Lost in desert: Family tells shelter they don’t want dog back

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How does one deal with a broken heart; rather how does one explain to a 12-year-old dog with a broken heart as she lies in a caged kennel at the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California? Tippy was found in the desert. Her family stated she had been lost, but when they were notified Tippy had been found by chance, they told the shelter they no longer wanted her.

“Tippie” got lost in the desert… WHAT A LIE! When her “owners” were informed that she was at the shelter they DECLINED to come and get her!! Tippie has allergies and some hip problems which can be addressed, her BROKEN heart may never be mend. This old lady is severely depressed and needs a foster or qualified adopter able to deal with her issues NOW,” stated animal rescuer Kris Kelly, of the Kris Kelly Foundation in a Facebook post on Sunday evening. The Facebook page for Tippy can be followed here.

Click here for Tippy’s adoption listing: “My name is Tippy and I’m an approximately 12 years, 2 month old female collie smooth.  I am already spayed.  I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since March 2, 2017.  I am available on March 2, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at L138.” Share Tippy’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Advocates are asked to concentrate on helping Tippy – sharing saves lives. Perhaps a story book ending for this sweet senior can mend her broken heart. Make sure to reference A4789279.

For more information about fostering or adopting, contact:

  • 5210 West Ave. I
  • Lancaster, California 93536
Phone (661) 940-4191
Website http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/default.asp

(Photo of dog lost in desert via Facebook Antje Stobbe)

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Her short heartbreaking video can be viewed here:

RESCUED!!!! Tippie – Lancaster, CA Shelter – MEDICAL DOG!

RESCUEDLancaster, CA – #A4789279 – "Tippie" got lost in the desert… "allegedly". When her owners were informed that she was at the shelter they DECLINED to come and get her!! Tippie has has allergies and some hip problems which can be addressed, her BROKEN heart may never be mend. This old lady is severely depressed and needs a foster or qualified adopter able to deal with her issues NOW.. The S-C-U-M who abandoned her does not deserve her !!!ORIG. THREAD: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155146891067318&set=a.10152972910712318&type=3&theater

Posted by Antje Stobbe on Sunday, March 5, 2017

77 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    Awe….poor old girl. This is heartbreaking. I have a really “funny” feeling the POS family just dumped her in the desert to die. I wish I lived closer. I’d certainly give this sweet girl a good home for her remaining years. Hope someone will step up to the plate and give her the love she deserves. KARMA to you POS “family”!!!!

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quelle cruauté, abandonner une âme aussi douce, il lui faut une VRAIE famille. Quand à la soi disant (famille) , j’espère que lorsqu’ ils seront vieux, on les laissera mourir dans le désert. Ils ne méritent aucune pitié. Assassins.

  3. Debbie Dearmore says:

    What kind of jerk would treat their baby like that. Take them out to the desert and lose them all. Pricks… Please someone save he9. She deserve to be loved.

  4. Julie says:

    this is so sad and that family should be black balled in their community for doing such a horrible thing. If I was closer I would take her in a heartbeat!! Many prayers for her to find a happy family to spend the rest of her years very happy. It makes me sick to my stomach to read this and see her pictures.. Poor baby!!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    SURE HOW the HELL did this POOR Abused (YES ! It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out these BASTERD”S took her out there and left her to die a horrific death)… Ole Girl get out there ! HITCH HIKE!!!! This is where FROSTED FACES NEEDS TO STEP UP & help HER… she has time left to GIVEW LOVE AND ALSO RECEIVE LOVE!!!

  6. Mayra says:

    I detest people that abandon their pets, how can they be so cruel? do not they realized how much they depend on us and they do also have feelings?

  7. maxiemom says:

    Lost? Those vile scumbags DUMPED her out there to die! I hope they’re charged with cruelty and abandonment, which is the LEAST they deserve, and find out what it’s like to die alone and unloved, one at a time.

  8. Wendy st john says:

    My heart breaks for you tippy and you don’t deserve to be in shelter after so many years of unconditional love you have given. It’s not fair! Prayers be said that God will protect you and provide you with a loving home.

  9. Carrie Ainsley says:

    Two of my dogs were picked up as strays and when the families were contacted also declined to come and get them. Both were seniors. I had to fight a euthanasia order on one of them to get permission to adopt him and bring him home. People do it to avoid the surrender fee and/or the redemption fees.

  10. monikacourtney says:

    To the family who abandoned this dog: your actions are shameful. With this mindset you should not have a pet. They grow old as we do.
    Will your family dump you too when you are a senior, dependent and needy? I hope not for your sake.
    Please make a change in your attitude- a pet is for life and their unconditional love merits your loyalty. To the end.

  11. Marissa says:

    How can anyone be so cruel as to dump their dog in the desert , some pretty heartless people out there ! I yea saying the poor dog was lost I’m not buying that for a moment. What a terrible death that could have been. I am so happy they found and I hope they find her a good home. So sad!

  12. john morrison says:

    God bless the family who sees the value in this previous dog and adopts her. They will be rewarded many times over.

  13. Zig Pope says:

    How is it that the person(s)that left her to die in the desert has not been charged for animal abuse? And why are they not paying for her stay at the shelter?

  14. Natalie Stocks says:

    How do I put my name down for her. I’m in studio city. Veterinary technician. Have a safe gated garden. 1 friendly dog 2 cats 3 bunnies. Between me & my husband there’s always 2 of us home.
    Thank you

  15. Lin Kristian says:

    Sweet precious Tippy. How could they dump this precious senior baby. This breaks my heart. I live in Illinois and would gladly take her. Please special loving people please get this baby out of that shelter and into a loving home with people who will love and care for her for the rest of her life. Dear Lord please watch over Tippy don’t let anything bad happen to her. Let Tippy know that there are people who love her and are praying for her and are sending her hugs and doggie kisses.????????????????xoxo
    As for the people who deserted this precious girl know that what goes around comes around no matter how long it may take = KARMA

  16. Donna Tucker says:

    This is so sad and cruel. I don’t understand how owners can be so heartless. Please Californians. Step in and give this poor old girl a few loving years left of her life.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Me also Patricia.
      The Agony of seperation from my dog is crushing .The sadness, endless and the lonelyness is unbearable.
      I have to conduct myself and my life with out her. And i cant, I just cant. Their is a gaping wound where my heart mind and soul used to be. She was monumental in my life. i am forever changed. I am only a partial person now.

      It is a pity with all the humans who have made deep connections with other species and have lost them too soon its tragic for all.
      why do So many animals who need us so badly end up with the people who lack the compassion to other living creature “chip”?
      Its a Mystery to Me.
      Its a Mystery to me because i am afraid Deep down i know perfacally well what the answer is.

      • linda says:

        Ellen I’m sorry and saddened by what you’re going through.I’m experiencing the same thing as you well know. I’m first in line with agreeing with your comments.

  17. Nancy Raymond says:

    I do not believe Tippy was lost at all – I bet this piss poor excuse for ‘owners’ dumped her and left her to die. The whole damn family should be dumped in the desert – let the punishment fit the crime. What a bunch of human maggots.

  18. Sharon Maness says:

    poor dog, I feel sorry for her, she needs a forever home, the people that dumped her don’t deserve another pet ever.

  19. Maddeline says:

    If I couldn get there I would bring her home whit me pertty baby it should be a law to people that dose this should goto jail

  20. Anna M Hartman says:

    This makes me so sad. When dogs get older they start to have problems as people do with joints and pain and other problems. When I went to the shelter to adopt a dog, the cages were full of large older dogs and most probably were euthanized. The family can no longer afford to care for them with vet prices are going higher every day just for shots. Not to mention illness. Dog food is getting higher priced and older dogs need special diets. I found a small dog I could keep in an apartment but she had kennel cough and I had vet bills to get her better. She is the sweetest little one. My emotional support dog.

  21. Cindy Danley says:

    There needs to be a law passed that all animals be microchipped and owners fined for turing out their dogs!

  22. Suzanne Clark O'Brien says:

    I hope her last family really enjoy their new digs in hell once they complete their lifecycle on earth because that is where they are headed. I hope this old girl gets a great forever home with so much love. She knows what happened, she was probably roaming around looking for them for God knows how long, in pain, old, hungry, and worried for THEM.

  23. Tiffany Karns says:

    I will give her a good home. I have 2 senior shiztuh: female and a male. I live in huber heights ohio if she is ok to travel.

  24. Mo says:

    Her last day before kill was yesterday
    They still have a little room so she hasn’t been euthanized yet so if anyone wants her they should go today or the latest call the shelter today +1 (661) 940-4191 to hold her and pick her up

  25. Pam Newcomer says:

    It says she’s rescued….if it doesn’t work out, call me…I’ll take her. 253 820 8543 Pam. Seattle, WA. My baby girl that looked just like her died Christmas day at 13

  26. MARLIES RENEE says:

    Put them out in the desert, for a week or two, them when we go back ,. we can tell them their dog doesn’t want them any more.

  27. ana fumando says:

    There should be a law against people dumping their dogs. They claim she was lost, sure???? But did not have the decency to at least call someone for rescue. I hope when they get to be seniors they are dumped as well.

  28. Lisa says:

    People who dump animals should have to pay a huge fine & be penalized legally as animal abuse/ neglect ….absolutely should be make illegal to do this ….no penalty for doing this to a dog?? No wonder the shelters are filled! UGH


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