Thunder cone dog undergoes surgery

Thunder, ‘cone-dog’ found in the woods, undergoes surgery and more is known about owner

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Thunder, the so-called “cone dog” who was found this week by horseback riders in California’s Jackson State forest, has undergone surgery. The seven-year-old German shepherd, who was suffering with an embedded medical cone around his neck, was taken in by the Mendocino Humane Society and he is receiving veterinary care for a multitude of ailments stemming from an extended period of time on his own.

Thunder’s miraculous story quickly went viral on social media as people from across the nation shared his information, hoping to find out how he came to be a lost dog in the middle of the forest. On Thursday afternoon, the Facebook page established on Thunder’s behalf announced that his owner has been found, writing:

AN OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED. The Humane Society and local law enforcement are in correspondence with them. Thank you so much to everyone who helped with the microchip search and shared the posts!!! The funds are still being used for Thunder due to the politics of the situation, which is still under investigation. (Thunder WILL NOT be released).

According to the admin of the page, the full story will only be released after the humane society has given the okay. Unsubstantiated claims have been circulating about what happened to Thunder, but the shelter is still completing an investigation and nothing will be official released until all of the details are known.

In the meantime, Thunder is out of harm’s way – safe, warm and receiving much-needed veterinary care. Donations are still be accepted by the animal shelter at their website.

Original story about Thunder here.

Update 12/21/19: The latest regarding Thunder, his owner, and rumors being spread on social media

(image via Facebook)

Video of rescue:

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