Portage police K-9 officer killed Yorkie at local festival

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a Portage police K-9 officer attacked a small Yorkie on Saturday at a local festival. The Yorkie named Bandit, died as a result of his injuries.

Officer Flora Ryan and her partner, K-9 Nyx had been assisting with the K-9 unit booth at the Indiana festival. While Nyx had been relaxing on the lawn and Officer Ryan had been next to him lying down, Miles and Kerry Mavrovic and Bandit had been walking out of the festival. Suddenly Bandit barked, and Nyx went running over to the small dog and grabbed him.

According to the NwiTimes, Ryan ran over and was able to get Nyx to release his hold. Bandit had been bleeding from the ear, and at the time there were no other apparent injuries. Tragically, when Bandit was taken to two different veterinarian hospitals, the little dog had suffered severe internal injuries and died.

On the department’s K9 Facebook page, Nyx was described,

“Nyx is a 22 month old female Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd cross breed.  She was bred/born in Poland and arrived in the United States in August 2017 at F.M. K9.  Nyx is a dual purpose narcotics/utility K9.  She is capable of detecting narcotics, tracking suspects or lost children/elderly subjects, recovering articles from crimes, locating and apprehending fleeing suspects either indoors or outdoors.

We work hard, we play hard, we train hard…to be the best team we can be.”

Miles and Kerry Mavrovic are devastated by the death of Bandit, but have a different version of what happened, stating Bandit did not bark and the attack by Nyx had been unprovoked. Chief Williams reached out on the department’s Facebook to apologize for the terrible tragedy.

“If I’m going to post all our successes, true transparency also involves those times we fail as well. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Mavrovic family!! A very sad and unfortunate accident.

Chief Troy Williams”

Although Ryan did not have a good grip on her dog’s leash, Chief Troy Williams has decided Nyx will no longer be used as a Portage Police K9.

Rest in peace Bandit.

(Photo of Bandit submitted)

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Cat in New Orleans who got into substation knocked out power to 7500 customers

It happened in New Orleans on Monday morning; a cat somehow managed to get into a substation for Entergy New Orleans and accidentally came into contact with electrical equipment knocking out power to 7,500 customers.

According to the Washington Post, the outage occurred at 8:30 a.m., and by noon the power in New Orleans had been restored.

“A cat got into a substation that feeds parts of Uptown, Central City, Mid-City and the CBD, and caused a flash when it came into contact with our equipment,” the utility company said at 9:30 a.m.

Entergy New Orleans spokeswoman Charlotte Cavell stated the company has installed preventive blocks to keep animals away from the equipment, however sometimes they just make their way around it. Tragically the cat touched one of the high voltage areas and did not survive.

Rest in peace kitty.

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Dog deliriously happy after being freed from chain

Dog so grateful after being freed from a chain

Circus camel injures 7 after child threw a shovel at animal’s feet

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a circus camel began bucking during an intermission at the Shrine Circus as it carried two children and an adult. All together six children and an adult were injured, causing guests to flee from the PPG Paints Arena. One child suffered a broken arm.

According to Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the incident, captured on video while people had been purchasing rides on tethered camels, ponies and elephants being ushered around the stage area by handlers, occurred when a child threw a shovel used to clean up after the animals, at the camel’s feet. At that moment, the scared circus camel bucked, although he was brought under control quickly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, remain calm, please. Please remain calm. No unnecessary movement. Slowly leave the arena floor if you feel safer. We are looking for a medic, an EMT,” the announcer at the circus stated during the recorded video.

None of the circus animals were reported to have been injured, and authorities are reviewing the incident. The Humane Action Pittsburgh, a coalition of citizen lobbyists dedicated to advancing animal protection through legislation and policy, issued their statement concerning the disturbing situation which included in part:

“We are saddened to hear of the incident that took place today at PPG Paints Arena with the Shrine Circus, but not at all surprised. Animal circuses, especially those whom the Syria Shrine Circus subcontracts their animals from, have a long history of animal abuse and public safety violations.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Deputy Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement criticized the use of wild and exotic animals and called on the Syria Shriners to put an end to using animals forced to perform in circuses.

Check out the video recorded by Nay Owens as she and her daughter were too close for comfort.

“Y’all I can’t even lie I’m a lil in shock like me n my daughter were standing right there. I was jus letting her walk, good thing not to far from me cuz I grabbed her quick.”

Animal advocates continue to use graphic examples like these to urge the public never to buy tickets to any circus that uses animals in their acts.

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This adorable cow thinks he’s a dog!

Man stabs family cat multiple times as his 4-year-old son fires off AK-47

In Galveston, Texas, a man was arrested for stabbing the family cat multiple times while his four-year-old son fired off an AK-47 he found in his father’s bedroom lying on the bed. Mario Eduardo Salinas, 27, has been charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal, tampering with physical evidence and making terroristic threats to a family member.

According to Click2Houston, Salinas stabbed the family cat named Snowflake, 12 times with a kitchen knife and threatened to kill his girlfriend at their home. Galveston Police stated the incident began on Monday when Salinas went out of control when he ordered his girlfriend to come home from work and take care of the children. He also threatened to take the couple’s two children – ages 3 and 4, away and kill the family pets.

“He had threatened to chop her up, kill the pets and take the kids,” said Detective Michelle Sollenberger. Once he removed some firearms from his gun safe, he at some point realized the cat urinated on some bedding and directed his anger towards the cat.”

The woman left the home and called authorities she feared going home. About an hour later, local residents heard gunshots coming from the home. When the four-year-old found the AK-47, he fired it and bullets holes went into the dresser and a wall. The children told police their father had killed Snowflake even though Salinas earlier had tried to blame one of the children.

Snowflake’s bloodied body was found in a nearby alley. Salinas’ clothes and shoes had bloodstains on them.

Salinas remains at the Galveston County Jail where $47,000 bond has been set.

(Photos of family cat stabbed via screenshot Click2Houston.)

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300 baby chicks abandoned in North Philly vacant lot

Fuzzy baby chicks were abandoned in a North Philadelphia vacant lot; 300 of the chirping little ones attracted a lot of attention by local residents on Saturday morning.

According to the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (PSPCA), the organization’s Humane Law Enforcement arrived at the 5500 block of  Whitaker Avenue after several concerned citizens called about the abandoned little birds. Officers arrived quickly and brought all of the chicks to safety.

When the owner of the chicks was located, he told officers he had planned to take over the empty lot to raise the chickens and then sell them for meat, however he never contacted the lot owner. The chicks had not been fed or properly cared for or housed.

In a statement from the rescue organization, Nicole Wilson, the PSPCA’s Director of Humane Law Enforcement stated:

“We found hundreds of baby chicks had been left in an unsuitable empty lot across from a shopping center. The owner admitted to having chicks there for days and having numerous chicks lost through transportation and inadequate housing. The owner estimated that he had lost over 1,000 chicks prior to the discovery of the birds.”

The chicks will be raised and put up for adoption or turned over to rescue groups.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania SPCA’s cruelty contact line at 866.601.SPCA.

Lucky are the little chicks that survived.

(Photos of the 300 baby chicks discovered via PSPCA)

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Bald eagle perches atop fire truck during September 11 tribute

Perhaps one of the most revered symbols of America, a bald eagle swooped in and perched atop a fire truck during a Twin Cities, Minnesota tribute to the heroes, victims and families of September 11.

Firefighters from different departments had been paying tribute on this most solemn occasion when a bald eagle just flew in and rested at the top of the ladder. Andover Fire Chief Jerry Streich posted the video on the department’s Facebook page stating,

“Isn’t that unbelievable? This eagle just landed on the aerial while we’re doing the 9/11 memorial. Phenomenal.”

For the next 45 seconds, the eagle rested and then flew off heading eastward.

“At 7:15 PM there were over 7.3 Million views. Thanks for sharing! What could be more symbolic for this day? AND on a fire truck.”

Who could have asked for anything more patriotic and beautiful? We will never forget.

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Teen arrested after posting video flushing cat down toilet

In Staten Island, New York a teen has been charged with animal cruelty after posting a video on Snapchat showing him flushing a cat down the toilet at his Amboy Road, Great Kills home on Sunday morning.

According to StatenIslandLive, the disturbing video sparked outrage, and authorities were called after social media sites including Twitter and Facebook garnered thousands of viewers expressing their utter disgust. The video identified Allan Barelyuk, allegedly carrying the black and white scared cat by the scruff of his neck, shoving the cat into the toilet, closing the lid and then flushing. The post under the video read:

“F*** cats, someone take him before he’s snake food.”

Barelyuk lives with his uncle and allegedly told police it was all just a prank to fool his friend telling officers his friend really loves cats and doesn’t allow Barelyuk to touch them; so he pranked him just to “get under his skin.”

Barelyuk was arrested and defended himself to the backlash on social media stating:

“Sheesh, y’all mad I’m sorry for getting a cat wet.”

On Monday, a judge ordered supervised release for Barelyuk and ordered him not to own or harbor any animals. The defendant has no previous record. Two dogs at the home have been removed and turned over to a rescue organization.

The cat was not seriously injured and has been removed from the home.

The video can be viewed here. (Graphic and disturbing)

(Photo of cat flushed in toilet freeze shot from video)

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Wayward sea lion gets help from fire department back to ocean

A wayward sea lion spent four days hanging out in the woods of Sitka, Alaska before getting help from the local fire department and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It took a team of firefighters, tranquilizer darts and a front end loader to get the dehydrated Steller sea lion back to his home.


According to the Anchorage Daily News, the sea lion had humped his way down the beach road early Friday morning and spent two days hiding in the woods. As many times as scientists tried to encourage the big guy to head back to the sea, just a quarter-mile away, he just wasn’t inclined to take the advice. The Sitka Volunteer Fire Department tried to usher him toward the sea with the gentle pressure of some fire hoses, but as he became stressed and dehydrated from being out of the water too long, volunteers and experts became worried about the sea lion’s health.

It was then decided to give the sea lion a ride back to the harbor and Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium gathered up volunteers and a front loader. On Monday, a NOAA veterinarian sedated the animal with a dart, and before long the 1,500 pound visitor gently fell to sleep. From the front loader to a flatbed truck, the big guy was on his way back to the water.

Just for tracking, pink paint and hair dye marked a number of his side so scientists could track him. At the water’s edge, he was given a series of drugs to reverse the sedation and into the water he went.

Be well big guy, and stay out in the water where you belong.

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Three dogs die after being stung by bees

In a west Las Vegas Valley neighborhood on Thursday afternoon, three dogs died after being stung by hundreds of bees. A large hive of bees had developed in a nearby home, and the bees swarmed the dogs after feeling threatened.

According to the press release from the Las Vegas Fire Department, firefighters arrived on Walla Walla Drive and saw a man standing out in the street holding a dog that appeared to be lifeless. Treatment was immediately started on the unconscious dog who had been stung several hundred times. The other two smaller dogs were also stung and taken to an animal hospital. The homeowner stated she had found her dogs lying limp in the backyard as hundreds of bees swarmed around their eyes, noses and ears.

Tragically the injuries to the dogs were so critical, the family decided to humanely euthanize their pets – Alta, Rainbow and a five-year-old puggle named Romeo died, and the family is heartbroken. The man stung by the bees was treated and released.

The bees had been in the neighbor’s yard for at least six months. When the bees felt a vibration from one of the dog’s barking, the bees sensed trouble and from there the hive began to swarm. It is usual for bees to focus on the nose, eyes and ears when attacking. A bee exterminator on scene and Las Vegas firefighters sprayed foam in the area to calm the bees down. It was estimated that it would take an additional two hours for the bees to become completely calm.

What should a person do if they are attacked by bees? It is recommended to get out of the area. Don’t wave your arms, protect your face and head and leave quickly. The Bee Hotline can be contacted at 702.385.5853.

Rest in peace sweet dogs.

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Two women killed trying to save a dog in the middle of a road

Two women in their 60s were killed on Sunday trying to save a dog in Dickinson, Texas that had been in the middle of the road. The crash occurred on Sunday evening at F.M. Road 517 on Houston Avenue.

According to Click2Houston, the  two women were pedestrians who spotted the dog in the middle of the road. Two vehicles were involved in the crash that killed the women. It has been reported, although not confirmed at this time, that the dog also died at the scene.

This is a developing story. Rest in peace for everyone involved.

(Photo of area where two women killed screenshot Click2Houston)

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