After long life on streets, critically wounded dog finds the ultimate kindness

Life is difficult for street dogs in the small villages near Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Dogs often have to scrounge for a few scraps of food just to survive, and even if critically wounded are forced to quietly suffer while hiding from their predators. Friendly villagers feed many of the stray; it becomes a way of life when few can afford to have their dogs spayed and neutered. Still there are the rescuers who bring forth the heartwarming stories about dogs who never would have had a chance if not for the ultimate kindness; medical and emotional intervention.

Animal Aid Unlimited came to help Edith – an elderly street dog whose wound on her back was so severe and infected, no one even knew why she was still standing and able to walk. What survival instincts mean to our canine friends is often incomprehensible, but rescuers followed her down the street and wanted to help. When they gently laid a blanket over her eyes, Edith didn’t try to escape – she stood still and with a nervous wag of her tail allowed herself to be lifted up and brought back to the hospital area. 

It is not known how Edith survived all these years nor how many close encounters she risked during her long life on the street. She had been the mother of many litters and had walked the streets alone for much of her life. After weeks of intense treatment however, lots of quiet rest and a small army full of compassionate rescuers, check out the beautiful and elegant Edith of today.

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Never give up hope: Street dog paralyzed after hit by car

When a concerned villager called into Animal Aid Unlimited in Unaopur, India about a street dog who had just been struck by a vehicle and couldn’t walk, volunteers rushed to the village to help. And there they found him; a shy, little paralyzed dog named Georgie who couldn’t understand why his back legs wouldn’t work. For a long  time, he just sat dazed in the middle of the street completely confused and barely able to cope with the paralysis.

As the rescuers moved closer and tried to make friends with him, Georgie was scared. He dragged himself away and growled defensively when anyone tried to pick him up. One could almost see tears well up in the eyes of the dog’s rescuers as he scooted away each time anyone approached.  When the men were finally able to make  a sling and securely pick Georgie up, he was rushed back to the Animal Aid hospital where emergency help would be available.

“It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes, when nerve damage is caught early and intensive treatment and physical therapy is started right away, there can be reason to hope, and that’s what Georgie did. He hoped,” posted the organization’s moderator on their Facebook page. “He had suffered damage to his spine and urgently needed treatment and most of all rest to stabilize his spine.”

And for weeks, Georgie underwent lots of rest to help heal the nerve damage and physical therapy to help him stand. There were daily massages while his medical staff helped him to stand. Eventually his toes stopped curling in, but he still seemed not able to walk… but he tried and he hoped.

(Photo and video of paralyzed dog Georgie courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)

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Badly wounded street dog: From hurt to healed

In an area of Udaipur, India where a street dog is a common sight and neighbors often rally to feed and help them, one particularly shy dog had been seen with a gaping wound on the top of his head. When the rescue team of Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, the handsome young male dog was extremely timid and although he desperately wanted the treats offered to him by rescuer Ganpat, he was too nervous to get close enough to accept them. Over and over Ganpat tried to approach, but the frightened pup wouldn’t get close enough to be captured.

The wound was huge – infected and crawling with maggots, the team knew if they didn’t capture the dog they dubbed Jay, that he would soon die as a result of the infection. Whenever Gampat came close enough to give Jay the offered cookies, the trembling dog would shake his head every few seconds in dire agitation – shaking away the flies and how painful the wound must have been. And when it became a life and death situation, rescuers decided to use a net to capture Jay.

Once netted, Jay flew into a panic, but the gentle words and the soft strokes soon calmed him down. Once transported to the shelter, the real work began. The dog’s wound was cleaned and a powder applied to kill the maggots. After several hours, the bandages were removed – the maggots had died, and it was time to address the seriousness of the wound; suspected to have been caused by a dog bite. Jay was sedated as the wound was cleaned, debrided, closed and bandaged.

And then it was time for Jay to recover….

“This adorable boy’s life-threatening wound on his head would have killed him if we hadn’t been able to rescue him. It hurt, and he was deeply agitated—he wouldn’t let us touch him—but he was hungry too, and his eagerness for biscuits gave us the chance we needed. 6 weeks of daily wound dressings later, meet sparkling Jay today.”

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(Photos and video of street dog rescued courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)




Follow Jay’s amazing journey – Six weeks later and look at him today:

Starving dog resigned to death had surrendered to ‘the fates’

Shanti was a suffering, starving street dog in India, and when first discovered she had fallen into a sewage ditch. The senior had an enormous, infected wound on the side of her head and neck; the flies and maggots swarmed her face, yet she never moved. She just sat in the shallow water and had resigned to death – and there she waited for her pain and her life to fade away.

When local villagers notified Animal Aid Unlimited to help, rescuers arrived and wrapped her in a blanket as they gently lifted her out of what was to be her destined tomb and transported her back to the emergency hospital area. Shanti was completely helpless, and had the organization come to her rescue that afternoon, she certainly would have died in that concrete drain – her energy so drained, she could not even muster up the strength to lift herself out.

Treatment immediately began on her massive wound; a powder was applied to kill the maggots, but it would take several hours for the powder to work before veterinarians and technicians could clean the wound. Clearly dehydrated, she was administered intravenous fluids which she would remain on for days. And on her second day at the hospital, Shanti was sedated, and the thorough cleaning of the wound began.  The dead maggots were removed, the wound was debrided and carefully bandaged:

“If there ever was an animal on the brink of death, it was this sweet girl when we rescued her,” the organization posted on their Facebook page. “It was an uphill battle to get her strong enough to eat on her own to stand and to heal…. But after 6 weeks of treatment meet beautiful Shanti today:

Shanti wouldn’t be alive today if not for the generous help of supporters.

“She would have died alone, confused, in terrible pain and so scared in that awful sewage drain. The suffering she was enduring when we found her was unimaginable and something most of us will never come close to experiencing in our whole lives. Thanks to your help we were able to stop that suffering and replace it with comfort, healing and love.”

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Photos via screenshots of Shanti – resigned to death, from YouTube courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.

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Street dog unable to stand after hit by car still wagged his tail for rescuers

In Udaipur, India,  when residents in the neighborhood called Animal Aid Unlimited to help an injured street dog after he was struck by a vehicle, volunteers rushed to the scene. Originally the men thought the only injury the dog suffered was a deep laceration above his eye. Moments later, as they took a closer look, everyone was in shock:Goldie Animals Unlimited 3

 “There were deep lacerations across his inner thigh and belly that were covered in blood… Unable to stand when we found him, this little champ still wagged his tail when our rescuer Nandu lifted him into our ambulance,” the rescuers posted on their Facebook page.

The beautiful retriever waited on the side of the road and  seemed desperate that he was not able to stand. As Nandu slowly approached the dog dubbed Goldie, and gently lifted his hind leg, the deep lacerations and large amount of blood loss spread over his inner thighs.

Brought back to the the shelter of Animal Aid Unlimited, Goldie’s injuries were carefully cleaned and bandaged. He was given pain, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to relieve his suffering, fight the infection and promote healing. Goldie had been severely traumatized after the accident because he was unable to move; as that condition for a street dog, could only mean a horrible and slow painful death. Not even able to sit up, all Goldie could do was sleep; the veterinarian team kept him on intravenous fluids for days to keep him hydrated and to help with his serious loss of blood.Goldie Animals Unlimited2

Slowly, Goldie started to show improvement – soon able to stand on his own and showed rescuers more of his sweet disposition. Check out Goldie after two months of rehabilitation. Donations to help more dogs just like Goldie can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of street dog courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited via team’s video)






Watch the video to meet Goldie today who is so happy to be healed.

Rescued: Stray dog found lying on street critically injured and broken

He was found lying on the street in a poor village near Udaipur, Rajasthan India. Children played nearby, cars detoured around him, but the gravely wounded and emotionally broken stray dog barely moved. The side of his head was being eaten away by maggots as his ravaged body reeked with the odors of impending death. And then suddenly – out of nowhere, there was a glimmer of hope as volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived after a call from a Good Samaritan begging for help for the dying dog.

When rescuers arrived, they could tell he had been lying in the same spot for days, and had he not been rescued at the time the volunteers showed up, he most likely would have died. Dubbed Major Sahib, the dog was rushed back to the shelter where he was placed on an intravenous drip for his dehydration. The first order of business began as the medical staff slowly removed maggots that had already completely destroyed his ear and had been eating away at the side of his head. Then it was time to sedate him and really clean him up. He was placed on heavy doses of antibiotics and more medicine was applied to kill the rest of the maggots.

By this third day of treatment, Major Sahib began to show an amazing recovery and the strong desire to live. Like a brave trooper, he tolerated the repeated medicated baths to treat his mange, ate heartily and began to love life once again.

And now – several months later, watch Major Sahib’s video and see if you can even recognize that filthy, skeletal stray who had just about given up. To help more dogs just like this valiant pooch, please click here. 

Photo and video of stray dog courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.


Farmer dumps newborn calf only minutes old not to waste its mother’s milk to sell

A dairy farmer in India, who tore a newborn calf away from his mother at birth because he didn’t want to lose a “rupee’s worth” of the mother’s milk, dumped the shivering infant along a rural dirt road. Fortunately, rescuers from the charity organization Animal Aid Unlimited in Rajasthan were called and rushed to the defenseless baby’s side; tears fell as they wrapped the baby in a blanket; he was in shock, unable to stand and still wet from the afterbirth.Newborn calf cover story

He was brought back to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital and there he was named Dil – translated to ‘heart’ in Hindi. The calf was hand fed from a bottle, and thus his journey of survival began. The endearing video shows how Dil was so shaky on his legs as volunteers offered him his first drink of milk from a bottle – what he deserved from his mother, but sometimes adjustments just have to be made. Dil soon started to thrive.

The video continues with Dil growing and two months later, he is released into an area with other rescued calves as well as some adult cows. No one was sure how Dil would react – he had only known humans all this time as his surrogate mother and friend, but to everyone’s pleasant surprise, Dil jumped around with the others in pure excitement.Newborn calf cover

It is tragic to see male calves dumped, but according to the rescue, this is a common occurrence. It is the plight of almost every newborn calf around the world.  Since they will never produce milk, male dairy calves are of little or no value to the dairy farmer, and are ripped away from their mothers minutes after their birth and sent to veal farms. The veal industry is another cruel byproduct of the dairy industry.

(Photos and video courtesy of newborn calf  Animals Aid Unlimited)

Dil, however is a survival story. Watch his video and smile; this little guy didn’t go to market. “Whether a kitten or a calf, every life is precious.” To donate to this organization, please click here.


Street dog with melon-sized mass never stopped smiling

When a compassionate animal advocate spotted a street dog wandering around a village in the area of Udaipur Rajasthan, he was shocked to see a huge melon-sized mass hanging from underneath the dog’s chin. Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received the call about the Labrador retriever dubbed Mango, and knew they had to help.tumor-dog-2

When rescuers arrived, they offered the street dog  food and treats to gain his trust. Mango was then transported back to the rescue’s hospital ward to diagnose the tumor and hopefully do something to help the dog. All the while, the smiling pup wagged his tail and never stopped smiling. After examining the dog and the balloon sized swelling, it was determined the mass was an abscess which they hoped would successfully drain.

“We rushed him into a surgical procedure to drain the melon sized mass of blood and pus–and yes, it was horrendous! but also so satisfying to relieve the pressure. Without treatment, the infection in the abscess could have led to blood poisoning (sepsis) and could have been deadly,” posted the organization on their Facebook page describing the medical procedure Mango had just undergone.tumor-dog-3

The drain was left in Mango’s neck for the duration of the mass draining, and in two weeks, the young dog had almost completely healed.

Check out Mango’s video from the time he was rescued to now that he is ready to find a forever home.

(Photos of street dog with mass courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)

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Dying puppy paws at gaping wound to stop the pain

Less than two months ago, a young puppy crawled into an old building and made his way into a dilapidated room to hide. His instinct led the dying dog to retreat into a quiet corner, as he waited and hid, pawing at the gaping wound on top of his head spanning ear to ear, trying desperately to make the excruciating pain go away. It seems that death would have been welcome.

No one knows how long the large puppy had been suffering, but his malnourished and dehydrated body only intensified the fiery agony as the maggot infested, gaping wound grew worse by the hour. But as miracles can suddenly appear, that day in late October arrived  Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue center, hospital and sanctuary for stray street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The moment the rescuers arrived and offered the puppy biscuits, he devoured them.

Rushed back to Animal Aid, the life-saving treatments commenced; he never showed any resistance as he was sedated to cleanse him of the maggots and start the healing process. Described as a stellar little patient, he never complained about his ongoing treatments; he just knew these humans were there to help him.

It has now been a little over two months. Watch how his pain has been replaced by pure joy. His recovery video is guaranteed to make you smile. To help Animal Aid Unlimited make more successful rescues, donations can be made here.

(Photo of puppy paws at gaping wound screenshot Animal Aid Unlimited)



Street dog nearly cut in two by tight wire

ben-the-au-dogWho could imagine the pain a street dog scrounging for food must have endured for months as he wandered through the village with a wire embedded so tightly in his flesh he was nearly cut in two? When Animal Aid Unlimited were called upon to rescue the stray dog in nearby Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, volunteers were shocked that the sweet dog had survived for so long – the wire suspected to have been around his torso for months and in places, muscle had grown over it.

Dubbed Ben, his rescuers were convinced this boy was one of the strongest dogs they had ever encountered. The pain, which had to have been continuous and intense would have been enough to kill any pooch. After arriving back at the hospital, veterinarians sedated Ben to remove the wire – his cries of pain broke everyone’s heart as they tried the best they could to make him as comfortable as possible. Much of his suffering was immediately relieved as soon as the wire was cut away, but Ben’s movement had to be restricted to allow his ravaged wounds to finally heal.

“… but it was as if Ben held onto a very specific dream; he simply HAD to play again. He would wait as long as it took but he had to play. And once freed of his Elizabethan collar (worn to prevent him from scratching at the wound) and given free range among the other dogs, Ben burst onto the scene with so much joy in life that we all just stood back in wonder,” wrote the organization on their Facebook update on Ben’s continued recovery.ben-the-au-dog-3

No one will ever know how the wire became entangled around half of his body – maybe he accidentally became caught up in a fence or some sick culprit committed an unspeakable act of cruelty, but that’s all behind Ben now, and his near death experience has turned into a life filled with happiness and the thrills of all the tomorrows yet to come.

(Photos of street dog via screenshots from Animal Aid Unlimited)

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Check out the video here: