Update on Ewok-looking senior surrendered by owners to be euth’ed

Volunteers and rescuers were at a loss for words when a tiny Ewok-looking teddy bear listed as 20-years-old was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter. Terrified , confused and wondering why he was there, … Read More

Owner would have dumped bonded seniors in shelter parking lot

A bonded pair of senior dogs would have been dumped in the shelter parking lot, had Riverside Animal Shelter not been able to take the dogs. According to a volunteer, the heartbreaking story for these … Read More

Even when mini pinscher pretends to sleep, senior shivers in fright

Even when Rosie, the mini pinscher, pretends to sleep, her tiny body shivers in fright. She arrived as a stray on August 25 and her family has not been to the Carson Animal Care Center … Read More

Breaking our hearts: Help needed for senior Chi Honey Bee

Little Honey Bee is breaking hearts. His sad little brown eyes look up at everyone as they pass by his shelter cage in the medical section of Carson Animal Care Center. His shelter information includes … Read More

UPDATE: Dog dragged behind bike and beaten unconscious on the mend

Justice, the dog dragged behind a bike and then subsequently beaten with the bike until he collapsed and became unconscious, is healing after undergoing surgery. According to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue’s Facebook page … Read More

Sebastian man left dog in hot car because it ‘was old and going to die anyway’

In Sebastian, Florida, a 64-year-old man was arrested on Thursday and charged with leaving his dog in a hot car for three hours as outside temperatures soared to 102 degrees.

According to the TCPalm, police … Read More

Is this really a dog? Years of neglect and abuse and thrown into a shelter

Is this really a dog? Sadly, this is nine-year-old Dustin who survived a lifetime of neglect and abuse. And when his owner no longer wanted to be bothered just feeding his dog, Dustin was surrendered … Read More

Neglected 16-year-old Tigger left at shelter by his owner to be euthanized

A neglected 16-year-old poodle named Tigger was surrendered on Monday to Carson Animal Care. His family asked that their dog be euthanized because he was old. Of course, Tigger doesn’t understand. Once the only family … Read More

Terribly neglected 14-year-old Shar-Pei still loves to cuddle and kiss

A terribly neglected 14-year-old Shar-Pei, seized by Humane Law Enforcement officers in Texas, is now on her way to New York City for specialized veterinarian care. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was made aware of Rouge’s … Read More

Florida rescue dedicated to helping senior citizens keep their dogs

Often when visiting an animal shelter, we come across many dogs and cats who share the same sad story. They were once the beloved pet of  senior citizens, but for whatever the reasons were not … Read More