Just in: Death sentence for dogs who fail test at ‘shelter’

Dogs who exhibit reactive behavior – or overly fearful behavior – will likely be put to death if they are held at one of the Los Angeles County Animal Services facilities in California. On Wednesday, the dire news was released on social media.

In a Facebook post, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs explained:

According to this Message, ALL dogs that fail their TEMPERAMENT TEST will not be made AVAILABLE to RESCUES ANYMORE and will be EUTHANIZED!!!! on their AVAILABLE DATE!!!

The TEMPERAMENT TESTS are NOT ACCURATE when testing dog’s Behavior given the way the Test is given!!

The message referred to in the Facebook post came from the Deputy Director of Animal Care, Danny Ubario – his letter states that “all animals deemed not safe for placement due to behavior will no longer be made available to rescues.” Volunteers will no longer receive information about animals who fail the shelter administered temperament tests and as soon as the animal’s holding period is up, they will be killed.

It is common for stressed, frightened and confused dogs to behave in such a way that temperament tests are failed…dogs out of the stressful environment quite often have a completely altered demeanor. According to this release, those frightened, stressed, depressed and confused dogs who don’t manage to pass the test will never have the chance to redeem themselves.

Petition created about this issue can be found here.

Concerned? Email the following individuals:

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Dumped dogs – shaking in terror at animal control agency

Two dogs, dumped by their prior owner, are confused and frightened inside of their kennel run at the South Los Angeles Animal Services facility in California. The dogs, Molly (age 9) and Chocolate (age 7), were surrendered by their owner on February 17.

A video of the pair was taken at the animal control agency and the dogs’ terror is readily apparent. Molly, in particular, can be seen suffering from fear as she shakes uncontrollably on her bed. On March 6, an update about the surrendered dogs was posted to Facebook:

This small girl is Molly – 9 years old and 16lbs, she probably really needs our help to get out of the South Los Angeles Shelter….not one thread on her yet – you can see in her video that she is terrified in the shelter. We’re hoping to get more video and pictures this weekend (thank you Cat Ku) – but this is what we have for now… and this scared, sweet dog really needs our help! Please share for Adoption, Rescue, Foster and/or pledges.

A subsequent update to Facebook reads:

I just got off the phone with the shelter and they are still there. The shelter doesn’t know if they are good with other cats or dogs as the owner who dumped them didn’t say anything other than they didn’t have time for them anymore.

You can help Molly and Chocolate find a new family by sharing their adoption information.



Animal advocates outraged as South Korean ousted president abandons her dogs

Animal advocates are outraged at the former South Korean president Park Geun-hye after she was ousted from office and reportedly left her nine dogs behind on Sunday as she moved out. According to SkyNews, the president was removed by the country’s Constitutional Court concerning a massive corruption scandal.

In 2013,  when Geun-hye became president, she had been  gifted a pair of Jindo dogs, a Korean breed of hunting dogs named Saerom and Heernang (translated to New and Hope). The dog recently gave birth to a litter of seven puppies who are too young to be separated from their mother. The dogs had been Internet stars, as Park regularly posted photos of herself hugging the dogs on her Facebook page, and often referred to the beautiful pooches as the “real power holders” at the complex.

The extremely unpopular politician has been harshly criticized by animal lovers for leaving the dogs at her official residence, but is not expected to be facing any animal cruelty charges since the dogs were not “wandering without an owner in public places” according to Korean animal welfare laws.

“How can you abandon your own family like you would throw out old pair of shoes?” stated one Instagram user.

Authorities have assured animal advocates, however that the dogs will be adopted out to loving homes.

(Photo via Facebook of South Korean president leaving dogs behind)

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Advocates in England and Wales calling for five year jail terms for animal abusers

Animal cruelty should carry a five year maximum jail sentence says Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a rescue organization claiming current “animal cruelty sentences are a joke.” The current  six months in prison for the gravest acts of animal cruelty such as torturing an animal to death is utterly inadequate” and “laughable” if it wasn’t so shocking, advocates claim.

According to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home comprehensive report on animal cruelty and punishments for convicted persons, the following results reflect:

  • England and Wales has the lowest sentence for animal cruelty in Europe – six months in prison plus a fine
  • Almost every state in the United States and every OECD nation in the survey punishes extreme animal cruelty more severely than England and Wales.
  • Northern Ireland has a maximum sentence for 5 years
  • 65% of people polled believe the maximum sentence should be increased
  • 6-months for animal cruelty compares badly with 5 years for fly tipping (illegal trash dumping) or 7 years for theft.

Claire Horton’s, Chief Executive for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, campaign has drawn the support of the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports whose position is if a more serious punishment isn’t pushed through, animal abusers will continue abusing animals. According to the Telegraph, Parliament will discuss a Private Member’s Bill on Friday. The average prison term for someone convicted of animal cruelty in the United Kingdom is 3.3 months, with only one offender in ten ever jailed. More abusers commonly get away with probation, light fines or community service. In January, new guidelines were introduced to make stricter punishments for the most serious cases.

Five year prison terms would bring the United Kingdom on par with Northern Ireland and Ireland, as recommended in a November report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on animal welfare. In the United States, sentences can be similar, but again, how many times do judges uphold the stricter punishments? Bottom line – until animal cruelty is treated as a genuine threat to humans and animals, abusers still too often run free. What do you think?

(Photo for advocates want five year jail terms courtesy of Battersea Dogs & Cats)

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Video of guard at Delhi university beating dog to death goes viral

A disturbing video went viral on social media Friday afternoon, showing a guard at Delhi Technical University brutally beating a dog to death with a stick. According to DNAIndia, the dog had harmed “10 to 12 students” when a guard for the school located in Rohini repeatedly hit the dog over the head.Guard beats dog cover

“We have registered a case in this connection under relevant provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and IPC on complaint of an NGO. The accused guard of Delhi Technical University(DTU) is absconding,” said MN Tiwari, DCP Rohini.

Ayesha Christina of NGO Neighbourhood Woof , a non profit helping stray dogs, reported the egregious incident to the police and posted the video on her Facebook page which showed the guard hitting the dog’s head with a stick. Students at the university set up a protest stating  “right now, we will not compromise and are united on two points: the guard be handed over to police custody and that the person/ authority who instructed the guard be caught and booked as well.”

According to the Daily Pioneer,  the accused guard identified as Satish Kuman and other guards had killed many stray dogs at the order of the school’s administrators and security in charge. It is suspected the body of the dog had been buried somewhere on campus. Although school officials contend the dog may have had rabies and had bitten several students, advocates stated that in no way forgives the act of animal cruelty.

 “I explained to the administration that all dog and dog bite related issues can be discussed. As the organization responsible for this side of town, I will personally handle the issue. Neighbourhood Woof will get the dogs on the campus sterilized and vaccinated.”

Since then. the DTU administration has  conceded the crime is unpardonable.

(Photos and video of dog beaten to death at Delhi Technical University screenshots via Facebook)

(Warning: The video is extremely disturbing and may not be appropriate for all viewing audiences.)


Everyone overlooks Ruin Creek dogs: Yes, their lives count

Listed at the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals, eight dogs have little chance to live much longer. They all have names however, and their lives all matter. Sadly, everyone overlooks them, but not today!  Meet Dino, Ski-Bo, Mr. Sir, King, Bella, Rocki, Waldo, and of course Chief. Is it because some of the dogs are pit bull mixes, have some medical needs or need specific homes that they may be condemned to death? All life is precious, and each and every one of these dogs just want to be loved.ruin creek 1

Ski-Bo, King and Chief have been at the shelter the longest, and tragically the dogs are showing dog aggression – much of their behavioral issues stemming from being kept in kennels for too long. The dogs are listed as “rescue only” which makes their plight even more urgent, but advocates have answered the call many times before helping what others have labeled “death row” or not adoptable pets.

An advocate for these special dogs sets out her plea on Facebook hoping approved rescue organizations will step forward, supporters will pledge funds to help the dogs and animal advocates will share their stories:ruin creek 2

“These are sweet and loving animals that because of medical needs and their selective behavior, or because they are pit/or mixed they are continually over looked for literally months now. Time is not on their side, and we may start losing them soon. We believe in these animals, we know they are good natured, attentive and deserving dogs. If everyone could help us reach out to the rescue community hoping to find room for just one more deserving dog that may need a little extra guidance. Please note that these animals are in a chaotic shelter environment and are not spayed/neutered. If anyone is interested we may have some funding to help with training. Please don’t be shy.”

For more information about these dogs, please contact if you can help: The Facebook page for the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson North Carolina can be followed here. (Please note this is not the shelter)ruin creek 3

(Photos of the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson NC courtesy of Facebook volunteers.)

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Annie is sick and getting sicker…urgently needs out of animal control

Update 2/9/17: Safe!

A beautiful three-year-old pit bull mix, dubbed “Annie,” is sick, and despite medication, she is getting sicker. Annie is being treated for an upper respiratory infection at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control facility in Mesa, Arizona, but the stress of being in the noisy kennel, coupled with her lack of one-on-one attention, is worsening her health.

Annie is sick

This week, the Facebook page, MCACC East Dogs, posted a video of Annie (which clearly shows how stressful and loud it is in her kennel run), along with a few words about her condition:

We posted Annie last week (see video in comments). The difference is heartbreaking. She is being treated for a URI, but her symptoms are worsening. We are doing our best to help this girl out while she is in the shelter. The vet added a 2nd antibiotic in hopes that it will help, but Annie really needs to get out of the shelter and into a warm, calm, quiet home.

Imagine feeling horrible, and having no way to truly rest and recover. Imagine being alone and scared and sick…imagine Annie’s current situation. Please help this dog get the help that she desperately needs by sharing her adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Facebook thread here
  • Maricopa County Animal Care & Control – East Valley Animal Care Center at (602) 506-7387
    Ask for information about animal ID number A3870675
  • Click here to view video on Facebook


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Physician in Texas accused of poisoning family’s dogs

A prominent physician in Odessa, Texas, is facing charges for allegedly poisoning several dogs. According to Thursday’s CBS 7 News, Dr. Robert Kevin Lynch, 54, is facing felony charges in connection with the death of two dogs, and the poisoning sickness to a third dog – according to Odessa American, Dr. Lynch confessed to the crime when questioned by the authorities.screenshot-864

Investigators were led to Lynch as a suspect thanks to surveillance footage which the dogs’ owners obtained from neighbors. Dr. Lynch is accused of stuffing raw meat with several substances which are known to be toxic to dogs. One of the poisoned dogs died from kidney failure and the other suffered cardiac arrest. According to CBS 7, Lynch had previously complained that the targeted dogs barked too much.


Lynch, a general surgeon, is facing felony animal cruelty charges for the incidents, which took place in late December. The Odessa American reported that Lynch was jailed on Thursday on $22,500 bond.

(Photos via screenshot CBS 7 News and the Odessa American)


‘Rescuer’ accused of abandoning dogs – several found shot dead at her home

A young woman who claims to have rescued over 100 dogs from Texas’ Fort Worth Animal Shelter, is accused of later abandoning the dogs. According to Thursday’s WBAP News, recently, multiple dogs were also found shot to death outside of the woman’s home in Arkansas.

The woman accused of abandoning the “rescued” dogs has been identified as Whitney Smither of Horatio, Arkansas. Smither’s boyfriend, Brian Moore, is accused of shooting the eight dogs which were found dead at her home. Moore is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty for the dogs’ deaths.

According to Dallas News, Moore claimed that he killed the dogs who had been rescued by Smither because they were infected with heartworms, and/or they posed a threat to humans or livestock; the dogs were apparently shot after Smither left Arkansas. Though Smither is listed as a suspect in the cruelty investigation, she has not yet been charged.

Dozens of dogs that Smither claimed to have rescued from the Texas animal shelter remain unaccounted for. On Wednesday, the rescue group Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue, utilized social media in an effort to determine the fate of the dogs – the agency wrote:

We are reaching out to the rescue community, transporters, cross posters, fosters, volunteers, friends, and even family that may have any scrap of information that may tell us where any of the over 200 animals that came into the possession of Whitney Smither and Brian Moore between April 2016 and November 2016 might possibly be. Look through your old messages, texts, Facebook posts, receipts, and think hard, then contact me. Everything will be taken into consideration. We have to be the voices for the voiceless in this nightmare, because their one voice isn’t talking.

According to the WBAP report, Smither has “fled” to Indiana – charges against her are expected.

(Photo screenshot via Dallas News/Kerry Anechiarico)

Homeless man carrying his dog to protect paws from cold helped by angels

In Kamloops, British Columbia, the intense cold has been both a danger to both humans falling on hard times as well as their four-legged companions. On Sunday, a homeless man heading over to the Kamloops New Life Mission was spotted carrying his dog over his shoulders to prevent the dog’s paw pads from getting too cold. The dog was also wrapped in a blanket to help maintain his body heat.angels-animal-rescue-2

Never doubt there aren’t angels among us. On the Facebook page for Angel’s Animal Rescue – Merritt BC, words of gratitude went out to Mae and Chris Coventon for donating an insulated winter coat and booties to the dog named Rowdy. When the rescue organization caught up with the dog owner at the mission, the dog was given his new winter gear to help keep him warm and safe. An emergency appeal was also made asking for donations of warm clothes including jackets, gloves, hats and socks for humans.

On the organization’s Facebook page, advocates praised the dog’s owner with placing the needs of his beloved pet first:

Perkinz HighNoon Saw them last week. Didn’t know they were in need. I wish I coulda helped them with something. Well-mannered dog. I could tell he is well-loved.


Sandy Hulme
Sandy Hulme Kudos to the donors of the coat & boots…to the kind pet owner I praise you for putting your companion first!!!

How we love our dogs – doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor or in this case even if you’re homeless. There are no better friends than our dogs.

(Photos of homeless man carrying his dog courtesy of Angel’s Animal Rescue.)

New Life Community is also asking for food donations to save money for heat and electricity during the cold snap. Coffee, frozen foods or donations are welcome. It’s so difficult for those down on their luck to survive the frigid weather.  To help, please click here.