Who does this? 16-year-old dog finally able to break free from awful neglect

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At the McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a 16-year-old dog is finally receiving the love and care he so deserves. How anyone could have been so neglectful of this sweet dog is too difficult for most of us to understand.

Meet Gary. This senior probably spent many years in this awful physical condition as shown in the following photo. This is what Gary really looks like – no photoshop or editing here.

Volunteers and staff from the McKamey Animal Center met Gary just a few weeks ago after he likely broke free from where he had been living. He was spotted scavenging about the neighborhood looking for some handouts and a bit of kindness. Fortunately, a neighbor in the area found him and notified the organization for help.

Gary is in deplorable condition.

Gary when found

We don’t know if he will make it given his neglected health conditions, severe emaciation and age. What we do know is that since he has come into our care, Gary has put on weight and seems to have a spark of hope back in his eyes. He’s fighting and we’re going to fight with him.

McKamey Facebook page

In this case, Gary has had his day in court. Cruelty charges have been brought against his previous owner, and the rescue has been granted custody of the dog. Gary will never have to endure another day of neglect and abuse.

Gary continues to need costly and closely monitored care which includes frequent feedings, medication, surgeries and daily care. On behalf of Gary and the other homeless dogs who also need help, donations are needed. Please click here to help.

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