Senior Gibson looked awful at the shelter when he showed up as a stray

Gibson looked terrible when he showed up as a stray, and what a neglected life the nine-year-old Shih Tzu must have had in his past. Now he has a chance at a new life – while he may be a senior, it certainly doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy his golden years. Staff members at the Carson Animal Shelter shaved this precious little guy to make him more comfortable; the matting and the knots pulled against his tender skin. Oh, how that must have hurt.

Click here for Gibson’s Pet Harbor listing. “I am described as a neutered male, white Shih Tzu. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 23, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A5043654. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here and here.

Check out Gibson’s brief video. Who can resist this little one who is depending on all of us to help him? His photo has been shared more than 2,500 times, yet no one has yet to come to his rescue. Please notify approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media. Sharing saves lives.

For more information, contact the Carson Shelter located at 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California. Phone: 310.523.9566




Owner cried after being evicted from home and forced to surrender shepherd Chato

Chato is a ten-year-old male German shepherd who was painfully surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center on Monday. In a heartbreaking separation, Chato’s owner cried as he left his best friend behind. The two had met ten years prior when the dog was sick in the shelter and lost an eye. Their love was undeniable, but life stepped in, and this time it wasn’t kind. The man had been evicted from his home and will be living in his car. Trying to do what is best for his dog and knowing life in a car for a dog is not a viable alternative, Chato has become an unintentional victim.

Click here for Chato’s Pet Harbor listing. “My name is Chato and I am described as a neutered male, black and tan German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter thinks I am about 10 years old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 13, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A3724798. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. For more information, contact Carson Shelter located at 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California.(Photos for this dog courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs on Facebook.)

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Check out his video here:



Woman walks by shelter dog: ‘What an ugly old dog’

“What an ugly old dog,” a woman snarled at a local shelter as she walked by Oscar, a senior Australian shepherd, who had been dumped on the side of the road on a busy street in Compton. For three days, Oscar languished on the curb – people drove by and walked near him, yet no one stopped to help. The 10-year-old mixed breed shepherd was not able to walk away on his own, because his hind legs collapsed beneath him. It was as if Oscar was invisible or viewed as yesterday’s trash.

Oscar was finally rescued and rushed to an emergency veterinarian in Long Beach, California. Fortunately he was not hit by a car, but does suffer from spinal stenosis – a common malady in older shepherds and shepherd mixes. His condition is improving, and the medical staff treating him, believe with a good diet, supplements and a patient and loving human companion, Oscar will be fine.

Oscar’s advocate Claudia Hoffmann has been networking for this friendly dog and hopes someone will come forward to provide Oscar with the care and love he so desperately needs:

“Nobody is standing in line for this sweet senior. But I’ll keep networking until that special person or special rescue comes along. Oscar is great with people BUT I DO NOT KNOW how he is with other dogs or cats. Remember, he was dumped on the streets and has been at the vet since then. He doesn’t care about other dogs when they walk by him. I was hoping a foster would be able to find out more. But that foster needs to be found first…”

If anyone can help with Oscar, please contact Claudia Hoffmann on Facebook or email . Oscar is located in Long Beach and all medical is/ will be taken care of, including extra funding needed by an approved rescue organization. Please share Oscar’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photo of “ugly old dog” courtesy of Claudia Hoffmann)

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Dumped on side of road unable to use her hind legs, pup keeps ‘smiling’

In Rialto, California, Charlie’s family dumped her on the side of the road. Who does that? It’s not like Charlie wandered off – the 12-year-old senior dog is unable to use her back legs. And so she was brought to the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter where volunteers have fallen in love with the pup who keeps smiling. Charlie at SBC 2

After having been examined by the vet staff at the shelter, the following notes have been posted:

 “The boxer has a spinal injury that caused the paralysis of the back legs. She is not in pain at all, and is a very happy and friendly boy. She does not need surgery, but  will need a home that can accommodate her special needs.”

A Facebook page for Charlie can be followed here. Advocates have been pledging funds for an approved rescue to help with Charlie’s needs. Please share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing does save lives. For more information about this dog, reference #A502065 and contact the:

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter located at 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, California.
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304

Photos of smiling Charlie courtesy of Urgent Pups of San Bernardino

Check out Charlie’s video:

Dog owner tells shelter ‘dog needed to be disposed of’ like trash

In another heartbreaking case of a pet owner completely failing their best friend, a neglected seven-year-old dog was rescued just in time on Monday as animal advocates coordinated arrangements with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  At the Baldwin County Animal Shelter in Hartwell, Georgia, Rock had been scheduled to be euthanized after his former owners informed the shelter they had a “dog who needed to be disposed of” as if breathing, obedient and loving Rock had been yesterday’s trash.rock the disposable

“Disposed of? You mean like garbage?,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asked on the organization’s Facebook page in disgust and shock. “How shameful and how despicable. Despite his rotten owners, despite his condition, Rock approaches with tail wagging – walking under his own power.”

What was especially shocking  and disturbing was the huge, gaping untreated tumor the dog had above his leg which wrapped around his rear end. It appears to have been growing for an unknown length of time. Clearly the dog was in significant pain and discomfort and was immediately transferred to the rescue’s partner veterinarian for an examination and care. And on Tuesday, Rock was diagnosed as extremely anemic, and is currently receiving intravenous fluids. It has not been determined if he will need a transfusion, although that is still a wait and see option. The dog’s best chance will most likely be the amputation of his leg, however that cannot be performed at this time because the tissue surrounding the tumor is extremely infected.rock the disposable 3

“We will do everything possible to turn Rock’s life around, no matter what,” Jaekie posted on the organization’s Facebook page to update advocates and followers. “We are not going to let Rock be ‘disposed of’ without a chance of life. We don’t know what he is facing, but we do know that he deserves dignity, love and respect.”



To donate to help Rock, please click here. or directly to Paypal- If donating by check: RDR NYC PO Box 101, Gracie Station, NY NY 10028.

(Photos of dog needed to be disposed of courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Senior Labrador with huge tumor found scrounging to survive on the streets

In rural Columbia, South Carolina, a senior Labrador retriever with a huge tumor on his shoulder was found roaming the streets by Animal Control scrounging everywhere for food. Thought to have been on his own for quite awhile and barely able to eat because of the neglected condition of his teeth, even more shocking was the massive growth. The  overall weight of the tumor affected his equilibrium – the kind and gentle dog, dubbed Davis, could barely walk and maintain his balance.Davis the dog

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has stepped up to rescue Davis. On Saturday, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization introduced the senior on their Facebook page:

“Davis got early release from the SC shelter and is now at our vet on IV with tests pending, on soft blankets probably feeling better than he has in a very long time! As you can probably guess, we need your help to help Davis! He’s going to need a big surgery.  Why, why, why would anyone let this happen to him?! Such senseless neglect.”Davis the dog 2

The ultimate goal for Davis is for the 60-pound dog to undergo successful surgery and then find a home where he can relax and be loved for the rest of his life. As with so many other dogs heartlessly abandoned by uncaring owners, it is not known where Davis came from, but we do know where he is now headed. To help with Davis’ surgery and all that is involved to help this dog have a quality future, donations to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can be made by clicking here or through PayPal at

(Photos and video of Labrador with huge tumor courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Davis’ short video here: (barely any teeth – how did he eat?

Heartbreaking video of senior Mastiff as owner surrendered her to shelter

The heartbreaking video of Hailie, the senior Mastiff surrendered on March 1 at the Carson Animal Care Center, brought tears to both shelter staff and volunteers. The eight-year-old dog’s owners told the shelter personnel she could no longer care for their dog who had been with her since she was a puppy- but who could explain the tragic situation to Hailie?

Click here for Hailie’s PetHarbor listing. “My name is Hailie and I am described as a female, black brindle and black Mastiff mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 01, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A4009432. A Facebook page for Hailie can be followed here.

On the Facebook page of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, the following comments were posted – softly reminding advocates to concentrate on helping Hailie. It is indeed tragic that this dog knew something very frightening was happening, and she tried with all the courage she could muster on perhaps the worst day of her life to be brave, as she was finally but reluctantly pushed into the cart on her way to the shelter’s intake area:

“This is a REALLY UPSETTING VIDEO of a sweet senior named HAILEY getting surrendered. The staff were visibly upset during the intake process as well. She is getting placed in the roller cart that the staff use to transport the dogs through the kennels to the medical intake.

The owners didn’t say why except they could not take care of her anymore. This will make you so angry at the owner but what HAILEY needs now is support, a FOSTER and RESCUE and Pledges for her MEDICAL CARE and she needs out FAST; this has to be the worst and most confusing night of her life! Please SHARE or consider FOSTERING…”

Share Hailie’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. This girl is described as being fine with other dogs and children. For more information, contact:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California 310.523.9566.

(Photo and video of senior Mastiff courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs)

Watch Hailie’s video here:

Brokenhearted 11-year-old Roxy traded in for kitten at Florida shelter

RESCUED! Please check out all of the other great dogs in need of home at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Every dog has their own story, and every dog deserves a loving home.

For over a decade, Roxy had a home. Tragically the bitter irony is the very place she was adopted from as a puppy, the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, is now the place she was returned. This time, an adorable little kitten took Roxy’s place – her bed, her toys and every warm caress and pat atop her head she had known for so many years. We can only hope the brokenhearted Roxy did not see her family walking out of the shelter with their new pet.Roxy by Cris 2

When shelter volunteer Cris Ferreira Reed arrived on Saturday, the heartbreak of Roxy’s plight was revealed.

“She is in ISO (isolation) and the ACO told me she was growling and snapping. I got permission to give it a try…. She crawled into my lap. She was just scared. She can sit, shake and is very obedient. He begged me ‘to take her today.’ I wish I could…”Roxy by cris 4

A Facebook link to help Roxy can be followed here. Please share this senior’s story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Click here for her adoption photos and her listing. Animal ID: A047268    Room No.: WD08. “Hi, my name is Roxy. I am an approximately 11 year old bl brindle and br brindle spayed female.  I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 48 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Tuesday, February 21, 2017.” If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.

(Edit: Please note the kitten was not adopted through the OCAS.)

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Irate animal lover confronts man who helped to drive a nail into dog’s head and bury it alive

In what the prosecuting attorney for the RSPCA described as an “extremely distressing case” of animal cruelty, an irate animal lover confronted the man who aided a small dog’s owner into repeatedly hitting his 16-year-old dog with a hammer and then burying the suffering animal alive in a shallow grave. According to the Sun, the confrontation occurred on Wednesday in front of Tesside Magistrates Court in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.

Robert Finch, 60, and Michael Heathcock, 59, were charged with animal cruelty by the RSPCA. The small West Highland terrier, named Scamp was found last October by walkers in the Kirkleatham Woods in Redcar. The couple heard soft whining noises nearby and discovered the fatally injured dog. They rushed Scamp to the vet, but it was decided the dog was in excruciating pain and made the decision to humanely euthanize him. According to court records, the owner of the dog, Heathcock told officers his dog had been incontinent and his house had “started to smell” and “something had to be done.” The men had been drinking in a local pub when Finch convinced Heathcock to kill the dog so he wouldn’t have to pay to have his dog euthanized at a with nail thru its head2

“They decided to take the dog to Kirkleatham Woods and took a claw hammer and a nail. They agreed Mr. Heathcock would drive a nail into the dog’s skull,” John Elwood, prosecutor for the RSPCA told the court.

Heathcock pleaded guilty to driving a nail into Scamp’s skull and for not providing proper veterinary care and attention to the dog. Finch admitted to assisting in the act. The men “felt it was the right thing to do,” stating Scamp was blind, deaf and his back legs “had gone.” and so they took the dog out to the woods and using a claw hammer hit the dog six times over the head pounding in the nail.

Elwood told the court the veterinarian who first examined the dog stated it was the worst case of animal cruelty he had ever seen. It has been claimed both men are extremely remorseful and did not mean to cause Scamp the unnecessary suffering. Both men will be sentenced on March 1.

Rest in peace Scamp.

(Photos of irate animal animal advocate confronting men via screenshot from Daily Express)

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Betrayed: Dog thrown out on the street because he was ‘sick’

A senior Labrador retriever had been betrayed and left abandoned on the streets of Miami. There he stayed barely hanging on to life, not moving, and at first people  passing by thought he was dead. When rescue organization, Their Lives Matter stepped up to help on Monday, the dog they dubbed Collin, was immediately rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital in Miami where he received life saving treatment:Collin the dog cover 2

“This is the reality of our cruel world…. a living being thrown out like trash, literally left on the street by his owner because he was “sick” when he needed his “owner” the most…. he was betrayed…..Don’t look away …. I know it’s difficult. But its real. It’s sad, and someone knowingly neglected this senior boy. His very life and soul barely hanging on today until he finally got a break, and someone noticed his desperate situation… Collin is being stabilized as we speak. If you can spare a dollar it will go a long way for yet another senior in need who didn’t matter to an owner who didn’t deserve him – once again Dr. Oscar  and Pet House are giving their all their help to him and our volunteers are there,” posted Grace Lofton Kaye, founder of the rescue organization on her Facebook page as she showed the heartbreaking reality of indifference and too many times – a disposable society.collin the dog 2

Collin arrived at the hospital with open wounds, dehydrated and covered in more than a 1,000 ticks. By the end of the day, the dog had been given a warm bath, fed, ticks removed and is currently on antibiotics. Amazingly he tested negative for heartworms and is now receiving fluids and being kept comfortable; most likely a feeling this dog hasn’t known for a long time. The next step into Collin’s recovery will be to address tumors and hope they are not cancerous. While he may have been callously tossed away by his owner, we can all be reassured Collin will never be betrayed again.Collin the dog 4


A fundraiser to help with Collin’s veterinary treatment can be found here.

Readers can follow his progress here.

Photos and video courtesy of Their Lives Matter.





Check out his video here – probably the first bath this poor boy can even remember: