Stray dog who had a box over his head for nearly a year is free at last

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In Mobile, Alabama, a stray dog roaming for nearly a year with a box stuck on his head has finally been freed. The dog had been reportedly roaming near James T. Strickland Youth Center for months.

According to the Mobile County Animal Shelter, employees, volunteers and members of the community had been trying to trap the dog for months, but no one could get close enough to help free him. Shelter staff had been working with a local veterinarian, who had been making plans to tranquilize the dog in order to remove the box.

And today it happened! Workers with the City of Mobile Animal Shelter and the county animal shelter were finally able to get close enough to the dog and remove the box. Moments later, the dog ran away.

HUGE NEWS!! There was a dog in Mobile, Alabama that had a box trapped on its head for almost a YEAR. Traps didn’t work because the box was too big. Well today, the amazing team from BOTH The City of Mobile Animal Services and Mobile County Animal Shelter came together and we got the box off the dogs head! I’m so proud to be part of such an amazing group of people! And to all the members of the community that works so hard to try and help this!! a huge, congratulations to everyone involved!

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Well, no one knows where the dog fled, but he’s likely feeling a lot better now. Let’s hope he’s captured one day, treated kindly and perhaps find a perfect home with people who love him.

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