Left behind tied up with no food or water, Miracle’s tail still wagged

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In Orangeburg, South Carolina, the sweetest dog, dubbed Miracle, was left behind – she had been tied to an old makeshift dog house without any food or water. Still, when Animal Control officers arrived and found her, young dog Miracle, wagged her tail in excitement and happiness most likely thinking someone does care about me.

“…But lucky for her, someone saw her and called us. Miracle just wags her tail. And loves everyone,” wrote the Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter on their Facebook page early Friday morning. “And that sweet disposition makes her past even more heartbreaking.”

Surely Miracle had to have wondered why her family abandoned her. Did she do something wrong? Was she going to die? Dogs don’t blame humans; they live for the day.

Miracle needs an approved rescue organization to step up for her and give her the care and love she deserves. Share her plight with friends, family and social media contacts. If interested, email rescuemesc@gmail.com. Follow Miracle’s story on Facebook.

(Photos of Miracle Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    She looks like a very special dog who will be devoted to her person or family. Please someone step up and take her. she will give you more than you could possibly give her.


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