screamed for his mom

An emergency inspector with the Russian ministry spent the evening rescuing a family of beluga whales that beached on the Far East shore near the Sea of Okhotsk. The baby whale, lying quite a distance … Read More

Gives a hoot: Owl hitches ride on helicopter fighting California fires

In Fresno County, California an owl hitched a ride on a helicopter while firemen worked to put out the Creek Fire on Tuesday.

According to News WCTI12, the bird landed on the helicopter during … Read More