More than 200 dogs rescued from unlicensed breeder in Carmarthenshire

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After a seven-month investigation by authorities, at least 15 dogs were seized because of their horrible condition and injuries, and 200 more male, female and puppies were surrendered by the breeder in Carmarthenshire in west Wales.

According to Hope Rescue, some of the dogs arrived in the most heartbreaking conditions she had ever seen. The organization has taken in 47 of the animals – some in appalling condition. The breeds included Bichon Frises, ShihTzus, Cockerpoos, Cavalier spaniels, Labrador retrievers and Cocker spaniels.

Some of the dogs required immediate veterinary attention for critical bite wounds and ear infections, worms and rotten teeth. A Bichon Frise who had just given birth to a litter of puppies had been so matted, she had maggots in her coat.

All of the dogs and puppies have had initial checks with out vets and over the coming weeks we will be following up for treatment along with neutering. To help please go to their website:

Hope Rescue FB

The people involved in the unlicensed breeding have also been charted with other criminal activity including distribution of illegal drugs, money laundering and tax avoidance. These are people who pose online as breeders and advertise the dogs with full pedigrees and excellent care.

Sadly, many of the people who have purchased puppies online paid a high cost – both financially and emotionally.

In addition, West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue in Llandeilo is caring for 22 of the dogs. Other dogs have been taken in by the RSPCA Dogs Trust.

Once the dogs are all stable and healthy, they will be transitioned to foster homes and after they become socialized, the dogs will be made available for adoption.

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