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Two-month-old shepherd discovered in dumpster while family clearing out deceased dad’s home

As a tearful family prepared to settle the estate of their father who had passed months ago, they decided to make sure his home in Berry Springs, California had been emptied of all the precious … Read More

Pregnant dog discarded in desert who took shelter under shed to have her puppies survives her nightmare

For months, a pregnant dog survived on her own in the Hot Springs Desert area. Everyplace she went, someone chased her away. And when it was time, all this frightened pup wanted was a safe … Read More

Successful overnight desert mission to rescue small Malamute people thought was a wolf or a coyote

In Desert Hot Springs, a starving dog was so hungry that even after she was captured by rescuers in a humane trap, she kept eating the food left there as bait.

People in the area … Read More

From a mess to his best as rescue organization saves abandoned pup trying to stay alive in Redlands desert

A tiny dog trying to survive in Victorville after someone abandoned him – does the story sound familiar? When Dream Fetchers Project Rescue arrived with the intention of saving a white Chihuahua seemingly lost, another … Read More

Heartless owners drove 3 small dogs to deserted area and left them sitting on a sheet

In one of the most dangerous areas in the southwestern section of San Bernardino County, California, the heartless owner of three small dogs loaded them into their car and drove them out to Lytle Creek. … Read More

Heartless owner abandoned friendly puppies in a rock quarry and for weeks they begged to be rescued

Very close to the Devore area of California, the heartless owner of three young and friendly puppies decided he no longer wanted to deal with the responsibility. And instead of taking the dogs to a … Read More

Three dogs dumped on California freeway: One dog died, one dog safe and one dog struck hard with critical injuries

On a Southern California freeway, three innocents dogs were dumped on Wednesday and fled all different ways in fright. One dog was safely captured and is safe. Another dog sadly was killed by a speeding … Read More

Owner kicked tiny dog out of house hoping she would be eaten by a coyote

In the Redlands area of California, a rescue warrior for cats who frequents the canyons to feed the unwanted, shared an emergency situation with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. In an area known as being … Read More

Lame dog frantically running down center divider of San Bernardino freeway

When an animal advocate spotted a very frightened dog holding up one of her back legs, running in the opposite direction of traffic on the 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, she knew she couldn’t leave … Read More

Stray Boxer stayed on an old sleeping bag in Redland’s field waiting for her owner to return

In the Redlands area of California, a loyal dog wouldn’t leave an old sleeping bag left out in a field. It didn’t matter if the sleeping bag was soaking wet from the rain or covered … Read More