Update on Olivia: Abandoned and left to die on old mattress

In the middle of the night in Houston last week, Olivia waited; we don’t know for whom, but her story has been truly heartbreaking. Unable to walk, she watched; in excruciating pain she curled up … Read More

Man threw Chihuahua ‘because it wouldn’t go outside’

In Mount Zion, Illinois, the son of the owner of a Chihuahua flung the tiny dog “because it wouldn’t go outside” to use the bathroom. Tristin Jones, 22, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with … Read More

Warrior: Fighting back the neglect at brink of dying

Rescuers named him Warrior. Despite the heartbreaking neglect suffered by this stray, Warrior fights to stay alive. On Wednesday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent plea from the New York City Animal Care … Read More

Cruel: Poor pup found with deeply embedded collar

In a cruel act of animal neglect, a stray puppy with a deeply embedded collar, was finally captured on Wednesday and brought to the Calhoun County Animal Shelter in St. Matthews, South Carolina. For weeks … Read More

Iowa woman arrested for illegally debarking dogs

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an Iowa woman faces charges for illegally debarking dogs. Denise Felling, 55, has been arrested by the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office on Friday and is expected to be extradited to Lancaster … Read More

Emaciated Chihuahua ‘Oscar’ trapped in cage and thrown in dumpster

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s Animal Control Division described what happened to Oscar, a Chihuahua, this week. The emaciated dog had been trapped in a kennel cage and thrown in … Read More

‘Dice’ survives being left in a cage with no food or water for a week

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a young dog dubbed “Dice” had been left in a cage outdoors for a week with no food or water. Miraculously, the friendly, although emaciated, pup survived.


According to the … Read More

Saving Olivia: Abandoned, unable to walk resting on old mattress

In the middle of the night in Houston, Texas, Olivia waited; we don’t know for whom, but her story is heartbreaking indeed.


A Good Samaritan found her, but was unable to keep her and … Read More

Neglected Mandu used for breeding until she was too old

Meet Mandu; this adorable 11-year-old had been abandoned with some very serious medical issues. The New York City Animal Care Centers reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. And on October 19, Mandu … Read More

Heartbreaking: Riley was hit by a car and still alive thrown away by owners

It happened in Texas on Tuesday evening; Riley was hit by a car and was left for dead by her owner. A volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had been alerted to the emergency situation … Read More