Successful overnight desert mission to rescue small Malamute people thought was a wolf or a coyote

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In Desert Hot Springs, a starving dog was so hungry that even after she was captured by rescuers in a humane trap, she kept eating the food left there as bait.

People in the area called her a “wolf hybrid or a coyote” and many who had seen her were not motivated to help, however rescuers in the area had been watching out for her and hoping to find help corralling her in order to get her to safety. Meanwhile, the lost little pup watched the cars at an intersection for days, and as night approached she slipped away into the desert alone.

Some kind people tried to help her, but she just ran away, however food and water was left for her as her photos and videos were posted on social media begging for help. Fortunately, Dream Fetchers stepped forward.

The dog was skinny and hungry and kept going back to the same area. She continued to look at the cars; maybe hoping her family would find her? Did they dump her there? Was that where she saw them last? Was she waiting for them to come back for her? She was begging for help, but also too scared to approach anyone. She would come close, but not close enough to secure her. Some people were even commenting to hurt her because they thought she was a coyote or a wolf. She looked like a lost and hungry Husky/Malamute to Faith Easdale and the volunteers at Dream Fetchers. She was even wearing a worn out collar; wolves and coyotes don’t wear collars.

Check out the video:

Thank goodness for good people watching out for her and asking for help She was so hungry she kept eating even in the trap and laid down and closed her eyes Watching the relief when these precious animals are saved is something I will cherish and never forget as long as I live.

Faith Easdale via Facebook

Now named Mya, she is now relaxing at the Luna Siberian Rescue. She is not microchipped, but at this time it is not known if she belongs to someone and is lost or if she was dumped. Attempts to find her family will be made, and if someone claims her, they must show proof of ownership and explain what she was doing out in the freezing cold wearing a too tight collar. There is always the possibility she has been lost for a extended period of time, but as of Saturday night and the rescue efforts of Dream Fetchers, Mya is safe and now supports a brand new pink collar to wear.

To help Mya, donations can be made to Luna Siberian Rescue.

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