Judge Judy lets dog decide who he really loves in open courtroom

Just look at your own dog this moment and those eyes – there is a special bond between dogs and their humans. So who could be surprised the spunky Judge Judy Sheindlin, a dog lover herself, wouldn’t take the opportunity for a dog to decide who his real owner was during a tense courtroom moment.

In a viral clip of “Judge Judy” posted Monday, two pet owners presented separate cases for custody of a once “shared” pooch. It would be up to the judge who would be granted custody of the adorable pint-sized pup; which each party going back and forth claiming ownership. When Judge Judy finally had enough, and if you’ve ever tuned into the popular courtroom drama, it’s pretty easy to see when she runs out of patience and wants to get the issue resolved.

 Judge Judy ordered the dog be brought into the courtroom and let loose. With his tiny tail wagging, the little pup rushed to the man and jumped on his leg; the man began to cry.

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Video: You can decide for yourself

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Trapped baby elephant discovered with his trunk sticking out of deep mud

It had been Election Day in Kenya on Tuesday, and while on an evening drive, visitors to the national park of Tsavo East caught sight of a tiny elephant calf completely engulfed and bogged down in thick mud. All that could be seen was his tiny trunk which moved so slowly, but had been all that was needed to indicate the baby was still alive.

With no elephants nearby, the emergency call went out for help to the elephant keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust along with the KWS Anti-Poaching team.

When rescuers arrived, it was evident the baby had been stuck in the mud for hours. Clearly the mother had tried to extract her calf, but had given up and moved away. There was still sight of a herd of elephants in the distance, and while the rescue team began to circle the mud hole, a single female elephant returned to the spot; circling from a distance and seemingly clearly agitated and worried about her baby. And as if elephants aren’t already known to be one of the smartest animals roaming our plains, she clearly understood that these humans closing in on her baby were there to help.

The teams worked quickly together and placed straps around the baby while wading knee deep in the mud. Finally they were able to pull the little guy to safety and bring him to the harder edge of the waterhole where he would finally be free. The moment the baby was on his feet, the mother elephant ran to his side.

Everyone smiled from ear to ear as the reunion between the mom and baby reunited. As the little one began to suckle from his mother, the rest of the herd called out in celebration.

On the David Sheldrick Wildllife Trust’s Facebook, the organization posted the good news. We, at Pet Rescue Report, are happy to report mom elephant and her son are doing well thanks to this awesome group.

“The ultimate happy ending

Our primary mission is to keep wild families safe and, most importantly, together. So, yesterday, when this tiny baby became stuck in mud so thick his mother couldn’t pull him out, our nearby Voi Keepers stepped in to help.

See the rescue unfold, including the joyous moment when mum and baby were reunited yesterday.”

(Photos of baby elephant and rescue courtesy of Facebook for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi)

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Can you spot the dog?: Photo of dog in kitchen baffles social media

Who would think such a plain photo of someone’s kitchen could baffle social media viewers and go viral on the Internet? The photo shows a large refrigerator, a white door, a trash can and two area rugs. Within that tidy room, however is a dog. Can you spot him? Thousands of views later and still many viewers are rubbing their eyes.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook by Christina Suvo, who lives in Sydney, and left viewers totally baffled when she asked if anyone could spot her dog? And as it left many people getting closer to their computers, Ipads and phones, at first glance there just doesn’t seem to be a dog anywhere.

Now look closer; you may be able to spot the dog’s collar standing out just a bit from the background. Others have stated they could see the lighter color of the dog’s inner ears. So check out the black area rug under the dishwasher. Do you see him now?

Obviously there are some very astute observers as the comments rolled in on Christina’s Facebook page:

James Stewart: “Carpet”

Juan Romero Smit: “Found it! Easy, probably a labrador, can I say the colour? Too many clues already.”

If you haven’t spotted it, don’t feel like you are alone. Lots of people are still turning their phones and Ipads around and around going “huh”?

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A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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Couple discovers an unexpected creature living in their attic

If you aren’t a fan of reptiles, more specifically, a fan of snakes, you might want to skip reading further. A couple in Florida recently made a rather shocking and unexpected discovery in the attic of their Englewood home.

According to Wednesday’s publication of the Miami Herald, Bob van der Herchen went to his attic to investigate the source of sounds that he had been hearing…he expected to find rodents, but he was surprised to find a six-foot boa constrictor.

unexpected guest found in attic

Amazingly, experts believe that the unusual house guest had been living in the attic space for upwards of four years! The reptile was coiled up in the insulation – a snake wrangler was called to remove the unwelcome “guest” from the home and it was relocated to a more suitable home.

It is surmised that the huge snake crawled into the attic space from a nearby tree…trim those trees people, trim those trees!

(Pixabay free images)

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Woman desperately searching to find her lost pet bobcat

In Arnold, Missouri, a Jefferson County family is desperately searching the area to find their pet bobcat named Artemis. The 35-pound treasured feline escaped a few weeks ago, and the woman posted an ad on Craigslist hoping someone has spotted her.

“I miss my girl terribly,” the owner told media News4, “If anyone spots her please call of text me. If she is seen, it will be easy to tell she is not a local, wild bobcat.”

Artemis has been a family pet for more than six years and was purchased from a breeder in Montana. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, it is legal to keep a bobcat as a pet with certain provisions. An owner must have a permission to have one; either with a breeding or a hobby permit. There are different requirements, but both require the animal to be kept in a confined area. According to Missouri code, a bobcat is not allowed to freely roam in a home.

The code also specifies the area where the wild animal is kept must be inspected once a year by the Department of Conservation. At this time, investigators are trying to determine if the owners have a permit.

“She is not a danger to people or pets, but she is very skittish,” the owner stated. “She has been raised around dogs and cats, but if she is cornered by an aggressive dog or person, she may try to bite.”

Artemis has been declawed, and investigators ask anyone who spots the animal just call the conservation agents at 314.954.5697 or the police department at 636.296.3204. Saving St. Louis Pets on Facebook is also trying to help out, and warns people there are many bobcats in the area and not to approach any of them – please call for assistance.

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Teen’s feet bloodied by sea creatures in Australia

On Saturday, a teen who ventured into the water at a beach in Melbourne, Australia, was attacked by bloodthirsty sea creatures. According to the New York Times, the 16-year-old boy left the water and discovered that his feet and ankles were covered in blood.

The shocking incident happened to Sam Kanizay, who was only in the ocean for approximately 30 minutes. The teen was rushed to a hospital by his worried parents and medical personnel were mystified by the injuries, reports Yahoo News.

Initially there was speculation that the damage to Kanizay’s flesh was the result of hungry sea lice, but some experts weren’t convinced. On Monday, Newsweek reported that the carnivorous creatures have been identified as sea fleas, or by their official name,  lysianassid amphipods.

The teen is continuing to recover from the bizarre (and horrifying, let’s admit it) ocean incident.

(Screenshot via Yahoo News)

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Cops shoot man’s pet pot-bellied pig and dump its body in the woods

A resident of Slatington, Pennsylvania is heartbroken after police shot and killed his beloved 100-pound pet pot-bellied pig. Lance Sherer, 47, said his pig’s name was Oscar, and he didn’t find out about Oscar’s tragic fate until the next day.

According to the Morning Call, on July 21, police were called about a disturbance where a pot-bellied pig had been acting aggressively and reportedly had bitten a woman. The pig did not break the skin of Kathleen Williams, after having wandered into her yard; he just left a red mark. When authorities arrived, the pig turned his attention to the officer and was said to have grunted and charged.

“The officer took his gun out and shot him one time. After that, the pig was in distress, so the officer shot him again out of compassion,” stated Police Chief David Rachman who defended his officer’s decision to shoot the animal. “I stand by what my officers did. We had to stop the threat. This was something that had to be dealt with at the time.”

Police then dumped the pig’s body in the woods along the Lehigh River.

When Lance Sherer found out about Oscar’s fate, he posted his grief and the tragic tale on his Facebook page stating:

“R.I.P. Oscar you will be truly missed by many. You were my best friend and loved by all. Your life was way too short shot down by police for showing the love and playfulness that you brought me and many others. I will never let you be forgotten.”

Sherer continued.

“I spent this evening searching for the remains of Oscar after he was shot was thrown like a piece of trash near Lehigh river in tall grass just out side the runways in slatington airport. Oscar is Home wrapped in his favorite blankets. It took all I had to dig his grave. Thanks for all your support. I will work to see this never happens to a pet in slatington again. As this is common practice in slatington as to how to handle pets.There  have been countless remains that discovered while fishing near this area. We all now know this is Slatington’s pet disposal.”

Owning a pig in Slatington is against the law, but advocates and neighbors question why Animal Control wasn’t summoned to the scene to assess the situation and corral the pig. Police Chief Rachman maintained Oscar had been aggressive and no one knew where the pig came from – and a 100-pound pig was potentially dangerous.

Perhaps Oscar wasn’t being aggressive, but merely playful? After all he didn’t break the skin of the person who said he had “bitten” her, and there’s little doubt if the pig wanted to hurt someone, he very well could have caused some damage.

Rest in peace Oscar – sure sounds like your life was snuffed out way too soon.

(Photo of pot-bellied pig via Facebook)

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Pet cemetery accused of giving ashes of random animals to grieving pet parents

A pet cemetery in Illinois is under fire after having been accused of giving the ashes of random animals to their clients who had entrusted the facility to cremate their pet and return the remains. Katy’s Pet Cemetery and Crematory, in Tazewell County is under investigation after an animal rescue volunteer made the grisly discovery of dozens of animal carcasses left decomposing in a freezer last week.

According to KslaNews, rescue volunteer, Richie Rich, had been searching for a lost Great Dane named Cosmo in South Pekin on Thursday.

“When we were making our rounds, close to a pumpkin field where she was last seen, Kayla noticed some standing water at the cemetery,” Rich stated. “We pulled in to check for paw prints, didn’t see anything; we’re immediately met with the smell of what we thought at the time was roadkill.”

Rich, who works with the Trap and Animal Rescue of Peoria (TRAP), had been searching the area because it had been a likely place to look as a lost dog could find water and shelter, but then came the disturbing discovery.

“There was a chest freezer outside, along the side of the  building that, the closer we got to it, the stronger the smell,” described Rich.

Authorities reported to have found three animals inside that had been dead and decomposing for an extended period of time. One of the animals had a microchip which led authorities back to the owner who said she had received the cat’s ashes that had allegedly been cremated in 2013 at the cemetery. Since then 15 more pets have been discovered and “ten more in another freezer and we have 12 of them,” stated police. Only the remains of the animals that had identifying microchips have been made part of the investigation with one pet dating back to 2001.

Just a few days after the macabre discovery, Joe Abts, the owner of the pet cemetery, committed suicide. Pet owners have been notified, however they have the option to file a civil complaints against Katy’s Pet Cemetery and Crematory. How the affected pet parents involved in this misrepresentation must feel after thinking they had their deceased pets’ ashes back? Make sure to always check out references.

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Panda abuse? Video goes viral after keeper appears to mistreat cubs

At China’s most prestigious panda breeding facility, a video recorded on July 12, which has since garnered viral status, seems to be showing a keeper mistreat two panda cubs. At the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, one of the staff members appears to throw, push and drag two cubs.

According to the Telegraph, a debate continues as to whether the keeper had been treating the cubs in a cruel manner or whether the behavior of the cubs had been aggressive and the staff member had reacted appropriately. Guo Jingpeng, one of the panda keepers, explained that he had been feeding the cubs their milk when one of the babies became aggressive and violent.

“It bit my hand really hard, its teeth cut into the flesh and my hand started bleeding,” Mr. Jingpeng stated. “When it tried to bite me again, I pushed it away out of instinct.”

The cubs, Rourou and Manman are seen following the keeper out of the door of their enclosure. Animal advocates criticized the keepers in a country where pandas are the national symbol. Once pandas reach a year or two old, they can become violent from too much external stimulation.

Xie Huhai, another bear keeper, says he is often injured by the cubs indicating that scratches and bites are common occurrences, however the men have assured local news outlets the pandas will be treated “gently” even when they try to bite or scratch.

Nevertheless the criticism about the treatment of the cubs continued on Weibo, the popular microblogging site:

“It made me so angry to watch him throw a defenseless cub around. If he was so worried about his safety, why wasn’t he wearing protective equipment like gloves?, ” one blogger wrote.

Although pandas have been removed from the “endangered” list with numbers at 2,000 giant pandas with their population slowly increasing, the adorable looking bears are still classified as “vulnerable.”

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Photos via screenshots of video. What do you think?

Pet parrot witnesses woman killing her husband

A Michigan woman was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday in the shooting death of her husband. The crime was committed in 2015 and apparently witnessed by the husband’s pet parrot.

According to Fox News, Glenna Duram, 46, shot her husband Martin, 45, on May 12, 2015, and then turned the gun on herself in the couple’s Newaygo County’s Ensley Township home which had been in foreclosure. Duram had been shot five times; Glenna suffered a head wound in what prosecutors said was a suicide attempt, but survived. The murder-suicide drew international attention because of its unusual witness- the couple’s African gray parrot. Within weeks after Martin’s death, the family recorded the bird “parroting” what they believe to have been the man’s last words: “Don’t f***ing shoot!”

It had been Martin’s ex-wife who had taken custody of the parrot named Bud. She was convinced the bird had been replaying the words it heard the night Martin was killed. Bud was well known for picking up anything and everything people said – including cursing expletives obviously.

A Michigan prosecutor tried to convince the judge to allow the bird’s phrases to be used as evidence during the trial, but the judge dismissed the motion.

Duram is scheduled to be sentenced on August 28 for murder and a felony firearm charge.

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(Photos via screenshots Fox News and NbcNews)

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