Vallejo woman finds three trash bags with dead dogs stuffed in them

It was a disturbing discovery in Vallejo, California for a woman walking her dog near an embankment off Columbus Parkway. A local resident, Carine Peters had been walking her German shepherds away from Blue Rock Springs Park when her dogs nosed their way into the nearby bushes. That’s when Carine spotted three black plastic garbage bags – dogs stuffed inside of them and a few dead bodies lying nearby.

According to Fox News, the bodies of the dogs had been deteriorating, but Carine was able to identify their breeds  and stated there were between 10 and 12 dogs – some looked like Labrador retrievers, poodles, spaniels, and all seemed to have been well-groomed. None of the bodies wore any collars or had identification tags.

“These animals lost their lives to something sick and depraved. I don’t know what happened. Were they bait dogs for fighting? Is there some individual out here that is killing dogs?, stated Carine who found the dogs in mid-February.  Of course I want a full-blown homicide investigation; they say there’s nothing to test, or to look at. In my mind there is.”

Even though she reported the grisly scene, it took a long time for Animal Control officers to arrive at the spot, and by then the weather and coyotes had caused most of the evidence of lost lives to disappear. The Vallejo Police Department and Animal Control have refused to investigate.   What Carine did find, however were two poles found near the dogs’ bodies. One of the poles had a box cutter blade attached to it. Was that used to kill the dogs, Carine wondered? The other pole had a scissors type head to it; black fur and plastic still entangled.

The Center of Animal Rescue and Education of Solano County has stepped up to help; believing the dogs were once someone’s pets. The organization is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible person(s) involved in this heinous deed.

(Photo of Vallejo woman finds dogs in garbage bags screenshot via Fox News and Kron4News)

Shame on the authorities for not investigating this crime sooner. To contact CARES with information, call (707) 319-7345 or email

Watch the video here:

Tiny Yorkie almost died after eating hot dogs stuffed with nails

In Lake Delton, Wisconsin, a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier nearly died after eating hot dog pieces stuffed with nails outside of the family’s apartment complex. According to WkowNews, the hot dogs were scattered going up a stairwell and while out for her walk, the pooch named Clarice snatched them up and ate some.

Clarice’s owner, Tom Deakin, thought it was rather strange to see the pieces of meat strewn around the area, and said in the back of his mind he thought someone may have been trying to poison the dogs. It didn’t take long before Deakin had to rush his dog to an emergency veterinarian. There, Dr. Sam Steinich found six nails in her stomach and colon.

Clarice had emergency surgery to save her life which lasted more than two hours. She is now recovering and will remain on a soft food diet until she heals. The apartment complex has issued a warning to all pet owners about the disturbing incident. Lake Delton police have not commented about the situation, although they do have a person of interest who is scheduled to be interviewed.

(Photos of Yorkie found eating hot dogs stuffed with nails via screenshot WkowNews)

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Wanted: Two men who abandoned severely injured dog on patio of restaurant

Authorities continue to search for two men who abandoned a severely injured dog on the patio of a fast-food restaurant in Brampton, Ontario. Surveillance cameras captured the images of the men, and the information has been released by the Peel Regional Police in what has been described as abandoning a small Yorkshire terrier with such severe injuries, the dog had to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian.

According to the Toronto Sun, the two men were caught on camera hanging out at the McDonald’s restaurant patio located at Sandalwood Parkway on April 15 for eight hours. When they left, employees found the small Yorkie and rushed it to a veterinarian. The security video shows the men arriving at 3:00 a.m. and then leaving at 10:45 a.m. The incident was not reported to the police until four days later, and police have not revealed if the dog was being abused while at the restaurant. Regardless, who abandons a dog that was in dire need of medical help?

As for the men’s description, one man has a medium complexion, short dark hair and a full beard. On that day, he was wearing a gray sweater, black pants, and red and black Nike shoes. The second man is only described as having a medium complexion. If anyone recognizes the men or the dog, contact the police at 905.453.2121 ext. 2133 or Crime Stoppers at 1.800.222.8477,

Help this little dog find justice.

(Photos of two men who abandoned severely injured dog courtesy of Peel Regional Police)

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Videos: Soldier accused of shooting veteran’s emotional support dog at close range

A soldier, allegedly with the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Bragg, has been arrested and charged with killing a dog after authorities stated he was involved in the shooting of a veteran’s emotional support dog. An arrest warrant accused Jarren Heng, 25, with animal cruelty and conspiracy. 

According to the Fayetteville Observer, the dog’s brutal death was videoed by the soldier and the dog’s owner. The dog, named Camboui, was shot five times after having been tied up and killed at close range. The dog’s owner has been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The couple took the dog to a remote area and both took turns filming the egregious deed. The owner then shot her dog multiple times with the rifle. In one of three videos, Heng could be heard stating:

“Let me hit him once!”

The owner then dragged her dog’s body away from the tree and buried him in a shallow grave.

A Facebook page titled Justice for Cam shows the disturbing videos, and according to the moderators of the page, explain the  disturbing situation as follows:

“A lot of people are getting upset that this video is posted here. You do not have to click play and watch it but let me clarify something. Marinna Rollins is trying to claim that the dog was sick and suffering and that she did this out of Mercy. The video has been shared, to prove otherwise, because we don’t want her to get off easy for the crime she committed. This was clearly not mercy. The videos are also labelled as graphic.”

“As graphic as the videos are, they tell Camboui’s story, that he was unable to do. Many people thought he was going to a new home, and family. These videos prove otherwise, that he was brought out to a wooded area, shot multiple times, and then beaten and dragged to a shallow grave. Like a piece of trash, not a well taken care of ESA. His body is still out there, somewhere in those NC woods.”

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Cumberland County Animal Control investigated the shooting. The dog’s owner has not been identified by authorities, nor has she been arrested or charged as of this time. 

Heng’s bail was set at $5,000.

(Photos of veteran’s emotional support dog and Heng via Facebook -Justice for Cam)

One of the videos can be viewed here. Please understand the videos are graphic and extremely disturbing.






One video of three – this one showing Camboui killed at close range.

Rest in peace Camboui







17-year-old family pet Scruffy killed in ‘sickening’ attack

The body of a family’s 17-year-old cherished dog named Scruffy was found on Friday tied to a plant in his Brisbane backyard; the senior dog who had been hard of hearing and nearly blind had been the victim of what has been labeled by authorities as a “sickening” attack.

According to the Brisbane Times, police stated someone entered the family’s backyard in Bardon during the day and pulled a towel hanging from the clothesline to dry and tied it around the Maltese terrier’s neck.

“The dog was then bound by the towel to a plant at the rear of the dwelling where he was later located deceased,” stated the police.

The exact cause of death of the dog is unknown, but blood was found at the scene. On Monday, police launched an animal cruelty investigation asking for members of the public to come forward with any information or clues to help solve the egregious crime.

Scruffy’s owners, Cath and Liam Proberts are devastated as are the three children who grew up with Scruffy.

“Because number one, I don’t want it happening again and number two, our beloved pet met a horrific ending and number three, it’s often the start of more significant crimes,” stated Liam.

Anyone with information is asked to call Policelink on 13 14 44 or Crime Stoppers on 1-800 333 000.

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‘Dog on a chain here dying’: New York City rescue group comes to aid of desperate puppy

On Saturday afternoon, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received a desperate plea to save an abandoned dog found tied to a chain brought to a rural Tifton, Georgia shelter.

“There’s a dog on a chain here dying if you want to come get him. He’s emaciated, covered in fleas, can’t stand or walk and his gums are white,” was the tragic message.

Unfortunately rural shelters do not have the money to treat emergency cases and without an approved rescue organization stepping forward to help, the dog would have to be humanely euthanized. And with no hesitation, Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, made immediate arrangements to transfer the dog they dubbed “Bear” to the nearest emergency veterinarian hospital.

“We will not stand by and let him die,” Jackie posted on Facebook notifying advocates what had just happened. “He deserves better and he will get better. This is not okay – not by a long shot.”

When Bear arrived at the hospital,  his red blood cell count was extremely low and had he not been given a life saving blood transfusion on Saturday night, he would have died by Sunday morning. Bear was so anemic and dehydrated, staff veterinarians had difficulty finding a vein for intravenous support. Early this morning, Bear began to eat and was able to stand for a short time; all good signs. The sweet dog continues his fight to live.


To help Bear and other emergency cases that continue to come into Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, PayPal: or or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028

(Photos and video of Bear – the dog on a chain courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Bear’s video here: (feeling a little better)

Heartbreaking loyalty as dying dog runs home to bid goodbye after shot with poisonous dart

In Changzhou, located in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, a small black dog and his canine pal had been happily playing in an alley near their home on April 20. Without any apparent reason, two men on a motorbike approached the area and the man on the back of the bike shot what appeared to be a gun with a poisonous dart into the black dog’s side. Moments later the men ride away, but not without the smaller dog barking and trying to chase the men down.

The black dog ran home to his owner who tried to catch the men, but sadly had been too late. The dog ran into the courtyard to greet a woman thought to be the wife of the man and most likely the dog’s owner. It was as if the dog knew he was dying and wanted to say goodbye; just moments later as the woman went over to check on her pet, the pup fell over. Repeatedly he tried to stand up to get closer to her. Tragically the dog began to twitch and died.


According to the Humane Society International, dog thieves often poison the dogs and then come back to collect their bodies. An estimated ten million dogs are stolen and killed each year for the country’s despicable dog meat trade; most of the dogs had owners and were beloved pets. One can not even imagine the horror these pets endure with their torturous deaths.

According to the Daily Mail, pet theft continues to be the driving force behind China’s dog meat trade; primarily one of the most heinous public events, such as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in southern China every June. The two suspects have not been apprehended.

(Photos of the loyal dog shot with a poisonous dart via screenshot from Pear Video.)
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The video was posted on Pear Video and can be viewed here.

English Mastiff puppy shot 60 times with pellets and bbs

A 100-pound English Mastiff puppy from Seymour, Indiana has been pummeled with more than 60 pellets and bbs. The dog’s owner, Hayden Howard, 24, stated the incident happened over the weekend while her dog named Jackson was in the family’s backyard.

According to Fox News,  Hayden originally thought the marks on the dog were from insect bites, but on Saturday she took Jackson to the vet after realizing they were holes.

 “They were just kind of looking at all the little holes and stuff and the more they shaved him, they just kept finding more and more,” she said. “I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think.”

Veterinarians shaved most of the dog’s coat and removed 27 pellets and bbs, however 20 more are still stuck in the dog’s body. Another 20 bounced off of Jackson after he was struck.

Police arrested the woman’s neighbor Tom Woodward for marijuana and methamphetamine charges and believe he may have been responsible for the attack on Jackson. A BB gun and pellets were found at his home; laboratory testing is currently being conducted to match them with what struck the pup, however there have been no charges for animal cruelty. Seymour Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Hayes is conducting the investigation.

Meanwhile Hayden reports that Jackson seems to be recovering. A reward of $500 has been offered to anyone with information that could help the investigation Call Seymour Police at (812) 522-1234.

Get well soon Jackson.

(Photos of English Mastiff puppy via Facebook. Last photo of Jackson before he was shot)

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Wisconsin woman allowed her dogs to eat puppies

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Crandon, Wisconsin, a woman has been arrested for allegedly allowing her dogs to eat puppies and the dead body of a horse. According to authorities, Patty Kirker, 52, was charged on Wednesday with 156 counts of animal mistreatment for failing to provide the animals with food and water; six of the counts are felonies.

An investigation of Kirker’s “puppy mill situation” had been launched earlier in the year after more than 80 complaints were filed. In a report from WsauNews, Kirker’s home had two feet of dog feces on the floor. On March 17, authorities seized 40 wolf-hybrid dogs and horses from the woman’s property. In the criminal complaint, the Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono cited two unnamed witnesses who told police they had seen adult dogs eating young puppies on the properties as the animals had to resort to any means to stave off their starvation while Kirker did not feed them.

Also, in the complaint were details of the “deplorable conditions” with a description of three puppies being killed by other dogs, and of one puppy having been eaten. Then there were two horses kept in a trailer for more than three weeks with no food while dogs ate a horse’s carcass. Another dog terrorized an older neighbor and attacked the woman’s cat. Four horses and one pony died on the property.

And then there were more horrific details of two dogs walking around with embedded collars, Kirker kicking dogs and some of the animals biting her back, chained dogs that were never fed and a blind horse running into “trees and things.”


Kirker also faces charges in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the county jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3. Kirker’s attorney denies the allegations are not true and will fight the charges. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are caring for the rescued animals.

(Photo of suspect alleged to have allowed her dogs to eat puppies via Forest County Sheriff’s Office booking photo)

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Heartbreaking howls and cries from dogs after thugs locked them in car and set it on fire

Authorities are searching for the heartless thugs who gathered up some dogs, locked them in an abandoned car and then set the vehicle on fire – for fun! The heartbreaking howls and cries from the dogs were devastating to onlookers because all they could do was watch; the rescuers were powerless to help – the flames were too intense to get close enough.

According to the Metro, the despicable situation took place in the city of Umm al-Fahm, Haifa District, northern Israel and was recorded by a witness’ cell phone. The agonizing screams of the dogs, unable to escape were haunting to everyone, including the police who have initiated an investigation. After emergency services arrived, they were unable to identify how many dogs perished in the car fire because their bodies were so badly burned.

Area residents are concerned that the culprits responsible for this heinous deed are capable of hurting humans too. Animal advocate, Eli Altman, founder of the group Let the Animals Live, has  called upon government officials to crack down on the rampant animal cruelty in the nation.

“I implore the public – watch the video, listen to the whines and cries of the poor dogs that are being burnt alive, and you will understand how animals are treated in Israel.”

The comments on the Metro Facebook page echo the feelings and sentiments of all compassionate humans trying to comprehend the atrocity of such an evil deed to helpless animals.

Tony Hart-WildenVile disgusting human beings. But at least in Israel they may get some actual punishment for animal abuse, unlike the slap on the wrist you would get in the U.K.”

Lindz BillingsleyAnd this is why animal cruelty laws need to be tougher. First it’s animals and then it’s people. Those dogs suffered for nothing and won’t even get any justice.”
Be warned – the cries of the dogs in the video will break your heart.
(Photo of dogs howls and cries in burning car via screenshot video Metro )
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