Coyote howling from roof of car viral video garners millions of views

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Who would have expected to ever see and hear a coyote from Tucson standing on top of a car at a Ford dealership howling to the moon? It had been Patrick Irish Sr., a private security guard at the Tucson Auto Mall, who spotted the coyote on top of a new Mustang, who recently recorded the amazing sight with his cell phone.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Irish occasionally sees the animals running through the lots, but this particular sight seemed almost to have been staged. There he was – the coyote standing on top of the car, the street light perfectly reflecting his stance revealing his perfect profile.

And although Irish admitted he’s not supposed to have his cell phone out while on the job, the opportunity to capture this amazing moment was one he couldn’t resist. After filming the coyote for a few seconds, Irish told news reporters he told the coyote it was time for him to leave.

It wasn’t just seeing the perfect profile of the beautiful animal; it was his coyote howl as if he was bragging about something and wanted the others to hear him. Perhaps it was about how pretty the car was?

Coyotes are known to be very predatorial. They can be dangerous, but rarely attack adult humans, however they should be avoided and treated with caution. If you see a coyote approaching you, here’s what should be done:

1.Stop and yell at it to get lost

2.Wave your arms above your head to appear larger

3.Maintain eye contact

4.Make loud noises and stamp your feet.

5. Stay a safe distance away from the animal.

As soon as the coyote made “eye contact” with Irish, it jumped off the car and ran away.

Coyotes are smaller than wolves and are mainly active during dawn and dusk. They vocalize with each other, which is why we hear these awesome howls. At the beginning of the year, coyotes are looking for mates and by the end of the year, there are usually pups ready to begin their own lives.

Check out the video:

Video by Arizona Daily Star posted to social media originally by Patrick Irish Sr.

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