Baby squirrel accused of terrorizing human adult in Germany

A baby squirrel in the south-western city of Karlsruhe has been accused of terrorizing an adult human. Police officers arrived on Thursday and took the baby squirrel into custody – that is after is fell … Read More

Viral video of police dog in Madrid performing CPR

In a video that went viral on Twitter last week by the Municipal Police of Madrid, an officer is shown falling to the ground and landing on his back.  A voice called out for immediate … Read More

Deputy shooting groundhog crossing roadway video goes viral

A deputy from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office shot a groundhog on Sunday afternoon in Eldersburg, Maryland, but not before a woman driving home from work captured the disturbing incident on video and shared it … Read More

‘Half human, half animal’ 7 foot beast captured on video killing 2 dogs

A mysterious “half human, half animal” seven-foot beast was captured on video prowling along the streets of Santa Fe, Argentina attacking and killing two dogs. Photos continue to be circulated through social media after a … Read More

Florida boy trapped inside of arcade claw machine for stuffed animal

In Melbourne, Florida, a spirited little boy became trapped inside of an arcade claw machine trying to retrieve a few stuffed animals and a football. According to the Titusville Fire  and Emergency Services, four-year-old … Read More

Ollolai, Italy selling homes for $1.25: Bring your pets

There are 200 historic stone homes for sale along the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean isle of Sardinia. In the quaint village of Ollolai, the population has decreased from 2,250 people to 1,300 with just … Read More

Young buck wanders into backyard to play with family dog

In Metamora, Michigan, a surprised resident captured on video a very unusual encounter with a young buck who wandered into their backyard to romp around with the family dog.

The person filming the precious moments … Read More

California man tries to kill spider with blowtorch but sets apartment on fire

A man from Redding, California, trying to kill a large wolf spider in his apartment with a small blowtorch, really messed up when he accidentally set his home on fire. According to Fox13News, the man … Read More

Video: Pack of dogs rip car apart trying to reach cat ‘hiding underneath’

What could motivate a pack of dogs to literally tear a car apart trying to reach a frightened cat hiding underneath the chassis of the vehicle? In a very puzzling situation caught on closed circuit … Read More

Veterinarian melts our hearts as he croons Elvis song to frightened dog

And now for a veterinarian who will melt your heart with his kindness this Saturday morning. Meet Ross Henderson, a veterinarian at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. Not only does Dr. Henderson fix … Read More