Rescue owner’s heartbreaking message to owner of 14-year-old dying dog left in trash

In Fort Bend County, Texas, a 14-year-old dog was discovered Thursday lying on a pile of trash on the coldest night of the season. Jamie’s Animal Rescue answered the plea for help.

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Update on senior dog videoed being beaten for defecating in the house

A viral video of a dog being beaten and dragged in Brevard County, Florida quickly captured the attention of animal advocates on Saturday, who immediately went to work to rescue the abused eight-year-old senior pup. … Read More

Update on 15-year-old Nikki surrendered by her homeless owners

A Texas based rescue organization stepped up to help a 15-year-old dog on Monday, after an employee of a local Houston hotel called for help thinking a defenseless dog’s owner had abandoned her. A short … Read More

Rescuers offer $1000 reward for info on 2 abandoned Yorkies left in box

The Oregon Humane Society is asking for the public’s help for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved who abandoned two Yorkshire terriers in a closed box. A $1,000 reward has … Read More

Senior Boxer left baking in the sun after being abandoned on freeway

An elderly Boxer was abandoned on the side of a busy freeway near Fontana, California on Sunday morning. Whoever dumped her, left the poor dog baking in the sun. Fortunately, Good Samaritans stopped to help … Read More

Left behind: 13-year-old Lab surrendered to shelter breaks our hearts


RESCUED BY Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.  LOOK WHO WE HAVE AND LOOK HOW GRATEFUL HE IS ! They just know that when they are wrapped in the loving arms of our human

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Owners wanted Rocky euth’ed for his skin condition: Shelter refused

At Miami-Dade Animal Services in Florida, the owners of a 16-pound male terrier brought their dog to the shelter  on Tuesday and asked that their 10-year-old dog be euthanized because of his skin condition. The … Read More

Elderly dog close to dying found curled up into a broken little ball

On Monday evening in West Mesa, New Mexico, officers from Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center came upon a heartbreaking scene. An elderly dog had been left all alone and very near death; he … Read More

Old blind dog rescued after plummeting down 23-foot storm drain

In Udon Thani, Thailand, an old, blind dog was rescued on New Year’s Day after plummeting down a 23-foot storm drain. Fortunately he was able to catch his balance on a small piece of wood.… Read More

Owner called him ‘Monster’ and left him at shelter to die

At nearly 14-years-old an adorable Chihuahua named “Monster” was surrendered to Lancaster Animal Care Center in California on December 29. He sits and stares through the bars of his cage – wondering where and why … Read More