Seeking hospice help for 17-year-old dog dumped at New York shelter

A 17-year-old dog surrendered to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, New York needs a compassionate rescue situation. Sadly, the people this senior most likely loved for most of his life decided to … Read More

Heartbroken dog traumatized by his owner’s death dragged into Kansas shelter

At the Kansas Animal Shelter in Wichita, volunteers witnessed a heartbroken and terrified dog being dragged into the city shelter by two men. The dog was just too scared to walk into the shelter on … Read More

Dog’s owner dumped her at shelter and when visitors left she cried inconsolably

In a heartbreaking story of an eight-year-old Rottweiler surrendered at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Saturday, Destiny was left lost and confused. She was an owner surrender, and once her person left her at the … Read More

Dog has been at shelter for 6 years found running after her owners after being dumped

In Orland, California, Missy has been waiting for a home for six years at the Town and County Humane Society. Sadly, she had been dumped by her owner on the side of the road; … Read More

UPDATE: Broken-hearted Tommie Bear returned to shelter again and now he just mopes

UPDATE: Adopted

“My family and I adopted our bear last week and he is doing great! He’s a big snuggly bear, his name fits him perfect,” posted Tommie Bear’s new mom.

In Houston, Texas, Tommie … Read More

Blind bewildered senior German shepherd tossed away like trash

At the Clayton County Animal Shelter, volunteers try to comfort a nine-year-old blind German shepherd. Sadly, he has been at the shelter since October 8, and his time might be running out. Rocky was rescued … Read More

Adopters walk away from 7-year-old Lab because he’s ‘too old and too big’

At Miami-Dade Animal Services, a seven-year-old Labrador retriever mix named Amarillo was surrendered by his owner, and no one has come to adopt him since that very sad day. The friendly senior has been at … Read More

Dog fighting ringleader arrested and 7 dogs rescued from severe abuse

In Buffalo, New York, the ringleader of a major dog fighting operation was arrested over the weekend. Douglas Williams, 43, faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, permitting animal fighting on one’s premises and several … Read More

Mushy Mastiff came in as a stray at shelter and is now looking for love

At the Monmouth County SPCA, a “mushy Mastiff” arrived at the shelter as a stray and no one stepped up to claim him nor have there been any reports received at surrounding shelters or with … Read More

Help: ‘Less adoptable’ Magoo has been at shelter for 2 years

It’s Adopt A “Less Adoptable” Pet Week, and Mr. Magoo is headlining the news. This two-year-resident at the Humane Society of Marshall County in Benton, Kentucky sure can use the help of social media to … Read More