Young pup who was starved rescued just in time

When an overcrowded shelter reached out to the New York Bully Crew on Sunday for help with a starving puppy, volunteers stepped up for the job. Meet Nelson.

“We received a call from the same

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Abandoned in Rio Grande Valley and nearly hit by car, en route to vet

Volunteers from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were alerted on Wednesday to another stray puppy, barely surviving and living a horrific life in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The abandoned pup was nearly hit by … Read More

Police investigate animal cruelty case where dead dog found tied to rock in lake

In Huntington County, Pennsylvania, the Huntington State Police are investigating an animal cruelty case where a dead dog was found near a boat launch at Raystown Lake. Last Sunday, a grizzly discovery of a dog … Read More

Video of woman beating dogs with spade, sticks and broom sparks outrage

In the backyard of a home in Buckfastleigh in Devon, England, a disturbing video showing a woman beating dogs with a spade, sticks and broom sparked social media outrage and sent police and the RSPCA … Read More

Beyond neglected and abused, ‘Goose’ is past due and needs help now

Who can understand how anyone could have looked into Goose’s eyes day after day and watched him begging for food, for medical help and perhaps some love? This poor guy was impounded on October 10 … Read More

Young Lab puppy deliberately set on fire

In Clinton, Iowa, a puppy appears to have deliberately set on fire. The 10-month-old Labrador retriever and Pointer mix has severe third degree burns down his back; an accelerant was likely used.

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Once an energetic pup who spent months isolated at shelter to be euth’ed

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a three-year-old mixed breed pup who spent months isolated in a shelter cage will be humanely euthanized if he is not rescued by Sunday afternoon. His heartbreaking story is … Read More

Terrified dog stayed by dead friend while rescue worked 12 hours to save her

Near Fowler, California, a terrified dog waited near her dead companion at the side of a busy road. When a Good Samaritan contacted Pinky Paws Search and ResQ, Krystal Woodward and her husband rushed to … Read More

Woman who dragged dog from scooter has animal cruelty case suspended

In Bakersfield, California, the woman who faced a felony animal cruelty charge after dragging a small dog alongside of her electric scooter has had her case suspended. On Friday, a court hearing determined Elaine Rosa … Read More

Dog fighting ringleader arrested and 7 dogs rescued from severe abuse

In Buffalo, New York, the ringleader of a major dog fighting operation was arrested over the weekend. Douglas Williams, 43, faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, permitting animal fighting on one’s premises and several … Read More