Funds needed to keep dog ‘Captain’ from being euthanized

Captain, an almost two-year-old male terrier/Dogo Argentino mix has not done very well being the captain of his own destiny.  He was born 12/23/16 to a mother who was a stray and has just lost the only foster home he has known for 1.5 years.  The next stop for Captain is the county shelter where he will most likely be euthanized due to his age and breed.

A Good Samaritan, upon hearing of Captain’s plight, offered to pay for ten days of boarding to keep him out of the shelter. That money has quickly run out.  The Good Samaritan wants to help Captain get into a new adoptive home but will need time to find the right person(s) who will be a good fit for his personality.

Captain is described as small, weighing 54 pounds, but he is all muscle.  He is looking for a forever home after spending 18 months with a foster.  He was lucky enough to live in a country setting and thrived in that kind of environment. He loves kids and shared his recent foster home with two young boys ages 8 and 11. He did well with them because they were young enough to run around and play with him, but also old enough to understand that a dog is not a toy. He would also take treats gently from them.  Captain would not do well with children younger than 7.

Unfortunately, Captain gets very attached and possessive of his loved ones and gets jealous when his humans share their love with other canines in the home.  Because of this, he will do better in a home where he is the only dog. Captain is a dog who needs lots of daily exercise as well as mental stimulation to keep him entertained and happy. He is definitely not a couch potato and loves nothing better than a long walk or the opportunity to run free in a safely enclosed area.

When he doesn’t get enough exercise, or he is eft alone for long periods of time, Captain will become depressed, bored, frustrated and/or destructive. His humans must be willing to spend a lot of time playing with him and letting him burn off energy. Captain however, will not do well in a dog park setting or any type of playgroup.

He has his favorite frisbee and does well entertaining himself with his IQ treat ball toy. He is also very inquisitive about his environment. He is neutered, crate trained and potty trained.

Another one of Captain’s favorite things is riding in a car. He would make a wonderful travel companion for someone as he is quite well mannered. Because the need to find Captain the right home based on his personality traits, it may take longer than expected. Right now, his only option is to stay in boarding, however it is quite costly, and he must have his own food supplied due to his special diet. He cannot eat food with chicken, poultry, corn or beets or he will break out in hives.

Captain is barely two years old. He wants to live and will be most grateful to anyone who helps give him that chance.  He doesn’t want to end up as another statistic; a dog killed because no one wanted him. If boarding funds run out and no one steps forward to take him in, his only option is the shelter and euthanasia.

All funds will be used to buy him more time in boarding until a home can be found. Any leftover funds will be used towards his care and training in a new home.

To help keep Captain safe, please donate to his fundraiser

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  1. Kasha says:

    Seriously who threatens to kill a dog if they don’t get money??? That’s extortion!
    It’s one thing to findraise it’s another to hold killing a dog over people’s heads!


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