Hundreds of shelter pets receiving Thanksgiving meals thanks to volunteers

Hundreds of shelter animals are receiving special meals today thanks to a team of compassionate volunteers. The festivities are happening at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control facility in Texas and the food looks … Read More

Ailing and starving animals discovered at shelter after police investigate neglect tip

Police in Pasco, Washington, discovered starving and sick animals at a Tri-Cities animal shelter on Thursday while investigating a tip about possible neglect at the facility. As reported by KOMO News, the authorities found … Read More

Devastating turn – Ohio shelter overrun with surrenders after stellar 2020 adoptions

2021 has been a sad turnaround from 2020’s stellar adoptions for most shelters across the nation. On Friday, Ohio’s Mahoning County Dog Warden lamented the surrenders which have overrun their shelter facility.

It is loud

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No future for ‘Arlo’ at shelter unless the community comes together to save him from euthanasia

As of Friday, Arlo was placed on the euthanasia list at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California. With the influx of dogs arriving at the shelter, the rates of euthanasia have increased, and although Arlo … Read More

Eight puppies who have not been socialized dumped at shelter after owner never bothered to be responsible

Eight puppies are huddled in a corner, scared witless because they have never been socialized and suddenly find themselves in a noisy shelter with strangers everywhere. The litter was surrendered to the East Valley Animal … Read More

Senior German shepherd reaches out with her paw for help at Florida shelter

A neglected, senior German shepherd has captured the hearts of shelter personnel at the Broward County Animal Care. Sitting obediently while looking up into the eyes of the staff, the 10-year-old reaches out her paw … Read More

Emaciated race horse abandoned in desert rescued by animal rescue group in Arizona

In Buckeye, Arizona, a horse trainer rescued an emaciated and dehydrated thoroughbred left to die in a field near Gila Bend. On Monday, the horse was spotted wandering alone in the desert. Allison Montano and … Read More

Bull that escaped from slaughter house two months ago finally captured and headed to sanctuary

Outlaw Barnie the bull was safely captured on Wednesday by Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue founder, Mike Stura. Barnie had been running free in the Moriches/Mastic area of New York since escaping from a slaughter … Read More

Two Dallas strays win the hearts of many with their affection for each other

Two Dallas strays have been winning the hearts of many on social media with their obvious loyalty and affection for each other via their recent photo. The two dogs are seen comforting each other in … Read More

Urgent help needed: Sorrowful story of senior dog surrendered to shelter and too sad to even move

Posted as “urgent” on numerous social media dog rescue sites, the heartbreaking photos and short videos of a senior Labrador retriever remind us how such sorrowful stories continue to repeat themselves over and over again. … Read More