Owner kicked tiny dog out of house hoping she would be eaten by a coyote

In the Redlands area of California, a rescue warrior for cats who frequents the canyons to feed the unwanted, shared an emergency situation with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. In an area known as being … Read More

Lame dog frantically running down center divider of San Bernardino freeway

When an animal advocate spotted a very frightened dog holding up one of her back legs, running in the opposite direction of traffic on the 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, she knew she couldn’t leave … Read More

Stray Boxer stayed on an old sleeping bag in Redland’s field waiting for her owner to return

In the Redlands area of California, a loyal dog wouldn’t leave an old sleeping bag left out in a field. It didn’t matter if the sleeping bag was soaking wet from the rain or covered … Read More

Another heartless jerk pulls to side of freeway to abandon small puppy

In the city limits of Perris, another heartless jerk driving a silver Tacoma pickup truck, pulled over to the side of the I215 freeway on Tuesday morning and pushed a cardboard box out onto the … Read More

Another broken dog hit by a car and attacked by animals in San Bernardino

In San Bernardino, California, a Good Samaritan reported a dog in serious condition lying helpless on the sidewalk on Saturday morning. It wasn’t long before Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue arrived at the location to help.… Read More

Terrified by coyotes, stray pup huddled on golf course to hide

In the Redlands of California, sadly the desert area has increasingly become a huge dumping ground for irresponsible pet owners abandoning their pets in one of the most dangerous environments. Besides not having access to … Read More

Rescuers who saved 3-month-old puppy lying in street criticized

Posey is a three-month-old puppy who was found last week lying in the middle of a dark but busy street in Highland; she was not able to move. The Good Samaritan who rescued her was … Read More

Microchipped dog who ran away after head-on collision found

A California rescue organization has identified and will soon be returning a lost dog on Friday that had been missing for two weeks disappearing near the California Redland’s area.

According to Dream Fetchers: Project RescueRead More

Suffering pup hid under trailers for more than a year until someone cared

In an industrial district of Redlands, California, a matted little dog suffered alone for more than a year. Even though others had tried to capture her, the tiny terrier would hide under trailers and cross … Read More

A broken crate, a little dog running near freeway and a rescue just in time

In the Redlands area of California, came a distressing report of a broken pet crate along the side of a freeway ramp. Animal advocate, Francella Petaccia notified rescuers from Dream Fetchers Project Rescue. She … Read More