Abandoned pup wearing pain patch found in excruciating pain successfully underwent surgery

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Urgent rescue help was needed by Wednesday afternoon, March 20 in West Palm Beach, Florida for a tiny two-year-old Chihuahua dubbed Yellow who had been abandoned by his owner in a suspected heartless act of neglect and cruelty. The dog was discovered by a Good Samaritan who spotted the dog across the street from the shelter walking around.

The tiny pup, dubbed Yellow, had been wearing a surgery onesie as well as a patch on his back that said not to touch unless removed by a veterinarian. He also had a note on him stating he had just been out of surgery that morning. By the next morning, the puppy had awakened screaming in pain.

Yellow had been taken to the Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control who called out to area rescue organizations for immediate help. Fortunately, it was Big Dog Ranch who stepped in to rescue Yellow. Their rescue team arrived at Veterinary Emergency Group where Yellow had been taken for emergency care and transferred him to Dr. Nye at VCA Palm Beach Veterinarian Specialists.

When examined, Yellow had been in excruciating pain, and the MRI revealed the dog had an injured disc requiring emergency lifesaving surgery.

And now for the update:

Yellow successfully underwent surgery yesterday afternoon. Dr. Nye managed to remove disc material from Yellow’s neck. Today, he’s more comfortable and on the path to recovery. Yellow is a music fan and finds reggae music soothing. While he currently cannot walk on his own, we are hopeful that he will regain this ability in the coming days to weeks. Yellow is not yet ready to be discharged from the hospital and is expected to stay at least until tomorrow, if not longer, as we manage his post-operative discomfort and anxiety. We are profoundly grateful for everyone’s prayers and continued donations towards Yellow’s recovery.

Big Dog Ranch

To help:

Miracle Fund Donate: www.BDRR.org/miracle-fund

Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue

CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue

Zelle: [email protected]


Without donations, emergency care and surgery would not have been possible for this two-year-old dog just beginning his life. His history remains unclear at this time, but the emphasis for now is Yellow’s recovery.

Many thanks to all the heroes.

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