Viral TikTok video of man tickling stingray draws public ire and rebuke

A viral video of a man seemingly tickling a stingray has drawn public ire as many people see this as an act of animal cruelty. Controversy has divided the viewing audience between people who think … Read More

Golden retriever gives woodchuck a ride on his back and ends trip with a kiss

In a Massachusetts lake, Wally, a golden retriever gave a small woodchuck a ride on his back and ended the trip with a kiss between the two animals. Who would have thought?

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Swan dad raises baby cygnets after mother died

At the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts, swans have been a frequent sight. When a swan couple decided to raise their family there in early April, they made a nest along the pillars by … Read More

Mother bear with 2 cubs that attacked man in garage found and euthanized

In Steamboat Springs, a resident went to close his garage door and was shocked to find a mother bear and her two cubs inside of the garage. As the man slowly attempted to back out … Read More

Hero rat Magawa awarded medal for heroism for sniffing out landmines

Magawa, the rat was awarded a gold medal for his heroism after sniffing out 71 landmines and 38 unexploded items in Cambodia. The seven-year-old African giant pouched rat is retiring from his job.

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Huge, annoyed swan chases Georgia golfer around 9th hole in hilarious video

A Georgia golfer felt the wrath of a huge, annoyed swan while trying to sink a putt in the ninth-hole this week. No sooner had the man sunk his putt, a huge swan appeared and … Read More

Prankster arrested after YouTube video showed hydrogen balloons attached to dog flying away

In Delhi, India, a prankster made famous for his YouTube prank videos, was arrested on Wednesday for animal cruelty after he posted a video where he attached hydrogen balloons to a small dog’s back and … Read More

Woman who cared for newborn moose for days until another moose helped out

A woman from Miramichi, New Brunswick cared for a baby moose for four days after the calf had been separated from its mother when spooked by a car.

According to  CbcNews, the baby was … Read More

Infant gorilla rejected by his mother at Bristol Zoo now has a surrogate mom

An infant gorilla born in August, named Hasani, rejected by his mother now has a surrogate mother following a successful introduction. Hasani has been cared for by his human keepers at the Bristol Zoo since … Read More

Woman jumps into monkey enclosure at El Paso zoo to feed them Cheetos

Over the weekend, a woman jumped into the monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo and fed two monkeys named Libby and Sunday,  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The video was shared on Instagram with the following … Read More