From a mess to his best as rescue organization saves abandoned pup trying to stay alive in Redlands desert

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A tiny dog trying to survive in Victorville after someone abandoned him – does the story sound familiar? When Dream Fetchers Project Rescue arrived with the intention of saving a white Chihuahua seemingly lost, another little matted mess appeared.

“Hey leave him alone. He isn’t bothering anyone,” a local motorist yelled as rescue volunteer, Jim Ralston had been trying to lure the tangled, frightened puppy into a humane shelter cage. “He needs help. He’s in pain,” Jim called back.

Dream Fetchers Project Rescue

Why no one had reached out before to help this little dog remains a mystery. One has to wonder how anyone could leave a dog in this condition or even admit to owning the defenseless little pup? Tragically, it’s a very tough life for stray dogs. There just aren’t enough people who care. This little guy got lucky.

Anyway, this pup is about to feel a whole lot better.

Let me show you his initial progress and his gentle manners in pictures. Feeling better for sure now!

To help this boy feel better and receive the care he deserves, donations would be appreciated.

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How about this one? Really cute!

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