Woman dumped senior dog at Tampa Airport because she didn’t want to pay fees

This week, a woman abandoned her senior dog at the Tampa International Airport when she discovered that she needed to pay a fee, and have his vaccine records, for him to fly. According to multiple … Read More

Owners tossed 8-week-old puppy with broken leg in the dumpster because they couldn’t afford his surgery

An adorable eight-week-old puppy had been thrown in a dumpster in the Houston area of Texas over the weekend. It’s as if the owners didn’t know what to do with their new puppy after he … Read More

Heartless owner abandoned dog behind dumpster at Dollar Store still wearing his bowtie rhinestone collar

In the Dallas area, a heartless owner abandoned their dog behind a dumpster at a local Dollar Store. When Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform arrived, the animal control officer at the scene had been surprised to … Read More

Rescued ‘Sunny’ is only a two- year-old and this is what months of neglect caused

In the Los Angeles area, Sunny was just rescued from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. His condition is the result of months of neglect. Fortunately social media joined together, and this helpless little victim … Read More

Three-month-old puppy shot in her back discovered by homeowner hiding in flower bed

In Sanford, North Carolina, a homeowner discovered a three-month-old puppy suffering from two gunshot wounds in her back and shoulder last week in his garden. The injured puppy was partially paralyzed – a bullet had … Read More

Shepherd left chained for weeks survived on acorns falling from the tree above

For weeks Sally languished under a tree in a rural area of Texas with no food or water. She couldn’t escape – her owner had chained her to a tree and just abandoned her. Somehow … Read More

Five-month-old puppy suffering broken bones from blunt force trauma to front paws still charming with goofy personality

MacGregor is a five-month-old puppy who arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society last week from an overcrowded local shelter desperately needing medical attention. He suffered from broken metacarpal bones in both his right and left … Read More

Should never have happened: 19-year-old dog surrendered because owner didn’t want to pay anymore vet bills

At a rural shelter in Oklahoma, a 19-year-old dog was surrendered on Friday because his owner decided he didn’t want to pay anymore veterinarian bills. A rescuer reached out for help; when she spotted the … Read More

Litter of puppies found abandoned in a Detroit field show severe signs of neglect

Three adorable puppies were abandoned and left in a Detroit field to die slow, agonizing deaths. Fortunately, they were found in time, but because of the severe neglect they have suffered, their recovery is anticipated … Read More

Four years later man who killed ‘Ollie’ the pit bull sentenced to 10 years in prison

Brendan Evans, 35, of Hollywood, Florida agreed to plead guilty to attacking and killing Ollie the pit bull. Evans has been sentenced to ten years in prison after admitting to the crime, his defense lawyer … Read More