Woman accused of dumping blind and deaf senior dog

Woman accused of dumping senior, blind and deaf dog has been charged

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The woman accused of dumping a senior, blind and deaf dog, has been identified and charged. According to the Daily Voice, the alleged dog dumper is identified as 59-year-old Tania Connelly; she is charged with “inflict[ing] unnecessary cruelty upon a living animal.”

The alleged crime

Connelly is accused of dumping the elderly, sight and hearing impaired dog from a car. On September 1, the Bergen County SPCA had issued a request to help find the dog:

We are asking anyone in the area of Industrial Ave. in Teteboro to be on the look out for an older black and white Boston Terrier. She may be sight and hearing impaired. She was let out of a car and abandoned. We have charges pending.

An updated posting indicated that the dog, named Bruna, was found. The senior dog is currently recuperating at the animal shelter and she will not be made available for adoption until the case against her owner has concluded.

Connelly is due in court on September 20.

(Image via Bergen County SPCA Facebook page)

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6 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Tie this evil monster up and put a blindfold on her with plugs in her ears, then release her into traffic and see how she does. What a soul less creature to do this to her own dog. She should be given the worst punishment possible so that she has some remorse, if possible, for what she did to her baby. Hope Bruna gets into a home with people who will cherish her until the end.

  2. maxiemom says:

    OMG, this b**** is an evil piece of work!

    The only just punishment for this vermin is to blindfold her (so she CAN’T see at all) and tie her hands, then put her in the middle of a busy highway, say I-95, at night.

    IF she survives, she might get an idea of what she did to her innocent dog. The ‘if’ is more than she deserves.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    This skank maggot whore is from my home state?!?!? I’d go back to New Jersey and kick that bitches ass until there’s nothing left. Then I’d take its face and rub it into the pavement until even the bone is gone. Fucking bitch.

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    How I would make this vile and evil heartless Bitch Tania Connelly die in agony. This evil bitch dumped a precious and innocent senior blind, and deaf old dog named Bruna beside the road. This vile and evil Bitch must be put to death. This evil Bitch Tania Connelly does not deserve to live on this planet and breath the air. This lowlife pos deserves to go to hell for an eternity. Burn for ever you vile and evil heartless monster. This planet would be much better without an evil and vile lowlife pos like this Bitch.
    I pray Bruna is adopted into a forever loving and caring home for the precious life he has left. Bless you Bruna.


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