Retired sheriff and his loyal K-9 partner died the same day only hours apart

A retired sheriff from Ohio and his chihuahua-rat terrier K-9 partner, both died on Wednesday. Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland, 67, lost a year long battle with brain cancer; his 16-year-old drug sniffing dog Midge … Read More

Disturbing TikTok video causes outrage as person shown punching a possum off a fence

In a disturbing video taken at night with a New Zealander punching a possum quietly sitting on a fence, has outraged animal advocates brandishing the actions of the two people involved as “despicable and blatant … Read More

Florida woman’s hilarious video as she attempts to get baby alligator out of her kitchen

A baby alligator made its way into a Wesley Chapel home on Sunday and decided to hide and hang out until the strong thunderstorms passed. Homeowner Erika Venza was amused, concerned and a bit frightened … Read More

Man who fatally shot resting seal has been sentenced to jail time

A California man, who fatally shot an elephant seal that was resting on the beach in September 2019, has been sentenced to jail. As reported by Yahoo News, 30-year-old Jordan Gerbich has been sentenced … Read More

Busch Beer searching for dog to fill $20k salaried position as Chief Tasting Officer

Busch Beer is searching for one special pup to work as their Chief Tasting Officer for the beer brand’s Dog Brew, which was launched last year. The position comes with a $20,000 annual salary, healthcare … Read More

Baby fox found ‘crying’ in homeowner’s garden rescued and reunited with mom

In Arlington, Virginia, a homeowner heard an animal’s cry coming from her garden on Wednesday and spotted a baby fox all alone and crying for his mother. Not knowing what to do, the homeowner called … Read More

Adorable baby rhino captures hearts of visitors as it runs towards their safari vehicle

At the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a very curious baby rhino decided to test its tiny little legs and ran towards a safari vehicle capturing the hearts of the visitors at their unique … Read More

Suffering 10-week-old puppy left on road all night, but help came this morning

When someone messaged the non-profit animal rescue group ThisIsHouston on Saturday morning, volunteers raced to the rescue of a 10-week-old abandoned puppy.

“This little girl was baking on the pavement this morning; someone messaged our

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Excited German shepherd jumped into giant box of toys in local supply store

In Liberty, Missouri, an excited German shepherd jumped into a giant box of toys in a local store and couldn’t have been happier.

According to Shannon Emery via Storyful, Shannon and his one-year-old shepherd named … Read More

Defeated stray puppy with bloated belly defies clinical diagnosis

At the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahama, a stray puppy loaded with parasites needed help. The moment rescuers arrived, they were shocked by the puppy’s condition; his belly was so bloated he was not able … Read More