Florida officer shoots otter after recent attacks

On January 7, an otter reportedly bit a woman on her Achilles tendon as she walked her dog across a bridge in a Central Florida bridge at Lake Lily Park. The otter ran toward the … Read More

4-week-old puppy with talon marks on his head barely escapes hawk

Tony, a 4-week-old puppy with talon marks on his head, is recovering after he barely escaped a hawk attack. The adorable Chihuahua has been officially named “Tony Hawk” by his foster family where he is … Read More

Coyote found sitting on restroom sink admiring itself in the mirror

Oh, what a surprise when a “just scared” coyote found itself hiding out in and sitting in the corner of a restroom sink counter in Nashville on Sunday night while checking itself out in the … Read More

Amazing dog: Swept away by strong current, pup swam across bay and survived

Let’s start Monday off with an amazing dog, who when swept away by a strong current in the Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida’s Panhandle, swam across the bay and survived after spending the night in the … Read More

Six dogs wait patiently for homeless man outside hospital in Brazil

Six dogs waited patiently for the homeless man who has been caring for them outside of a hospital in Brazil on Wednesday after the man suffered a minor stroke.

According to the local newspaper G1, Read More

Seven Chincoteague ponies have died from ‘swamp cancer’

Within the last few months, three female Chincoteague ponies have died plus four other ponies have been euthanized after what has become referred to as “swamp cancer.” The fungus-like disease produces painful lesions and other … Read More

Seals forced to perform in black, feces filled water at China mall

Two seals were forced to perform in black, feces filled water at a mall in eastern China as part of a New Year’s celebration. The spotted seals were brought to the Yongsheng Plaza in the … Read More

Idaho teacher accused of feeding puppy to snapping turtle not guilty

In Preston, Idaho, the biology teacher accused of animal cruelty after feeding a puppy to a snapping turtle, has been found not guilty.

According to Ksl.com, a jury in Franklin County found Robert Crosland not … Read More

Pointy ear dogs are scary: So says the TSA who are phasing out certain breeds

At airports across the nation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be phasing out pointy ear dogs such as German shepherds because they scare children.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, TSA Administrator … Read More

Three men ride motor bikes over dirt road to harass pride of lions

In Rajkot, India, a disturbing video released on Tuesday, of three men harassing a pride of lions by chasing them on motor bikes, has gone viral as hundreds of comments from viewers continue to condemn … Read More