Child bit senior dog: Startled pet bit back and now no longer wanted

A five-year-old child bit a senior dog. Where were his parents? Sadly, the startled pet bit the child back, and now the dog is at Jefferson County Animal Control, Missouri because his family no longer … Read More

Dog lived 12 years tied to her doghouse amid filth and debris

It happened on Thursday in South Texas; a dog who lived for 12 years tied to her doghouse in the backyard of a home was rescued from filth, debris and dirty drinking water.

With the … Read More

Update: Ailing senior bulldog labeled ‘code red’ on the mend

Just days ago, an ailing senior dog was labeled “code red” after her stray holding period from Riverside County Animal Control came and went; her owner never stepped forward. Sadly, Esme was hurt and ill; … Read More

Plum has waited 98 days to be rescued and now her time has run out

At the Brooklyn facility of New York City Animal Care Centers, an “old soul” named Plum has waited 98 days at the shelter hoping for a family to take her home. Sadly, she has watched … Read More

Tiny Yorkie left for dead discovered inside of trashcan

A tiny Yorkie was found on Thursday morning in the 1800 block of North Taylor Street in North Philadelphia. She had been left for dead when discovered by a Good Samaritan who heard a faint … Read More

14-year-old senior survived distemper outbreak but no one cares

A 14-year-old terrier named Robby is a survivor, but surely he must be wondering why he lived through that scary experience? At the Inland Valley Humane Society, Robby survived a distemper outbreak, but he’s still … Read More

Handsome older German shepherd needs help out of shelter now

September, aka Sammy, has been at Carson Animal Care Center since September 13. He came in as a stray, but he is a gregarious tan and black German shepherd who loves to socialize and run … Read More

‘Too old Casu’ dumped at shelter while owners looked for new dog

A 15-year-old terrier named Casu arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Thursday. His family told the shelter staff the dog was “too old.” Explain all that to a confused, blind dog whose heart … Read More

Old sweet pup needs to be saved at Kansas shelter today

Time is running out for Molly. Sadly, the 14-year-old Bichon Frise was surrendered by her owner because they did not have the time to properly care for her. If no one helps Molly by 5:00 … Read More

Suffolk County SPCA charges woman for extreme neglect to senior dog

At the Suffolk County SPCA, detectives charged a Brentwood woman with neglecting her senior dog. On Tuesday, Crystal Booker was charged with one count of failure to provide proper sustenance including food, water and … Read More