11-year-old child died trying to rescue family dog in house fire

An 11-year-old boy died on Tuesday night trying to rescue the family dog from a house fire in their St. Augustine, Florida home. Authorities stated the child’s mother and her teenage daughter were able to … Read More

Funeral home allows dog to say her final goodbye

When 13-year-old German shepherd, Sadie couldn’t figure out why her lifelong companion had not been home for ten days, the dog refused to eat properly or sleep alone.  She watched for her human from the … Read More

Canadian homeopath used rabid dog saliva to treat misbehaving child

A Canadian homeopath and naturopath used rabid dog saliva to “treat” a four-year-old little boy misbehaving. According to her blog post, Anke Zimmermann used a diluted form to resolve the child’s aggressive behavior:


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Psychology professor listed the 19 least intelligent dogs

A psychology professor from the University of British Columbia listed the 19 least intelligent dogs. Using data from Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs,” the breeds were sorted by their obedience intelligence out … Read More

Video: Guilty dogs react to chewing up the family couch

When a man walks into his parent’s home while they were out of town, he sees the entire couch has been decimated. Now to figure out who was the culprit? The video pans into the … Read More

Obese Siberian husky surrendered to shelter after struck by golf club in the face

Two years ago, Belca had been on a walk with her owner when she sniffed another dog; moments later the owner of the other dog struck the Siberian husky in the face with a golf … Read More

What to expect today from the animals during solar eclipse 2017

Everyone have their special glasses for today’s solar eclipse? If not, there are easy viewing “do it yourself” devices to keep your retinas safe, so make sure to check it off before this afternoon. Now … Read More

Stray dogs are turning blue – toxic substance to blame

Stray dogs in Mumbai, India, are turning a rather shocking color – according to One India, many of the dogs in the area have fur which has turned blue. Toxic, industrial dye, which was … Read More

Update: Pup abandoned next to Bailey chair and left with stuffed toy

Near University Park, Florida, a young dog was abandoned just one week ago, when her unknown owner tied her to the Bailey chair she needed to help her survive. A note was attached explaining the … Read More

One pup didn’t survive infestation – another struggling and owner is charged

One puppy, seized from a man in New York, was so severely infested with fleas that it did not survive and another is struggling to live. According to the SPCA serving Erie County NY, Timothy … Read More