Heartless owners drove 3 small dogs to deserted area and left them sitting on a sheet

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In one of the most dangerous areas in the southwestern section of San Bernardino County, California, the heartless owner of three small dogs loaded them into their car and drove them out to Lytle Creek. Once there, he spread out a thin sheet, called the dogs to sit and stay, left a small plastic bag with food and drove away. The confused and frightened dogs dared not move; they hoped their owner would soon return.

In an area filled with hungry coyotes and mountain lions, how could small dogs even stand a chance to survive? A small plastic bag of food left would somehow keep the three fed? Their horrible owner never thought the dogs would need water? Did he really think they would have a chance to survive? And why or why would he drive them to a deserted area to likely suffer and die as victims of prey, starvation or from serious illness or injury?

Dreamfetchers.Org’s Faith Easdale received a call begging for help. Two of the dogs were able to be captured, but the third was still roaming around the area.

“The one was still there. I just can’t … My heart couldn’t handle thinking of the three scared confused babies sitting on that sheet! Did they think that sheet would keep them warm? So I sent an urgent message to my rescue friends and the kind, compassionate people that were able to get the two dogs already safe met Patricia who was able to leave quickly to show her exactly where they were.”

Faith Easdale

And when rescuers arrived and drove through the mountainous areas, they were horrified. It was dark, deserted and likely a place for scavengers looking for food – three small dogs would have been at the top of their menus. Fortunately, the mother dog was finally spotted and able to be lured into the humane cage with her puppy.

“All three safe. No thanks to the people or should I say monsters that dumped them? Strangers have more love and compassion than the people that should have loved and protected them. I will never get used to the heartless acts of monsters. Please share this so the dirtbags can see we know what they did…”

Faith Easdale

Check out the video of the area as rescuers searched for the third dog:


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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Whoever did this deserves to burn in the hottest part of Hell forever!!!

    It’s called: “surrender unwanted pets to an animal shelter”. At least these precious little treasures would have a chance to be rehomed vs. a scary death from vicious predators…….


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