Tabby fighting for her life after someone doused her with acid

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A friendly tabby cat continues to fight for her life after someone threw battery acid on her in Exeter, Devon. Somehow the ten-year cat named Georgie managed to find her way home on Tuesday night after the brutal attack that left her with severe burns all over her body, face and head.

According to the Facebook page of her owner, Lyn Prewer, she thought her devoted kitty “looked dead.”

“Tonight we have had the worst experience of my life… some pure evil scum has poured acid over my beautiful loving cat and we are devastated. I can not comprehend why Some “human” can do this. Tomo the police RSPCA and the press are taking this on via the vets who are horrified and I hope someone has the decency to come forward and apologize…. and never let any family go through this … my beautiful Georgie and these photos are after the acids been cleared and her mouth froths been cleaned and her burnt eyes have been creamed !
£500 reward now for Info on catching the coward,” Lyn posted.

According to the BBCNews, Georgie is being fed through a tube in her neck “due to the damage inside her mouth.”

“She is looking a little better today, will lose the tips of ears and the tip of her tongue, and the wounds need two hourly cleaning along with four-hourly drugs.”

If Georgie survives, it is likely that she will lose the tips of her ears and possibly her eyesight. It is still unknown if there is internal damage to her organs. Police believe this was a deliberate act of animal cruelty. Lyn’s ten-year-old son is devastated and can’t understand why anyone would do to something to so kind an animal as this defenseless cat.

The RSPCA is currently investigating. To help with Georgie’s veterinarian bills, please click here.

(Photos of cat doused with acid via Facebook Lyn Prewer)

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13 replies
  1. ACE says:

    God it makes me so angry, you just want to take the perpetrators and douse them with acid and make them swallow it. These kind of scum will undoubtedly tell someone. Let;s hope that if they do that that person will have the integrity, the moral fiber, to come through and spill the beans.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I am sure someone knows who did this and squeal if there is a reward. Kids playing a
    horrific joke to see what happens to a cat when this is poured on her,or an adult who is sadistic and hates cats or not? Who knows, but we all pray this cat survives and back with her family soon. Police, please work hard at finding the scum who did this

  3. J. Martin says:

    First .. catch the prick and when you do …. submerge them in a vat of acid. If they die .. GOOD!! Prayers sent for this baby .. hope she’ll be ok.

  4. Luana Duncan says:

    I am so sorry 4 this evil act upon Georgie!! She will b in my prayers! I hope some kind of information will be found out about the person who did this!! Justice must prevail! And I hope G eorgie will make it through!!

  5. Josephine Frazier says:


  6. susispot says:

    Such an evil act. Prayers for the cat’s recovery. Her little boy person needs to know there are very good people in their corner. God’s healing for Georgie.

  7. Ann Dolak says:

    When are all cat parents gonna value their cats enough to keep them all indoors all the time?!This incident is ANOTHER reason to do so!

  8. rosiekat says:

    Poor cat. I pray he makes it. Hits close to home as one of my babies is a tabby. Please all cat owners, keep your cat indoors unless you are able to supervise them. I know it is difficult w/ some cats. But they can get their outdoor fix when you leash train them. This is a sick society we live in.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Authorities in Exeter, Devon need to take a huge step up and find this hunk of maggot shit who did this to this poor cat – Not that any authority in Great Britain considers animal abuse a serious crime – they seem to like to slap hands of perpetrators and set them free – THIS horrific cruelty proves that these laws are way to lax – this poor cat will suffer for the rest of its life – AND so should the bastard who did this – they need their eyes gouged out with a spoon – their cruelty deserves to be avenged in the same way they tortured an innocent cat – as maliciously and callously with the same amount of mercy – NONE!


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