Update: Tyler and Treasure find fairy tale ending from their scary plight

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Just days before Christmas, Tyler and Treasure were surrendered to the overcrowded South Los Angeles Shelter. Their family had been moving into a new home.

A shelter volunteer told their sad stories:

“Tyler & Treasure are trying to understand the new place they are in. It is very scary and loud. There is not going to be a Christmas for them this year.

Today they (their previous family) are probably setting up Christmas decorations in that new house excited for the holiday.”

Both dogs had been listed as “orange alert” – translated to mean they were in danger of being euthanized. At seven and eight years of age, both friendly and sweet dogs deserved better.

And as their heartbreaking stories and photos circulated through social media and as animal advocates shared their dubious futures, the rescue group Leave No Paws Behind had been making plans to rescue the dogs. It was to be a gift of love and life in celebration of the holiday season:

“Now they are a packaged deal and we have received an estimate of $997.38 (for immediate care) to $2,266.35. This covers both their blood work, fecal, urine tests, baths and sadly the possibility of having to remove Treasure’s eye, her eye pressure was off the charts and we will be consulting with a specialist 😩 Shelter notes state she was going to be PTS due to severe pain from glaucoma HOWEVER she has been started on pain meds and will be scheduled for surgery if needed. Sadly both dogs are blind however so sweet ❤️ Blood test results will be in tomorrow.

The great news is these two will stay together and will celebrate Christmas TOGETHER with our loving foster ❤️🎄”

On Thursday evening, Tyler and Treasure were rescued.

RESCUED BY Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. ❤️ HO HO HO! Merry Christmas to Tyler and Treasure ❤️🎄🌲❤️

While their heartless owners are busy decorating their new home these two adorable pooches were DUMPED at the shelter and left to die  They lost everything, their home, the only humans they ever loved and they were about to lose each other  Their chances of celebrating Christmas together were slim HOWEVER today they are now celebrating their gift of life and love TOGETHER as they board the LNPB Holiday Freedom Ride to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks .Merry Christmas Tyler and Treasure, your life matters.

Check out their freedom photos. Acts of kindness always make our hearts smile. And to Tyler and Treasure – the best is yet to come.

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