Person who shot puppy left collar and note in owner’s mailbox

In Poplarville, Mississippi, Chad Strickler searched for his puppy for nearly a week until he found her collar and a note in his mailbox saying the young dog named Nymeria had been shot and killed for not wearing a leash and being in a neighbor’s trash can.

The 10-month-old wolf hybrid had been running free on Strickler’s 10-acre property with another family dog. Ghost, a white wolf-hybrid dog, came home on Saturday night – Nymeria did not. For the next six days Strickler searched all over for his dog, posted signs in the area, asked friends and neighbors on social media and drove around hoping to find her.

Nymeria, a 60-pound, friendly dog liked children and other dogs; her family said she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. After an accident when she was younger while scuffling with a stray dog, Nymeria lost one of her eyes, but despite her handicap, she still loved everyone and even shared her food with that same stray dog.

Just to make sure Nymeria would always be able to identified in case she strayed, she wore a bright yellow collar with her photo attached, her owner’s address, phone number and even a description of her friendly personality.

On Thursday, Strickler found his dog’s collar and a note sealed in a plastic bag in his mailbox. The note read:

“I’m sorry to inform you that your dog was shot and killed Saturday night while digging through my garbage. It did not suffer and I did not take pleasure in killing it. There is a county leash law which you should abide by so that I do not have to kill any more of your pets,” the note read.

Strickler was in tears – just to think he had been looking for his beloved puppy, and she was killed just for getting into someone’s trash. The dog’s body has not been returned; his owner would love to bury her with dignity. He asked on social media that Nymeria’s body be left on his driveway.

“You were more than garbage to me, baby girl. To think Nymeria was worth less than garbage or a damn phone call,” Strickler wrote.

Sadly, there isn’t much that can be done. The dog was on someone else’s property, and property owners are protected. The leash laws in Pearl River County require all animals to be behind a fence or restrained with a leash. Unfortunately animal cruelty laws in Mississippi are too lenient; few judges enforce the law.

Ghost looks for his sister and paces back and forth as if expecting her to come through the door at any time. She wears Nymeria’s collar which seems to calm her down – most likely it’s her scent?

Rest in peace sweet puppy. We are so sorry Chad.

Please keep your dogs leashed and safely behind a fence or barrier on your property. Dogs can’t read – how would they know they are trespassing?

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest animal related news.

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5 replies
  1. RTC says:

    This is exactly why you need to be a responsible pet owner, which includes keeping your animals legally and lawfully contained. This owner failed their dog.

  2. tim says:

    if you ever find the ahole ,I hope you burn his house to the ground preferrablely with him in it, takes a real piece of shit to do that to a pup

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s a monster that would kill a puppy that has identification on it without first confronting the owner to say the dog is being a problem. A heartless person did this, may they rot in Hell!

  4. Jan Barnes says:



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