Dog ‘lost in desert’ owners rejected: Tippy’s not looking back

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Just a few days ago, the future for Tippy, a 12-year-old female smooth-coated collie abandoned at the Lancaster Animal Care Center by her owners on March 2, seemed ominous. The senior dog, with the broken heart, barely moved in her kennel; records indicated she had  been found in the desert and when her family was contacted, they didn’t want her back:tippie

“Tippie” got lost in the desert… WHAT A LIE! When her “owners” were informed that she was at the shelter they DECLINED to come and get her!! Tippie has allergies and some hip problems which can be addressed, her BROKEN heart may never be mend. This old lady is severely depressed and needs a foster or qualified adopter able to deal with her issues NOW,” stated animal rescuer Antje Stobbe on her Facebook page.

That was then – and this is now! On Wednesday, Tippy was rescued by Grand Paws Senior Sanctuarytippy the dog new2

“…Picked her up from the Lancaster Shelter today. Meeting her while she was in the cage she looked totally defeated, wouldn’t even lift her head, let alone stand up. I actually expected her to have trouble walking, but as soon as they pulled her out of her cage she was ready to go! She was pulling me through the parking lot, and when I opened the car door she jumped right in, with a little boost,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

Tippy isn’t looking back. Treated to a dinner feast topped with chicken and vegetables, this senior’s future is brighter, and she has everyone to thank. Again, thank you to all of the readers of the Pet Rescue Report who share the stories and make the difference. Never again will Tippy spend another night in the shelter.  Tippy the dog new 3

Please PayPal your generous pledges to GRANDPAWSSS@AOL.COM; add a note “Tippy”. Mailing address for checks is Grand Paws, PO Box 513, Acton, CA 93510 please write ‘Tippy’ as a memo.

Read Tippy’s previous story here.

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19 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL!!!!! YES WONDERFUL!!!! way to start out this Thursday March 9 !!!! I kept reading more and more people wanting to get Tippy but didn’t see any takers!!! YEA!!!! RESCUED !!!! and YES!!!! I have a check ready to mail!!! HER prior FAMILY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM EVER OWNING ANYTHING BIGGER THAN A “maggot”. they would more than likely mistreat that ‘slimy maggot TOO! Why because they are devoid SOUL’S !!! May they SHOULD take a vacation to the desert Never to RETURN!!! Like they planned for their DOG!!! KARMA

    • tina says:

      pennysdachshund for some reason people who ask questions about wanting to adopt or help do not realize they have to contact the phone number provided. I keep commenting to look for phone number above. It is frustrating that they don’t read the article carefully

      • pennysdachshund says:

        I have seen that too!!! Living where I do… there is no possible way for us to drive to the East or the West Coast to adopt and there are no rescues that come to the Western States with the exception of Denver… so I don’t even try…

  2. John says:

    I am so very Happy that this Happy Female Dog was Rescued. I Hate Heartless Owners that Don’t want their Senior Dog back. Senior Dogs are the best Companion you can enjoy.

  3. linda says:

    WTG and thank you Grand Paws Senior Sanctuary! I’m so happy,happy. Tippy is on her way to getting a loving home.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    AWESOME NEWS !!! THE BEST EVER SNOWY MARCH (TH FOR PET RESCUE) AND READERS LOL !!! Look at the Beautiful smile and eyes shinning with happiness on Tippy!!!!! I hope they print this story in the FRONT Page of the Local Newspaper!!! So people in California can read this from the bottom of the State to the Northern Boarders…. There IS HOPE & MANY PEOPLE THAT CARE FOR OUR ANIMALS in this Great USA

  5. Sherry says:

    Tippy looks perked up already from getting the heck out of that shelter. Finally she is in the hands of people that will care for her and love her. Yay to GrandPaws rescue for giving her a chance to enjoy her senior years!


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