Help: Bonded dogs together for 10 years, neglected and thrown away

Max and Bingo have been bonded for ten years; lived in the same home although by the looks of the two Shih Tzus have both been neglected for a long period of time.  On Monday, … Read More

Shelter pup is ‘kennel stressed’ after 3 weeks and scheduled to die

At the Riverside County Shelter in California, a young German shepherd is barely a year old, but is scheduled to be humanely euthanized at anytime. His crime?  Nicholas is “kennel stressed” after having spent three … Read More

Tennessee animal shelter needs help: 140 animals arrive in less than a week

In Johnson City, Tennessee, the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter needs help. In less than a week, 140 animals have arrived, and the shelter is in desperate need of help from animal advocates.

“We are

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Desperate for help: 12-year-old tiny dog needs out of shelter

At 12-years-old, a tiny dog needs out of the Carson Animal Care Center. On October 12, the frightened Shih Tzu arrived at the shelter and brought to the medical section.

Check out his video:… Read More

Update on ‘Ribeye’ left behind and holding onto a blanket

In Camarillo, California, an eight-year-old American bulldog still looks around a kennel cage at the Camarillo Animal Shelter and wonders why he is there. His name is “Ribeye,” and he was surrendered to the shelter … Read More

German shepherd tries to ‘melt into the wall’ at crowded shelter

Meet Jordan; he is a German shepherd who is so scared, he tries to “melt into the wall” to make all the confusion and noise disappear. As advocates try to help this boy at the … Read More

Two dogs survived hit and run driver who killed homeless couple

In Houston, Texas, the police are searching for the driver who allegedly ran over a homeless husband and wife sleeping under an overpass near Beechnut and the West Sam Houston Tollway.

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‘Libby’ medical plea from shelter for help of old spine fracture

Libby (aka Izzy) is a 10-year-old female tan Chihuahua with the saddest look on her face. She arrived at Carson Animal Care with what appears to be an old spine fracture at L4-L5, C3 and … Read More

Surrendered Chi goes into heartbreaking panic as her family leaves shelter

What a heartbreaking scene late last week as a tiny Chihuahua panicked as her family surrendered her to  Carson Animal Care in California and walked out of her life forever. When Coco, (aka Itty Bitty) … Read More

With tears in her eyes, pup left at shelter and traded in for a larger model

With tears in her eyes, Chica watched as her owner left the shelter. After ten years, her family surrendered her because they wanted a bigger dog. Meanwhile Chica was left heartbroken and confused.

A volunteer … Read More