Stray dogs are turning blue – toxic substance to blame

Stray dogs in Mumbai, India, are turning a rather shocking color – according to One India, many of the dogs in the area have fur which has turned blue. Toxic, industrial dye, which was dumped into the Kasadi river, not only discolored the dogs’ fur, but one of them was left blinded.

According to activists, the toxic substance is coming from a factory which dumps the dye directly into the water – though the area is cordoned off, dogs manage to get into the water while trying to cool down or drink. Dogs impacted by the toxic dye are being treated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – they will be released in the same area after treatment.

The company believed to be responsible for releasing the dye into the water is under investigation – they have been ordered to stop dumping toxins into the water and threatened with a shut down if they do not comply.


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Update: Pup abandoned next to Bailey chair and left with stuffed toy

Near University Park, Florida, a young dog was abandoned just one week ago, when her unknown owner tied her to the Bailey chair she needed to help her survive. A note was attached explaining the dog suffers from  megaesophagus, a lifelong condition in which the esophagus doesn’t move food into the stomach. She must be fed in a Bailey chair, in which the food is pulled by gravity into the digestive system. Her heartbreaking photo suggests she knew she was no longer wanted; her stuffed toy was perched on top of the chair.

It was feared had the dog been transported to the nearby shelter, there would not be sufficient funding or assistance to help, and she would not survive. Local shelter volunteer, Cris Ferreira, along with an army of animal advocates, shared the heartbreaking situation about a dog with a disability needing help, and another success story emerged thanks to social media.

Orlando rescue group, BullyUpRescue, stepped up. And as if somethings in life are just meant to be, Reva Fedigan,  who lost and misses her own dog, Maddie, similarly affected with megaesophagus, will foster Izzy until the perfect home becomes available:

 “WELCOME IZZY!! Izzy was abandoned at a dog park w/a note attached. She, just like my beloved & very missed Maddie, has Megasophagus. We’ll love her and take care of her until that perfect home is found. Izzy will NEVER be abandoned again!”
To help this organization with expenses for Izzy, donations can be made by clicking here.
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(Photos of Izzy with her Bailey chair via BullyUpRescue and Cris Ferreira-Reed)

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One pup didn’t survive infestation – another struggling and owner is charged

One puppy, seized from a man in New York, was so severely infested with fleas that it did not survive and another is struggling to live. According to the SPCA serving Erie County NY, Timothy Strobele of Sage Avenue in Buffalo is facing multiple animal cruelty charges for the condition of his pets.severe flea infestation

On August 3, the animal welfare agency updated its Facebook followers about the case:

Resting comfortably today after a long few weeks are the puppies rescued yesterday with severe flea infestations. Sadly, one puppy did not survive, and another is still in critical condition. Six pups are responding well to treatment, and three adults are still in ICU.

In a press release the SPCA stated:

The animals were rushed to the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter infirmary where members of the Veterinary Department are removing the fleas, examining the dogs, administering fluids, giving baths, and more. One young puppy estimated to be five weeks old is in critical condition and oxygen is being administered.

The man accused of the extreme neglect of his pets will have to appear in court on September 14.

Recently, the BC SPCA highlighted the plight of a dog named “Rascal” who also nearly died from a severe flea infestation – the dog lost 85 percent of his blood from the blood-sucking parasites. Read the story here.

(Images via SPCA serving Erie County NY)

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Man who hurled dogs from parking garage sentenced to prison

An Illinois man has been sentenced to prison time for throwing two dogs from the roof of a parking garage. According to the Chicago Tribune, 23-year-old Edward Hanania was sentenced to five years in prison for the cruel incident in May which claimed the life of one dog and severely injured another.

On Friday, after Hanania pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, Judge Colleen Hyland sentenced him to five years for the felony animal cruelty crime, in addition to six years for violating his probation on an “unrelated” drug conviction. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

The dogs that were hurled from the hospital’s parking garage were not even Hanania’s.  Oak Lawn police stated that Hanania falsely claimed he owned the two poodles after the dogs were found wandering the streets. When the woman who found the dogs posted an ad on social media, Hanania went to her house, gave her a $20 reward and claimed the dogs were his. The next day he dropped both dogs off the fifth floor of the hospital’s parking lot. The disturbing incident was caught on video surveillance.

The next day he dropped both dogs off the fifth floor of the hospital’s parking lot. The disturbing incident was caught on video surveillance. One of the dogs died and the other – a year-old named Angel survived; he suffered bruised lungs and a broken leg.

Animal welfare advocates who have been following this case are pleased by the outcome, and Oak Lawn police Chief Randy Palmer stated, “I would say that justice was served.”

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(Booking photo via Daily Southtown)

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Illinois teen alleged to have intentionally mutilated eight-week-old puppy

The Kewanee Police Department charged a 17-year-old teen alleged to have intentionally mutilated an eight-week-old puppy on Wednesday with aggravated animal cruelty. According to police, the youth admitted to injuring the dog. 

On Tuesday evening, the Henry County Humane Society reported the discovery of a two-month-old puppy at the Lakeland Terrace Housing Project. When found, the puppy was lying helplessly on the grass with four deep lacerations to his throat as well as a cut on his back. The pup was transported to Dr. Chris Ryan; the veterinarian caring for the puppy dubbed Thor, stated the wounds appeared to have been intentionally inflicted:

“We don’t typically see wounds like that from accidents, and it kind of looks like it’s on purpose, stated Dr. Ryan to NewsKwQC. “It seems like he’s doing just fine and I think he’ll make a full recovery, but it just could have been a lot worse.

Thor is thought to be a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix. When found, his wounds, believed to have been inflicted within the last 24 hours  were inundated with maggots and flies. Dr. Ryan was able to sedate the puppy and clean the area. He is expected to repair the wounds in the coming days.

At this time, the mother of Thor, nor the rest of the litter have been located, and rescuers fear for the dogs’ lives. Thor is not available for adoption at this time.

To those who would like to donate to Thor‘s care, checks can be sent to 206 Townsedge Road, OR PO box 695. Kewanee IL 61443. PayPal has been set up. Our email for donations is


Photos of puppy intentionally mutilated via the Henry County Humane Society.
Get well soon Thor.
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For the first time in 3.5 years, shelter has to make ‘list’ of dogs to put down

For the first time in over three years, an animal shelter in Arkansas has had to create a “list” of unwanted pets to be put down. The sad situation is the result of a huge influx of animals being taken in and not enough animals being adopted.

In a Facebook post made this week, the situation facing the Jacksonville AR Animal Shelter is explained:

It’s been 3.5 years since we had to euthanize for space
But with the high intake of dogs and cats, we are having to make ‘the list’ today😒
All areas are full and there is no space for any new dogs that will come in today
Last week we took in 25 dogs and only 4 were claimed by their owners
It seems no matter how hard we try to adopt out animals….you can’t fight the high amount of animals that come in on a daily basis!
Please share!

Jacksonville Friends of the Animals is trying to help prevent dogs and cats from losing their lives. On Tuesday morning, the group wrote:

We are full again 😔. The only way we can do free adoptions is when we have enough donations. The city does NOT pay!! We pay for all the vet care for the dogs and cats in our shelter including heart worm treatment at almost $400 per dog. PLEASE HELP. Please share, adopt, or donate!! You can click on the donate button near the cover photo or go to Thank you!

The precious souls who are being held at this shelter have done nothing wrong – they were born and now they are unwanted. Please share this information and help find these homeless pets find a safe haven.
Website for Jacksonville Friends of the Animals here.
The Jacksonville Friends of the Animals, Inc, is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that raises money to help the animals at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter. We pay for medical treatment not included in the city budget such as heartworm treatment, injuries and amputations (car accidents, etc.), illness such as parvovirus, skin conditions (mange and allergies), and cases of extreme abuse and neglect. We also help with the cost of spay/neuter, and for vaccinations. Our goal is to give every animal in our shelter a chance of a long, happy, and healthy life. Our mission is to make our shelter a true no-kill shelter (no euthanizing an animal for space while keeping our doors open for those who need us.) With your help, we can do it!
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Dogs left in scorching sun died – owners facing charges

In the midst of a heat wave, two dogs in Toledo, Ohio, were left to suffer in the scorching sun. According to Thursday’s ABC 13 News, one of the dogs was found tethered outside to a cement block – another dog, in a different yard, was left without a way to escape from the sun and was in such bad shape by the time he was found that he had to be euthanized.

The heartbreaking news is frustrating to animal lovers who believe that everyone should know better – who in their right mind leaves an animal outside to suffer in the heat? The Toledo Area Humane Society is using the tragic incidents as a warning to other pet owners.

On Friday morning, the animal welfare agency stated:

Again, if you see something– say something! Do NOT leave your dogs out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time and do NOT leave them in the car (even with the windows down) for extended periods of time. It doesn’t take long for them to over heat…

The people who owned the dogs who died will be prosecuted – even if they are punished, the suffering their pets endured before dying cannot be erased.

If it is hot outside, bring pets inside – if a dog has to be outside, ensure that he or she has adequate shelter from the sun and a water source that CANNOT be tipped over. If you see a dog suffering in the heat, call the authorities for help.

Rest in peace.

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Heartless owner dumped starved Boxer with her 8-day old puppies along side of road

If you ever thought you heard “it all” relating to disturbing situations of animal cruelty and neglect, regrettably there’s always more. In South Texas, a volunteer reported discovering a skeletal mother Boxer dumped on the side of her road with her eight-day-old puppies on Monday morning. The mother dog had been desperately trying to save and protect her puppies, but with no food or water, her chances and the survival of her family were growing slim.

Although skeletal and deprived of all nourishment, “Momma Rosie” still tried to nurse her puppies. Only four of the newborns had survived; others desperately crawled out into the unrelenting heat of the barren field and perished. No one knows how long they had been out in the field – completely alone and nearly defenseless; the puppies infested with fleas and ticks. Thankfully, a rescue advocate spotted the abandoned family; Rescue Dogs Rock NYC once again were notified and have come to the 911 emergency rescue  volunteering their help. 

“Thankfully they were spotted in this deserted field and the process began to try and save them and get them to safety and to a Vet Hospital for life saving medical treatment,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “We stepped in today and have taken responsibility for this family. This is a huge undertaking and an expensive one. This family deserves everything we can give them; medical treatment and new lives.”

As of Monday afternoon, Momma Rosie and her four surviving puppies arrived at the emergency veterinarian. One of the puppies has been listed in critical condition; the prognosis for the entire family is still unknown. Once the dogs are released from the hospital, a foster family in the area of Dallas is needed. Contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC here for an application. If you’re wondering what Momma Rosie’s disposition might be, Stacey did mention:

“And she’s sweet and loving even after living a horrible life , alone and abandoned…”

There’s a reason we call them “man’s best friend.” Who else could be so forgiving. To help this family, donations can be made to Go to or via PayPal at

(Photos and video of starved Boxer and her puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Alma Gutierrez)

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Heartbreaking video; you can hear the puppies crying:




Disturbing video of dead dog being decapitated prompts changes in Pittsylvania County

In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, a disturbing and extremely graphic video of a dead German shepherd suspected of having rabies being decapitated by Animal Control circulated through social media on Thursday. The Pittsylvania County Administrator’s Office stated it was aware of the video which took place on March 23.

“Regarding rabies testing, we utilize the County Health Department to conduct the procedure necessary for sending specimen to Richmond for testing. It is required that the animal’s head be removed to test for rabies. The Health Department and our new Pet Center has appropriate and sanitary facilities for this procedure,” stated County Administrator David Smitherman according to Wset News.

The former county animal control officer, Laura Norton, said she wasn’t concerned with what the officers were doing, but where? Norton saw this happen five to ten times and grew concerned about the need to perform the procedure in a controlled and sanitary environment. The Health Department stated there was nothing illegal about the practice, however they have to be sure “there isn’t exposure to the officers and to the animals that live out of the county landfill.”


According to the Star Tribune, County Administrator David Smitherman released a statement about the changes made to protect the public:

“We were first made aware of both the video and the practice on March 23, 2017. Shortly thereafter the County implemented a policy that no animal would be decapitated by Animal Control Officers and all suspected rabies cases would be referred to the Health Department for investigation. The County has not decapitated any animals since March 23, 2017.”

Smitherman stated the video did not show what the county considered to be “best practices” after several complaints had been forwarded to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Animal and Food Industry Services’ Office of Animal Care and Emergency Response. Rabies in the Danville-Pittsylvania County area shows three animals tested positive out of 115 reported incidents involving 83 humans potentially exposed to the disease.


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(Photo and video by Nickie Norton)

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Warning: The video can be viewed here, HOWEVER it is extremely graphic and disturbing and not suitable for all viewers:

Just in: Death sentence for dogs who fail test at ‘shelter’

Dogs who exhibit reactive behavior – or overly fearful behavior – will likely be put to death if they are held at one of the Los Angeles County Animal Services facilities in California. On Wednesday, the dire news was released on social media.

In a Facebook post, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs explained:

According to this Message, ALL dogs that fail their TEMPERAMENT TEST will not be made AVAILABLE to RESCUES ANYMORE and will be EUTHANIZED!!!! on their AVAILABLE DATE!!!

The TEMPERAMENT TESTS are NOT ACCURATE when testing dog’s Behavior given the way the Test is given!!

The message referred to in the Facebook post came from the Deputy Director of Animal Care, Danny Ubario – his letter states that “all animals deemed not safe for placement due to behavior will no longer be made available to rescues.” Volunteers will no longer receive information about animals who fail the shelter administered temperament tests and as soon as the animal’s holding period is up, they will be killed.

It is common for stressed, frightened and confused dogs to behave in such a way that temperament tests are failed…dogs out of the stressful environment quite often have a completely altered demeanor. According to this release, those frightened, stressed, depressed and confused dogs who don’t manage to pass the test will never have the chance to redeem themselves.

Petition created about this issue can be found here.

Concerned? Email the following individuals:

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