No future for ‘Arlo’ at shelter unless the community comes together to save him from euthanasia

As of Friday, Arlo was placed on the euthanasia list at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California. With the influx of dogs arriving at the shelter, the rates of euthanasia have increased, and although Arlo … Read More

Shepherd reaches out for help as if she knows she is on euthanasia list

At the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, a five-year-old German shepherd is desperate for help. The shelter has reached out to social media asking approved rescue organizations and friends for an adoption or foster commitment … Read More

Dogs’ owner died and now they are on euthanasia list because no one wants them

Big Boy and Queen are bonded seniors, and when their owner died, no one in the family wanted them, and so off they went to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California.

Both dogs have been … Read More

Owner of special needs dog walked into shelter, handed his leash over and drove away

A seven-year-old dog arrived at Riverside County Animal Services on May 27, 2021 when his owner walked into the shelter, handed his leash over to the shelter personnel and drove away. No doubt “Thin Mint” … Read More

Impounded 10-month-old who shepherd suffered embedded rope wounds needs rescue

A 10-month-old terrified German shepherd puppy arrived at the Riverside County Animal Control on March 21, 2021 after he was impounded from his former owner. Wounds on the puppy’s neck caused by an embedded rope … Read More

14-year-old white shepherd should be in a home and not waiting to die at a shelter

At the Riverside County Animal Control, a 14-year-old white German shepherd waits at the shelter, not understanding why he is there and confused. He was found roaming the streets scavenging for food. His arthritis and … Read More

Emergency help for one-month-old injured Husky puppy at Riverside shelter

In Riverside, California, a four-week-old injured Alaskan Husky puppy was surrendered to the Riverside County Animal Control on February 17. This 2.40-pound puppy needs immediate rescue from the shelter.

Dubbed Cosmo, the staff at the … Read More

Terribly neglected 12-year-old poodle not doing well in shelter environment

A sweet 12-year-old female poodle needs help; she desperately needs to be rescued and could be humanely euthanized at the Riverside County Animal Shelter in California.

When Marshmallow came into the shelter on February 8, … Read More

Dog returned to shelter for being ‘too loyal’

Meet Wink. It’s hard to believe this adorable floppy-eared pooch was returned to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California for being “too loyal.” Sadly, all we can do is shake our heads and tell her … Read More

Scared and abandoned Mastiff’s life hangs in jeopardy at shelter

A scared Mastiff arrived at the Riverside County Animal Control in California last week after having been brought in last week. The five-year-old brindle beauty is not doing well; she looks to be injured or … Read More