Warning: Dog died after eating corn cob found while on her walk

A two-year-old dog died after ingesting a corn cob she picked up while on her walk. Devastated owner, Joanne Palmer, 46, from Chester, Cheshire in the United Kingdom had no idea her dog Saffy, had eaten the vegetable until a week later when her dog became deathly ill and died; the corn cob had ripped through her internal organs.

According to the Daily Mail, Joanne had no idea how deadly the vegetable could be and is now urging everyone to be very careful and dispose of corn cobs properly, so what happened to her tiny Cavachon won’t happen to another dog. The tragic story of Saffy has gone viral after Joanne’s post on Facebook:

“Saffy must have eaten the corn on the cob while we were out on a walk. She was fine until one week later when she began violently vomiting at home. Both myself and husband, Johnny, 42, first thought she had been poisoned. The vets told us they could feel something hard in her stomach and prepared to operate. But unbeknownst to us, the core of a cob had travelled through her intestines like a cheese grater. And despite their best efforts, she started to bleed and died later that day. We were left heartbroken, and it wasn’t until last week that we found out it was due to a lodged cob. We had to pay extra for a toxicology report, but I’m so thankful we now know her cause of death so we can warn other owners.”

Since posting Saffy’s story, Joanne’s post has been shared more than 20,000 times. Dog owners all know how quickly our four-legged friends can slip something they’re not supposed to have in their mouths while out on their walks. People throw food around and dogs – with their terrific sense of smell, can find so many “delightful to them morsels” to chomp on. Maybe this corn cob became fatal to Saffy because she was so small, but why take a chance? Be safe – keep your eye on Fido at all times.

(Photo of Saffy via Facebook)

Rest in peace Saffy.

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Black swans cry as heartless man steals and stomps on their eggs

Two devastated black swans cried out in sorrow as a man described to be in his 20s  stole four of their eggs in a park located in eastern China. The man then deliberately stepped on one of the eggs when onlookers confronted him. Authorities continue to search for the man, who wore a face mask and a pink cap, who scaled the fence inside Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake and laughed at his disgusting deed and escaped without being spotted by security.Black swan cries 2

According to the South China Morning Post, the two black swans tried to defend their nest and poked at the man with their beaks. The man turned around and kicked the swans injuring one of the bird’s wing. Witnesses yelled at the man to leave the eggs alone, but instead of leaving, the jerk intentionally stomped on one of the eggs. As one swan sadly lowered his head to the ground in abject sadness, the female swan raised her neck towards the sky and cried.

An older man finally dragged the young man out of the area. The Slender West Lake’s management issued a statement saying they were “deeply angered and shocked” by the incident. Article Six of China’s Wildlife Protection Law protects swans, who are listed as protected and an endangered species. What the idiot culprit most likely didn’t know is that the eggs of a black swan are not edible, cannot be incubated and can burst when left in hot temperatures.

China’s social media exploded in outrage over the intentional act of cruelty and expressed their anger that more than 30 people had been standing around and didn’t do anything in time to save the eggs and protect the black swans:Black swan cries 3

“Do all the people around just watching it like a show? Or are they too busy to do live-stream and putting it online,” commented one reader on Weibo.

“Our country owes this man’s father a condom,” another person wrote.

The Yangzhou Police Department are investigating and are asking for the public’s help in finding the “punk.”

(Photos via Weibo)

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Teen mom accused of animal cruelty after painting miniature pony

Farrah Abraham, 25, of Teen Mom fame, has run into a ton of online media criticism from animal lovers this week, after posting a photo of her daughter’s miniature pony painted with pink and purple neon hearts on her body and her mane.

“That’s animal abuse she should be taken away from u!”, one person commented on Instagram while someone else added, “That poor horse, you’re a horrible selfish human being!”

And this was the general reaction to Abraham’s eight-year-old daughter, Sophia’s birthday party as the themes Beauty and the Beast and My Little Pony involved more than a bunch of little friends dressed up – runway style. Sure there was an amazing birthday cake, beauty treatments for the little girls and even Belle – who walked down the fake red carpet. As much as that might seem a bit extravagant, lavish birthday parties for children are rarely scoffed at – that is if it doesn’t include using an animal as a prop. In this case, it was Sophia’s miniature pony Starburst who the child received as a Christmas present.

According to InTouch, concerns just weren’t addressed for Abraham’s poor judgment as to using a living animal as an art easel, but the safety of the pony may have been even more important:

“Considering her age, she could have gotten paint in the pony’s eyes or ears or the pony could have ingested the paint/fumes,” one concerned commenter wrote. Another added, “Definite animal abuse. What is wrong with these people?”

Farrah became pregnant when she was 16; giving birth to Sophia when she was 17. Sophia’s father, Derek, was killed in a car crash eight months into Farrah’s pregnancy. As to the criticism, Abraham shrugged it off stating the paint was probably pet friendly and kept posting pictures of the birthday party – even with Starburst painted with pink and purple neon hearts on her coat and streaked through her mane. Did I mention the white pony also  wore pink leg warmers?

Photos of teen mom’ s painted pony via Instagram.

What do you think?

Jacksonville man claims his dog shot his girlfriend

In Jacksonville, Florida, a man told authorities his dog shot his girlfriend. Brian Murphy, 25, told the Jacksonville Police Department officer investigating the shooting, that his dog Diesel was responsible for the shooting. So you’re shaking your head while reading this and saying to yourself, this can’t be possible and this man must be making this story up, but read on for the rest of the story and then decide.

According to Action News, police responded to a report of a shooting on Tuesday night in the 2200 block of Patou Drive at approximately 11:25 p.m. Murphy stated his dog woke him up to go outside. So out they went, and then Murphy stated he went back to bed and suddenly he saw a flash of light and heard the gun fire off. Murphy claims Diesel had jumped on the nightstand where the gun was sitting and hit it just right, shooting his girlfriend Summer Miracle in the right leg.

Summer says she doesn’t know what happened because she was sleeping. She was transferred to the hospital and treated with non life threatening injuries. Well, what do you think? A neighbor told the news that there is no way that could have happened. Was Diesel read his rights?

(Photo for Jacksonville dog shot his girlfriend screenshot via freephotos)

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Bull escapes slaugherhouse, then dies after being captured

A bull, who managed to escape from a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York, led police on a wild chase which lasted for several hours on Tuesday. For hours, the terrified animal desperately eluded capture, but he was shot repeatedly with tranquilizers while trying to maintain his freedom. According to NBC New York News, not long after officials finally captured him, he died.

The wild chase began after the bull escaped from a slaughterhouse on Beaver Road – for miles, the rogue bull ran through city streets and finally, wound up in someone’s yard. According to ABC 7 News, after finally being cornered and captured, the bull was taken to an animal care center in Brooklyn – he was dead upon arrival.

According to ABC 7 News, the bull was repeatedly struck with darts containing Ketaset (a tranquilizer) as well as a syringe of Xylazine. The exact cause of the bull’s death has not yet been determined.

(Screenshot via abc7 news)

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Video catches clever husky break out of his cage and free 2 other dogs too

It has been labeled the “great escape” at a veterinary office in the east China’s Jiangsu Province. when a clever husky used his teeth and tongue to open his locked cage, and then – yes there was more- freed two of his friends in their locked kennel cages. The closed circuit television video shows the dog using his teeth and then scampering over in the darkness to do the same to help the other dogs gain their freedom.Clever husky 2

According to the Daily Mail, the owner of the shop, Cao Sheng stated he had never seen anything like this before. The cage has a mechanism required to open the lock, and at times it is even confusing for humans, yet the pooch seemed to have figured it all out so quickly. In the seven years, Sheng had been using the kennel cages, there have never been any breakouts.

Wagging his tail at all times and seemingly quite confident he was going to succeed in happily padding out of the veterinarian’s office, the clever husky then started on the door of the room. Since it was password protected, and the fearless pooch hadn’t cracked the code, instead he tried to chew it down; scaring the cats who quietly watched their canine counterpart continue his pursuit of freedom.clever husky 3

So the question remains – did the husky free the other two larger dogs to aid and abet the escape?

“We call the Husky one of ‘the three stupid sled dogs,’ and it is the dumbest. Very few of them can open cages. The whole thing was totally unexpected,” stated Cao to the Daily Record.

As punishment, the “criminal” has been locked up in a sturdier cage that used to hold a fierce Tibetan Mastiff.

Photos of clever husky freezeshots via video and CGTN.



Check out the video at this link:


Hero dogs protect family from 8.2-foot King Cobra at their home

Four hero dogs circled a deadly 8.2 foot long venomous King Cobra after it slithered into the family’s property in Phitsanoluk, Thailand this week. The dogs circled the deadly snake nipping at it with their teeth while the owner of the dogs yelled out instructions.King cobra attack 2

According to the Mirror,  the woman and her family were terrified, however  had experienced similar horrifying ordeals in the past and stated she was prepared to take her dogs to the veterinarian for anti-venom serum if any of the dogs were bitten. The snakes are quite common in the area and pose a threat to humans if they bite and are not immediately treated with the anti-venom serums. King Cobras can grow to 18.8ft long; while a single bite can be fatal.

King Cobras tend to shy away from humans and eat other snakes, rodents and small animals. None of the dogs were reportedly harmed, and the snake was killed.

Thailand Snakes report King Cobras are found all over Thailand in large fields, on mountains and near homes, however they are not found often. They are tremendously strong and smart animals. It is strongly suggested humans give the snake a large space and do not poke at them with a stick. They are very fast moving. Even juvenile cobras can kill.

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(Photos of the King Cobra screenshots via the Mirror) Watch video here.



Rat tied up with string and shamed for ‘stealing’ pieces of rice

A convenience store owner decided to shame a tiny rat caught “stealing” pieces of rice in Zhuhai, China. The rat was tied up with string by Lai Tiancai, owner of the store, who then hung a sign around its neck which read: (as if the rat were able to tell his own story)

“I won’t dare do this again,” and “Huh, is the the best you could do? Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at your home has been stolen by me.”Rat tied up

The two photos of the rat tied up being shamed were posted on social media, and soon  went viral on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging platform, showing the rodent tied up to what seemed to be a trolley. According to the Daily Mail, the owner stated it “was just a rat and this was a small incident,” however most online reactions tended to pity the animal – labeling Tiancai’s action as animal cruelty and a “sick stunt”:

“Heartbreaking – Rats might not be as cute and cuddly as cats and dogs, but they feel pain and suffer all the same.”

“Every ordinary thing has life, why torture a rat? If you were a rat, would you find this cruel after you were killed? Stealing rice is part of a rat’s nature. It did it to survive.”rat tied up 3

More than 6,000 people responded to the photos; not finding them amusing and expressed their disgust at the cruel display. The person who uploaded the photos to Weibo, using the screen name ‘jiu lian shan she zhang‘, notified the Shenzhen Traffic Police asking for an investigation. In response, the police posted three smiling face emojis on their official account.

Isn’t every life valuable? No animal deserves to be tortured – bottom line!

(Photos of rat tied up via Weibo screenshots.)

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Screenshot (991)

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Large gator at Polk Nature Discovery Center captures media attention

In Polk County, Florida, an enormous gator has garnered thousands of views and more than 12,000 shares on social media  as he slowly crossed the path of shocked tourists. Of course, it’s not unusual for Florida residents to see alligators wandering freely along swamps, golf courses and occasionally tracking into residential neighborhoods, but just the size of this one has captured the attention of anyone ever doubting these  reptiles could grow to this enormous size.Giant gator

Polk’s Nature Discovery Center’s  purpose as part  of the Environmental Lands Program is to acquire, preserve, protect, manage, and restore endangered and environmentally sensitive lands, water resources and important wildlife habitat.  The area is used for outdoor recreational purposes provided that such uses will not disturb or degrade the environmental quality for which the site was acquired. Polk’s Nature Discovery Center is situated at Polk County’s Circle B Bar Reserve. The facilities at Circle B Bar Reserve were opened November 2008 and act as an information station for its visitors free of charge.

On the organization’s Facebook page, the gator referred to as Mr. Humpback was spotted on the Marsh Rabbit Run trail. Some of the reactions from the video viewers included:

Thomas G. LunsfordAt first , i thought this was photoshopped. That thing is ginormous!!
Like · 6 · 13 hrs
Kim Joiner
Kim JoinerNo photoshop. He was the biggest gator I have seen out there. I have been going out there for years too.”
Then again, what if one wasn’t prepared for a sight like this. This is what another visitor had to say:
Jamie MurdochThat big boy crossed in front of me last spring!! My heart stopped in my chest for a moment because I wasn’t expecting it and was so close, but boy what an amazing experience that was!!!”
(Photos and video via Polk’s Nature Discovery Center, Kimberly Campbell Wyatt, Sean Buckley and Kim Joiner)

Just in case you doubt the gator’s existence, here’s the short video shot by visitor Kim Joiner:

Python adopts maternal love towards 4 orphaned puppies

In Vadodara, India, rescuers were shocked when they rescued four orphaned puppies that had fallen into a well cuddled up and sleeping next to a six-foot long rock python. The snake, which routinely preys on small animals as rodents, birds and frogs seemed to have bonded with the six-week old puppies rescuers explained.

According to the Times of India, animal activist Neha Patel arrived in the village on Saturday and were told the puppies were trapped in a 70-foot deep well. One of the volunteers climbed into the well using a rope to lower him down and spotted the rare sight.

“The puppies had slipped inside the wall from a narrow passage and were trapped inside for the last four days. The python, who was in the well, could have easily preyed on them, but it rather cozied up to the pups. It was an unusual behavior by the python,” stated Patel.

Fortunately the puppies were all pulled out, and later the snake was rescued. Rock pythons are not poisonous but can injure large animals and humans with their nasty bites. Needless to say, rescuers were amazed by the relationship – it was as if the reptile had been protecting the puppies.

(Photo of snake screenshot via Times of India.)

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