Naked woman sets kitchen on fire, tries to stab fireman after trying to cook a cat

A naked woman in Tucson, Arizona has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson of an occupied structure and animal cruelty and abuse. Ebony Hurndon, 41, tried to cook her cat when she set the kitchen on fire and then attempted to stab a fireman.

According to the, on Friday, October 6, the Tucson Fire Department had been called to a fire at an apartment in the 4300 block of East 29th Street. When firemen entered the apartment, Hurndon came out brandishing a knife and allegedly tried to stab the captain in the chest. The captain’s thick fire coat was able to thwart the sharp blade without injuring the officer. The Tucson Police Department arrived in a few minutes while Hurndon continued to threaten everyone around her.

The police used an electronic stun gun to stop the woman. The fire which started from the stove was extinguished. Sadly, the cat did not survive.

(Photo of naked woman who tried to cook a cat via Tucson Police Department)

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Someone broke into man’s home and shot his dog several times

On Friday, someone broke into a man’s home in Atlanta, Georgia, and shot his beloved dog several times. The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, told WSBTV News that his pit bull, “Coco,” was his best friend.

Coco’s owner had left his home to run an errand nearby…when he returned, he found his door kicked in, multiple items missing, and his dog in a bedroom, soaked in blood because a burglar had repeatedly shot her. He told the news agency, “She was laying on the back in the corner and it was just full of blood.”

Coco was taken to a veterinarian for care – they found four gunshot wounds. The injuries were devastating and ultimately proved to be fatal. Despite receiving care, the seven-year-old dog died after one of her surgeries. The devastating news was posted to a fundraiser created to help cover veterinary costs:

I’m sorry to write Coco didn’t make it after her 2nd surgery today as hoped, and passed away. Also sad- most of the vet bill still isn’t covered, so I’m leaving the fundraiser open until it is. Thanks so much for everyone’s generosity.

The authorities are investigating – anyone with information is asked to  call the Atlanta Police at 404-614-6544.

(Image via GoFundMe)

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Senior dog let outside for potty break is stabbed to death in yard

On Friday night, a Washington family’s senior dog was let outside for a potty break and someone committed an evil act of cruelty which left the dog dead. According to KOMO News, Paul Hense’s 10-year-old poodle, “Mickey,” was let out into the fenced backyard, but he didn’t come back inside after a few minutes like he usually does.

Hense told KOMO, “I was 20 yards away in the house with the door cracked and I heard nothing.” Someone had stabbed Mickey all the way through his body and part of the skin along his back was gone. A veterinarian stated that it appeared to be intentional injuries from a person.

The fence in Hense’s backyard borders the Interurban Trail in Edmonds – Hense wonders if Mickey barked at someone, or if something more sinister is at play. He told KOMO, “If the dog was the target that’s bad enough, but what if the dog wasn’t the target? What if the house or the people in the house was the target? So that’s what I’m trying to find out.”

The local authorities are investigating the cruel situation.

(Screenshot via KOMO News)

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Recently in the Pet Rescue Report news: Stunning senior German shepherd languishes at shelter after family dumped him

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Family’s dog ‘filleted’ open by cruel monster

An Oregon family’s dog was filleted open by a cruel individual. According to Friday’s KATU News, the awful incident happened last weekend in the Coleman family’s backyard in The Dalles. The local animal control has been alerted to the heinous deed and owner Jenny Coleman stated that the animal control officer was, ” just sick about it, Blue is such a sweet dog.”

Blue’s injuries are significant – someone sliced him open from his anus to his testicles. Coleman said that her veterinarian has never seen anything like it before. On a GoFundMe account, the damage to Blue was recounted by his family:

On Sunday, August 20th at approx. 12:15 pm our baby, Blue, was brutally attacked . I was at work and I recieved a desperate plea for help from my 16 year old daughter “Mom, Blue is bleeding all over the house, I don’t know what to do”. Blue was cut from his anus to his testicles.

Blue is recuperating from the severe injuries and the local authorities are continuing to investigate this terrible case of animal cruelty.

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Family’s digging dog deemed honorary narcotics K9 after drug find

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office has named an Oregon family’s digging dog, “Kenyon,” as an honorary narcotics K9 after the dog unearthed illegal drugs which were buried on his owner’s property. The 18-month-old golden retriever dug up what his owners thought was a time capsule – possibly left by the people who previously lived in their home.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the family, who has opted to remain anonymous, decided to video-tape themselves opening the supposed time capsule, for posterity sake, but when they opened the black tube, the quickly realized that keepsakes from the past weren’t inside.

The family reached out to the authorities for assistance – come to find out, the black capsule was holding over 15 ounces of black tar heroin valued at approximately $85,000.

Sheriff Tim Svenson praised Kenyon for his backyard discovery and said, “Opioid addiction and overdose deaths are on the rise and with the help of Kenyon this large quantity of heroin is removed from our community.” Sheriff Svenson presented Kenyon with an official Yamhill County K-9 citation ribbon and named him an honorary narcotics K-9 for life.

Honorary narcotics K9

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Former cop busted for cruelty when dead and starving horses are found

A former cop, with the New York Police Department, has been busted for animal cruelty after investigators found dead and starving horses on her farm in Goshen, New York. According to the Hudson Valley SPCA, their humane law enforcement team responded to the  Argus Farm after receiving a report about suspected animal cruelty.

The team’s findings at the farm were shocking – in four of the barn’s 18 stalls, decomposed bodies of horses were found. It is believed that the horses had starved to death. In one of the stalls, the body of an eight-week-old foal was discovered collapsed beside it’s mother in a nursing position.

One stall held a still alive, albeit emaciated, stallion who was standing over the remains of another deceased horse. According to the animal welfare agency, there was no grain, hay or water on site – the skeletal stallion had been attempting to eat the wood in his stall in a futile attempt to stay alive.

The person suspected of creating this cruel situation is identified as the farm’s owner, 48-year-old Jeanne Ryan, a former New York City police officer, reported NBC New York. 

Ryan is facing animal cruelty charges – she has denied the allegations against her, but could face up to a year behind bars if she is found guilty.

(Image via Hudson Valley SPCA)

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Police K9 unlatches gate to save deputy from vicious attack

A police K9 in Colorado recently took a bite out of crime – or rather, a bite out of a criminal. The three-year-old Belgian Malinois, named “Lex,” was with his handler on August 6 when things turned dangerous.

According to a release from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Lex was with his handler as the deputy responded to a trespass call in the early morning hours on the 6th. The deputy found the suspect, but the man ran during the questioning.

Lex’s handler jumped over a fence in pursuit of the suspect – according to the Denver Post, the suspect launched a brutal attack, hitting, strangling and biting the deputy.

A fence and closed gate were no match for Lex – the dog managed to open the gate to get to his handler. In short order, the suspect stopped his own biting as he was on the receiving end of Lex’s formidable bite. Thanks to Lex’s assistance, the suspect, identified as 25-year-old  Gabriel Steven Garcia, was arrested.

The deputy was injured in Garcia’s attack and had to be transported to a hospital for treatment – Garcia was transported to jail and he is facing multiple charges assault by strangulation, assault on a peace officer and attempting to disarm a peace officer.

Lex is being hailed a hero for saving his partner – Adams County Undersheriff Harold Lawson stated, “Our deputies view canine Lex as a hero for saving the day. We appreciate everyone in the K-9 Unit and their hard work to keep us safe.”

(Image via Facebook)

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Airport puppy killer is busted once again

A woman who drowned a defenseless puppy in a Nebraska airport bathroom back in 2015 has been busted by the authorities once again. According to WESH News, Cynthia Anderson was arrested on Thursday for a possible DUI.

Anderson, a resident of Central Florida, first drew the wrath of the public when she drowned a three-week-old Doberman puppy in the toilet of a bathroom at an airport after she was told that the puppy was too young to fly. Though Anderson was prohibited from owning a companion animal, she found herself in trouble again earlier this year after being caught with a dog.

The most recent incident involved Anderson allegedly driving drunk on U.S. 1 south of 442 – she reportedly failed her field sobriety test.

Currently, the woman is being held without bail.

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(Screenshot via WESH News)

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A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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Man left pup inside of hot car – now he may be deported

For a half hour, while a man enjoyed a meal with his family inside of an air-conditioned restaurant in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a puppy was left to suffer inside of a hot SUV. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, a good Samaritan summoned the police who had to break out a window to the vehicle to save the puppy from dying from heat stroke.

Man may be deported after leaving dog in car

The puppy’s owner, identified as Freddy Dorantes, is now facing a charge of animal cruelty and he has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The puppy, who was taken to an air-conditioned area by the responding officer, is now at the local animal control.

The pup will be held until the courts determine ownership.

(Screenshot via WSBTV)


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Man who intentionally hanged a dog has been sentenced

A Washington man who admitted that he intentionally hanged a dog from a tree has been sentenced for his crime. According to Monday’s publication of the Olympian, James Leroy Evans, of Grays Harbor, will spend a year behind bars for killing a three-year-old pit bull mix named “Diamond.”

In a statement, Evans stated how (and why) he killed his dog in March 2016:

 “intentionally killed an animal by means of causing undue suffering. I hung a dog after it killed my iguana.”

Judge Carol Murphy also stipulated that Evans is prohibited from possessing any animals, or living in a home with animals, for five years. After the cruel killing of Diamond, a Facebook group (Justice (Just”Us”) for Diamond) was created.

The punishment for Diamond’s killer did little to appease her advocates. A post after sentencing reads:

A small group of us were at the status hearing at 1pm this afternoon to see if the trial of James Leroy Evans was still happening on the 14th of this month. In a surprise twist to everyone, including the judge, he decided to plead guilty right then and there. He gets one year in jail, not prison. A small amount of fees around $1000ish all told and 5 yrs with no animals.

We were dumb founded. Plus we were unprepared to deal with the emotional stress of reliving the horrible abuse and pain she suffered through. This brought it all home. Plus his lawyer got to tell Evans’s side to the story. All lies of course and no one got to hear the evidence we had against him and that she was raped and tortured. That was a hard one to take.

Diamond had been an emotional support dog for a child – she was temporarily staying with Evans while her owner sought permanent dog-friendly housing. A necropsy on Diamond’s body revealed that she had been “aggressively” sexually assaulted before her death.

(Image via Facebook group/Justice for Diamond)

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