Dog, starved to the brink of death, found in Branford

An emaciated dog, starved to the brink of death, was found this week in Branford, Connecticut. The heartbreaking situation was revealed to followers of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Facebook page on March 6:

The post begins with words of warning about the painful photos of the horribly neglected dog:


This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty we have seen.

According to the shelter, around 11 a.m. on Monday morning, a woman stated that she was driving on Rte 1 in Branford, by the Big Y Plaza, when she was a dog walking, and then falling down. The woman stopped her vehicle and loaded the skeletal dog into her car for transport to the animal shelter.17190727_1375939399111073_3063517267592366657_n

The shelter is hoping that someone will recognize the dog and help provide information about who is responsible for her deplorable state of health. According to the veterinary specialists, the dog, dubbed “Hope,” has been starved for two to three months and she was within 24-48 hours of dying when she was found. Initial blood work has not revealed any infections or diseases – indicative of purposeful starvation on the part of whoever owned her.

On Wednesday, the shelter updated Facebook followers about Hope’s condition:

Here is the Hope Update for today. We will try to post an update each day between 12-7pm.

First Thank you to everyone who has shared Hope’s story, donated, called or inquired in some way on Hopes behalf.

Today brought better news than yesterday. At about 4 p.m. Hope finally was able to stand. As you can tell from the look on her face she is still uncomfortable. She is eating 1-2 tablespoons an hour and she is receiving 24 hour care. Her body temperature went from 96 degrees yesterday to 101 at 4 p.m. The recovery process for Hope will be long and she is still at a critical stage right now, but we are all feeling more optimistic seeing her stand today.

It is believed that Hope is a Labrador retriever/pit mix, but her skeletal condition makes an absolute determination difficult. Hope is believed to be 5-8 years of age and she is not spayed. Hope’s body shows signs that she was 17021617_1376948669010146_9014598871151326159_nconfined to a crate, or on a hard surface for an extended period of time (pressure sores)

The shelter has stated that a reward is offered for information leading to an arrest in this cruelty case:

Today we have received a very generous offer of a REWARD from Eric and Allison Maass of $2500.00 for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible. We will keep all information confidential.

Find the animal shelter Facebook page here.

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Teens help save puppy who was thrown into a door by man

Three teenagers may have saved the life of a puppy who was allegedly being beaten by her drunken owner. According to WTAE News, the teens were walking by a home in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, earlier this week when they saw a man kick a puppy and then throw her into a door.

The teens were concerned about the puppy, who they say was vomiting blood – but when they questioned the man about her condition, he angrily told them to get away from his yard. Fortunately for the puppy, the teens called the authorities, who arrived and found blood on the sidewalk, as well as inside of the home.

The man accused of the cruel abuse is identified as 39-year-old Steven Randolph Frazier. Frazier’s wife told the local news agency that her husband was mad because he had been denied the ability to pick up his nine-month-old baby from the sitter. The woman claims that he took money from her purse and then “drank too much alcohol.”

Though Frazier’s wife was not home when the alleged abuse took place, she has stated that she is concerned for her kids’ welfare and the incident has caused her to want to leave the man. She said, “If he can be this heartless to an animal, what will he do if he’s alone with my children?”

The puppy, named “Sparkle,” was taken to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County where she is reported to be doing well. Frazier is behind bars – facing a charge of animal cruelty.

(screenshot via WTAE News)

Authorities searching for whoever stabbed and strangled a pit bull with painted nails – read more here.

Dog with painted nails found stabbed to death

Dog with painted nails found stabbed to death in the woods

A city worker made a disturbing discovery in a wooded area of Belleville, Illinois. On Thursday, the Belleville Police Department reached out to the public for help in identifying the victimized dog, with painted nails, who was found fatally stabbed near the 400 block of Catawba Avenue.

According to the authorities, the dog, a pit bull or pit bull mix, appeared to have been stabbed multiple times and strangled. The dog, a female, did not any identification on her body. After the initial post to Facebook, the police offered additional information:

Updated canine description from our previous post
After a preliminary screening by the St. Clair Animal Clinic, we have an updated description of the canine. A 1 to 2 year old female pit bull / pit bull mix that was seemingly well fed. She is black in color with white coloration under her chin, stomach area, and paws. Her nails on her paws appeared to have been painted yellow and pink. She had not been spayed nor has she borne a litter.

Initially the authorities stated that the dog was not wearing a collar – they later stated that she “may have been wearing a black leather type collar and a white flea collar.”

If anyone has information related to this case or is missing a pit bull / pit bull mix matching this description, please contact Belleville Police (618) 234-1212.

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Screenshot (1279)

Couple accused of torturing landlord’s cat to rid it of ‘demons’

A couple in Las Vegas, Nevada, is accused of cruel torture and killing of their landlord’s cat, who they believed to be possessed by “demons.” According to Tuesday’s Live 5 News, 20-year-old Immanuel Church and 21-year-old Denise Eddines allegedly tortured two cats – one of the cats perished.

One cat, named “Spunky,” was reportedly tortured for an agonizing 40 minutes before he finally died. Spunky belonged to Nia Wulkan, who had been renting a room of her home to the pair. Wulkan was out of town, caring for an ailing family member, when the alleged crime took place.

The couple have claimed that they decided to kill the cat after he hissed and growled at them, reported KTNV News. After an internet search, the pair brewed up a deadly “potion” comprised of  hot sauce, bleach, Comet and other household items. When the toxic mixture failed to kill the cat, the pair resorted to kicking the feline and then used swords which were in the residence to finish the deadly job.

The other cat in the household was not safe from harm – the pair allegedly used the “potion” on Wulkan’s other cat, causing chemical burns, reported the Daily Mail. The violent situation has resulted in charges of willful and malicious torture, cruelty or unjustifiable injury, and the maiming or killing of an animal that belongs to someone else.

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Someone locked a puppy inside of a mailbox

Someone locked a puppy inside of a mailbox outside of a veterinary hospital in Buna, Texas, over the weekend. The deplorable act of cruelty was made public by the Buna Animal Hospital on February 12. The veterinary hospital posted the following message on its Facebook page early Sunday morning:


Images of the puppy were not made public, but there is promising news for the abandoned pup. Several hours after the veterinary hospital’s initial Facebook post, a heartwarming update was made to the page:

Mailbox puppy will be ok. Has a new home. Thanks for all the prayers for this baby.

One day later, indication that the local authorities are working on investigating the case of abandonment:

Jasper County Sheriff’s office is on the case. They are working hard to identify the person seen on security video abandoning the puppy. We can see the man’s dark gray 4 door F250 with dented side on the bed and his face. Thank you for all you do Jasper County Law enforcement!

Find Buna Animal Hospital on Facebook here.

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Skin and bones dog was left chained in the cold

Wanted: Ohio woman who killed an innocent puppy

An Ohio woman is wanted by the authorities. According to Tuesday’s Fox 8 News, 19-year-old Deanna Caraballo has pleaded guilty to a felony cruelty to animals charge, resulting from the death of an innocent puppy, but she failed to show up in court.

Caraballo found herself in trouble with the law when she slammed an eight-week-old puppy to the ground in mid-September. The abusive action, which broke the puppy’s neck, resulted in the death. The puppy, named “Smokey,” belonged to Caraballo’s boyfriend – the couple had been arguing before the situation took a deadly turn.

On Monday morning Caraballo was supposed to show up to court for her sentencing under Goddard’s Law (which makes first time animal cruelty in Ohio a felony offense when serious physical harm is inflicted on a companion animal).

Anyone with information about Caraballo’s whereabouts is asked to call 216-505-9214. PAWS Ohio has offered a $500 reward for information leading to this woman’s location – read more at this link.

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Man who ran no-kill animal rescue arrested on 114 pornography charges

According to Thursday’s WRAL News, a North Carolina man who ran a self-described no-kill animal rescue has been arrested on 114 pornography charges. The Hoke County man, identified as 70-year-old Stephen Spear, is facing multiple charges for sexual exploitation of a minor.

Spear’s no-kill animal rescue, The Haven – Friends For Life shelter, was at the center of a huge animal cruelty investigation in January 2016. Dozens of dead animals were found on the Raeford area property and 600 animals were seized by officials. At the time of the raid on the “no-kill” rescue agency, the ASPCA described the horrific conditions that the animals were forced to exist in:

“The animals were kept in filthy kennels, cages, outdoor pens and paddocks, many without protection from the elements. Many animals are suffering from untreated medical issues including open wounds, severe upper respiratory disease and emaciation.”

This is not Spear’s first run-in with the law for pornography related charges – in 2009, he was charged with 18 similar counts while he was working as a teacher at a community college. Spear was arrested and jailed on a $228,000 bond.

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Puppy and cash stolen from rescue group

Over the weekend, someone broke into a Brighton, Colorado. rescue group’s facility and stole a puppy, and cash. The thief (or thieves) broke into the Lifeline Puppy Rescue on Saturday and took the group’s money for renovations, as well as a 10-week-old mixed breed puppy named “Teddy.

On February 5, the rescue agency reached out to Facebook fans with a request for help:

PLEASE SHARE and help bring Teddy home! Someone broke into our shelter early on Saturday morning and stole him right out of his kennel. Teddy is a 10 week old black (or a very dark gray) Border Collie/Pit Mix with a little white spot on his chest and needs medication.

16508601_1567345363279850_8042304281234256009_nAccording to the rescue agency, Teddy is already neutered and microchipped – he is described as “very sweet.” Whoever broke into the facility did so before rescue workers showed up to prepare for an adoption event that day. The priority for Lifeline Puppy Rescue is to get Teddy back, safe and sound.

Anyone with information about this crime, or Teddy’s whereabouts, is asked to call 303-655-9696 or the local authorities.

(Photos via Lifeline Puppy Rescue FB page)

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Man arrested – accused of throwing starved dog in dumpster

A Tennessee man has been arrested for a heartbreaking act of cruelty – accused of allowing a dog to starving to death before tossing the dog’s body into a dumpster in Clarksville. According to Thursday’s publication of Clarksville Now,  34-year-old Renaldo Marable was observed throwing the emaciated dog’s body into a dumpster on January 30 – the man told someone that the dog had frozen to death.

Starved dog thrown into dumpster

After the authorities removed the dog’s body, a necropsy was performed in Nashville- the findings revealed that the dog had been starved to death. The findings of the necropsy resulted in Marable being charged with aggravated animal cruelty and they enabled the authorities to remove an addition five dogs, also malnourished,  from his property.

Marable was arrested and held on a $5,000 bond.

(Photo/booking photo and screenshot via Clarskville Now)

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Public’s help wanted identifying cruel cat dragger

Authorities in Los Angeles are asking the public for help identifying the woman caught on camera cruelly dragging a cat on a leash. A witness took photos of the woman cat “dragger” last Friday on Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman in Van Nuys. The cat was dragged at least four blocks.

According to KtlaNews, one witness identified as Shifrah, stopped her car and demanded the woman leave the cat alone and stop dragging him:

I was disgusted and I was horrified,” said Shifrah. “The cord is around his neck, and she’s just pulling him. You know he was trying to get away from her.”

Shifrah then called 911 and continued to follow the woman. The situation soon became more disturbing as another witness got out of her car, also telling the cat dragger to release the animal.

“Another lady got out of her car and she walked up to this woman abusing this cat on a leash and she’s telling her to leave the cat alone,” stated Shifrah. “She ripped the blonde wig off the abuser’s hair. So now they’re kind of arguing; you’re seeing fists flying a little bit. The cat is either dropped or thrown to the ground. The mean lady is saying ‘give me my wig, give me my wig,’ and then she tasered the nice lady. I see flashes of light and she’s tasering the lady, and then that’s when the fight kind of ended.”

The suspect ran away leaving the cat. A good Samaritan brought the injured cat to the East Valley Animal Shelter where she has been dubbed Mischief and is currently receiving treatment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Los Angeles Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381. Help Mischief find justice. Please share this story; someone knows this woman’s identity.

(Photo of cat dragger from LA Dept of Animal Services)

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