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Abandoned pup found floating and struggling in lake in desert area of Terra Lago

In the desert area of Terra Lago, an abandoned dog was spotted floating and struggling  in a lake trying desperately to stay afloat and get to the shore. A Good Samaritan spotted him and called … Read More

Dog’s intake shelter photo showed she knew she was being left behind

Meet Princess; one look at her intake photo from the South Los Angeles Shelter and the look on her face said it all. She knew she was being owner surrendered on Sunday, and her broken … Read More

Dog tied in scarf and left to die on California street

In the Maywood section of Los Angeles, a little dog was found around midnight on Tuesday wrapped in a scarf and left to die on the street. No one has any idea how long the … Read More

Senior Lab no longer ‘left behind’ is the most grateful little dog

Although the Carson Animal Care Center is closed to the general public because of the coronavirus outbreak, it didn’t stop the owners of a 13-year-old Labrador retriever from surrendering him on Sunday.

#A3523351 I’m

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Left behind: 13-year-old Lab surrendered to shelter breaks our hearts


RESCUED BY Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.  LOOK WHO WE HAVE AND LOOK HOW GRATEFUL HE IS ! They just know that when they are wrapped in the loving arms of our human

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Suffering dog with sores all over his body rescued just in time

A small dog left at a California shelter with open sores all over his body, was rescued on Friday; the painful photos of the suffering little pooch quickly having gone viral. Fortunately, Leave No Paws Read More

Update: Tyler and Treasure find fairy tale ending from their scary plight

Just days before Christmas, Tyler and Treasure were surrendered to the overcrowded South Los Angeles Shelter. Their family had been moving into a new home.

A shelter volunteer told their sad stories:

“Tyler & Treasure

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Update: Dumped 20-year-old pup who cried as his owner left rescued

What dog parent wouldn’t want to hug their 20-year-old dog? Meet Ivy, a senior pooch who was able to defy the odds of old age. His family, however surrendered him to the Carson Animal Care Read More

UPDATE on 13-year-old dog barely able to walk left at shelter

In the twilight of her life, a 13-15-year-old dog named Nicky found herself alone at a busy California animal control agency. The elderly dog was in poor condition – in fact, she was barely able … Read More

Update: Traumatized blind senior stripped of his collar by owner

On Friday, a blind senior was traumatized after his family left him at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Indigo, the 10-year-old Pomeranian, was stripped of his collar and his harness. For a few … Read More