Hero pooch leads rescuers to her tightly trapped dog bestie

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In Glenwood, West Virginia, two brindled look-a-like hounds, well known for their uncanny abilities to escape from their home, were happily reunited after one of the dogs managed to rescue her bestie from a certain death after having been trapped in a large rock crevice.

According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, the two bonded dogs, Sadie and Daisy had escaped from their fenced-in yard in Glenwood on Thursday. It was thought the dogs had been chasing an animal in a heavily wooded area near the park when Daisy ran into a rock formation and became trapped. She had become firmly wedged between two large rocks which was well off the path and unlikely to be seen.

Sadie, however became one canine hero, and just like Lassie of the old adventure stories, saved her bestie. Mercer County Animal Control Officer Elizabeth Syres said Sadie had returned to the walking path and alerted people that she needed help.

“She actually found people and took them straight to where Daisy was. She [Daisy] was way off the trail. Nobody would ever have known where she was at.”

Officer Syres

Rescuers followed Sadie through the thick forest with bushes and moss-covered rocks to the spot where Daisy was trapped in a crawl space after having slipped and fell underneath. Rescuers worked for hours to free the dog and had to “dig her out.” Fortunately for Daisy, although her plight didn’t look good because rescuers feared she could have been paralyzed from the accident, they had been able to extract her legs and her head from between the rocks. And when she was finally freed, Daisy shook herself off as dogs love to do, and she kissed her rescuers and walked back to the path on a leash. Daisy managed to escape unharmed!

Sadie and Daisy’s reunion was overwhelming – something “you would see in a movie” stated Officer Syres. And on Friday, the two were reunited with their family after locating the dogs’ owner Denise Dishner through the Missing Pets Mercer County WV Facebook page.


Guess it’s time for the family to make that fence higher.

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