WTH? Man spends $20k to become a collie dog and goes out for his first walk

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Not making this up readers! In New Delphi, a Japanese man realized his dream of becoming a dog, but before you shake your head thinking about years of plastic surgery and the endless headlines making us think the man physically tried to turn himself into a dog, please read on.

No, the man did not undergo surgery, however he purchased a “hyper realistic” costume of a collie so that he could appear and even walk like a dog. The costume took 40 days to create and has helped the man realize his dream of “becoming an animal.” To complete the look, he wears a harness strapped around his belly.

On the man’s YouTube channel, he has since posted several videos of himself walking outdoors like a dog; the videos have garnered thousands of views; there’s one of him playing on the lawn, rolling on the floor as well as another video of him playing fetch. The man goes by the identity of “Toco.”

The latest video of the man walking down the street has already garnered more than three million views.

The costume manufacturer, Zeppet stated:

modeled after a collie dog, it reproduces the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs.

Via the NY Post

So, how has the public reacted to this? Some people have praised him for following his dream, some have reveled how realistic the costume looks and others have called it an expensive act being both “insane and creepy.”

Check out this short clip from TikTok account of Isaiah Rubin:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Uh ok…… really great costume, even if it’s a bit pricey…… I certainly hope no one sends him to the pound as a stray: I can only imagine how surprised they would be to discover that this huge collie isn’t actually a dog…….


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