Woman searching for lost dog fatally shot by elderly man

An elderly man in Manatee County, Florida, is accused of fatally shooting a woman who was helping her family search for a lost dog. According to Wednesday’s publication of the Bradenton Herald, 83-year-old Eugene F. Matthews allegedly killed the woman with a handgun after the woman’s daughter, and her son-in-law, knocked on Matthews’ door around 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

The victim, identified as 65-year-old Rebecca Rawson, was still in her car when Matthews allegedly turned the gun in her direction – she was hit by a bullet that went through the car windshield. According to the Associated Press, nobody else at the scene was injured in the bizarre situation.

Matthews was taken into custody and he is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

(Booking photo via Manatee County Sheriff’s Office)

Stolen shelter puppy found, couple arrested and charged

A puppy, stolen from a shelter in Lake County, Florida, has been found and the couple accused of stealing her were arrested and are now facing charges. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Department, the eight-month-old pup, named “Kendrick,” is back safe and sound.

Animal Services updated worried Facebook followers on Friday:

Thanks to the amazing and quick detective work of LCSO, we’ve safely recovered Kendrick and our suspects are in custody!

The puppy was taken by a couple identified as Justin Geoffrey Kates, 28, and Michelle Ashley Barbee, 29, on Thursday afternoon. Shortly after the theft, Animal Services took to social media to try and find the missing puppy, as well as the people accused of stealing her – a Facebook post read:

Yesterday afternoon our shelter had a theft occur during business hours of a 8 month old bull dog puppy mix named Kendrick. Obviously when something like this occurs we have to make sure we are accurate on the facts of how this occurred and who is responsible. After investigating with our resources and witness statements we have obtained photos of the responsible parties . Please know that we are actively looking for this puppy and the two pictured individuals.

According to the Central Florida Wire, tips led the authorities to Kates and Barbee – the couple’s motive for stealing the puppy is unclear.

Update on missing dogs stolen by pet-sitter

There is news to report on the two dogs who were stolen by a pet sitter in September 2016. After an article was published to the Pet Rescue Report, one of the dogs has been recovered  – alive and for the most part, well. On Friday, the Facebook page which was established to help bring the missing dogs (Bella and Rosie) back to their owner, posted the joyous news to page followers.

The post describes how Ekemini Udoh, the dogs’ owner, first got the news that one dog had possibly been found:

Around 11 a.m, I was about to step in the shower to prepare for my daily routine of the Bella and Rosie search when I got a call from someone who claimed to have one of my dogs. I had been through this before so I wasn’t really enthusiastic about it. I asked for a picture and I looked like it could be Bella but I wasn’t too sure so I asked for another one. He agreed to meet at Petsmart and wanted to remain anonymous as is his choice.

The man claimed that he had purchased the young dog two weeks ago at a mall from a white man in Chester County. Udoh met up with the man at the pet store and she felt that the tiny pup that he presented to her could not be Bella…but they decided to have her scanned for a microchip at the store, just in case. She described her subsequent shock.

The shock that went through my bones when the chip read as Bella was indescribable. Immediately I fell on floor and started screaming. I couldn’t believe that this little one was my Long lost Bella. I put her on the scale and her weight was 4.8 lbs. Amidst my joy was sadness. How did Bella get this way? How does a little puppy lose over 2 lbs of body weight in 3 months? She’s supposed to have gotten bigger and not smaller.

She continued:

The kind gentleman was paid his money back for the purchase by an amazing person who didn’t even know me. I scheduled Bella’s check up and she had a lot of tartar and was very skinny and dehydrated. Otherwise, she is fine. She didn’t seemed like she was abused, except maybe underfed. She knew my couch and my bed instantly. She starts barking at herself in my dresser mirror. When I put out food for her. She gobbled it up immediately. She still knew most of her tricks. She was her old self. I didn’t even recognize my own dog. Had it not been for the chip, I would have asked the guy to go home with his dog.

Bella is now home, safe and sound, but Udoh worries about Rosie, especially after seeing Bella’s condition after her time away from home – she wrote:

I am even more determined to double my efforts and do whatever it takes to get my baby back to me and her sister. I urge the person or person(s) who has my Rosie to do the same thing this wonderful person did and return her to us. I have cried and suffered enough.

Follow the continued search for Rosie at this link to the Bella and Rosie Facebook page.

Pet sitter stole, then sold, hospitalized owner’s dogs

Two young dogs were stolen, and then sold, by a pet sitter. The dogs, Bella and Rosie, have been missing since September 2016. According to the dogs’ owner, Ekemini Udoh, the cruel incident took place while Udoh was hospitalized.

Udoh told the Pet Rescue Report, “Bella and Rosie were stolen and sold in September 2016 by the pet sitter, Barry Maurice Sharpe, while I was in the hospital. He was arrested on December 20, 2016 on two counts of felony larceny dogs. I don’t know where or to whom they were sold to and I am trying to get their story out there in case someone or anyone has seen them or has any information that might be useful in finding them.”

Pups stolen by pet sitter

The pups, who were just nine months old when they were taken, were last seen in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Both pups are Pomeranian/Poodle mixes who are already spayed and micro-chipped. According to Udoh, there is a $2,000 reward offered for the safe return of Bella and Rosie.


On December 26, a Facebook post was made to the Bella and Rosie Facebook page:

The reward money for anyone who helps us find Bella and Rosie is now $2,000 cash or cashier’s check only!!! I couldn’t care less about how you came into possession of the dogs, why you are in possession of the dogs or who or where you got the dogs from. I just want my dogs back. The real criminal has already been arrested and that’s the only person who deserves it. Most importantly, you must be prepared to show recent pictures and videos of the dogs and willing to meet in a public place.

Reward offered in case of brutal puppy beating

A hefty reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for a brutal beating which left a puppy so severely injured that she had to be humanely euthanized. According to the Clarion-Ledger, In Defense of Animals is offering the $2500 reward to help bring justice to the grievously abused puppy dubbed “Thursday.”

The puppy was found on December 15 in a Jackson, Mississippi, park. The man who made the grim discovery reached out to the Animal Rescue Fund. The animal welfare agency described the horrific injuries the puppy had suffered:

We received a call about an injured puppy. When he described the injuries, we jumped and ran to the address he gave. When he brought out the puppy, we wept. We can not post all the photos we have, because they are too gruesome for even the most seasoned rescuer. The puppy we named Thursday had been beaten with some blunt object. Her head was swollen to three times its normal size, she had lost an eye and her lower jaw.

Thursday was so badly injured that humane euthanasia was the only option. Anyone with information about this cruel case is asked to reach out to the Jackson Police Department or In Defense of Animals at 662-809-4483.

(Photo via Animal Rescue Fund/Facebook)

Man accused of slashing dog with machete during deer hunt

A Virginia man is accused of severely injuring a dog with a machete. According to WQAD 8, the accused dog slasher is identified as Cortland Daniel McBeth.

McBeth allegedly admitted that he sliced open a young dog named “Butch” during a deer hunt on Saturday afternoon. Butch’s owner, Dameon Brooks, said that another member of his hunt club confronted McBeth after finding the nine-month-old pup with a laceration on his side – the man allegedly admitted that he slashed the dog in order to “protect his livestock.”

The incident has resulted in charges against McBeth, including  animal cruelty and impending a hunt, reported WTVR News. The injured puppy underwent surgery at the Warsaw Animal Clinic – his long term prognosis is unknown.

(Photo via QUAD 8 News)

Teen who killed his grandma’s puppy fined and banned from owning pets

A 19-year-old New Jersey teen, who was arrested after he killed his grandma’s puppy, has been sentenced. According to the Burlington County SPCA Humane Police, after pleading guilty, Quintin Segars, of Roebling, was fined $750 and he was banned from ever owning an animal again.

Segars killed his grandmother’s newly adopted seven-month-old puppy, “Fiona,” shortly after the pup was adopted. The Malti-poo mix puppy was allegedly killed in the midst of an argument between Segars and his grandma – the puppy is believed to have been ‘swung by the neck’ before dying.

Quintin Segars was charged by County Humane Police with “Inflicting unnecessary cruelty on a living creature” and “Needlessly killing a living creature,” for the October killing.

Prior article about this situation here.

(Image/Stock image via Wikipedia Free Commons)


Woman claims pet-sitter nearly starved dog to death

According to Monday’s publication of the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) a woman has turned to social media with a heartbreaking story of alleged neglect at the hands of a pet-sitter. Justine Stinnett has utilized Facebook and Instagram  to report the condition of a dog named “Lucky,” who appears to have been nearly starved to death.

According to Stinnett the dog was being cared for by a woman named Ashley Marie Davis. Stinnett claims that Davis was fostering the dog, but then moved away and left Lucky to die. On a YouCaring account which has been set up, the details of the alleged neglect are recounted.

The YouCaring Fundraiser explains:

She moved away and left him to die without contacting me to let me know. After missing his vet appointment I grew very concerned and suspicious. Nothing she said added up. When I was finally able to get him back I was in shock. After only a few weeks in her care he was almost dead. Skin and bones.

The skin and bones dog has been taken to a veterinarian for care, but he is apparently not doing well. Late Sunday, Stinnett posted an update to her Facebook page:

Ashley, wherever you are… I want you to know that I just received a call from the vet saying that Lucky may be going into heart failure. You had him for a month a 4 days. I trusted you… we all trusted you. You took a young, healthy, beautiful dog, and you broke him. You tortured him along with an older blind dog. They were defenseless. If you didn’t want them anymore all you had to do was say so. One call and I would have been there. Lucky and Simpson may not have a voice.

According to Stinnett, and investigation into this horrible situation is underway.

Woman, three dogs found dead after police shoot man with gun

On Sunday afternoon, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, made a grim discovery inside of a residence near Charles Page Boulevard in Tulsa. Officers were called to the area around 1:00 p.m., and they found a man, with a shotgun, on the front porch, reported the Associated Press.

The man with the gun was shot and killed after he pointed his weapon at the responding police officers. According to News on 6, when the authorities entered the residence, they found a woman’s body, as well as three dead dogs and one injured dog.

The man who was fatally shot by the authorities has been identified as 72-year-old Ronald Massengale and the woman was his wife, 67-year-old Jacquelyn Massengale.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unknown – neighbors believed that the couple were “loving” and the motive is still a mystery. The officer responsible for Ronald Messengale’s death is currently on leave while the case is investigated.

The latest on young dog paralyzed after being shot in the back

Updated information has been released on the injured, young dog who was discovered in Beaufort, South Carolina. The dog, a one-year-old Schnauzer mix dubbed “Snuffy,” was paralyzed after being shot in the back – according to the non-profit rescue group, Noah’s Arks Rescue, whoever shot the dog did so at point blank range.

The non-profit organization detailed what Snuffy’s veterinarian, Dr. Bergman, found during the examination, “Someone had SHOT Snuffy Point Blank in the back with a pellet gun, and the pellet was dead center in his Spinal Cord. The person that did this put the gun directly on the skin of Snuffy and FIRED. It was as if their intention was to sever the spine completely. The destruction was so great, that hair was embedded in the spinal cord.”

Dr. Bergman told the rescue group that, “He could not have placed a pellet in the spinal column that accurate if he had surgically done it.”

Snuffy is completely paralyzed in the rear portion of his body at this point in time, including his bladder and bowels. An initial reward of $1,000 was offered, but it is now up to $5,000. Anyone with information about this act of cruelty is asked to call 843-255-5010.  Beaufort County, Hilton Head Humane and Noah’s Arks Rescue are jointly paying the Reward Fee.

(Photo via Noah’s Arks Rescue)