Video: Pack of dogs rip car apart trying to reach cat ‘hiding underneath’

What could motivate a pack of dogs to literally tear a car apart trying to reach a frightened cat hiding underneath the chassis of the vehicle? In a very puzzling situation caught on closed circuit television surveillance camera, a pack of wild dogs can be seen sniffing all around a white auto parked on a quiet residential street in Turkey.

According to the Daily Mail, the video footage was captured two years ago, but has recently garnered Internet attention with more than 27,000 views in one day. The action begins when suddenly nine dogs gather around the car, and frustrated they can’t reach the cat, begin to rip the auto apart using their teeth and paws. One dog is shown ripping the bumper off, making room for the dogs to climb inside the entrance to the engine. The other dogs join in as they continue searching for the cat.

Frustrated they haven’t tracked down their prey, the dogs pull away the car’s spoiler and then another dog rips off the other half of the bumper. In less than a minute, the dogs destroyed the car. The good news however – they never found the cat!

(Photos of dogs rip car apart and YouTube video Chan Michelle)

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Veterinarian melts our hearts as he croons Elvis song to frightened dog

And now for a veterinarian who will melt your heart with his kindness this Saturday morning. Meet Ross Henderson, a veterinarian at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. Not only does Dr. Henderson fix broken bones, remove kidney stones and all those lousy things that happen to our dogs, he is also a part time singer who carries his guitar to the office and croons Elvis songs – just for some needed stress relief and relaxation.

The handsome veterinarian takes his patients’ emotional well-being very seriously. Often when the dogs are stressed, Dr. Henderson , who is 6’5″ tall will crawl into the biggest kennel he can find in the office and just sit with the dogs to help release their stress. Then there’s his other method of soothing the nervous pooches – yep; you’re right; he strums his guitar and sings them songs. When Ruby, one of the patient’s at the clinic seemed very nervous, Dr. Henderson sang an Elvis song. And as he sang “Can’t help falling in love,” Ruby relaxed, cuddled up on the good doctor’s lap and peacefully closed her eyes for a well deserved stress free snooze.

Don’t fret – there are plenty more songs; even original ones applicable to “doggy love.” What could be more perfect?

Go to Fox Hollow Animal Hospital’s Facebook page and follow some of the comments; guaranteed to make your heart smile too!

(Photos via  Fox Hollow Animal Hospital Facebook)

Katie Schwenger Lucky little girl …hope she feels better

Debi Grant Henderson
Debi Grant Henderson So so sweet, ” The Music Vet”. Great healing remedy. 

Julie Walker King
Julie Walker King Wow, just wow. Dr. Ross is my dog Wendy’s vet. Like this sweet dog, she’s lucky. I’m gunna let her listen to this!
Michele Zollo Omg they r both so cute love a man who is kind to animals

Video: Check out Dr. Henderson and Ruby:


Family’s pet dog undergoes sex change after born with male and female organs

A canine hermaphrodite has successfully undergone the rare operation of a sex change and has made a complete recovery. Molly, a Jack Russell terrier, was born with both female and male body organs. Shortly after Mary and Frank Finlay, from Glasgow, brought their puppy home, they began to notice some unusual habits whenever the dog would go outside to relieve herself. According to the Telegraph, not only would she squat to urinate, but at times she would also lift her leg. (now mind you she was thought to be a female puppy)

Concerned with Molly’s unusual behavior, the doting couple brought her to their vet, Ross Allan who discovered she was intersex, with elements of both male and female external genitalia. MRI scans and X-rays revealed her internal sexual organs were that of a male; she had testicles in the place of her ovaries within her abdomen.

Sadly, her condition had been causing her “significant” pain and abrasions – prompting the operation to improve the puppy’s quality of life.

“Her particular anatomy meant that whilst Molly appeared to be a female, closer examination revealed elements of both male and female external genitalia, and unfortunately this was leading to significant genital discomfort. If left untreated, this risked her developing a long-term and debilitating condition. We decided that the very best solution for Molly was to proceed with definitive surgery to create an anatomical situation which would avoid ongoing issues or discomfort.”

Molly’s surgeon removed her male parts and created an opening where her female genitalia would have been located. Her devoted family is ecstatic, and have not noticed any changes in the way their dog acts. Dr. Allan said Molly is now 18-months-old and acts like any other loving dog. Although quite rare, in most cases, hermaphrodites are just as loving and adorable.

(Photo screenshot of dog that underwent sex change via the Telegraph and family submitted photo)

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Warning – euthanasia drug found in dog food recall.




Video catches clever husky break out of his cage and free 2 other dogs too

It has been labeled the “great escape” at a veterinary office in the east China’s Jiangsu Province. when a clever husky used his teeth and tongue to open his locked cage, and then – yes there was more- freed two of his friends in their locked kennel cages. The closed circuit television video shows the dog using his teeth and then scampering over in the darkness to do the same to help the other dogs gain their freedom.Clever husky 2

According to the Daily Mail, the owner of the shop, Cao Sheng stated he had never seen anything like this before. The cage has a mechanism required to open the lock, and at times it is even confusing for humans, yet the pooch seemed to have figured it all out so quickly. In the seven years, Sheng had been using the kennel cages, there have never been any breakouts.

Wagging his tail at all times and seemingly quite confident he was going to succeed in happily padding out of the veterinarian’s office, the clever husky then started on the door of the room. Since it was password protected, and the fearless pooch hadn’t cracked the code, instead he tried to chew it down; scaring the cats who quietly watched their canine counterpart continue his pursuit of freedom.clever husky 3

So the question remains – did the husky free the other two larger dogs to aid and abet the escape?

“We call the Husky one of ‘the three stupid sled dogs,’ and it is the dumbest. Very few of them can open cages. The whole thing was totally unexpected,” stated Cao to the Daily Record.

As punishment, the “criminal” has been locked up in a sturdier cage that used to hold a fierce Tibetan Mastiff.

Photos of clever husky freezeshots via video and CGTN.



Check out the video at this link:


Home health care worker beats 94-year-old woman for feeding dog

Authorities in Memorial Village, Texas are searching for a home health care worker who was recorded on a webcam striking a 94-year-old woman she was responsible for caring for in the senior’s home. Identified as Brenda Floyd, she became infuriated as the gaunt, old lady fed her little dog some scraps from her own food.Brenda Floyd

Floyd is currently wanted on assault with bodily injury to an elderly and disabled person. According to FoxNews, the victim Dorothy Bratten suffers from Alzheimer’s and is barely able to speak. The video, however tells the tragic and disturbing story. On January 1, Floyd was supposed to be helping Mrs. Bratten when the aide spotted the old woman feeding her cute brown dog scraps of people food.

“Why you feed the dog,” Floyd could be heard on the video yelling.

And then the aide could be seen striking the old woman with the snow-white hair five times to the back of her head.

“Get your a** up and go to f***ing bed,” Floyd could be heard screaming at the defenseless woman. “Go ahead, damn it!”

The frail woman slowly rises to her feet with obvious difficulty, but Floyd still wasn’t done berating her.

“I said, why do you feed the dog human food? Why do you keep feeding the dog human food?,” and when the old woman denied it, Floyd became   angrier. “Shut the f*** up! Yes, you did! Stop lying to me, bitch.”

Off camera, Floyd is heard striking the woman several more times while yelling at her. The scene is utterly heartbreaking to watch.

The family installed the camera on New Year’s Eve, after becoming concerned about frequent bruises on the elderly woman. The Memorial Village Police is asking for the public’s help finding Floyd, 59, who is described as a Caucasian female with black hair and brown eyes, weighing approximately 215 pounds and 5’2″ in height. She has no past criminal history and had been working for the family for the last three years. The family stated they trusted her and had even helped her buy a car.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for Floyd’s arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call 713.222.TIPS (8477) and reference CRIMES (274637). All information remains confidential.

(Photos and video of home health care worker via screenshots Memorial Village Police Department)

Entire video can be viewed here:

Rottweiler saves owner from dangerous stranger  Read (click here) about Hercules, a protective pup who defended his owner from a bold attacker.

City councilman voted out, but library cat he tried to oust stays

In White Settlement, Texas, the library cat gets to stay and stretch his paws whenever he wants at the White Settlement Public Library where he has lived for more than six years. And as if “karma” can really deliver a kitty punch, who is to say when City Councilman Elzie Clements wanted the friendly, gray and white kitty named Browser gone, the politician was defeated from office in a landslide victory in November.library-cat

According to CbsNews, back in June, the council voted 2-1 to give Browser 30 days to vacate; Clements had been outspoken as to the cat getting evicted. Brought in as a rescue kitten to live in the library and squash the rodent problem, Browser was the perfect fit. Although the library had previously been using an exterminator, personnel didn’t want the poisons on the books nor did they want young children who  put their fingers in the eyes and their mouths, to handle the books if they contained any poison residue.

And all was well for years, until an angry city employee went on a hate campaign against Browser when her puppy was not allowed to accompany her to work inside of city hall. That’s when the fur began to fly. Mayor Ron White defended Browser, accusing city council members of hating cats. The mayor was so adamant about Browser remaining in his home, he threatened to take the issue to voters if the council didn’t reconsider. Browser even signed up for his own Facebook page asking the world to help him keep his home.

When social media picked up the plight of the adorable kitty, needless to say at an emergency meeting where Browser was the only item on the agenda, council members voted unanimously to reverse their earlier decision. Repercussions could be heard from Maine to Missouri and even overseas as far away as Germany and Malaysia.

Elzie Clements, Browser’s biggest foe, stated he had a few complaints about Browser from people who were surprised a cat was living at the library. Browser’s job title now reads “Library Cat for Life.” Mayor Ron White is satisfied with his furry employee, and says he has received messages about the cat from around the world with many people offering to adopt him. It would seem however that Browser is happy with his job.

Ah, the world of politics…

(Photos of library cat courtesy of White Settlement Public Library)

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Grinning dog photobombs Pope at Vatican

A smiling dog upstaged Pope Francis at Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday during his weekly general audience while the Holy Father met with a dog training group. According to Metro, the owner of the tongue lolling, grinning pooch held his canine friend up high just as the Pope passed by.

Pope Francis did turn around and bless the animals; he also petted them included one very grateful pooch. The lucky pups had been in the company of the Italian Federation for dog sports. And it’s not the first time, the dog friendly Pope has accepted a paw or patted a furry head. In June, dogs from Onlus Rescue Dogs Lifeguard School had the tail wagging privilege of meeting Pope Francis along with receiving a blessing.

Can there be any doubt in one’s mind why “all dogs go to Heaven”?

The photo was posted on Twitter by Reidy@sreidy95:

“If you’re having a bad day, enjoy this picture of The Pope getting photobombed by the smiliest dog xx


Woman spends $500 on surgery for pet goldfish choking on a pebble

“Conquer” the goldfish is one lucky little pet; when the tiny swimmer choked on a pebble, his owner noticed he hadn’t been eating – something was drastically wrong. According to CbsNews, the young woman rushed the fish into a specialty veterinary clinic in Australia asking for help for her one-year-old little friend.goldfish-operation-2

Donning gloves and tiny instruments, Conquer was anesthetized as the vets probed into the mouth of the fish who weighed barely .46 of an ounce.

“Conquer’s eyes were obviously bigger than his belly on that day. Had she ( the fish’s owner) not noticed the subtle changes in her pet, he surely would have starved,” explained the veterinary nurse at Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services.

Conquer quickly recovered and is back at home where he is happily swimming in his own tank. The Facebook page of the organization has been getting quite a bit of attention – especially when readers found out the life saving surgery cost $500. In response to that however, Madeline Rienecker, the nurse at the vet hospital replied:

“While there has been quite a lot of fuss made over the cost of the procedure… most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid spending the money on a dog, cat or child, so why would we value our beautiful exotic pets an less?”

We’re glad you’re doing well Conquer.goldfish-operation-3

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(Photos via Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services)



Rescued shelter pit bull saves life of newborn fawn

In Paupack Township, Pennsylvania, a 100-pound Great Dane and pit bull mix named Willow became a newborn fawn’s surrogate mother for a short time after the baby’s mother was scared away by an approaching bear, reports the NEagleNews.

In this heartwarming story of an amazing dog – no less a seven-year-old pit bull breed so often sneered upon by the uninformed, Chris and James Ludt had just been getting ready to take Willow for her evening walk when they noticed she had escaped from the family’s fenced in backyard. Moments after they called for Willow, she returned; gently supporting a newborn fawn.

And there she was: Willow gently nuzzled the newborn fawn the Ludts named White Foot. In fact, the couple watched as Willow gently licked the amniotic fluid from the fawn’s recent birth.

“The fawn, apparently believing he had an adopted new mom, responded with affection,” stated Chris as she and her husband were just so emotionally affected by Willow’s gentleness and concern.

With some goat’s milk to help White Foot gain her baby strength, Willow was her constant companion until the mother came out of the woods looking for her baby. The two were soon reunited.

Never are there enough inspirational stories to remind everyone that pit bulls are great dogs. Willow was adopted from the Dessin Animal Shelter when she was six-months-old. It’s all about the owners – stop blaming the dogs. You are a hero Willow, and everyone is proud of you.