USDA test results could not confirm dog infected with Covid-19

The first dog in the United States presumed to have been infected with Covid-19 may not have been infected at all. That is the news coming from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina on Saturday.… Read More

Rescuers didn’t know what animal it was under pounds of matted hair

At the Arizona Humane Society, a neglected animal was rescued, but when staff first responded to the call on Friday, they could barely tell what type of animal was under the pounds of matted … Read More

Florida man kicked chicken ‘like a field goal’ for making annoying chirps

In Marathon, Florida, a man was arrested on Monday and charged with animal cruelty after he was accused of kicking a chicken “like a football player kicks a field goal,” authorities from the Monroe County … Read More

Dog waits at hospital three months after his owner died from Covid-19

A loyal dog waited for his owner at Wuhan Taikang Hospital every day for more than three months hoping to be reunited with his human. Sadly, the dog’s elderly owner had succumbed from Covid-19 after … Read More

Inexcusable: Poor Maltese senior left matted and miserable at shelter

Talullah was impounded at the SEACCA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority on May 20, 2020 from the City of Downey. She has been described as an aged female Maltese mix weighing only 13 pounds.

A … Read More

For 10 years goofy-eared dog with loving spirit has waited for a home

In Port Washington, New York, a goofy-eared dog with a loving personality has spent 10 of his 11 years in a kennel cage. Sadly, this adorable pooch named Zeus is the longest resident at The Read More

Drunk man climbed into Poland zoo enclosure tried to drown bear

A 23-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after he climbed into a bear enclosure at a zoo in Poland and wrestled with a bear trying to drown the animal.

According to the IndependentRead More

Outrage as two dogs auctioned off in Ukraine to pay owner’s debts

There has been international outrage this week as two purebred dogs confiscated from their owner were auctioned off to cover the owner’s debts. The photos of the dogs appeared on a state-owned website.

According to … Read More

Basset hound has waited nearly a year at shelter and no one wants him

At the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, a basset hound/border collie mix, has waited nearly a year for a place to call home; no one seems to want him. With more than 1,600 adoption applications … Read More

Super pup makes daring 20-foot leap out of bedroom window

In Odenton, Maryland, an eight-pound dog, appropriately named Smalls, made a daring leap out of the bedroom window of a one-story home on Friday. He made quite the successful landing and pranced away unharmed.

The … Read More